$15,000/month as Online Photography Coaches [ 7 Figure Visionary ]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, what’s going on here? And I am sitting down with a couple of incredible clients, James and Jon, who are both photography coaches inside of our mastermind’s seven-figure visionary. We’re going to be sitting down and talking with them today about how they grew their photography coaching business to fifeteen thousand dollars a month and what is working for them to attract clients and do all types of amazing things inside their business, serve their clients, get results, doing all this with the pandemic and things going on.

So I’m super excited to chat with these guys, we are going to dive into all the details of their business, what’s working for them, what did work for them? A lot of cool things. This could be a jam packed Facebook live. If you guys are joining us here today live, let us know in the comments. Give this Facebook Live some energy and celebrate these guys also, so that more of us can learn from what is working for them in their business.

Also, if you guys are joining us on the replay, let us know that in the comments as well so we can reach out to you and connect. But James and John, super excited to have you guys here. Fellas, thanks so much for joining me today.

So excited to be here.

Thanks to Dino, and I’m excited for you guys to be here. I know you guys are super busy. I know you guys are in the U.K. So it is later over there right now. So we appreciate you guys being here with to share what’s working for you guys with everybody to give everybody some inspiration and some and some knowledge and tangible, tangible tips and strategies and so forth to grow your online coaching or consulting business. Before we dove in really quickly, I have to let everybody know because I was pretty goofy this morning.

I did post previous posts on my Facebook is a post that may or may not look like my wife and I are having a kid. It is a joke. We received a lot of phone calls and messages, but if you look at it more carefully, we were just having some fun and are expecting to travel at the end of the month, not necessarily have a newborn, but want to share that again. Guys, today is about you both, so let’s dove right in.

Guys, can you give us a little bit of a background, James and Jon, about your business? what is it that you guys do? And we’ll kind of just start with that. John, So it kind of all wrapped around the middle of last year, wasn’t it, John, where we kind of obviously met in Dino’s group. I was going off on my own in coaching with photography, and he was doing it with marketing, I believe.

And you reached that. You kind of combine the two. And since then, obviously, we put the program together, merge it together on the Dino’s guidance on it step by step just take it off now. It’s really flying now. Yeah. We basically coach photographers to bring in more leads, get more bookings, kind of get the business side of things, and structured all photography elements in there, but more or less given the business to shake up that way.

I think in a lot more like the more structured because most artists are kind of scattered all over the place. Sometimes people have a lot of the right stuff in place and some don’t. And we just help them kind of realign it, make it streamline and drop clients in the top job from the bottom and get bookings, you know, get some crazy results. John, recently, some of our clients as well have got big results now.

And the results help, gets the sales testimonials, and about aligning your message. I love it, I love it, guys. Fifteen thousand dollars last month, we’re going to talk about that, you guys. We’ll talk about your price increase, how that tied into an amazing month for you both. Your client attraction strategies, your client results are absolutely insane. That’s something that we’re super, super big on as client results, being a driver of your actual marketing.

So we’ll talk about what you guys are doing to over-deliver for your clients. And I think every coaching consultant out here can gain a lot of value and insight from understanding what they can do to help their clients get the best results. And really. Right, that’s in everybody’s best interest. It’s obviously in your client’s best interest, but it becomes a big driver of your marketing as well. To have this track record of excellence, something that we believe in very, very firmly is clients first and then that also tying that back into marketing.

So we’re excited to dove into all of that. So for those of us just joining us. John and James, our photography coaches. So let’s start at the beginning, guys. How did you get into photography coaching, to begin with? And was that something that that came easy to you in terms of like you knew you always want to do it? Or did you have self-doubts? Kind of. Maybe you guys can walk us through that process there.

I’ll let you take this, but I won’t talk all the time. Yeah, well, I mean, basically it was on basically going through your course. I’ve followed Dino for a while, a long time. So it from like there is a program to Facebook ads, social success with that. But the reason why I got into the photography side because I was really interested 12 years ago and that was on my list. So when you first stop being coached by Dino, we break that have to sort of identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.

My personal traits and things. And that was on my one of my list is coaching I could do in the future. I’ve got a different sort of like a team in it. So basically that was one of all the lists I started with initially. But I found it quite hard to align that message so that I went to the second option. And that’s what sort of saw James post in the group about photography, sort of artificial filets and things like that.

So we sort of combine the two. And that’s where my interest came from, really. We just wanted something that could combine that. Facebook side of marketing, in general marketing with aligning with the right prospect. So you sort of sell what they want, obviously, and with the actual Facebook product mixes. Absolutely, yes. Yeah, you were kind of I remember we were working together, you were trying to figure out your next job, and then you guys got connected together, made an awesome team working together with complementary skill sets.

And I do want to talk about for everybody here who’s considering a partner partnering up with somebody to be a coach, that’ll be something awesome for us to dive into is what you guys have learned through working in a strategic partnership with your actual coaching program. So I think that will be fun to touch on. But OK, so here at the beginning, guys, before you joined seven-figure visionary, maybe you can walk us through what was the scene like?

What emotions were you guys have and what was your thought process? Why did you guys feel like you need some bigger visionary and that you weren’t just going to run out and do your coaching business by you’re by yourself? I want to let you do it because it’s simple. Yeah, yeah, like anything that I’ve done to do to work with you. Any progress I’ve done with you in the past is giving me money and it’s a skill set to move forward.

So for me, obviously, when obviously Jon mentioned it to me as well, it was a no-brainer. I was just like every time I do something with Dino and it ended in more money. So it was yeah, it is a no-brainer for me and all the free content as well. Like my results don’t lie. Well, the free content as well as brilliant. Like said, every time I follow anything you said is the money and they took it to a whole new level.

I was kind of like doing in-person coaching, but then it hit and that’s all I want to want stuff. But I wasn’t really scalable and it a lot more time-consuming than what we’re doing now. And then obviously took work online, worked with John and John, obviously just said Dino’s the boss as well. So I was just like, let’s go, let’s go with the flow. Work with Dino you know basically it’s helped to structure everything in that sense.

Get everything moving forwards. Yeah. The best way to get in it takes away the guess. You could spend 12 months guessing and trying things. Failing and then doing it again, and you might be so close to making it, well, then you change direction because you think it’s not working. I think the main process that we’ve learned just sticks with it, because if we together that sort of. Well, for. You know, you have seen the 15 payments so that’s the difference is getting the process started, not giving up.

You’ll keep pushing forward, follow guidance to the goal, which both of us say, well, maybe we should try to try them or Dino, said stay focused, stay focused. It’s going to work.

And I remember that conversation where you guys were like, should I try this? Should I do this? I see other people doing this and it’s like you bring it back in here, like laser focus, shiny object syndrome. I think it is. So it’s such a big thing for all of us. I’m guilty of having fallen into that trap. It’s so tough on mine because you see other people posting and doing all these things and you’re like, oh, I want to try that.

And you just don’t see the back story of what they were doing to have that work for them now. And so that’s funny that you guys bring that up, because I remember those conversations very, very clearly. OK, so you guys were like, OK, we want the road map, we want the blueprint. And we both worked together before in the past. And you guys have got great success. And I knew you would be an amazing fit for the program.

And so you guys come flying in, ready to take action, and so forth. James, you were kind of talking about how you were doing a little bit of one by one consulting prior, but you knew that couldn’t scale. And so then you guys, to put together your coaching program and what has been the main lead driver for you guys? One of the things that we cover instead, the mastermind. What’s been that? How are you guys getting people into your program?

Are you using Facebook ads, YouTube ads, organic? What has been the marketing channel that’s helped you guys build your actual coaching business here? Jon, I’ll leave you this. This is the group basically, the group nurturing the group, grow the group, all the sales came in organically, not paid advertising that was in the next stage. So we just work in all the sort of well, as you get more busy, find more things to do. So you’ve got a lot of different avenues to go down.

So now I’m concentrating more streamlininng in managing the groups. We can get more streamlined to cope with the actual increase in the number of people that obviously the group gets busy because you have to nurture the group. Well, we saw a natural progression, but yeah, the ads are coming next. So that’s where we’re putting fuel on the fire. Really going to be the next stage with all the sales and so forth. Been primarily from the group that would include nurturing the group.

So we’re still we can still spin. I mean, this is just the very bottom. And the minute it can grow even further, it’s just a case of putting together the minute so many different avenues in the job that we can go down still. And I’m actually going to this is as excited, by the way, John is as excited as we get were still hitting a record. This is like going crazy.

Yeah, this is John’s craziness.

I mean, I would agree. You guys are both very normally pretty laid back, casual. And so it’s awesome to see you guys. Is excitement for what’s to come because you guys know you’re at that stage where the next thing we’re working on, paid ads, gasoline on the fire, like Jon said, and we’ll scale this thing up. But for those of you that are listening, if you guys have any questions, if you’re listening in, whether it’s live or on the replay, feel free to drop those down in the comments section.

We’ll get to those as well. But yeah, you guys scaled up to fifteen thousand dollars a month just with your Facebook group Organic, making your program sales one hundred percent profit, which is incredible. And just running the group. And so let’s talk about inside your group. I think a lot of coaches and consultants have a Facebook group. It’s not necessarily producing clients for them. One of the main things that we worked on with you guys as well is putting together an actual workshop that you would run in your group that would act as a lead gen kind of in sales catalyst to help build that connection with your audience, give them valuable pieces of content, but then also help those that are ready and wanting to actually go to the next level, see the opportunity to work with you guys.

How did let’s talk about your workshop for a moment here, because some coaches have tried that workshop in their group or somewhere else hasn’t really panned out for them. What’s been your experience around that workshop like prior to the workshop? What were the feelings that you guys were having? Were you guys nervous, like concerned? What what was that process like that? From my perspective, I’ve seen you guys have just massive transformations personally as individuals, as leaders and stepping out of your comfort zone.

But what was that thought process like? How did that workshop turn out? And any learning lessons that we can share with those listening in from running an actual workshop in your group? John, I’ll let you speak on this one again. Well, basically, it was a for me personally terrifying because it’s my biggest fear, obviously, obviously a lot, but that was my biggest thing, holding me back as well as sort of I’m not good with sort of being trapped in society groups and that sort of things, which we just partnered up together.

So that was my weakness. James is good at the interaction side, an organic side to my strengths. But the actual group itself, when we did the live, for Three Days sort of workshop, well, when I first went live, they actually put us on live and cut myself off. So I was in the group the first time I ever like inside the group. So talked myself, even though I was online messaging me saying we could see you were not even there, they could see I was awful.

So you get over it and it’s inperfect action. And I think that’s the main thing. And everyone liked it, great feedback. See, but people would interact in and a lot of people would follow you to go. And we did make sales and made sales on the back end of the show. You don’t think anything’s coming and we give like a deadline. It’s like last minute. It’s like I always knew that I was coming minute a lot of the time, but I’ve seen it will just keep and keep the faith, keep the process because it’s a bit like at first you think it’s really hard if you don’t dial in the sales process side of it.

But that’s again, another step is that you just learn from it, move on. But yeah, yeah. I mean, we brought in 11 new members from the first launch we did with the actual free, free, workshop that we did for three days. Yes.

I think I think the important part was with it. A lot of it with there have been areas where I thought of the kind of like, for example, if you get to go off in enjoyment alone with that, there would have been points where we would rather stop to go off in a different direction and never got themselves.

We would have gone. Well, what? Well, is it working? Is it not working? Obviously, that’s where the coaching came in massively because you’ve kind of kept us on the right path and we’ve not veered off. We’ve not gone left, right and center. And I’ve been a few times on the road where we’ve gone. Are we going to go this way? And then it’s been like, no, you stay that go forward.

Yes, I think that’s been a massive part for us as well. You know, the guidance which has helped a lot. Yeah, we know it’s so interesting, too, is and because it trickles downright, guys, like I remember for me as well with various coaches that I’ve had, I’ve been wanting to dabble and do things like let me know in the comments, guys. If you guys again catching this live or the replay, let me know if you’ve ever had a shiny object syndrome or if you get that anxiety, that anxiousness.

I want to go try something else because you’ve seen other people do it online. Let us know if that’s you. I’ve definitely experienced that before, learned my lessons and so forth. And but yeah, I have a coach as well. Whenever I try and deviate or maybe get a little sidetracked, I’ve always appreciated their confidence as well as their direction and being very straightforward, really mean back. And there’s there’s some coaches that like to give their clients creative freedom.

And I think there’s a very fine line that needs to be there. There are opportunities where we like to give our clients creative freedom. What feels best for you in this situation? Go with your gut. But there are other times whereas a coach, you have to come in the firm and strong and say, no, stay still, do this because you have a different perspective. I’ve always appreciated coaches that have done that for me. They see things that I haven’t experienced before.

So they have that knowledge. And it’s interesting. It was a skill that I had to develop to be able to give to our clients. So for you guys as well, I know that that’s you guys are doing a phenomenal job with your clients, getting results. Do you guys want to talk for a second about how you’ve been able to help your photography clients when they want to deviate away from the plan, be able to step in confidently and say, nope, keep your ads running, keep this running?

Because you guys primarily work with using Facebook ads to generate leads. Do you guys have any stories like that? We’re where you had you guys have stepped in and told clients, hey, you need to play the numbers game here. You need to do this. Is there something that comes to mind there where basically you’ve been able to see, OK, this is where I need to step forward as a leader, as a coach and kind of lay my foot down, so to speak?

Yeah, I’d say obviously it’s a process and obviously when what you’ll find is most people don’t know where the holes are like I use orthodontic fishing as an example, like if you took a giant fish and other people then the fish has a hole in it somewhere. So obviously we would start identifying where the holes are in the system. Would it be the website Lead gen, organic, paid whatever it may be?

So we see and look for holes are coming from unless you had the leads come through, you’re never going to know what the problem is. So you could be figuring a lot, looking at many different things and being like, well, what’s the issue? You know, you’re wasting your time and effort looking around and then you can then obviously want to at least you can say can. That’s a problem that’s not bringing in leads. If it’s bringing the leads or it’s not convert’s on the phone or on your website, you’ll know where the problem is exactly.

And you can say, okay, well, that’s why they’re issue is and doing this. And you can focus on it with him, and you can go with them.

That’s why we got so quick concern, which I think most people have, is they give a good example when they get to a certain stage, that’s their work. And that’s, again, going back to the experience. And then you have to step in. You say it will work. You just got to tweak this part. They built things out inside the program of website, landing pages, that sort of thing. And it’s only when you actually get them on the call, the coaching call, say, look, can you see that this is for this reason?

It’s not looking right or you’ve missed this one element and it’s just it should go disconnect and that’s the difference. But once they identify it and it makes sense to them and they go on call next week and then they’ve got the leads in a different stage, you get rewarded. I mean, it’s a great, great feeling when you get people from struggling to once they get the first sales and they move up, that was they got one guy he’s on about buying a house now because he made 85k in sales.

So it was like a sort of great feeling, amazing life changing for people. So that’s really good. So that’s the thing to keep on track because it is daunting. So you need that encouragement to push in the right direction and nothing else, it’s massive. If you want to get the results, get the testimonies. You’ve got to work very closely with the clientse and James as well.

Get on the calls with people. And it’s not what we advertise, but it’s just to help them and over deliver a little bit because obviously they’re going to come back and recommend you the groups. And that’s what we found. We’re getting recommended in all the groups of people here and all the groups, which is probably the next knock on effect. It’s worth the extra. The environment is huge as well, isn’t it, the environment that you put them in.

Same with your 7 Figure visionary, you know, when you’re trying to solve for the people that are all like minded, all they want to succeed. I want to help. I like the toxicity and all the crap. And you focus just on what you there for the people that want to spare you all and help you move on. That’s why people thrive. And I found that obviously appealing scientific and people find that in our group as well, properly celebrate the wins or whatever the winner is like.

We’ve got a guy who joined us when he first joined. Obviously, we always do a bit of research before to see whether we couldn’t even find the guy wasn’t even visible. So it’s like, dude, how are you going to find you if we can’t find you? And we were searching like the FBI, if we could even find them. So obviously now he’s just turned. Last week he got his first lead and he had lost them before.

He had basically a blank canvas of business. And they just generate say for him, like how far he’s come. It’s been a massive, massive increase. But then you’ve got the other side of the scale where people are getting like 85k, and 16k, 20k and a couple of months or weeks. You know, everybody, everybody obviously celebrates that success within the same seven figure. I think that’s what helps a lot to thrive in that environment.

Yeah, we’ll support each other in seven-figure as well. So yeah. I mean that’s huge. You’re good seeing all the people you surround with get results, that pushes you to get more results, you know, plus that’s what’s up in our group every now and again get beat down and then we have a big win. And then also they’re like popping questions in the group again. And you’ve followed up with people again and pushing people forward again.

It motivates each other. So it’s good.

Is that a mastermind environment? It’s why, like, I’m at such a firm believer that Mastermind beat courses every single time is for what you guys just explained there, your experience and seven figure visionary getting motivated, getting help and inspiration, connecting with other members. Also what you guys have developed and created in your program where it’s not just a do-it-yourself course, where people have to watch a bunch of recorded videos and so forth, like you guys have a live coaching call.

You guys created this environment, this experience where people feel safe, they feel heard, they feel supported, they’re motivated, they’re connecting with each other. That is so cool. It’s invaluable. I think everybody is looking for that more than ever. And your client results are incredible, which let’s talk about that for a second because I think a huge misconception in the coaching industry is that one v one coaching is better because you’re working directly with the coach.

I’ve hired folks in the past to provide me some consulting or mentorship on a one v one basis. And then I’ve joined several mastermind’s. I always get more value from the masterminds, from not only the coaching but the things I learned from the other members. And then the inspiration and community from the other members have done way more for my business. Then I want to be one coach in that regard. So what have you guys seen on your side?

Because your testimonials, your client testimonials are massive and support for those coaches or consultants that are looking and maybe they’re considering hiring a coach one by one because they think that’s going be better for them. Or maybe they’re actually considered maybe their coach who’s providing one by one service. What has been your experience with transitioning to a mastermind model where you have this group coaching program in terms of the community and client results? Can you guys touch on that one for a little bit?

Yes, I will say yes, probably a great example, like I think 90 percent of people went through a program called everyday maybe for a workshop or whatever on that sense, especially in out program, like I say, 90 percent of them got the results it would have got if we didn’t have the kind of the mastermind environment they were just cost because they might have questions that you come back to. But obviously, if that how it wasn’t that you’d still be stuck on that bench, you’d be like, well, then what do I do?

Do you know? And you can ask all our members like this say most of the value. Obviously, the modules are great. The value lies in the environment of obviously photographers and the group and the coaching calls. And that’s where the real value comes in. Well, yeah, that’s my answer for that one is it just thrives off the environment. And that’s I think for me that’s one of the biggest things. And for them it’s the biggest thing, you know, think really helps them.

It’s it’s contagious. It’s the example I like to always give, right. Is anybody’s ever been to a sports game before, obviously this is prior to covid. But you go to a sports game and you have ten thousand thirty thousand fans, like it’s electric, right. Like there’s not you can go to the sports game exhausted and all of a sudden you’re amped up. It’s a different electricity to it and it’s exciting and it’s fun and it’s motivating is inspiring.

And you learn things that are working from other members like everybody on this team. It’s just incredible. And so that was a limiting belief that I had as well, was like, how can I grow the group coaching program and stuff? And members love it. They consistently say it’s the ones who come to the coaching and the strategy, but the community is just huge as well.

So you can learn a lot from the others inside the group as well that, you know, these people inside now like a small membership, they’re actually putting their own culture and it’s helpful and sharing gigs. And also so they’re all just an environment that still thrives off of each other. So once you pull that in the beginning, they sort of self gets some self momentum a little bit as well. People start talking and that’s the other side of it because once someone’s the happy side of it, people say it’s like a little family people posting, you know, and so it’s like you get friends.

And so it’s rewarding. It’s not building.

It’s building from the center as well as in the masterminds like myself and just kind of set the tone of how we want we want it to be, obviously, that part of the free group as well, especially in the one that we got in there. You kind of set the seed in the middle and let it grow out. So like the first like for people that were in there, they fed off the energy and how we do things and then fall spread to the next day and then the next day, the next sixteen.

I feel it’s just infectious. And everybody goes into that mindset that they can succeed. You know, some people like some of the questions you get before they get, like, kind of happened to me. And then they get in like a month later and then they go it works.

And basically, you know, and I think a lot of. Do the members spread them on to get that as well? Not just I’ve seen myself from the jump, so. Yeah, it’s something interesting when you see other people going through the same training as you and you have these limiting beliefs, but you see them doing it and getting results, you’re like, OK, you yourself are at that point or like I can no longer say this doesn’t work or come up with some other excuse that our mammal brain would want to come up with naturally.

Like we’re always trying to protect ourselves. Like, oh, it’s that the coaching that it’s not working. It’s not that I’m not bad or horrible at this, but when you see other people doing it under the same structure in your mastermind program and posting great results and helping you out, all of a sudden you don’t have those excuses that you can fall back on. You’re like, I need to I need to get to work. I need to do what’s being taught because it’s working for others.

It’s really, really just powerful. It’s so awesome. A couple of things I want to talk about. Two guys. I wanna talk about your sales process. I want to talk about our actual quarterly mastermind retreats. I think you guys had some major breakthroughs there that we’re really excited. And then I want to talk about what’s changed for you guys in your business growing to fifteen thousand dollars a month. So let’s start with the sales process, guys.

You guys enrolled people via phone. You hop on the phone with them, you go through your sales process. How, how, what where would you guys rate on a scale of one to ten your confidence in your sales enrollment skills, selling a coaching program prior to joining them, bigger visionary. And then after you went through and we worked on the sales process with you guys and helped you out with our visual selling strategy, what was the difference afterward where you would rank yourself on a scale of one to 10 there?

I’d go from minus 10 to about 10 on that spectrum. I think it was just like previous that I think it’s just like a rabbit in headlights.

I would say, yeah. I mean, I think from both points of view, really, I mean, I’ve sort of its clients for. You know, SEO services service, that kind of thing, direct businesses obviously gone in for a different process of trying to do the same sort of methods a little bit. And it is slightly different. You have to sort of speak to your audience and they will you know, it’s not about sort of what you sell a service.

You’re selling what they want. And that was the main takeaway was with that. And then it was a lot easier because most people, you know, talking in their language and the sales staff a lot easier. And James is like it. And I just got to the stage now where we’re busy. So we’ve sort of delegated where it’s easy for James to nurture the people inside the group and get them straight to a call before with both on the calls.

And now we’re at the stage where because we got to the stage where we know how to sort of close. You know, we just delegated the James is doing that side of it and I’m starting all the sort of traffic side of it now. So he’s been, James can get people on calls easier.

Yeah, I think one of the quickest ones that we had joined the group one afternoon and then by the evening they were part of the program.


A group that came in, the free group joined and then they’re in there in the Mastermind by the evening. That’s how quickly it happens.

Sometimes that’s your marketing is dialed. Then you guys have all the right content flowing in your Facebook. Somebody can come in, they can see what’s happening in the group you built. You can build trust in under eight hours and then, boom, they’re enrolled in your program. That’s just awesome. Awesome. You guys have done so much work on your group, so I want to commend you guys for that and the content that you guys are putting out.

I know we’ve had so many discussions around what type of content should I post? And you guys will even send over a piece of the content and we’ll review it and look at it and tweak it and things like that. But you guys have worked so hard on that. So I hope you guys are celebrating. I know you guys are celebrating your fifteen thousand a month last month, but on top of that, right. To celebrate all the individual pieces and things that you guys have done along the way down in your sales process, stepping out of your comfort zone, getting on camera, actually dabbling in the content process, they’re learning the ins and outs of that, raising your prices like so many different things.

It’s just awesome, awesome to see. And so, yeah, sales. You’re feeling confident now? Ten out of ten on the sales process. I love that. It definitely seems that way. You guys have a super high closing percentage, which is amazing. And for anybody listening in, big takeaway, drop this in the comments that you remember it and you write things down, helps you remember it. But what John just shared there was was really big, right?

Sell people what they want, give them what they need. So on your sales calls, you guys aren’t unless the question comes up talking to them about how cool your Facebook and widgets are, it’s more, hey, here are the results that we’re getting. Our clients, they are doing 10, 20 K, 40 K, 86K buying houses with their photography business, using our lead generation and sales methodology. And so that’s so big. Then they come in, you give them what they need, which is, hey, they need to learn how to do lead gen and they ultimately get what they’re thereafter, which is growing their photography business.

So sell them what they want, give them what they need. Guys, throw that in the comments as a takeaway here as well. Now, let’s talk about real quick, guys. Also for those are considered a partnership. We’ll dive into this really fast. But let’s talk about our quarterly mastermind retreats. We do those every three months inside seven figure visionary. You guys, I’ve been awesome. You guys hopped on board those that weekend retreat just a little while ago.

It is a three day retreat. You guys are in the UK and you still showed up. It was like, what, 12 or midnight or one a.m. You guys still add to those calls. What was your experience over that three day mastermind retreat share with you guys are comfortable with? I know we’ve had we had some amazing conversations about the breakthroughs that happened over that retreat. Share only what you’re comfortable with there, because I know some of that is personal, but what were your thoughts on that retreat experience and what that did for you guys there?

For me personally, God it was way cool. Just everything about it was, I think the more mind set for myself and the work life, family life balance, because there’s entrepreneurs you tend to get sucked into or you see next step. Next step. Next step. Well, I did anyway. And it took Danielle, an amazing coach in there doing the mindset side of it on that call that really made it just it was like it was a break through.

And basically you’re just delegating time to different places and to sort of pushed into a different area where you want to be more productive and focused more on more family time, better quality time with family and loved ones. And then, I mean, hitting it hard when you want to focus on blocks rather than just the there and the tend to be less productive. So that’s not going to get divorced now. So that’s a good thing. But it was.

Yeah, I mean it’s like, you know, you’ve got to look around and see what was going off as well on the sidelines because we were just working all sorts of hours and I was like working all day. I see my wife for an hour and I’d be working all night. And it was like you and I didn’t even realize I was doing it until you get real within. And that was massive for me. Loads and loads of takeaways. It was huge.

Yeah, three days. It was so impactful for me. There’s so many things, you know, without a big takeaway for and again to really sort of opening yourself up to people, you know, like a live connection call thing. We have to get with a total stranger a different future. And I sort of give it away to watch it. I don’t want to tell, but that was powerful. I was like, God, yeah.

Makes you sort of go really deep inside your soul, unless you’ve experienced it , Its powerful training. I love it, I love it. Thanks for sharing that, too, because, I mean, it’s sometimes I think we do get caught up. I’m super guilty of it. Right. And just focusing on one area of our life and life moves fast. We got to make sure that we’re enjoying and all the different things. Our health is important, our family’s important friends and so forth.

So it was so cool. I think that is probably one of the coolest things I’ve personally heard as a coach. Like, I obviously would love to see our clients making great money, growing their business, how that impacts their family and their friends, also seeing what results they’re providing to their clients because they’re showing up more as a leader. That’s all fantastic. To hear that our quarterly mastermind retreat affected you guys on that deep personal level is almost more rewarding and exciting to hear than an income testimonial, to be honest, because it’s just it’s big.

Like it’s your family. It’s like you’re a lot of different things. So that’s super cool to hear. And so we’re let’s do this really quick, guys. So coming out of the 15 month, right. And with a new photography coaching business, covid happens. You transition out of one v one. You guys partner together, you grow your Facebook group. And again, you grew to 15k organically. So that’s basically all profit.

Your members are getting raving testimonials because you guys have the right structure and you guys care about them and are getting the results. And that’s fueling more of your marketing. Another takeaway for folks here that in the comments, if that’s helpful, right? Clients result first. It’s what we do ourselves over here. It drives your marketing. You have all these amazing things going on for you guys. Where how do you guys feel now? I know we covered earlier that you’re super excited about the future, like ready to ready to go.

But compared to joining where is your clarity app? Where just where are things at like where what’s happening? What’s the emotional process going through? James, you did a really cool both of you did a really cool Facebook live at our members on the group sharing what was going on. But can you guys share a little bit more about where you guys are now prior to where you were when you started? I’ll speak, don’t worry about it.

This is like a completely massive shift and not just touching back on the retreat as well, it kind of even spurred on even further from doing that, like he a whole different energy shift, like from one way or another. It’s like a snowball and it keeps a snowball and it keeps going and keep going. It keeps going. And that energy keeps getting higher and higher and higher and the focus keeps getting more and more focused on where you’re going.

And there’s a lot better balance as well. So you become more efficient. So everything just kind of rolls together and you start to believe more. You start to believe more because sometimes, like before before we started, I know myself and Jon had conversations about this before we thought, can we do this? Can we, can we, can we really? And then we said I thought at the time, I think before we even thought are we even going to get a sale?

And we and we sat there and he’s like, yeah, we trusted that. Then you kind of have the self doubt and then you like, can I do it? You know? And then you see everything you’ve done since the program started. And how many members we’ve got now, is it 50?

yeah. And 49, 50 members later you’re like, well, damn, you can do it. You know, it’s a massive, massive shift in confidence, energy efficiency, everything, you know, in the right direction. I love it, I love it. I’m super excited for you guys. It’s just been amazing. Working with your whole team loves working with you. I know Danielle enjoyed seeing you guys on the mastermind retreat during the mastermind retreat and working with you guys there.

And it’s just so awesome to work with action figures, with clients who show up, step out of their comfort zone, like James just said, a little bit of self doubt, but then still move forward, 50 clients later, 15k months later, all these things and then dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of client testimonials coming out of your programs. You guys are changing the lives of your clients. Let’s talk about that, because nobody talks about that.

Everybody talks about how much money I made. Or let’s talk about for one more quick second here. Let’s talk about how it feels to change your client’s lives, because you just talked about that one client of yours did eighty six grand and bought a new house. So, I mean, how does that feel like what is that emotion that you guys have right there over that like you’re growing your business and your clients are getting results, which is just phenomenal.

Yes, and John, like, I mean, I can’t ask for any more. It’s a nice feeling because you put so much work working work in and then you get those results for people. And it’s just it’s why we do it as well. You don’t want it? Well, it’s a business. We do it because we want people to succeed. I think the coaches just say for the moment, yeah, we’re sort of in the wrong game as well because you’re not in the right market, because you what you want to help people.

And that’s the reason why, because that’s why we get on private calls with people, we want to support people. And we want to help them when we know that they are so close. It’s just a little bit of an issue they need every now and again, but just every now and again. We’ve had so many different stories. Well, we had one just quit covid a full time job. And basically, she was doing a bridal expos, which is like wedding fairs in the U.K., broad exposure in the US.

And basically she couldn’t do it anymore and then joined that program and she had income coming in. And then, you know, six or eight weeks later, she’s 16 k and they said, you know, she’s away. They get jobs, big contracts.

And she picked up a contract at the moment to do the Christmas and Easter holidays. And that’s a six-figure contract for people working underneath the changed everything for them like she’s experiencing that snowball effect that we’re experiencing and wants to see. They’re getting it. That’s what we’re getting them. So it’s like good coaching, I think helps. But it’s nice to see the results. Like she’s like brining a hundred leads as well, isn’t she? Yeah, it looks like we could have done it without your coaching and we get that snowball effect.

So it’s so valuable getting a good coach with a former rapport with and then you can it just spirals, you know, someone that cares because that’s what you do. You care, that’s different. Yeah, it’s I think I think it’s a great point that John made earlier. Like, if you’re only in it for the money, you’re probably like in the wrong game. Obviously, Yemen is a part of and it’s great to get that. Obviously, to serve the clients you’ve got, you’ve got to give a damn about why they go in.

And for us, like we want, like photography, like it’s not a job that you kind of forced into some jobs. And it’s not a bad thing you have to do to get money like photography is not one of them like to do weddings and newborns like the truth of it. So people have that because you want to do it, you know, and we’re kind of there to give them, obviously, that spirit and that dream that they want to move forward with.

And when people start to achieve it, it brings it into John. Like with Kylie, she’s got like one hundred leads, she’s not even got back to on those. But she’s so busy. So that’s the next step down. And like so many others, but it’s really rewarding to see them doing something they actually love doing that they actually want to do and be in control of their own business in their life. And they’ll be telling them what to do, when to do it.

You know, it’s incredible. And that’s again, why we love so much working with you guys and other clients inside 7 figure visionary is because you guys care about your clients as well and get them results and that fuels your marketing and then you guys get better results. It’s really a win-win for everybody. The coaches who are just in it for money, they don’t seem to last long and that’s cool. They actually see the industry changing a little bit.

I think five years ago, it was way more prevalent for coaches to be having this initial success and remain successful without client results. And now, really, the market has shifted where I think buyers, consumers have gotten smarter and they really are looking at testimonials more so than ever before because of what happened about five years ago in the industry. So you guys are doing it right. You care about your clients, that you’re changing their lives dramatically, saving, you know, basically saving their lives for someone who lost their jobs because of covid and other things.

So super awesome that you guys. And in return for all your hard work and strategies implementation, your business is is skyrocketing. So super, super exciting stuff, my friends. Let’s see. We have a couple of comments on here. Good to see you, Good to see you guys here. And so, yeah, John and James, I want to thank you guys both for spending some time here with us today, sharing everything that’s working for you guys inside your business, like openly sharing to everything that you guys have experienced inside of the masterminds 7 figure visionary.

And so you guys are just incredible people. We love working with you. We know you’re busy. We know it’s late over there. And the three of us have our one v one call right now. So I want to make sure that we over that. That’s one of the things, again, that we coach inside of our mastermind is the hybrid model coaching model, one v one calls with group coaching, so it’s that good blend that everybody needs to get the best results.

I will finish by saying if you guys are interested in a free 20 minute strategy, call on how to land high ticket clients with not being for sale. Comment free call below. There’s nothing for sale on this call. It’s only 20 minutes long. We’ll give you as much value as possible. It’s our way for. Thank you. Thank you for tuning in. And it’s a way for you to get to know us a little bit and our strategies and our content.

So nothing for sale in that call, just comment, hashtag free call below. Even if you’re watching the replay, we’ll reach out to you guys, get you that free call. But Jon and James, thank you guys both so much, my friends, for your valuable time and insights. And any final parting words for folks out there? Yes, if you own the fence, they jump jump in with both feet, don’t dangle, just going for four feet forward, you won’t regret it.

I don’t think so. If you’ve got an urge and an incentive to change yourself and change other people’s lives and follow your dreams and follow. That’s what I’d say.

Yeah. Yeah, exactly what Jon said if things aren’t working out why you want to be in the coaching world or if you’re starting out, you need to change something. And I fully back what Dino does. Anything that I’m just like see you there. So I want to thank you as well. I don’t want to be in this position. If it wasn’t for yourself, I’m not sure, obviously, given the time put in the right content.

Thank you. Yeah. The whole team. Your team. Yeah. Everybody I’ve been shocked by.

So thank you for that. Thats Jon excited. Sorry. Everybody were excited. Sorry. I appreciate it greatly fellas.

I really do. That means a lot. Let’s do this. Be sure our team sees this because I know it means a ton to them as well and they are going to work super hard. So we really, really appreciate that. Yeah, I’m kind of like these guys said, if you want to join a goofy group of coaches, because we do have a ton of fun, we do work very hard and we do get results that check out 7 figure visionary.

You get your free call with nothing for sale comment, free call and then down below. And we’ll reach out to you guys, the fellas, we’re going to end this one so that the three of us can get to our one v one call and dive into it. So let’s do that. But thanks so much, guys, for tuning in. We will see you guys in the next video. Thank you.

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