3 Hard Truths

Written By Dino Gomez

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 Dino Gomez here and you are listening to these secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. Today’s episode we’re going to talk about and I am going to ask you three difficult questions. Recall in this episode, three hard truths. All right, guys, let’s dove right into this.

OK, three hard truths and another. Otherwise, three questions for you to ask yourself. All right, let’s get into this number one. All right. You want to launch and or scale your online coaching or consulting business to six figures, multiple, six figures, maybe seven figures, maybe eight figures. OK, let me ask you this. If you’re just getting started or even if if you’re stuck, maybe you’re already at twenty or thirty thousand dollars a month and you want to continue to grow.

Let me ask you this. Are you more likely to grow or continue to grow your online business if you join a premium mastermind and are surrounded by those folks that are playing at a much higher level? Or are you more likely to grow if you purchase and or join a thousand dollar course? All right. So in other words, your life is on the line. All right. You have to make a decision here and you have to make sure your business is successful.

You have two choices. You can either join a premium mastermind, all right. And be surrounded with those folks that are playing at a higher level. All right. Have them in your network or you can join a low ticket, thousand dollar course if you had to choose one in your life, was on the line, meaning that you had to make sure your business was successful, which one would you choose? All right. It’s funny. Ask this question like five years ago, and I got a different answer than when I asked this question to my audience.

Now my audience, now they go. That is a no brainer. They say, I take it, Masterman, I want to be surrounded by others that are doing amazing things because that rubs off on you. The connections are incredible. The coaching is at a different level, all of the different things. And so they go it’s it’s absolutely worth the investment to pay more to instantly be in that and that network in that arena. And so I get that this is a cold, hard truth because some of you guys, right, when you think about this one, you might not be at a mature enough level yet inside of your business or with your mindset.

I know I definitely didn’t start here where you would actually say a mastermind. You would probably initially think, well, of course, it’s cheaper and I’m still going to learn something. And you would justify it like that. I know I used to do that. So that’s a question. No. One, that’s a hard truth right there. Question number two, do you have what it takes? All right. Do you have what it takes?

Because there are going to be times, moments, days, weekends and where you are going to have to sacrifice like you’re going to there’s going to be seasoned to your business. There’s always seasons to a business. OK, so, for example, in the way of structured my business right. Is that my wife and I besides before covid and everything like that, although we did get in a couple of weeks of travel, still, we always take at least an entire month vacation every single year.

That’s that’s how we’ve designed our business. So normally that’s closer towards the end of the year and we will take off to Southeast Asia or to Europe or to all of the above, and we’ll be gone for four weeks. And so normally at the end of the year is a slower season for me in terms of I don’t work as much. It’s more fun for our family is more friends, it’s more travel, all of those things. My business that’s the cool thing about your business is you can design it to be any way you want.

And so that’s oftentimes when we’ll do our bigger travel. And then in between that, we sneak in a lot of four and five day weekends where we might do a road trip. I just do something local. I go down to Mexico for five or six days because it’s close to us and Southern California. We might do something like that, but there’s seasons right there. So in between those travels, in those seasons where it’s kind of I call it like a recharge season and a creative season because I come up with a lot of cool ideas and I actually solve a lot of problems inside my business when I have time down and time away from the business, extended period of time to actually think.

It’s amazing how quickly I solve problems that are inside my business. I’m trying to figure out how we go to the next level or something like that. It comes to me when I have enough time to think about it. But the thing is, if you’re always working day in, day out of your business, you don’t normally set back enough to see the problems. All right. And so there’s seasons to business into life. And it’s kind of like the seasonality you actually see in weather and so forth.

And so, you know, there’s also seasons where I grind harder, where I’m like, nope, this is the time to grind it. Just the way that I get in the way. I’ve decided to structure my business and stuff. But there’s going to there’s times when it’s my grind season and Buddy’s reach out to me and say, hey, you know, what are you doing this weekend? That’s all. Barbecue. Let’s do this.

I’m like, I can’t it’s growing season. And so, you know, some may call that a sacrifice, some may not. I think it’s quite a luxury. But, you know, there was also periods, startup periods when I was getting going with my business where, you know, I would work, you know, six, seven days a week, consistently for months. And it’s because it was needed at that point in time and that season of my business.

And so there’s absolutely seasons to it. And so there’s going to be challenges. You are going to hit roadblocks. You are going to struggle with different mindset issues. You are going to doubt that’s just supernatural. That’s just how the human brain is designed. We have a mammal brain. It’s here to protect us. It likes us to stay in our comfort zone and it doesn’t like us to do things that we haven’t done before. It literally takes more computing power for our brain to do something we haven’t done before.

And so it tells us it’s scary and things harder and that causes more stress. More fatigue means you need to sleep more, all of the things. So do you have what it takes because there will be periods like that where you are tested. All right. And so that’s a question you need to look yourself in the mirror and go, do I have what it takes? All right. And that’s a hard truth, because a lot of you guys do have what it takes.

A lot of you guys don’t. And it just depends. And it’s all about your willpower to power through. Right. Also, do you have what it takes in terms of consistency? All right. So you do not need to come roaring out of the gates and immediately grow to five million dollars like some of you guys immediately want to, you know, achieve that level of success very, very quickly. If maybe you don’t have the ability to do that.

Right. Maybe you’re a parent and you have kids and you have other things going on. You’re taking care of, you know, your parents as well. Maybe they’re living with you. Maybe you’re still working your nine to five job and you’re launching this on the side. And so naturally, because of your situation, you don’t have as many resources, as much time as somebody who’s doing well in the coaching business full time. And so in that case, do you have what it takes to potentially go a little bit slower and still stay in the game with your mindset, not give up and not be frustrated that your competition is going faster?

You guys have different circumstances now. At some point your business will have grown enough for you. Then you can quit your nine to five job because you’ve replaced your income there or otherwise go all in on your coaching business. Right? You have a little bit saved up. You’re like, OK, you know, we have expenses covered for two months now. I’m jumping ship one hundred percent into my coaching business and now I’m putting all the chips in the line.

I’m going after it. Right. Like, do you have it? What it takes to make those difficult decisions, those calculated risks? That’s the second question that I have for you. All right. And then the third question is why? Why do you want what you want and you have to go deep here? All right. This is why entrepreneurs burn out. This is why oftentimes you will see folks online grow their business, be all of a sudden a big name that came out of nowhere and then within three or four years they’re gone.

Is do you have a strong enough way, like in terms of like continuingly continuing to want to stay in the game? All right. You can decide I don’t want to grow anymore, which is, you know, totally awesome to like. There’s no reason that you need to make a billion dollars. Right. You might be like, hey, after one hundred thousand, like, this is a lifestyle I want. And we actually have several clients who have grown their business to ten thousand dollars.

And they’ve reached out to me and they’ve just been like, I am so grateful. And one of our clients that comes to mind, Jim, he is consistently traveling with his wife and his kids all over the place. And you know what? He is right around the ten thousand ten between ten and fifteen thousand dollars a month. This is what he normally does. And he’s like, I am not trying to hire a team. I am not trying to take this to seven figures.

I’m just this is I love traveling consistently. I love spending time with family. And this is all the money we need to have the lifestyle that we want. And so he knows exactly what he wants. He knows what why he is working for that. And he loves being able to travel work remotely. And they travel for months at a time as well. So understanding why. Right? Just the whole I want ten thousand dollars a month for the ego thing or I want a million dollars a year for whatever reason.

It is like you got to have a strong reason why. Otherwise maybe it’s just to see if I could do it. Like that’s a cool reason why. But if it if it doesn’t run much deeper than that, then it’s going to be a short term run. So those are hard truths, right. Like would you be more successful than a mastermind or a low ticket program because you need to make a smart decision there. A mastermind changed my entire life.

Do you have what it takes? All right. And why do you want it? You really need to figure out the why piece if you want to have this be a long term thing, because what will happen right at first you’ll be really excited with your first ten thousand dollars a month. Then you’ll be excited with your first thirty thousand dollars a month. And then sixty thousand and an eighty thousand and then one hundred thousand. And it’s going to go on and on and on and on.

Two hundred thousand five hundred thousand a million. It’s going to it never stops. And so you need to really understand why. Like why do you want like why do you want to keep growing. What’s the main thing is that you want to serve clients is that you’re taking care of family. Is it nonprofits? It’s the charities. Is it to see if you can do it, like make sure you understand your why. Because your wife will keep you in the game.

And the turnover in this industry is it’s going to be brutally honest here because I like to be a straight shooter. Most people come into the industry and even if they’re successful, like really successful within a matter of years, they’re on to something else. So can you do you have a strong enough way to continue to remain in the game and and stick around for the long term? All right. So those are your three cold, hard truth questions to ask yourself.

I hope this lesson and these questions are thought provoking and lets you dig a little bit deeper into why you want this and whether you have what it what it takes to get it done and what type of decisions you need to make. Should you join a mastermind? Should you go low tech it? How should you get started? How do you choose your mentors, all of those types of things? All right. So as if for this episode, guys, we will see you in the mess here.

And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the secretsofcoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos and kids to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right.

So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one, bye bye.


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