We have 100's of Student Success Stories and counting...

Here is just a glimpse of what is possible inside our flagship mentorship program for online coaches, 7 Figure Visionary.

$0-$60,000/month in 62 days

Nicole scaled her brand new coaching business to $60,000 in 62 days flat. Then in her 5th month with us had a $125,000 month.

$0-$27,000/month in first 90 days.

Camila launches her coaching business to $14,000 in the first 30 days then over $27,000 after 3 months. 

Add $46,000 In Revenue in 3 Months

Remiah & Alowe came to us as brand new coaches wanting to learn our mini-workshop method & added over $46,000 in revenue in 86 days.

No Audience to 9 Clients in 82 days

Jeanette came to us with just an idea to launch a coaching business. In 82 days she built a community, hosted her first mini-workshop & secured 9 new clients.  

$511,000 in contracts in 7 Days.

Ed secured $511,000 worth of new agency contracts over a 7 day period. This is not including program sales.

$17,000 Day [Photography Coach]

Jon & James had a $17,000 sales day prior to creating their new high ticket program as photography coaches. 

$34k Month As Relationship Coach

Michelle skyrockets past her goal of 10k/month into 30k months as a relationship coach with a new high ticket offer.

Justin Adds $200,000

Justin adds multiple 6 Figures to his consulting business over the spam of 6 months working together.

First 5 Figure Launch

Richard has his first 5 figure launch and has his Paypal account frozen. What a good problem to have! 

$10,500 in first 30 days.

Sherese grew her coaching business to $10,500 in the first 30 days while landing several of her largest clients to date. 

Ken Grows to $35,000/month

A relationship coach to single women, Ken Canion, was able to grow his coaching business to multiple 6 Figures. 

$38,200 in first 27 days.

Susan came to us without a niche & without an audience. In her first 27 days we helped her enter the real estate coaching space & secure $38,200 as a brand new mentor. 


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