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Energy is the Currency

Energy is the Currency

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how energy is the new currency. And no, I’m not talking about like solar panels and green energy. I’m talking about a different type of energy.

Let’s go. Energy is the new currency. What do I mean by that guy? So, I mean, a big debate and conversation going on here. But I’m a huge fan of Alex Hermosa and I listen to his stuff quite a lot. He’s done a hundred million in his first three years. Guy’s just a genius. But anyways, he taught me this concept and so I’ve been studying this more and more and then also reading up on all this and doing a lot of things as well to to gain additional knowledge behind all of this.

But it makes it makes total sense. And it’s something I’ve been implementing in terms of the way that I construct my business and my lifestyle and all those different things. So let me know if you’re with me so far. Here we go. I’ll tell you how this essentially works, OK? And so. Energy is the new currency, what does that mean, guys? Well, oftentimes people love talking about how important time is, right? And time is is your most precious asset by far.

It’s way more important than money. Money is replenishable. You can spend money and make money. It can come back around to you. It always does. You get a paycheck. You’ve just had money deposited into your account and the client, you get paid by the client. Money’s coming into your account. So it flows and it’s been printed by the second. So it’s literally everywhere. And the government sent us a bunch of checks this year. So it’s everywhere.

Money is everywhere. It is replenishable. You can use it and it can come back to you. Time is not replenishable, right? You cannot go back in time. You can’t get back last week, last month, last year. You can’t go back to when you’re 10 years old. Once time, once your day is gone, you can remember the day, but you can’t relive it. So time is precious for that reason. Now, energy is another one because let’s just say you do a really good job of protecting your time.

All right. You can have give yourself a lot of time. Maybe you’ve built a team that runs your entire business and now you can just sit around and do the things that you want inside of your business. And you’ve you’ve leveraged your time. All right. The thing is, if you haven’t if you’re not protecting your energy, your time can become inefficient. All right. And so what do I mean by energy? Energy is like is how you feel.

It’s like your IQ. It’s your emotional intelligence. All right. You can have maybe you have a bad client that just just the thought of of that client is killing your energy. It’s just sucking energy out of your excitement, your joy, your inspiration, your motivation. You just hear this one person’s name or something like that, and it just ruins your day, right. Like that. Is that energy killer, right? And then all of a sudden what that does is when you don’t have that energy, that passion, that fire, that excitement, then all of a sudden that starts affecting your work productivity and everything else that you do.

It shows up like in your videos. It shows up in your podcast that shows up and everything. Right. If you don’t have energy right, then you just you’re just not going to be nearly as efficient. And it’s literally energy is that unforeseen thing that that attracts us to other people. Right. You’re like, I really like hanging around that person and I like their energy. And again, there’s different forms of energy in terms of like you might like somebody’s vibe because they’re low key.

You might like somebodies vibe because they are really loud, you know, but those are still different types of energy that they carry with them. And we’re talking about your source energy, your energy, your vibe. Right. Think of it as like your vibe. All right. And so being able to protect your vibe, how you feel, what you what your energy is, you’re how much work you can get done, how quickly you can get done, how how sharp you can be on your feet, all those types of things.

That is your energy. And so energy, I think as we move forward, we’re going to hear more and more and more in the entrepreneurial space of folks talking about how important protecting your energy is. And that means getting rid of things that you don’t enjoy doing. All right. It doesn’t mean businesses are all flowers and rainbows and all the other cool things. You know, there’s again, you can be an absolute flow business where everything is clicking and you’re growing and it’s a blast.

All right. And then that normally happens for a season. And then all of a sudden, if you’re going to go to yet another level, you’re going have to learn something new. And so that will be a grind season as you grind out and figure out the new problems or who to hire and all those different things to take it yet a whole nother level up. But through those different seasons, right, having the right energy is so crucial and so more and more of my focus has been on how do I protect my energy.

Right. How do I get you know, if we have a poisonous virus type client is ruining the vibe of our mastermind, we need to get rid of that client. Right. If it’s a team member or a team member, it can be a virus as well. Maybe they just all of a sudden they’re always negative, like it could be a friend, a family member. Right. That all of a sudden you just thinking about and hearing from them, spending time with them all of a sudden kills your energy.

It can be also foods that you eat. It can be substances. It can be a huge one is your sleep. It can be your sleep. How many folks here have felt horrible? You felt unmotivated, you’ve had a headache, you were upset about something, whatever it is, and then you just get good sleep and everything’s fine, like you can be like so mad at something. And then all of a sudden you get a good night’s rest and you’re like, oh, that was nothing.

The next day, like, I don’t understand why I was upset about that. It’s not a big deal. Sleep is so huge. And because it ties right into your energy. Right. So energy guys is the currency of the future. Again, I think we’re going to hear more and more and more entrepreneurs learning this and talking about this. But for now, just know, protect your energy. Right? So, in other words, protect your vibe, take notes, start it, start to process and figure out what things are you doing that give you energy that and what things are pulling from your energy and try and.

Outsource and get rid of the things that are pulling from your energy the most so you can have the most fun in your business and also simultaneously when you’re having the most fun in your business because your energy levels high is also right. Naturally, what that leads to and corresponds to is your business growing ultrafast as well. So protect your energy, guys. Protect your vibe. That’s it for this episode. Dina here. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business.

All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode, guys. We will see you in the next one, bye.

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3 Hard Truths

3 Hard Truths

Written By Dino Gomez

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 Dino Gomez here and you are listening to these secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. Today’s episode we’re going to talk about and I am going to ask you three difficult questions. Recall in this episode, three hard truths. All right, guys, let’s dove right into this.

OK, three hard truths and another. Otherwise, three questions for you to ask yourself. All right, let’s get into this number one. All right. You want to launch and or scale your online coaching or consulting business to six figures, multiple, six figures, maybe seven figures, maybe eight figures. OK, let me ask you this. If you’re just getting started or even if if you’re stuck, maybe you’re already at twenty or thirty thousand dollars a month and you want to continue to grow.

Let me ask you this. Are you more likely to grow or continue to grow your online business if you join a premium mastermind and are surrounded by those folks that are playing at a much higher level? Or are you more likely to grow if you purchase and or join a thousand dollar course? All right. So in other words, your life is on the line. All right. You have to make a decision here and you have to make sure your business is successful.

You have two choices. You can either join a premium mastermind, all right. And be surrounded with those folks that are playing at a higher level. All right. Have them in your network or you can join a low ticket, thousand dollar course if you had to choose one in your life, was on the line, meaning that you had to make sure your business was successful, which one would you choose? All right. It’s funny. Ask this question like five years ago, and I got a different answer than when I asked this question to my audience.

Now my audience, now they go. That is a no brainer. They say, I take it, Masterman, I want to be surrounded by others that are doing amazing things because that rubs off on you. The connections are incredible. The coaching is at a different level, all of the different things. And so they go it’s it’s absolutely worth the investment to pay more to instantly be in that and that network in that arena. And so I get that this is a cold, hard truth because some of you guys, right, when you think about this one, you might not be at a mature enough level yet inside of your business or with your mindset.

I know I definitely didn’t start here where you would actually say a mastermind. You would probably initially think, well, of course, it’s cheaper and I’m still going to learn something. And you would justify it like that. I know I used to do that. So that’s a question. No. One, that’s a hard truth right there. Question number two, do you have what it takes? All right. Do you have what it takes?

Because there are going to be times, moments, days, weekends and where you are going to have to sacrifice like you’re going to there’s going to be seasoned to your business. There’s always seasons to a business. OK, so, for example, in the way of structured my business right. Is that my wife and I besides before covid and everything like that, although we did get in a couple of weeks of travel, still, we always take at least an entire month vacation every single year.

That’s that’s how we’ve designed our business. So normally that’s closer towards the end of the year and we will take off to Southeast Asia or to Europe or to all of the above, and we’ll be gone for four weeks. And so normally at the end of the year is a slower season for me in terms of I don’t work as much. It’s more fun for our family is more friends, it’s more travel, all of those things. My business that’s the cool thing about your business is you can design it to be any way you want.

And so that’s oftentimes when we’ll do our bigger travel. And then in between that, we sneak in a lot of four and five day weekends where we might do a road trip. I just do something local. I go down to Mexico for five or six days because it’s close to us and Southern California. We might do something like that, but there’s seasons right there. So in between those travels, in those seasons where it’s kind of I call it like a recharge season and a creative season because I come up with a lot of cool ideas and I actually solve a lot of problems inside my business when I have time down and time away from the business, extended period of time to actually think.

It’s amazing how quickly I solve problems that are inside my business. I’m trying to figure out how we go to the next level or something like that. It comes to me when I have enough time to think about it. But the thing is, if you’re always working day in, day out of your business, you don’t normally set back enough to see the problems. All right. And so there’s seasons to business into life. And it’s kind of like the seasonality you actually see in weather and so forth.

And so, you know, there’s also seasons where I grind harder, where I’m like, nope, this is the time to grind it. Just the way that I get in the way. I’ve decided to structure my business and stuff. But there’s going to there’s times when it’s my grind season and Buddy’s reach out to me and say, hey, you know, what are you doing this weekend? That’s all. Barbecue. Let’s do this.

I’m like, I can’t it’s growing season. And so, you know, some may call that a sacrifice, some may not. I think it’s quite a luxury. But, you know, there was also periods, startup periods when I was getting going with my business where, you know, I would work, you know, six, seven days a week, consistently for months. And it’s because it was needed at that point in time and that season of my business.

And so there’s absolutely seasons to it. And so there’s going to be challenges. You are going to hit roadblocks. You are going to struggle with different mindset issues. You are going to doubt that’s just supernatural. That’s just how the human brain is designed. We have a mammal brain. It’s here to protect us. It likes us to stay in our comfort zone and it doesn’t like us to do things that we haven’t done before. It literally takes more computing power for our brain to do something we haven’t done before.

And so it tells us it’s scary and things harder and that causes more stress. More fatigue means you need to sleep more, all of the things. So do you have what it takes because there will be periods like that where you are tested. All right. And so that’s a question you need to look yourself in the mirror and go, do I have what it takes? All right. And that’s a hard truth, because a lot of you guys do have what it takes.

A lot of you guys don’t. And it just depends. And it’s all about your willpower to power through. Right. Also, do you have what it takes in terms of consistency? All right. So you do not need to come roaring out of the gates and immediately grow to five million dollars like some of you guys immediately want to, you know, achieve that level of success very, very quickly. If maybe you don’t have the ability to do that.

Right. Maybe you’re a parent and you have kids and you have other things going on. You’re taking care of, you know, your parents as well. Maybe they’re living with you. Maybe you’re still working your nine to five job and you’re launching this on the side. And so naturally, because of your situation, you don’t have as many resources, as much time as somebody who’s doing well in the coaching business full time. And so in that case, do you have what it takes to potentially go a little bit slower and still stay in the game with your mindset, not give up and not be frustrated that your competition is going faster?

You guys have different circumstances now. At some point your business will have grown enough for you. Then you can quit your nine to five job because you’ve replaced your income there or otherwise go all in on your coaching business. Right? You have a little bit saved up. You’re like, OK, you know, we have expenses covered for two months now. I’m jumping ship one hundred percent into my coaching business and now I’m putting all the chips in the line.

I’m going after it. Right. Like, do you have it? What it takes to make those difficult decisions, those calculated risks? That’s the second question that I have for you. All right. And then the third question is why? Why do you want what you want and you have to go deep here? All right. This is why entrepreneurs burn out. This is why oftentimes you will see folks online grow their business, be all of a sudden a big name that came out of nowhere and then within three or four years they’re gone.

Is do you have a strong enough way, like in terms of like continuingly continuing to want to stay in the game? All right. You can decide I don’t want to grow anymore, which is, you know, totally awesome to like. There’s no reason that you need to make a billion dollars. Right. You might be like, hey, after one hundred thousand, like, this is a lifestyle I want. And we actually have several clients who have grown their business to ten thousand dollars.

And they’ve reached out to me and they’ve just been like, I am so grateful. And one of our clients that comes to mind, Jim, he is consistently traveling with his wife and his kids all over the place. And you know what? He is right around the ten thousand ten between ten and fifteen thousand dollars a month. This is what he normally does. And he’s like, I am not trying to hire a team. I am not trying to take this to seven figures.

I’m just this is I love traveling consistently. I love spending time with family. And this is all the money we need to have the lifestyle that we want. And so he knows exactly what he wants. He knows what why he is working for that. And he loves being able to travel work remotely. And they travel for months at a time as well. So understanding why. Right? Just the whole I want ten thousand dollars a month for the ego thing or I want a million dollars a year for whatever reason.

It is like you got to have a strong reason why. Otherwise maybe it’s just to see if I could do it. Like that’s a cool reason why. But if it if it doesn’t run much deeper than that, then it’s going to be a short term run. So those are hard truths, right. Like would you be more successful than a mastermind or a low ticket program because you need to make a smart decision there. A mastermind changed my entire life.

Do you have what it takes? All right. And why do you want it? You really need to figure out the why piece if you want to have this be a long term thing, because what will happen right at first you’ll be really excited with your first ten thousand dollars a month. Then you’ll be excited with your first thirty thousand dollars a month. And then sixty thousand and an eighty thousand and then one hundred thousand. And it’s going to go on and on and on and on.

Two hundred thousand five hundred thousand a million. It’s going to it never stops. And so you need to really understand why. Like why do you want like why do you want to keep growing. What’s the main thing is that you want to serve clients is that you’re taking care of family. Is it nonprofits? It’s the charities. Is it to see if you can do it, like make sure you understand your why. Because your wife will keep you in the game.

And the turnover in this industry is it’s going to be brutally honest here because I like to be a straight shooter. Most people come into the industry and even if they’re successful, like really successful within a matter of years, they’re on to something else. So can you do you have a strong enough way to continue to remain in the game and and stick around for the long term? All right. So those are your three cold, hard truth questions to ask yourself.

I hope this lesson and these questions are thought provoking and lets you dig a little bit deeper into why you want this and whether you have what it what it takes to get it done and what type of decisions you need to make. Should you join a mastermind? Should you go low tech it? How should you get started? How do you choose your mentors, all of those types of things? All right. So as if for this episode, guys, we will see you in the mess here.

And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and kids to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right.

So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one, bye bye.


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How to Attract Premium Buyers

How to Attract Premium Buyers

Written By Dino Gomez

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Our scaling experts can help decide if you are a fit for one of our coaching programs. We have various programs for coaches are different experience levels in their business.


Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1.

How to attract premium buyers. Guys like imagine this, right? Like, boom, this might be unfathomable for you right now, but just imagine that today you just got paid ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand fifty thousand dollars from one client, all the ones they paid you this amount of money to hire you as a coach or consultant. That is what we are going to talk about. How do you do that? All right. How do you attract these buyers, these premium buyers that are going to pay five figures right there and pay 10 grand plus to hire you as a coach or consultant?

Now, there’s a lot of different steps that go into this. I’ll cover a couple of them very quick. And one of the things that you guys will notice in terms of a trend of this show is that we’re trying to make the episodes shorter, punchier and produce more of them for you to give you guys more more value there. So I’m going to dove right into this. So, yeah, just imagine. Ten thousand dollars, boom. Your phone dings.

You just got paid 10 grand,Just got paid 50 grand. One client boom. Wired through to your bank account. Awesome. OK, how does that happen? All right, first off, you need to get inside of the head of a premium buyer. You have to understand what they want so that you can speak their language. All right. Birds of a feather flock together, right? You need to. You need to.

You need to have a meeting call that is going to. Right. You need to be on to make the right chirps, the right sounds, the right movements that are going to attract the tribe over. Right. If you’re in the gym. My buddy’s a bodybuilder. If he got recently, got really big and once he got really big, then all of a sudden the other really big dudes at the gym are like, dude, come hang out with us because we you know, we want to talk to you about what you’re eating and what you’re lifting tips and tips and tricks and strategies are and all the different things.

Right. So you just start speaking each other’s language and so forth. So you got to understand, right. How to have that high ticket mating call that attracts those premium buyers. And yet I understand that speak their language and to speak their language, you have to understand how they think. Right. And so here’s how they think. First off, I’m going to give you guys all the tips as a premium buyer myself.

All right. First off, as a premium buyer, somebody who’s willing to pay ten thousand thirty thousand fifty thousand one hundred thousand dollars for a coach. Right. Here’s what I’m looking for. Number one, that it’s actually a premium offer. Like I want it to be a ten thousand dollar plus offer. It has to be it has to absolutely be that. Otherwise, I’m not interested in it. All right. That’s how a premium buyer thinks.

They like premium things. Think about like the brand Louis Vuitton and for the brand Ferrari and so forth, like people that they don’t want it to be cheap. They don’t want it to be accessible to everyone. They want to know that it’s difficult to attain that, that everybody else is going to be on the inside of this program is playing at that same level and it has that level of success to be able to afford or and or that the right mindset.

Right. You don’t even have to be at that level successful yet, but at least you have the right mindset that you want to play at that level. Right. And instantly everybody has respect. So, again, you can join a mastermind and be brand new. Right. And everybody already between six and seven figures. But people will instantly respect you even if you’re brand new because you are going to win like you. You’re willing to play at that level.

All right. And so you have to understand that that that was a crazy one for me. These are things I wish I would have known a long time ago. But premium buyers, they want a premium offer. So you have to understand that like it’s they’ve wanted to be expensive. They legitimately want it to be expensive. All right. And that’s what I look for. I will not purchase anything and take it seriously if it’s not five figure investment plus.

All right. Because I am a premium buyer. All right. So that is a huge mindset flip on its own. Like people want to pay you a lot of money. Consider that people want to pay you a lot of money, like a firm that to yourself over and over again. You might not know who those people are, but there’s a lot of people in the world, trust me, that are out there, right there in your market.

They’re definitely on Facebook. Could have several of them already in your Facebook group if you have a Facebook group or in your network. But they are out there. They want to pay premium dollars because, you know, people value things more when they pay more for it. So they also know that it’s going to help them get the results they’re looking for because they’re going to take it very seriously. People take things very seriously. That is a scary investment for them.

And that’s what they want because and that’s what I want. I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone. And so if I pay somebody five dollars for something, you know, or if our from our coaching program for free, nobody takes it seriously. If all of a sudden it costs this amount, it’s worth 20 grand, it’s 30 grand. Whatever the number is, people are like, OK. And then they watch every single video and they attend every single call and then they get the results that they want.

And so that’s the same for me on the premium as I know. I’ll take it seriously if it’s actually an investment for me. All right. So that’s how premium buyers thinking. That’s number one. Number two, a premium buyer. They want to stretch, so they want it to be uncomfortable. They know growth happens when things are uncomfortable. They also premium buyers want to see what a different premium offer looks like. They want to know, OK, what is inside your 30 K mastermind?

What are the components of it? How does it run? What types of people are in there? How many times you deliver coaching? What do you premier primarily coaching on? What do you focus in on people like they want to know to see what the market is craving in buying. Right. And again, premium buyers, they want to stretch like they want to grow that. That’s why they are premium buyer to begin with.

And in the position normally to invest high ticket is because they are growth oriented, which means they’re not just they want to continue to evolve and move up the ladder, so to speak. So they’re looking to stretch. They want it to be a little bit uncomfortable. And then number three, right. Premium buyers, they want to be surrounded by by by others that are playing at that level. NBA all star players want to be surrounded by and practice with in the off season other all stars.

Right. Like they want the competition to motivate them. They want the other people in the mastermind to motivate them. They want other connections from the folks and the mastermind. All of those things they want to learn not only from the coach themselves, but from the others in that master. And they’re at that level. All right. And so that was I mean, these are things I wish I would have known. So once after, you know, how a premium buyer thinks, then you need to understand what are a premium buyer’s problems.

All right. And then from there, once you understand their problems, your marketing needs to speak to those problems. Quick example to wrap this one up. If you say here is how to land your first client, guess who you are going to attract? People who are looking to land their first client, hence beginners. If you say here is how you grow your business from ten thousand dollars a month to thirty thousand dollars a month, you need to hire a team member or a sales rep or raise your prices and things like that.

You are attracting somebody who is already at ten thousand dollars a month and above, and you know that they have a bigger level problem now. Now they need to learn how to hire and train and retain awesome team members. They need to learn how to run paid ads. They need to they have a bigger they need to learn how to raise their prices just by saying raise your prices. That implies people have clients at a certain price point. So raise your prices means, OK, this person’s already in business and now I’m just helping them raise their prices, become more profitable.

So then your messaging and your marketing comes after you understand how a premium buyer thinks. All right. Now, I could go much deeper on how a premium buyer thinks, but that will save that for another episode because we’re already at the eight minute mark. Wrap this one up. But I hope that was helpful. Guys just know there are premium buyers in every single market. They desire a premium offer. They want to pay high ticket because they want to value the services.

They want to stretch, they want to grow. They want to be surrounded by others who are playing at that level and they want the premium experience as he is here. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and kids to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs.

All right.

So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one, bye bye.


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You are crazy, You got this

You are crazy, You got this

Written By Dino Gomez

Want Hands On Mentorship to Grow Your Coaching Business? Book a Free Strategy Call With One of Our Scaling Experts. ​

Our scaling experts can help decide if you are a fit for one of our coaching programs. We have various programs for coaches are different experience levels in their business.


Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. That’s when I started this episode off by saying that you are absolutely crazy if you don’t think you can do this. And I’m going to prove it to you in today’s episode. If you are listening to this podcast and if you listen to these episodes, you know, consistently, I want to start by saying you are a badass, you are a go-getter, you are a visionary, you are an action taker.

You are doing all the things. You’re educating yourself with all the information. And that is awesome. That is step one. That is what 99 percent of people don’t do. Right. Think about friends and family and so forth that are not entrepreneurs. Most people go through life and they go, hey, I finished college and I’m done learning like myself. Development is now done. I get to just hang out and collect a paycheck and, you know, live Groundhog’s Day over and over again.

So I want to start off by saying, you are crazy awesome for being in that one percent. You are already going against the grain, even if you haven’t launched your business yet. If you plan to write, you are freaking awesome. You’re in the one percent mindset-wise than everybody else. Right? Society tells us entrepreneurship is a big risk. Right. And so already, if you have plans to get started already if you’re up and running, you are in the one percent.

Right. And the reason I say that is because of what people do in the online space. Right, are we’re consistently comparing ourselves to everybody else out there. Right. And we’re always going, OK, why am I not going faster? How did they do this? How do they do this? And I was the all those types of things. Guys, you’re already freaking awesome if you have launched your business or if you plan to launch your business and you’re going to you’re already in the one percent in terms of your mindset, understanding that entrepreneurship is the best vehicle to freedom.

All right. I notice I said freedom, freedom and fulfillment, and happiness. That is what entrepreneurship is about. That is what ultimately provides. All right. There will come a point in time you become successful enough where literally like you, you have enough money. So you stay in the game for the freedom, for the happiness, for the fulfillment that it provides you. And so that’s freaking awesome. All right. And so the reason I say this oftentimes is that, again, our mindset is crucial.

It’s key. It’s not the end all be all. And this is one of the things I’m going to rant and rave about in the short episode to date. Again, we’re going to keep the episodes shorter and punchier moving forward. But I hear so many people the same mindset. You just need to figure out your mindset. And I like to respond to them rhetorically in my head and say, really, if you only need the mindset and sit with your mind for 60 days, don’t touch your computer and let me know how much your online business growth mindset is one piece of the puzzle.

All right. There are many pieces of the puzzle that go into a successful business. You have to also have great messaging. You have to have a great stance. You have to have market positioning. In other words, how are you different than your competition? You have to have the right offer, the right price in the right program, delivery, all those different types of things. All right. The right lead gen sauce. You have to have traffic and or leads coming into your business.

And you also have to learn how to close clients as well as that’s sales. So the mindset is one piece of the puzzle that is a strategy as well. And then taking action. All right. And so the mindset is a big piece, though. It is a big piece. And it’s not the only piece. It is a big piece now. So I want to talk about this. You’re crazy awesome. Right, in so many different ways. And so I want to ask this rhetorical question you that this is a question I asked our clients recently.

I asked our clients recently. I was like, hey, Isaac, can you guys just let’s go around the room here. Why don’t you guys why does everybody take a moment and share with everybody else? What’s something you’ve done in your life that was scary or crazy and in hindsight was the best decision you’ve ever made? All right. And so I asked this question in, oh, my gosh, the responses we got were insane. Right?

I think about it. If you have children right now, that’s a miracle in itself. That’s unbelievable. Right. There’s no instruction manual on how to raise a human being. All right. And so the fact that you’ve already done that or are currently doing that is remarkable. Right. And so if you have kids. Right, and at any point in time you’re, you know, struggling with your mindset, whether or not you’ll make it as an entrepreneur, whether or not you can continue to do this if you have kids, that is probably the craziest, toughest thing in the world to do, is raise kids without an instruction manual.

They have their own personality like we’re in a kind of an interesting day and age as well. So that is freaking badass. So if you’ve done that, why can’t you grow your coaching business rhetorically? Ask yourself that question. Like, I’m raising a kid, I would say is a thousand times more difficult and I don’t have kids, but I just imagine so. Right. And but I asked that question rhetorically to our clients and the responses we got were insane like people.

I love learning. About our clients, you know, beyond just what they’re doing in their business, just them as individuals, it’s so cool. So we have clients of all different ages, all different countries. One gentleman is in his mid-70s. All right. So talk about a badass mid-70s and he’s launching his coaching business. He’s spent previously the previous 40 years in corporate America. And then he retired. And he’s like, no, I don’t want to just sit around and be retired.

He’s going to launch my coaching business. So super, super badass guy. Cool, cool guy. And so his story was what I was taking flying lessons in his and he’s from Australia. He’s a guy I was taking flying lessons with. And I think he said, if I remember correctly, that his buddy was was the pilot instructor and was teaching him how to do it. And so he did several lessons and so forth. And then without knowing, one day he goes back in for another lesson.

He gets in the plane, he’s in the driver’s seat, and his pilot instructor and or his buddies in the passenger seat. And then they start the plane up and then his buddy gets out of the plane and closes the door and says, hey, I’ll be right back and grab something. And he’s got his headset on. And then once his buddy gets out of the way of the small airplane is buddy, you know, messages and radios into his headset and say, hey, you are you’re going to fly solo this time you’re ready.

And so he wasn’t prepared for that. He thought it was going to be another like, you know, training with a copilot. Right. That’s experienced in case anything goes wrong. And his buddy says, nope, you’re ready. Like, you need to take, you know, take the plane up in the air and land it. You’re ready for this. And so he went ahead and did that. Right. But he said he was just, you know, he was freaking out.

Right. Like, oh, my gosh. Because he didn’t he didn’t know that this was the day. And he said he didn’t feel ready. But then the last and his instructor said, no, you are ready. So he went ahead and did that. And so it’s interesting to see him be reminded of that story. Right. And as soon as he was done sharing that story, I asked him, I was like, so why?

Like, how could anything else be difficult to you when you remind yourself of that story? Like, that’s crazy. I would be freaking out if I don’t like heights to begin with. But if I’m up in the air and one of these tiny little airplanes and have a few flying lessons, that’s crazy. Right? And so as we went around the circle and the mastermind and all these crazy stories, you know, a couple of members about how they fought in the war in Iraq and bullets flying past their head and doing all these amazing things and how they, you know, had to pick people up and carry them or bandage up a really bad gunshot wound and all these things.

Right. And gruesome situations. And it’s I remember talking to one of our clients who’s done super, super well, and he served in the military. And before he got started, he’s like, I’m not sure I have the qualifications to be an online coach. And then he shared we went deeper and he shared with me that he had served in Iraq. And you know, he had these certain missions that he was on. And I was like, dude, you that’s so much earlier what you did there.

That’s amazing that you served in Iraq. And, you know, he was a gunner on top of a tank. And so he’s like the main target. Everybody goes for the gunner on top of the tank. And so, I mean, it’s just remarkable. So it’s like our mind is so powerful in that it can convince us because we’re doing something new, even if it’s just sitting in front of a computer wiggling our fingers, that this is scary because it’s unfamiliar territory.

But just make sure you remind yourself how awesome you are. Right. My question for you to think about, right, is to spend a moment. And if you want to write this stuff down, it’s a great exercise. Write down all the cool, awesome things you’ve done in your life and remind yourself how much of a badass you are, because I guarantee you you’ve done some crazy, awesome things that were super scary at the time and everything turned out OK.

All right. And use that as fuel to remind yourself that this is just a grown and online business is really just sitting in front of a computer typing the right things and saying the right things on video like that. In a nutshell, that’s what it is, whether you’re talking to clients are doing the marketing side of it. And so you’ve done crazy things before, my friend. Remind yourself of that and do that again. All right. You will be fine.

I hate to see you. And if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos, and kids to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five-star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right.

So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you at the next one. Bye.


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We are live here. What’s going on, seven-figure visionary’s? Dino Gomez here, and I am sitting down with Jessie DaSilva and we are doing a client spotlight today. We are going to talk about how Jessie, a spiritual coach, did twenty-four thousand dollars plus four thousand dollars, I think is twenty four thousand dollars six hundred in the last time I was talking about that today, very excited to be sitting down with Jessie. We’re going to get into her story, how she’s learning clients, how she’s marketing herself, changes that she made so that she could have this incredible month, and all of the cool things.

So if you guys are joining us right now, let us know in the comments what city you guys are joining us from. We would love to know and as well to stick around for what’s going to be a crazy, jam-packed, amazing interview full of nuggets, tangible tactics, and strategies you guys can use inside of your coaching business. So, first and foremost, Jesse, thank you so much for joining me, my friend.

Yeah, of course. Thanks for having me. Yeah, absolutely. So, yeah, Jessie, you are inside our seven-figure visionary and our mastermind for online coaches and consultants. And so we’re going to dive into you just having this monstrance month right now.

And some of the things I’m really excited to talk about is one, I’m really excited to talk about how there’s kind of this perception in the coaching industry that in order to make a ton of money, that you have to be in the make money online space. That’s one of the things I’m excited to talk about as well as you do in the land clients right now. As well as all the tweaks you’ve made your marketing to have this monstrous month. But let’s start at the beginning, Jessie.

Why don’t you introduce yourself, tell us who you are, where you’re from, and then also what it is you do as an online coach?

Yeah, my name is Jessie DaSilva and I go by the tag line on Instagram is the Millennial Money, which and what I do is I help spiritual entrepreneurs scale to the five-figure and beyond point through a three-point formula based on the principles of magic. So literally what it takes to make a spell work and are align your intentions, embody them deeply and take inspired action every day. And that’s my formula. No matter what level people are at, it’s the same thing.

So that’s how I work with people and I work with them one on one in group programs. I also offer one-off greetings. So yeah. And I’ve been doing this for about a year and before that, I had spent about eight months as a job hunt coach. So that’s basically about me. Like you can read more about me have been in Forbes and Yahoo Finance.

But this is basically what I’m sticking with now is I definitely like the magical side of running a business. I love it.

I love it. Super unique positioning, and incredible branding. We’re going to talk about that in a second and the importance of that, because in a very crowded marketplace, we keep hearing of so many coaches now, almost all have the same tagline. They’re all doing the same thing. You really zeroed in on your messaging and a way to differentiate yourself. And so I want to talk a little bit more about that. But let’s do this, Jessie.

So you’ve been online coaching for I think you said about a year.

Tell us about your online coaching journey for a second. Like, why did you get into online coaching? How did you start out? What would your title, quote-unquote, when you started out? And take us through kind of that journey before we crossed paths.

Yeah. So it’ll be two years in July. So the first nine months I had originally started as a job hunt coach because that’s I had come up with my own system for networking your way to a dream job. So I’m like no one ever had to send cold emails. The people I worked with you would usually find their dream job, that their dream salary, like 60 percent of them got it within 30 days and then the rest of them would get it within 90 days.

So I had like my little thing going and I was very like kind of afraid of also showing like this which side to me, even though that’s what I was doing and all of my calls and then all of my coaching, like I was still very intuitive and I would still do card pulls. I sold readings to, but I kind of kept them separate. So eventually I put them together. So it was like manifest your dream job kind of thing.

And then, of course, covid hit and shut down the economy for a bit. And so I knew I actually got really excited because it was nine months into my business. I had made every mistake in the book and I had been working with a coach. And, you know, I learned so much from those nine months. And even though, like, I had barely made. Money, I saw such an opportunity and I was like, oh, my God, I’m going to shift into business coaching because people are going to get laid off.

They’re not going to be able to like work jobs. They need to know how to start online businesses. So that became my focus was how to help people start their businesses online. And so I was helping anybody who had service-based businesses, coaching businesses, spiritual businesses. I was working at that for a while. And then because it kind of became formulaic for me, I got bored. And what happened is that I started attracting a different type of client and all of a sudden no one was converting.

So here I was. I had this group of like fifteen hundred people in a Facebook group. I had three thousand followers on Instagram. So it’s not like I was starting from the beginning. But I was and I had had these months before where I’d had like 20, I had like a thirty thousand dollar sales month and I made like twelve thousand in cash one month, but it had all of a sudden just come to a screeching halt. And it was like I had a mass purge of all of my leads, my clients.

And it was a good thing because a lot of them, frankly, either weren’t taking my advice or they were stiffing me on payments. And the people I was attracting weren’t really in alignment with what I wanted to do. And so I was sitting here trying to figure out what is this next iteration of my business looks like? I had raised my prices. I started talking about things differently, but I still didn’t really have the confidence to go forward with a lot of what I was doing.

And then I met you and you really encouraged me to just let go after that. And I knew on some level that I had to, like, go full-on crazy with the stuff that I teach. Like, I had to go full into the magic and the intuition and all of that. But I guess small shreds of me were still thinking that I need to be credible. I need to look like somebody who is a business coach or a professional business coach.

Even though I was talking about intuition and manifestation and psychic gifts, even though I talked about those things, I was so afraid to put it at the center of my brand. And then you kind of gave me that push and including after like a launch that flopped. And that was kind of like the last one where I was like, OK, I had this moment. I was like, I know I’m supposed to be weird.

You know, I’m supposed to be weird and like, putting the weird stuff out there. Like, Dino keeps telling me to put the weird stuff out there. So I said, OK, fine, I’m going to do it. And I remember I like went to my altar and I just said I didn’t even go to it. I looked across the room at it almost like from a place of resentment. And I said to the universe, my guides, whoever.

And I said, fine, you want me to be weird, I’m going to be weird. OK, but like, if I’m going to be weird, you need to take care of me on the physical plane. So that means if I put something out there, the super fucking weird, I need you to pay me for it. OK, like you need to bring me the people who want this because I didn’t want to just be another white lady talking about manifestation online.

Like that’s not what I wanted to be. But I realized that I had my own way of looking at things. I had my own way of helping people shift things very quickly because that’s what I realized was, like a lot of people were meeting, was that so much of like the shadow work and the inner child stuff would take forever. It takes months for people to shift. And I was finding that when I worked with people and shared my knowledge, they would shift very quickly.

So I begrudgingly, I guess, decided to put out like a magic-based program and it took off. It was amazing. Like I’ve had more interest than I ever had in anything I have found. Every single one of my clients is a dream client. And it’s literally been the easiest money I ever made, because even those months where I did have, like, these big figures, I had to work so hard to reach those figures.

I had ten one on one clients and then I had, I think, like seventeen in a group program. Whereas now I made those figures with currently eight people in a program and two had been left over clients who had paid for a longer package. So really, if we’re talking about like money per head, it was we’re talking about like six people. I made the same money helping six people that I did, helping basically twenty-six. So that’s amazing.

I think so many of us there are so many takeaways here. Right.

First off, less work, more fulfillment, weird self, which I think everybody deserves to be their weird self should feel comfortable in their own skin. And it’s really. Funny, though, right? And then you went from twenty-six clients and then sat down to a basically about six making the exact same money been flow, having to do something that you want. It’s so interesting to me because the resistance comes from pretending to be somebody that we’re not. Right.

You know, it’s funny and everybody has those. I think it’s so interesting, Jesse, too, because that’s I think it’s a natural thought process. Like, I want to chat with you about this for everybody to hear as well. Everybody has a degree of kind of that self-reflection where they’re like, should I be behaving a certain way according to society, according to my industry, you know, how am I going to be perceived? Like, you know it, like it.

I’m not going to, like, flash through my head. Like, you know, if you have a Michael Jordan jersey hanging on the wall behind you, are you going to come off like a super bro? Like people are going to want to trust and hire you, that you know, that you can do well with coaching? Or are you going to seem too much like a pro? Like I had those thoughts, too, but I’m like, no, you know, that’s who I am.

I love Michael Jordan and I am who I am. And I think the right audience will come to get to know me and realize I’m not one particular anything. I’m in my own category. It’s so, so interesting, right, that you that I think again, I think we all have that moment where we’re like, can I be my true self? Can I be fine? Can I act like the person I am around my closest friends who are equally good?

And is there a market out there for that? So super interesting. So a couple of things I want to touch on here.

We’ll actually get into how you sign these clients. So I know for those listening in or watching the replay, are you guys stick around? I know you guys are excited to hear about this.

Let’s look at this for a second here. You had some excellent months in your business, but that required a lot of one-v-one clients, a lot of low ticket sales. And then the clients were refunded. They weren’t paying you. I know we spoke about that. They were in their hassles. You had some men chasing them down through contracts, maybe even legal issues. Kind of.

Oh, yeah. Chasing them down for payments constantly. Yeah. Yeah. And so that whole thing and takes away from your passion and your love and your joy of actually coaching and helping folks out. And then after that, you realized, OK, I want to make this shift then the business wasn’t going well for a while, which if you’re comfortable with it, I would love to talk about this because, to be honest, that is an entrepreneurial journey.

Like you do have ups and downs. It happens to absolutely everybody. It happens to Amazon as well, folks, for everybody listening in, and guess what? Amazon always crushes it in December, which means the other months don’t look as good. So the chart, is it always going like this? We want it to go up while it has its waves, but we’ll certainly we’ll have a dip for a bigger month again. So when things weren’t going well for a second, what was your thought process?

What were the emotions? What were your concerns and how are you managing that so that you could get yourself back on track? And the other thing, too, is I commend you so much for having those months where business wasn’t going well for a while, and then you still came across us and you were still willing to invest. You still believed in yourself. Can you walk us through that thought process and why you made those decisions there?

Yes. So I’ve always been, like, intuitively driven. And basically, I had to sit and say, like, OK, this massive clearing out is making space. And like, I like and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m like meditating in the clouds and like, super chill over being broke and like not having clients and all of that. You know, I had moments where I was like sobbing over it, just like feeling like this is never going to happen.

I’m just lying to myself like I’m not meant to be a business owner. Like, it’s just I’m trying to make something happen that’s not going to happen.

And like, sitting there thinking like, you know, I’m a former lawyer and I had a high-paying legal job and I’m a former journalist. And so now it’s like, you know, I’m sitting there thinking like I’ve ruined all my job prospects because now I’m like this lady who was in Forbes talking about how she’s a psychic.

So I was like, well, there’s no like there’s no going back for me like I’m just fucked at this point. So I was saying, like, if there’s clearing space for something and I knew that, like I needed another kind of coach, I knew I needed something that was a little bit different than what I had been doing. So, you know, and I, I joke all the time when I talk about you now.

I said had everything working against him. He was a man and he wasn’t a psychic.

So I came to that. But it was exactly what I needed. Like and it was I’ve always been somebody who said that the time to invest is like when you have no money because you have no other way to fix it. Like you can’t see your own problems because you’re stuck in them. That’s just how it is. So I was in this place where I had known intuitively I needed to make a lot of shifts. So one of those being that I needed to leave D.C. and move back to Florida with my fiance.

So we were right. At least you and I started working together right before that happened. And so all my money was earmarked for move and making it. And that’s a big, expensive move. So I was thinking about that. But I also just knew I was like, there’s no like there’s no other answer here. Like, I’ve tried all of my intuitive coaches and not that they haven’t worked, but like I’m very strong with my intuition. This isn’t what I need help with anymore.

And so when we spoke, I just what really drove it home for me was that you saw me like you saw my potential. You got me you understood what I wanted to do. And like that just like that meant more to me than anything. Not that other people hadn’t seen me that way before. But you saw, like, the potential beyond that. And you were like, here’s exactly like what we would do to get you there. And I was like, this is what I’ve been missing.

This is like structure. This is accountability. Because if anybody who is into astrology is listening to this, like I’m a pisces sun moon and a Gemini rising. So I like structure. It’s not my thing. I’m all over the place. I love to, like, be very flowing and intuitive and not keep a schedule. And I’m late to everything, like, it’s just how I am. And so planning things ahead of time was really difficult for me.

And I realized that that lack of structure and that lack of concrete planning was part of what was holding me back. And so having somebody who was very grounded in that, I knew would balance out the intuitive part of me. Like if I just knew, like the practical steps, then I could make it make the rest of it happen as long as I put my own spin on it. So that was like how I came to that decision. I just knew, like, well, if I don’t invest, like, I’m just going to keep spinning my wheels and doing what I’ve been doing, which is not working.

So to me, I like I always tell people you have like when you’re broke, I don’t care what you do, you have to find it in your budget to make it happen.

I love that’s so, so powerful on so many different levels. People think it’s it’s they think it’s backward, but it’s actually spot on. It’s exactly what you have to do. It’s more reason to invest because you don’t have money. Things aren’t working for you the way that that you need to be. And oftentimes people think to themselves when I have money, then I’ll invest. But you won’t necessarily have that problem. Then you first have to get addressed the problem so that you have the money.

So it’s this whole backward thing. Right. What’s so incredible that you said there, Jessie had this move coming up and you’re still like, nope, I have to invest. And I think it’s so interesting to hear because this is actually the first time we’re hearing it from your perspective, why you decided to invest. I think it’s interesting that you chose you to know, you’d worked with other intuitive coaches and they helped you in their own respective rights.

But you’re like, I need a completely different coach with a different set of skill sets that I find very, very interesting in the sense that I think oftentimes people think that if they go to somebody that’s most like them, that understands them or speaks their language, that it will help them more. And that certainly can be true. But sometimes it’s the complete opposite. Did you like maybe you can tell us a little bit more about that? It was mostly you said the structure or was it.

Because, again, I haven’t I wouldn’t know I don’t know how intuitive coaches coach. I only know the way that we do things. I’m really curious, like, how are those different? How has the experience been different? I guess if I can ask that here.

So they really helped with my mindset and they really helped me like, discover my own magic, like, so they helped me see, like, you know, it’s possible to run things from a place of wanting to feel good and happy and like healing all these kind of wounds, money, a mindset like money, trauma, childhood trauma, all of that stuff. Like they helped me with all of this stuff that was helping that was preventing me from showing up in my business.

But even if they had, like, practical strategy, like I wasn’t necessarily learning all of that, like what happened is that, you know, these are coaches who have like big followings and like, I think. I think basically like they don’t even realize the strategies that they’ve put in place in order to teach them as they do it so naturally, as it comes to them so naturally that it’s not a science that they can replicate or that anybody can, like, learn.

Step one, step two, step three. And not that that’s how we do things. Like instead I feel like what I’ve been given is almost like like the visual I’m getting is almost a buffet and it’s like I get my plate out of all these different methods, whereas before it was kind of just like turning me back into me, which if I have bad habits, that’s kind of blocking some of it. Right. So it’s like even things where like I just really try to I’m more cognizant, like in the structural aspect of things like if like we’ve even watched through, like, OK, like how many people and what’s the messaging and how are we going to reach them versus like, you know, let’s like meditate and get in touch with people’s hearts and like call them in that way, which is super important.

But I feel like you need both. And I had so much in this other field of it that I really needed to balance it out with tried and true strategies that not only I could use and experiment with, but that I could teach people as well. Because I do believe you need both. It’s kind of like yin and yang. You need like all you need to be, like, intuitively driven, but you also need to know what strategies are out there so that you can apply them to your intuitive business if that’s what you’re doing.


Gotcha. And that makes and that makes complete sense. The yin and yang aspect and in branching out. And it’s also I also always think it’s kind of fun from a perspective of you meet a whole different group of people that are doing. Oh, yeah. Doing and speaking different things, which is kind of fun.

And so if you guys are just tuning in here, we are talking with Jessie DeSilva about how she’s had it’s actually twenty-four thousand dollars plus a month as a spiritual business coach who works in the field of magic. And so this is really cool because I haven’t we haven’t worked with somebody who works with magic and spells. And so this is different. And one of the things just to summarize, if you guys are coming in late now, we’ve really been talking about how important it is for you to own your unique brand and who you are and to be weird, be different, be loud is you know, as soon as you start copying another coach.

Right. You are basically saying to yourself, to the universe, to the market, hey, I’m nothing special. I’m going to copy somebody elsewhere really we are. We’re all unique in our own ways. You got to be on it. You’ve got to be loud about it. And so I suggest you put yourself in the spot where you’re like, OK, used to be a corporate lawyer. Now I’m doing magic and stuff like that. As a business coach.

Obviously, I can’t go back to the corporate lawyer space. I’m branded this way now and then. You know, we spoke about how you were caught up, kind of like, do I need to come off as a certain degree of special? And then you broke out the weird, like, I’m going to be myself. I’m going to teach business the way it’s going to involve magic and spells and the law of attraction and inner work and a bunch of things.

And so let’s talk about how we also spoke on how you went from twenty-seven clients down to six, making the same amount of money, working less, more and flow. Let’s talk about how you got clients here in a roundabout way. So what was the like marketing strategy for you? I mean, first and foremost, it was first, we need to brand you as unique and different so that people can latch on it and decide that they really like your essence.

What was the campaign that we helped to roll out that’s allowed you to enroll these clients currently?

So initially, what I what we did is I was on a call with one of your coaches, Danielle, and she had helped me see, like, where am I missing the mark between my branding and, like, how I show up. And so what she helped me realize is that everything I talked about, which was joy, passion, fun, magic, manifestation, glitter, sparkles like all of this stuff where it’s like very like magical and whimsical and fun.

She was like she looked at my website and she was like, do any of these look fun to you?

Any of these photos? Does any of this language sound fun to you? Like, do you want to hang out with you? And I was like, oh, my God, you’re right. Like, this is also serious. I had been so focused on trying to not become another manifestation coach that I became just another launch expert, just another business coach. So it was it was truly that.

It’s like how they say when you try to reach everyone, you reach No one. And so it had kind of like that’s the effect that it wound up having. I was trying so hard to just, like, give the world what I thought I wanted rather than what I wanted to. And just putting it out there, and that requires a different level of vulnerability, right, to be like I love this stuff and I don’t care if you don’t like it because the right people are going to show up.

And what’s funny was that, like, the first time I tried to, like, launch, like working with you in applying the methods, I was applying it to the wrong thing, like I was trying to launch a launch program and I had more attention, more clicks than I ever had. If I had, like on one day I had, which this doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is for me, it was like twenty-five people live on one of my workshops and like participating and commenting.

And it was really active. And I had like 50 people clicking on my link and not a single person bought it. And I really genuinely attribute that to the fact that I was just basically hawking another business program that was just kind of like copy and paste. And I know my strategies work for people, but and even though there was magic involved in it, it wasn’t the center of the messaging. So I wasn’t talking about, like, how to let your intuition guide your business.

And I realized when I looked like Danielle helped me realize that when I looked at it objectively, it did not look like who I wanted to be or who I was like. So the first thing I did was I manifested a photoshoot. And so I literally just bought I bought two really over-the-top glitter-like sequined jumpsuits. This one has these massive poofy sleeves like it is ridiculous. And so the first thing I did was go out and then I bought a gold wrap dress.

So like, I went all out, I was like, I got to be like the fairy godmother. And I live in Tallahassee, Florida. So, like, nobody’s wearing this. Like, let me like, this is not New York City. Like, no one is wearing these things. And I found a photographer who got me and got my brand and we went out. We took all these photos and they were fun. It was like me twirling me laughing, all of this stuff, and that just the photos alone made such a huge shift.

Like all of a sudden people were responding to things I was posting because, you know, it’s kind of like that when Harry Met Sally moment where it’s like, I’ll have what she’s having, you know, it’s like she’s clearly having fun in her business. I want to have fun in my business as well. And so we shifted the messaging there, too. Then I realized, OK, I was so worried on not becoming another manifestation coach that I became another business coach, like boring business coach.

So I said, OK, I have that chat with my guides. And I said, all right, I’m going to like, do the weird thing, so you best take care of me. And then I did. So now I became less focused on, like, regurgitating copy and regurgitating, like, everything that you had shown me to do, like during a campaign. And I became more analytical in the sense that, like looking at the prompts being like, OK, what was the point of this?

Like, you know, who’s like what’s the scene behind this post? What is it meant to do? OK, now I’m going to write it my way. And so I looked at it more from a concept-based place. The other thing was that, you know, I just kind of took my own ego out of the situation. So when I like, for example, like I was doing my own sales page, writing my own sales copy, and I’m a good writer, like I was a journalist by trade for years.

And so I said, OK, I’m just going to like to open a channel. And when I say this, that sounds crazy, but it’s like we all it is an intuitive inspiration. Right. That’s it. So I decided, OK, I’m just going to sit down and I’m going to free. Right. And just let it come out and see what happens. Like I’m just going to write. Right. Right. And then what I did is I would go back and read it aloud and see like and if I was getting hyped while I was reading it, I knew I was on track.

And whenever I felt stuck, I stopped. I was like, alright, I’m getting stuck. Let me take a break. Let me do some fun things. Let me disconnect for the weekend or whatever it is. And so in that way, like, I was able to basically like continue to follow my intuition, which is within the framework of this structure, unprovided. And so like of course it looks like things like, OK, we want to talk to like this kind of person about what they’re struggling with and what they could have.

And so it would be easy for me to just kind of regurgitate, like your copy or somebody else’s copy to be like you feel stuck in your business and like you want to be making this kind of money. And I just realized that, like, my ideal client, like, cared about a lot more than that. And they just wanted to be having fun. Like, so many programs are kind of stuffy. Not everyone’s a nerd like me, like who wants to, like, know the ins and outs, right?

Yeah, not everybody wants to feel like like like the nerdy things. So what could I teach that would be fun? And how can I make embodiments fun? How can I make magic fun? And so that’s just how I approached. It was like rather than really like trying to press into people’s pain points around, like money and business, I pressed into the pain point of like, it doesn’t have to be hard like it can be fun and you can, like, have friends doing this and you can enjoy showing up to these calls.

And like you can like this can be something that you look forward to. And so I guess that that’s really what it is, is that I like I just started analyzing things for like what is the what’s the goal of this strategy? And then how do I apply it to the unique person that I’m speaking to? I love that.

I love that. And that’s so what you said. They’re so huge on so many different levels because we all look for those shortcuts. I just want a copy and paste solution no matter what coaching program you join. Let me just directly copy, step by step what they’re doing. And I don’t you don’t want to copy. You want to model as you articulated there. You want to model what you’re doing because again, you don’t want to become a clone of your coach or essentially then you and your coach are then competing because you look and sound the exact same.

But it’s more model, the strategy, the framework, and then inject your own personality into it and be your weird own unique self like all day long. Yeah. The market is so crowded and it’s like robotic at this point.

It’s it really is. And this thing that I realized because I genuinely was like when I look back now, I wouldn’t have recognized it as fear at the time. I would have been like, oh, no, I’ve already thought about that. I don’t like it. Like, I would have liked a good reason for you if you would ask me back then. But the thing that you just like like you just kind of was like, no, like you should be like that.

That’s weird and interesting. And people will like it like and it’s funny because when I ran this campaign this time, I didn’t have those figures of people tuning into my workshops or clicking on my emails, not not to the same extent.

So like, I didn’t have twenty-five people show up to my workshop live. I had eight was like my highest number at one point eight people.

But those eight people were so engaged and almost every single one of them booked a call with me. And I would rather have that. I would rather have eight super engaged people who book calls than have twenty-five who don’t do anything yet.

And let’s talk about that for a second because that is the power of high ticket. Right. High ticket and alignment and which I think is so huge, especially for this audience tuning in for everybody who’s under ten thousand dollars a month. Under twenty thousand dollars a month. Right. Is oftentimes we because I made this mistake as well. I looked at and took a program from a very well-known marketer who has an audience of one hundred thousand people in the system.

The methodology they were teaching is to sell a low-ticket course to your hundreds of thousands of followers, which they have. And I did not. And most other coaches, new coaches don’t. So that absolutely works for them because they have the following, the brand, the cloud. But to sell low to get out of the gate, you need a bigger audience mathematically for the numbers to make sense. If you’re selling five hundred dollars 1v1 program or course you’re trying to get 10k a month, you need twenty customers every single month to get the 10k a month.

That’s a big portion of your audience versus with high ticket. As you said, you don’t have to have all the big numbers. You can have eight people show up to your workshop or to your webinar or to your event or whatever it is you’re running and they’re all qualified. You can have a monstrous twenty-four thousand dollar month. And so I appreciate you sharing that just because that’s so huge. And I think that’s so interesting. Less people, better-qualified people, a change in marketing and branding.

And so this is awesome. So to get your clients, you ran a workshop and clients attended the workshop, there was a call to action, which was a call with you. And then they hop on and booked a call with you and enrolled. So our folks ask you this. So what was the energy like? Because and again, you had a launch that or marketing campaign that didn’t go well at first. You hadn’t figured out your branding quite yet, and you had one that just absolutely crushed it after the adjustments were made and Step stepped into who you wanted to be, you need.

What was the energy like that was different, and what did you see? And feel. Between the two, was it anything you can share on that for sure? Yeah, the first time I was definitely in, like, Desperado Energy, so I was like, super desperate and like feeling like this has to work. This has to work because if it doesn’t work, I’m fucked. Like, that’s how I kept thinking. And then it didn’t work, of course.

And then, like, I was slightly fucked for it. But then I got unfucked. So it’s like, fine, you know. But the difference the big difference was that, as I remember at the end of that launch, I sent you all these voice memos where I was just like weird vomiting. And I was like, Dino, I got to quit. I’m going to get a job like, this isn’t working. I can’t do this anymore.

Like it was at that point. And you were like, one more month, just give me one more month. It’s going to be OK. Like we’re going to fix it like you’re going to be fine. And it was even just like that one month like things just began to shift because I had the support of the community and like and like I’m not even close to everybody in the community, but I had like my one or two, like, friends in that group that I really loved.

And then I had you constantly responding to my anxiety-ridden voice memos.

So I just learned to, like, start trusting. I was like, you know, and I actually did try to get a job and I got it. And I was fired in a week.

So I was like, I love this the way that I was. I was dying.

Laughing Yeah. I’ve I it’s so funny. Like, I’ve been fired, I think more than anybody I’ve ever met and not even it’s rarely for bad reasons. It’s just like I think it’s just my personality. I’m just like very tell it like it is. But this one anyway. So I just took that as a sign. I was like, all right, this was the job I was going to be excited about to do on the side. If that’s not going to work, then I’m just going to, like, listen to and give him this one more month.

And I was afraid to launch again. I was afraid to do this campaign. I think I pushed it back twice. And you were just kind of like, we got this like it’s going to be OK and we’re going to troubleshoot it the whole time and we’re going to like change a few things and whatever. You got it. And so when I finally did like it, first of all, as I landed, I did have a successful, like, mini-program that I did before then.

So, like, I started feeling better where I was like, OK. And it was almost like I dipped my toe in the water. It was literally like and I’d done it before. But this was like me, like going full. Well, I did. It was like a full moon spell circle workshop situation. And then I sort of pitched them on the big program. And what happened is that nobody bought into the program, but somebody signed me, signed, signed up for one on one.

And I was like, OK, things are shifting Dino is right! Like, I’m just going to keep rolling with it. And so I just had to bite the bullet and try again. And when I did try this time, because I’d already lived through that big fear of it not working, I was like, well, if it doesn’t work, it just means we’re going to fix it and try something else. Like it’s going to be OK.

It doesn’t have to work out this way because I’m in I’m feeling more chill about things like I just had to like, I guess like the kind of just chill out really and just like learning to like, have fun with the process. So the big difference, too, is that the first program, like I wasn’t having any fun, I was teaching stuff that I already knew that was kind of basic. You know, it was like creating I think the workshop I had done them was creating magnetic group programs.

And I was going about it the business routeway, which I do teach people how to do.

But this one, I did a workshop, it was three parts and it was based on my three-part formula. Align your intentions and them deeply and take inspired action every day. And it was all based on like manifestation. I said this is how you can manifest anything in your life, but especially through your business. And I used examples and I didn’t overteach, which I always tend to do. So I was able to give people enough info that they were intrigued so that they wanted to like look at stuff.

And the funny thing, too, is I think more things went wrong with that launch, with my second launch than went wrong the first time. But because I was in because I was enjoying the process so much more, I was enjoying the copy, I was writing, I was enjoying what I was teaching. I just didn’t panic as much like there is a point. There were at least two that like two things messed up. One of them was that what was the first one?

My sales page wasn’t up for like a week because I was still writing. I was writing, writing, writing, writing.

So I’m sitting there like, know, just the sales page where people go to work, where they go by.

I was like, I got pay links. I was like, if somebody wants like, they can still pay like I got the links, it’s fine. So I was like, still write. My sales page, and then it only went up, I think it went up on the last day of the workshop is when it went up and I was like just in the space of like, it’s fine because the sales pages are so good, people are going to love it.

Like, I’m not worried about it. And like that clearly didn’t hold anybody back because people like we’re still booking calls with me. And then the other thing is that, like, they had booked calls and I was like, oh, well, technically, like they might not be able to be there on day one of the programs. And you were like, well, who cares? Right. Like, just record it and it’s fine. And I was like, yeah, that’s true.

And so I wasn’t as panicked about the deadline to enroll because I was like, really this. Like, people would be fine if they start within the first couple of weeks. So who cares? Like it’ll be OK. And so I just kind of like let go of that pressure. And then the other aspect of it, like at the very end of my launch, like I knew I was supposed to like, like push really hard and like send like two emails a day or like an email a day for like a long weekend basically.

And I got back I’d gotten back from a trip and I was like, I’m so exhausted. Like, I can’t even look at social media. I can’t even look at my phone like, no, I can’t do it. So it’s like in the last few days of a launch, I just totally unplugged, which I would have never done the first time because I was so focused on making it happen. Whereas this one I was like, who was supposed to be the last three days of your launch?

And I was like, fuck it, I’ll just push the launch back. Like, who cares?

Like, I’ve already got I’m doing rolling admissions anyway. So I did that and then I just got an email and I was surprised to like three more days.

And all I got I remember just we were on a mastermind team called. Right. And you’re like every you asked me a question. I won’t go through it here, say because I’m not sure if we should go through it here. But you asked me this question and you’re like, what do I do in X, Y, Z scenario where, you know, like somebody wants to join, but technically the cart is not open and this and that.

And I was just like, I gave you this one answer. And you’re like, oh, well, that’s easy. Yeah.

This is from you like two hours later, like two more clients on board or something. Yeah. The main thing I want to share with everybody about this, everybody rants and raves in perfect action. It is one hundred percent true. But enjoying what you’re doing is so, so crucial. And here’s just exactly why I just explained here. Like, it takes away the pressure. If you make a mistake, you’re comfortable enough to laugh it off and have fun with it, which then people enjoy it more because I don’t know, at least it’s not my personality type.

But I, I don’t think anybody wants to have to be a perfectionist or be held to those standards. At least we’re all imperfect. And so, you know, it’s OK to mess up and have things not ready and be like, yep, the sales pages are done making imperfect action as long as you the main thing, guys, guys to take away listening in. And then we’re going to happen to some questions here is you just have to own you have to own your value yourself and lead by example.

So when things aren’t perfect, just say, yep, I take imperfect action. It’s not all set quite yet and and and just own that. And then the other thing I’m a big proponent of though is being super honest and forthcoming with folks. So like when we’ve launched our programs and they’re not even done yet. Right. I will. Those are people that are interested. I’m interested in the program. I want to join. And so I just we’re very straightforward with them.

Awesome. It’s going to be a six-month program. We’ve only recorded the first month’s worth of content or we only have two videos recorded so far. It’ll become. We just tell them what it is and roll with it. And people are normally really excited about that. They like new and imperfect and those things. And so I think oftentimes we build up. It needs to be just everything firing. Absolutely.

Yeah. And I’ve actually had that like with this program, as I’ve been like trying to build the course, like the training that goes along with that. So it’s like we’ve still had calls and we’ve had a guest call-in like support calls and all that. That’s great.

And I’m like, guys bear with me. Like it’s almost done. It’ll like you’ll have it soon. You’ll have it soon. And so it’s like, you know, I just ask them to be patient with me and just like it’ll be OK like it’s going to turn outright. Like it’s fine. And like I think people appreciate that because they see that like, OK, I don’t have to be serious in my business either. I don’t have to be perfect.

I always say it’s like a range. Right. It’s like I say that it’s not just typed A, type B, it goes from like like it goes all the way from like A plus A-plus to like B minus. Right. So I say that I’m like a type B plus like I’m mostly laid back, but I am a little neurotic and a bit of a perfectionist. So it’s like I’m still that. I’ve got that. Plus I would say you’re like an A-minus.

You’re like, you’re like a type, but you’re. So, like you’re organized, you’re on top of everything, but, you know, you really laugh it off.

Well, it’s so important to have fun in business and to enjoy the people you work with and what you’re doing. And coincidentally, when you’re in that energy and that have that flow and that mentality, that’s when amazing things happen and. Right. Because you’re in that energy, you’re going to attract people who are also in that energy, which are not going to be the clients that cause issues, complain back to all the things because they’re also in that state of abundance and happiness and all the things.

And so I’m going to do a couple of questions here on my mobile phone. Let’s see a question that comes is comes through is Caroline asks, Do you think a spiritual coach can only launch a program if it focuses on the financial growth of their clients? What is your perspective about it?

So if I’m understanding the question, it sounds like, you know, can you be a spiritual coach? Will Mavis’s on money? So, I mean, I think so. Like, I don’t think it matters like what you teach as long as you’re enjoying what you teach. So, you know, I’ve seen people like just totally do money mindset, you know, and that’s what they do. And there’s a lot of spiritual components to that. So I think that’s fine.

I don’t think that’s strange at all. Yeah, yeah.

And I will chime in and agree your niche does it. It does not matter as long as it’s something that you love, you understand well or you know well enough to teach somebody else about it. You don’t have to be the world’s best to make that clear. Nobody starts off as the world’s best. You just have to know enough, know more than the person you’re actually targeting to teach it to. And yeah, you don’t have to.

In a spiritual space, a ton of spiritual coaches, crush it, and relationship coaches and law of attraction coaches, it doesn’t have to be tied back to money whatsoever. So, yeah, we see a lot of interesting niches out there as well, a lot of clients in different niches and yet does not have to be tied back to money. So great. Great question, Caroline. And Yepp does not have to be tied back to money. If that’s something you want it to be kind of overlap with.

You can lend a couple of things. But yeah, it doesn’t have to be tied back to it. Jessie, we’ve always been going an hour now. I didn’t realize how fast time is going by. It’s so easy for me to chat with you, my friend. Let’s see if we will. I guess we’ve got to wrap this one up because almost an hour long. But I just want to say, first and foremost, congrats on an amazing twenty-four thousand dollars this month so far.

I titled this, you know how Jessie did twenty thousand dollars. And then we hopped on together and you’re like, oh, by the way, another client. And so. Yep. So incredible, my friend. Congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing with us all the different things from your perspective. What’s working for you, the shifts you’ve made so many takeaways here, Jesse. How do we get in touch with you? People want to.

Yeah. All the cool things you do. How how do we get in touch with you?

I have a free Facebook group called Five Figure Launch Queens. I’m also on Instagram at J_Dasilva and then, yeah, you can find me, find me on all the spots like my Facebook profile is open. So if you just like search, I’m doing a kissy face, I’m wearing my sequin jumpsuit with the movie sleeves so you can’t miss me. And then of course, like my website, which is JessicadaSilva.Com.

Awesome, awesome. And guys, we will have notes for you, or we’ll drop off some links in the comments section online and otherwise. If you’re listening to this as like a podcast, Jessica, at the end deSilva, the way it sounds, .com For her website. JessicadaSilva.Com. But yeah. Jessie, thanks so much, my friend, for for a lot of things going for your time for hopping down here, sharing everything, and for working with us with your back against the wall and in your amazing, unique self and just and demonstrating as a leader that you can be who you want to be and do amazing things.

And so appreciate you greatly, my friend. I guess that’s it for this call. Again, if you want to get in touch with Jessie will have some links beneath this video. Also, if you guys want are interested in a free 20-minute connection, call with nothing for sale. We have nothing for sale on this call. But if you guys want to learn, how about a connection call a client attraction strategy, call nothing for sale.

Just comment below attraction. One of our team members will reach out. We’ll hook you up with a free twenty-minute call. There’s nothing for sale on that. Jessie, thanks again, my friend. And guys, we will chat with you all very soon. Thanks.



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