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We have programs for coaches at various levels & only work with those clients who we know we can help and whom we'd enjoy working with. 

*We now offer funding where you can join our mastermind for under $297/month.

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Branding COach 

Background: When Nicole came to us she was doing 7k/month with her coaching business selling low ticket courses at $300. 

Problem: Mindset, Strategy, and How To Package, Market, & Sell High Ticket. 

Results: In just 3 months Nicole grew from $7k/mo to $60k/mo using our mini-workshop method and is now selling 5k and 10k coaching packages. Update now Nicole is at $100k/month after month 8 without using paid ads!

SEO Agency

Background: Ed came to us already very successful with a business generating 52k per month. However he knew that if he could position himself to be more of an authority that there was a ton more space for growth. 

Problem: Authority positioning, designing & marketing an online program.  

Results: In Ed's 4th month he added $61,000/month of new business taking him from $52k/month to $113k/month or 1.3 million per year!  

Online Dating COACH 

Background: Ken came to us out of time, offering 1v1 coaching services, & unsure how to scale his business. He spoke with several of our competitors & choose to work with us. 

Problem: How To Package, Market, & Sell High Ticket group coaching. Where to build his audience & what to charge. 

Results: In his first 7 weeks Ken has landed 8 high ticket clients ($3,500 - $5,000) each.... has built his audience to 1100 without paid ads... and has the business design to scale much faster.


Background: Karysn came to us with no audience, no program, no Facebook group, and with a desire to launch her nutrition coaching business.

Problem: Program design, pricing, sales, & mindset. Like many aspiring coaches she wondered if she could really make a career out of online coaching.  

Results: In Karyn's first 4 weeks she landed her first 11 coaching clients and launched her group coaching program successfully. She was pleasantly shocked to find out how supportive the coaches & community inside a true mastermind are.

Wealth creation COACH 

Background: Sherese joined 7 Figure Visionary with a course that was already selling! However, she had no idea how to increase her volume of sales & was unsure how to package & offer a high ticket program. 

Problem: How to raise her prices, increase her sales volume, & launch a high ticket program.  

Results: In her first 30 days Sherese doubled her income and had a $12,000 month! She was able to successfully raise her prices & land new clients without a proper launch!

Linkedin Lead Gen COACH 

Background: Ilyse came to us with a thriving 10k/month business! She was facing roller coaster revenue months, was working too hard, & was feeling overwhelmed.  

Problem: How to grow her business to 20k months with less stress & in alignment with an offer & program she loved! 

Results: Ilyse discovered she could actually profit more while working with less clients! Now she is enjoying total flow in her business & loving the work she does!

Onsite SEo Coaches

Background: Moon & Marie came to us with an SEO course that was selling well but they were stuck at $30,000/month with no idea how to scale. 

Problem: How to scale from $30,000/month to $100,000 month without working more hours.  

Results: In their first 30 days we helped Moon & Marie successfully grow from $30,000/month to their first $100,000 month without paid ads!! We helped them build an ascension ladder to up-sell their clients & showed them how to package, market, and land premium clients. 

Women's Business Coach

Background: Starr came to us making $6k/month selling low ticket courses. She wanted to learn to sell high ticket over the phone but had a ton of questions.   

Problem: How to monetize her audience completely & serve more clients. How to package, offer, market, & close premium clients! 

Results: Over the course of several months Starr grew from $6k/month to $30,000/month by implementing our high ticket program solution. She learned phone sales, messaging, & offer creation. 

Local marketing COach 

Background: Richard came to us with an awesome low ticket program that just wan't selling as a new coach.

Problem: Didn't know how to build an audience, sell from a webinar, and market his course. 

Results: In the first 30 days Richard brought in just over $11,000 in sales with his first mini-workshop. Now he is racking up testimonials and the authority to break 20k/month next.

Women's Marriage COach 

Background: Michelle came to us confused, overwhelmed, & overworked. She was unclear on her messaging, how she was unique from competitor coaches, and how she could grow her business while working less.

Problem: Didn't know what her core high ticket offer should be & how to attract premium clients.

Results: In the first 30 days Michelle made $11,500. In her most recent month she collected $34,500 & is now selling $5,000 packages.

Marketing Agency 

Background: Justin came to us as the owner of a marketing agency with an interest in online coaching. 

Problem: He didn't know his niche & was lacking direction & clarity around how to grow his business.

Results: In the first 6 months together Justin added $142,000. Two months later he added another $164,000. After 8 months he has added $306,000 to his business. 

Law of attraction  

Background: Over the last 14 months Jessie tried 4 different coaching programs but struggled to land a single client. 

Problem: She felt she had to convey a "persona" that wasn't in congruence with her true personality... so the industry would accept her.  

Results: We helped Jessie re-position her brand, create a more attractive offer, & deploy a client-getting workshop. In the span of 7 days (after her mini-workshop) she netted $24,500!

Sales COach 

Background: Camila came to us with an impressive background in sales. But she had struggled with 4 other coaches before us to ever break 10k/month for over 16 months. She almost quit and returned to her day job. 

Problem: Business design structure, client getting solutions, and stuck selling 1v1 consulting packages.  

Results: In her first month with us Camila broke her desired 10k/month by following our mini-workshop method. In 3 months she broke 20k/month. Now in month 4 she is on track for $30k/month!  

Religious COach 

Background: Cory came to us doing 12k/month with 3 various programs. 

Problem: Didn't know how to scale, was working overtime as a solo entreprenuer and stuck on the launch cycle!

Results: In 3 months working together Cory grew to $40,000/month, hired 2 team members, bought a house, and now has the systems and strategy to scale to $60k/month next.

Photographer COach 

Background: James & Jon came to us with a successful photography business. They wanted to launch a coaching business but were stuck on how to build an audience, differentiate themselves, create an offer, & sell a group coaching program.

Problem: Didn't know how to transition into the coaching industry from 1v1 consulting. 

Results: James & Jon created an evergreen coaching program, built an audience, and launched a successful mini-workshop bringing in $15,000 in profit to their coaching business. 

Womens cOACH

Background: Paula swore she would never hire a "male" coach for years. She came to us a coach to female entrepreneurs. 

Problem: She already had a business doing $10k/month but wasn't sure how to grow into $30k months or if she could raise her prices.  

Results: We helped Paula design, market, & sell a new high ticket program. She went from selling a $3,500 program to selling an $18,000 program. In her first 14 days she made $36,000 in sales! 

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*We now offer funding where you can join our mastermind for under $297/month.

 COach To Veterans
Healing Coach

Are you ready to be next? 

*We now offer funding where you can join our mastermind for under $297/month.

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*We now offer funding where you can join our mastermind for under $297/month.

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