7 Figure Visionary Mastermind

Discover how to grow your coaching business in a "one of a kind" mastermind experience.

7 Figure Visionary

The step by step mentorship to start & grow your online coaching business.

Facts About The Program

What is 7 Figure Visionary?

7 Figure Visionary is our private coaching mastermind reserved for coaches that want to start & grow their business fast. Inside this mastermind we focus on developing a profit ladder inside your coaching business where you can ascend customers through various programs. We help assist online coaches with all aspects of their business including sales, program design, high ticket offers, live & virtual event structure, paid and organic marketing efforts, and tech support.  

Who is for for?

7 Figure Visionary is for new and experienced online coaches who have a proven track record of personal results or otherwise getting their clients excellent results. With a decade of online experience we are able to massively amplify the growth of our clients by injecting their business with tech support, team support, systems, operations, strategy, and peak performance.  

How is 7 Figure Visionary Unique?

Our mastermind is 100% different than other online “programs”. With an emphasis on both personal 1v1 support and group support we incorporate a “done with you model” to help coaches in areas that are outside their zone of genius. For example, “Does most your business come from organic marketing?” Imagine if our tech team helped build your funnel, designed your ads, and launched a profitable ad campaign to multiply your message. “Are you still a solo entreprenuer?” We’ll help you hire rockstar sales reps & a marketing manager so you can begin to work on your business not in your business. 

How does it work?

If you think you’re a good fit and this mastermind is for you, then go ahead and watch our free training to learn more about what we call “profit levers” that exist inside every coaching business. If after this training you understand our methodology then you can apply for a free coaching scaling call. 

Will it work for me?

We don’t help coaches who we don’t believe will get a massive ROI from our program. It is a bad look for both of us otherwise. If you’re an action taker and like to have fun, then this mastermind is filled with your best friends to be.  

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