Lack of Money Is Not an Excuse To Become a Successful Online Coach [Hard Facts]

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, guys, we’re going to talk about how a lack of money is not a in an excuse to not be successful.

Let’s dive into this one now.

This is a story all about how am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, having a lack of money is not an excuse to not be successful or at least to not have to give it a go. All right. To take a shot at your dreams.

And and here’s what I mean by that, is that recently I heard somebody chatting about why they weren’t having the level of success that they wanted and desired, and they attributed their lack of success to the fact that they didn’t have money to work with.

So in other words, you know, they were saying things like, you know, what if I also had a big team of ten people and had a really fancy office and it had a cool, recording studio and had a really expensive camera, I can make really killer Facebook ads. I can make really high production quality YouTube videos. I can make awesome sounding podcasts. If I had all the team members and all the money for all of those material things and all this stuff, then, I would also be successful that that was their frame and point of view.

And here’s why that is faulty, in my opinion, is because you can take somebody who is just starting out, doesn’t have any any type of marketing, online sales experience, doesn’t know how to run a team, build a team, inspire and manage a team that doesn’t have any leadership qualities that that doesn’t have, you know, copywriting skills, that doesn’t know all the things that somebody just brand new and you can give them ten million dollars. Give somebody a brand new coach ten million dollars and you say to them, here you go. You have all the money and resources. You have to spend this money on your coaching business. You’re at the same level now as an eight figure online coach. Let’s see how you do. And then put them up against an eight figure online coach who started from no money or started with fifty thousand dollars in credit card debt, hiring mentors to help them get things rocking and rolling.

You put them up against that eight figure entrepreneur and both both have the same resources. Now, what’s what’s going to happen in one year?

Where each of them going to be. Right. I think you know where this is going. If you’re the entrepreneur with no experience, the starting entrepreneur we give you ten million dollars, it’s 100 percent yours. But you have to spend it on growing your coaching business and you pin them against somebody that’s been had to grind their way to eight figures from zero. And has had to develop sales skills, copywriting skills, skills of talking well and speaking well and presenting well on camera skills of leading a team, hiring, managing, inspiring a team, knowing how to compensate a team, knowing finances, knowing how to track numbers, knowing how to deal with client issues, knowing how to motivate clients, knowing how to design programs like knowing how to build funnels, knowing how what, what to say and what can’t say inside of Facebook ads and online advertising.

Knowing how to manage a Facebook group like you, pin that new entrepreneur with all the money against the one who had to grind their way up to eight figures. And what’s going to happen? I mean, the new entrepreneur, even though they have all the money like they said they needed, they’re going to get smashed. I mean, smashed. All right. And so I just thought that was such an interesting moment and thought that, you know, and I was trying to reflect back because it’s been ten years since I got started online.

I was trying to start reflect back and I was like at any moment in time when I was twenty three years old and just starting, did I think that if I had money that then it would be easy?

I was trying to remember I, I very well could have had that thought process. I don’t know. I don’t blame this individual for thinking like that. But at the same time I just want to make it very clear and evident and evident to everybody out there right like that. Money doesn’t save you. You got to have the skill sets. Right. And then money becomes an asset when you have the skill sets and you know what to do with it.

And that’s exactly why anybody who hits the lotto is normally has spent or lost it all within a matter of a year. And that’s like a statistic you can look up. But literally, people who hit the lotto, that’s over a million dollars. They normally have spent or lost all that money within a year. And they don’t have any assets or it’s not it’s not working for them. It’s because they don’t know how to manage money. That’s a completely different skill set.

So this goes pretty deep when you think about that. But the takeaway, right, is to ask yourself beyond maybe you’re not giving yourself the excuse of I have a lack of resources, I have a lack of money, I have a lack of team, and therefore I can’t be as good or I can’t compete with someone.

So if you’re giving yourself that and that excuse or any excuse really self reflect on if the excuse is valid. And to be honest, there really is there’s no excuses either do it. Either make it happen or you don’t. But trust me, it’s good to struggle and to have to grow and to make mistakes. To learn from those mistakes so that you don’t make those mistakes again, so that you can share those mistakes with your clients to protect them from making those mistakes so that you feel the pain of making a mistake and and you make sure it never happens again.

All of the learning lessons, guys the entire journey is an absolute blast.

So just enjoy the ride, enjoy the fact that you’re not you’re working your way towards the top. Right. And really enjoy the journey because technically you’ll never be at the top. You’re always going to be striving for more. And as soon as you hit a certain level, you know, as human beings, innately, as entrepreneurs who are individuals who like personal development and growth, you’re going to continue to want to grow. And so you will never be at the top.

And when you’re at the top or if you ever think you’re at the top, it’s by the day that you’ve lost your passion and love for the business, at which point you’re probably looking at retiring. And that’s kind of be it for you. But so enjoy the process, guys, and just look at yourself, reflect if you’re feeling triggered by anybody in the industry. And just if you’re saying to yourself, if only I had XYZ, if only I had their personality, if only I had their charisma, if only I had, you know, whatever it is.

It’s just an excuse. And even if we gave you all the money in the world, you still need to develop the skills, because even with all the money in the world, you would get crushed by them because you wouldn’t know what to do with it. And so I hope that’s helpful for you guys. I hope that gives you a moment to self reflect so that you can learn and grow and so that you don’t make excuses and so that you take massive action and just get it done.

All right. So that’s it for this episode, guys. As always, enjoy the journey, have an absolute blast with your online business and we will chat with you very soon.

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Guys, we will see you in the next one, Bye bye.

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