How to Structure An Online Group Coaching Program [The Right Way]

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how to structure a group coaching program and in particular how to transition from being a one v one type coach to actually running a group coaching program that is both impactful to your clients and scalable to you as the coach and business owner.

Let’s get into it right now.

Now, this is a story all about how am I. Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, how do you structure a group coaching program, I remember this is a question I used to have before I was a part of a group coaching program, and then I ended up joining several different ones and I saw that they were all run differently.

And I was a fan of the way some of them were actually kind of managed, wasn’t a fan of how some of the other ones were managed. And so with all of that, I eventually came to become a coach myself and kind of came up with my own style of coaching. And so when it comes to structuring a group coaching program, here’s the first thing that’s important for you to know.

And I bring this up because I was reminded of this question today because one of our newer members previously before coming to us, she was out of time and she was stressed and she was overwhelmed.

She was working weekends and she had a bunch of clients. So her her issue wasn’t client attraction and her issue hasn’t been sales. Her issue is that she just had a broken business model. And so here she was doing under she was doing about 5000 dollars a month, offering one to one coaching services.

And she couldn’t scale. She was completely out of time. She was basically trading her time for money with her coaching services. And so she came to us. And, you know, we have two different masterminds. We have six figure visionary, four coaches who want to scale to six figures or multiple, six figures.

And we have seven figure visionary four coaches who are already off the ground, you know, hovering in that ten to thirty thousand dollar a month range. And they really want to explode to that seven figure mark.. We have the two different level programs. They are both group coaching programs. They’re both actually hybrid group coaching programs. And I say hybrid because there is one on one coaching elements included. So I figured out that I believe that is the best methodology is to have a combination of the one v one coaching, but also to have it be group coaching calls included.

And so that way people do get the personal one v one touch. But there’s also group coaching calls and the group coaching calls are extremely invaluable. I’ve always felt for a couple of the masterminds that have been a part of I’ve really enjoyed the group coaching atmosphere because not only do we learn from the leader or the mentor, but the opportunity to learn from others in the mastermind is extremely invaluable in developing friendships with them, partnerships with them, where you promote each other, help each other, where your guests on each other’s podcast, teach each other things that are working and not working.

It’s so cool to be friends with entrepreneurs on that level where you’re helping each other out and you understand each other and you speak each other’s language and that happens.

That’s why I love mastermind’s. That’s why I was so excited to build and create and, you know, this dream mastermind that I wish was out there for me type of thing. And so that’s what we built. And and so one of our clients came in. she came to us and, you know, she was super skeptical that because of her niche, she thought it was impossible to deliver a transformational experience in a group coaching setting.

Now, no one, guys, is don’t allow yourself to make an excuse for yourself. A lot of people love to do this. They love to make an excuse of why they are stuck and we all are guilty of it. But it goes like this. I can’t do X, Y, Z. I can’t grow my business because I am in this niche that is not in that other niche. I can’t grow my business because I don’t have a team behind me.

I can’t grow my business because I’m not charismatic. I can’t grow my business because yada yada, yada, yada, yada. We all make up the excuses. You have to get rid of them. This client was awesome. She hopped on a call with us and she was like, I’m stuck. I’m trading time for money. I can’t grow my business. I’m stressed and overwhelmed. I am working too much. But she’s like, I’m worried that I, you know, delivering a group coaching program to my clients that they wouldn’t get the same transformation as a one v one experience.

And it wasn’t until she joined our mastermind that she instantly saw the value of a group coaching program.

And the way we format our calls excuse me, the way we format our calls is that we have all different structures and they change every single week.

Sometimes we hop on a call and we just do hot seats and we allow everybody in the mastermind to contribute ideas to help somebody solve their problems.

Other times it’s a workshop. I teach people something brand new. I teach our clients something that’s really cool and brand new, and I make them take action on the spot. And those are workshops so that people get things done on the calls rather than walk away from the calls and feel like, oh my gosh, I have even more things on my to do. List the workshop, the workshop formula of a group coaching call makes it so people walk away with having gotten something done on the call so that we are literally forcing them to be productive and grow their business.

And then there’s other formats we have for our calls where we will do a live, just a live training, another format is that we will break people up into if you’re familiar with Zoom, breakout rooms. So if we have 20 people, 40 people on a call, we’ll put people into pods, into groups of like three or four individual rooms and give them a topic of discussion. Hey, share with everybody you know, inside of your pod.

What has been the biggest driver in growing your business last quarter?

And everybody takes a turn sharing and then everybody partners or we’ll put people in pods and say, hey, everybody, swap information, dates and schedules on when you’re going to interview each other on your podcast or on your Facebook group.

We help people facilitate connections and stuff. It’s really powerful. But the answer the question I got from this new client today, and she’s rocking it within three days of joining our mastermind, we immediately everybody joins our mastermind gets a one v one call with me instantly and we game plan for 90 minutes what your action items are for the next 60 days. And so we do that right away. We call it a cash injection strategy call. So everybody gets that cash injection strategy call with me.

And that’s where I sit down. I look at all your assets, I look at your business, and I go exactly what you need to focus on and nothing else for the next 90 days. This will make the biggest impact on your business the fastest, so that instantly all of our new members have clarity. So that happens. Read this part of the hybrid coaching. They get that one v one call with me. They have other additional one v one calls with myself or other coaches, depending on what level they’re at.

And then they have the multiple a group coaching calls every single week. So they get to see us in all different formats.

And then every single quarter we have a mastermind retreat, which is a three day virtual weekend where we recalibrate everybody’s business so that they can walk away with a new a new game plan for next 90 days.

So we actually have that retreat coming up here in just a couple of weeks. So our whole coaching staff is preparing for that. We’re going to make that. We always make that an incredible three day experience for our members, because what happens, guys, is that businesses grow at different speeds and they grow at different speeds than expected. So if you’re just working off of an annual New Year’s resolution goal of, by the end of this year, I want to be at half a million.

Maybe you’re on pace to be at two million after just three months into the year. You might be at a much faster growth rate, in which case you should change and update your goals or you might be growing slower, in which case you need to look at, what’s not working? According to the plan I had set at the start of the year.

So what we do at three day virtual mastermind is we help our members recalibrate their 90 day goals and we give them a clear step by step game plan for that so that they don’t have to focus on stuff that’s not going to help them. Right. Just because you’re working sixty hours a week or just because you’re working really hard doesn’t mean you’re working on the right things that are actually going to grow your business. Right. And so that’s what we do on weekend retreats, we help them get super clear on what to work on.

We all do mastermind. We have lunches together virtually, and we break out in the pod rooms and there’s partnerships.

People are sharing stories. We have guest speakers.

There’s incredible thing and everybody walks away going having implemented their strategy and their plan on the spot. And they walk away and they go, wow, I know exactly what to focus on for the next 90 days. And then over the next 90 days, they’re going to have one V one calls with various coaches and they’ll have, of course, the weekly group coaching calls. So that’s how we structure our group coaching program in our mastermind’s.

It is a hybrid model and and then the group coaching calls.

They change, right? Sometimes. Again, it’s a Q&A.

Sometimes it’s hot seat coaching where everybody contributes ideas. Sometimes we break up into little pods where everybody networks and we give certain assignments. Sometimes I teach a brand new cutting edge strategy and it’s a workshop and I make it implement on the spot. And and so that’s what I explain to our clients. She’s like, I don’t know how to run a group coaching call. I’ve never done one before. And that was originally her question. Right. And she was concerned it wouldn’t work in her niche.

And then after being on board with us for three weeks, a couple of things happened. One, we doubled her rate and and then had her begin pre sell in her group coaching program. So we helped her design her group coaching program. And then we helped establish the price point of it, which was twice as much as her one v one services. So she was undercharging. So she was charging about two grand for her one v one coaching for three months.

And we said, hey, your first iteration of your group coaching program is going to be five grand and boom, she started selling people into it left and right.

And here’s the thing.

She’s not capped. All right? So she’s not capped on her time. So she’s already sold, I think, five clients in the first three weeks for twenty five grand in profit into her group coaching program that doesn’t launch for another thirty days. So these people know. You know, they know it’s not kicking off a month later. Or a month and a half later, they know, but they wanted to get a spot. She’s like, I’m only going to have a certain number of people in this group coaching program for this first round.

It’s 5K and everybody is signing up left and right. And so real quickly, and then her fears of I don’t know how to facilitate a group coaching program. I don’t know if this will work for me purchased by her seeing her results in our mastermind in our group coaching program and seeing how we facilitate and run these calls.

She’s like, I’m blown away by the level of support. She thought she was like, I thought for sure I was going to join and never hear from any of the coaches who thought for sure I was going to join. And I would just be another no or, the coaches wouldn’t know my name. And she’s like, I’m getting all the support I need. I’ve closed five clients for twenty five grand in three weeks and I know exactly what to do.

I know a group coaching program is laid out. I know how to deliver and facilitate group calls. I see how much value there is a group calls because I’ve learned so much from the other members and these partnerships and everything else are incredibly valuable. And now she’s able to realize and understand how incredibly powerful her group coaching program will be to her clients as well. You know, as long as she facilitates the calls in that manner where everybody feels seen and heard and there’s different structures every single week to maximize the amount of potential in the amount of value and instruction and direction that the clients get.

And so, yeah, so I just thought, that’s the coolest thing.

She’s she’s absolutely crushing it. I can’t wait to see where she’s at. We have six months of working with her, so these are her results after three weeks. Can’t wait to see where she is at. At six months it’s going to be multiple, six figures, I’m sure of it. And so it’s just really, really incredible, exciting stuff.

And this will forever change her coaching business. Right? Because if she didn’t step out of her comfort zone. Right, what she did, she was she was concerned that one v one coaching was the only way to help her clients. She does healing work. So she’s like, I have to do one v one because of the healing, I’m helping people heal their dramatic experiences from their childhood. And now she realizes she can facilitate that in this group setting.

It’s incredible her ROl, because not only did she get an instant ROl in three weeks from joining our program, I mean, like multiples.

But on top of that, for the rest of her career, she’s only about 30 years old. For the rest of her career, that’s probably another 30 years. Ten decades, she now knows, has a scalable business model that is a scalable but is also impactful to her clients that will get her clients results. And had she waited an extra two years or five years and convinced herself, I can only do one V one.

She’d be that stuck. She’d be that burnt out. And she probably would lose her passion and love for helping others. And that’s what happens if you’re if you’re not enjoying helping your clients at any point in time, it’s because you’re burnt out. You don’t realize it. All right.

You got to fill your glass up first so that it’s overflowing so that you’re excited to help your clients. And that gets them the best results. But you have to take care of yourself first. And one of the managers, you can’t overwork yourself or otherwise you will start resenting your clients. And I’ve heard that from from others in the industry. They say, I used to love coaching and I don’t anymore. How much are you working there? Like, all the time.

I’m like, well, that’s why. So you’ve got to take care of yourself and you’ve got to have the right business model and group coaching hybrid model. I absolutely love. What I also have told clients to write is that they don’t have to use our model like you can make your mastermind your group coaching program. You can design it in any way, shape or form.

And one of the things that we do inside of our program, right, is, you know, on a week to week basis, it’s our group coaching programs like do we know which we are going to be workshops which weeks we’re going to do pods or which weeks we’re going to do hot seats and stuff like that? Nope. What we do is we we deliver our workshops this week.

The coaches get together. We all give each other feedback.

Hey, what was the client’s feedback? Are there any, questions that seem to be reoccurring or that are popping up right now?

And then we go, OK, this is going to be the structure for the following week. So we keep it very fluid so that I think this contributes a lot to our members success, because if if all of a sudden we’re getting feedback from all of our different coaches, because when you come into our program, again, there’s multiple group coaching calls per week. You attend whichever ones you want based on where you need support. They’ll have a different theme.

And our coaches get together and we go, OK, here, you know, it seems like the clients really need support in this area, right now because of the seasonality or because of what’s going on. And so we literally keep our program fluid. The next week we plan what style of coaching call we’re going to deliver. So we say, OK, you know, the coaches might get together and I might be like, hey, this new platform clubhouse just came out.

We need to do a training on this right away. And so then we’re going to get together and huddle on that. And that that might be a theme for next week. And then we’re going to have all of our clients. We might do it. We’re. Workshop where we teach them it, and then we might put them into pods and say, hey, you know, trade information with people and line up to interview each other inside of a clubhouse group.

But we literally give people an unfair advantage by, you know, by planning as we go.

It’s not set in stone. So we keep it fluid to get our members the best results because the industry is always upgrading and changing. And so there’s that’s how we do it. Right. And we explain that to this one client who is worried about the group coaching program. And she’s just head over heels in love with it now and sees the value of it. And so you get to design your own group coaching program the way it’s going to fit for you with the number of calls and the time of the calls and the structure in which you deliver it.

I like keeping a group coaching called Fluid, where they can change on a weekly basis based on member feedback and what the coaches are seeing as well. And it’s working incredibly well and it’s giving us a scalable business model, but also an impactful business model because we haven’t seen testimonials and it’s awesome.

So I hope that’s helpful for you guys. If you guys are stuck doing one v one coaching or if you’re stuck selling courses, a course where you’re not actually there present to coach and you’re wondering why your business are not growing and you want to upgrade your business and so forth. And so a high ticket mastermind, they go check out some more of your free content are definitely be sure to subscribe to this podcasts.

You continue to learn how we do that. And if you want, of course, you can always reach out. And we have a no pressure sales call where you can learn more about our program if you so choose.

So there is my self plug. But anyways, guys, I hope this episode was super helpful for you. And I hope you look into designing your own mastermind because it is so impactful for your clients when designed and implemented correctly and allows you to have a really incredible scalable business model that you absolutely love. And so that’s it for this episode.

Guys, as always, love what you do, love the journey. And we will see you guys in the next episode.

Hey, Dino Gomez here. And if you enjoyed this so be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode.

Guys, we will see you in the next one, Bye bye.

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