Why You Must Take Vacations As an Online Coach

Why You Must Take Vacations As an Online Coach

Written By Dino Gomez


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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of seven figure visionary. And in today’s video, we are going to be talking about why I forced my clients to take vacations. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys. So why do I force my clients to take vacations? All right, and basically what we’re going to break down is this why vacations, equal money? I’m going to go through three different reasons why vacations and time off equals money in the online coaching space. And so a little bit of a back story here, guys. This is what I do with my clients. Like sometimes I vibe with my clients. I know where they’re at, what they’re doing and so forth.

But almost once a month, I tell all of our clients, I’m like, hey, you guys are taking a four day vacation. You’re taking Monday off and you’re taking Friday off. You’re going to a four day weekend. Go to the lake, go to the mountains, go to the beach, go skiing, go do your thing, have one drink beer, hang out with family and friends like recharge, no social media, no posting online, no scrolling Facebook and doing all that.

I’m, like, completely unplug and enjoy vacation. All right. It’s why in the world, as a mentor to our clients, why would I tell these coaches to do that, to actually take time off? Right. That’s what we’re getting into today, guys. It’s kind of interesting, right? So. First reason, guys is I tell people to take vacation because of this, what ends up happening is, to be honest, like if you sit down to work an eight hour day, most likely you’re not working all eight hours.

All right. What our brains get tired after a certain point, like you really have about four or five good hours every single day to do work, which is why we consistently are telling our our clients and so forth that they need to focus on the three profit levers inside their business and get those three profit levers done first thing in a day. Write the three things that are going to make the most dramatic impact on growing their business and achieving the results that they want.

They need to get done first thing the day before anything else, because again, as the day wears on, you get a little bit more tired. That’s when you start scrolling social media and wasting time and energy and doing different things and looking on YouTube and all that other stuff. And so what ends up happening, guys, is when I forced my clients and I literally tell them I was like, hey, I better not see you post anything or do anything on social media if I even hear about it right, you’re in trouble. I tell them that you’re taking Friday off. Go enjoy it. Enjoy some time. Right. And so I tell them that because what happens is we we innately right. When we sit down at our computer, we think we’re working as long as I’m in my office or as long as I have my laptop out, I’m working. And in actuality, guys like most likely you’re not like for her for a good portion of the time.

So what happens is when I force our clients to take time off, it increases their productivity, because what they have to do is they go, OK, next weekend is forcing me to take Friday and Monday off. That means this week and the beginning of next week. I really have to get these important tasks done because I’m missing. I’m going to be taking a four day weekend so they get laser focused on getting the most important things done inside their business.

They focus right and they get done the three profit levers and every business has this, there’s like three crucial tasks that you should be focusing on getting done every single day, they’re looking to dramatically increase, you know, where your business is headed in your success. Now, the three profit levers, if you’re wondering what the three profit levers are for your business every single day to make sure your business, your coaching business is continually growing, I can’t tell you what it is because it’s different for every single coach.

All right. It depends on your niche, how much experience you have. If you already have a funnel built, if you already have a sales team, how many testimonials you have, what price point you’re at, all these if your is already built, all these different things. Right. So we work with clients on all different levels. Some join our programs and they already have a sales team. Others they’re the ones still doing the selling. So everybody’s is going to have different profit levers, things that they should be focusing on that are going to make the most dramatic impact on growing their business.

So we literally customize that for our clients based on where they are at. And we tell them, hey, this is what you should be focusing on. Right. These three things, nothing else. Right. These are the three things that are impact your business the most. Right. And we get them to focus on that and they become really, really productive. They are laser sharp focus on getting these three things done every single day. So that right, because they know that they’re going to be taking time off. And so that way they’re not goofing around and doing other things right. Because what’s really interesting is this why if you have two different businesses, why can two businesses open at the exact same time and the exact same niche, maybe the exact same city, maybe the exact same online coaching space, why does one sky rocket in success and the other one kind of dwindles.

All right, because when you think about it, guys, we all have the same twenty four hours in a day, right? So if two businesses are the exact same in the same niche, why is one dramatically taking off and the other one’s not when everything else is the same? Well, normally it’s because this business owner right here, what they’re focusing on, what they’re putting their time and their energy towards are profit levers, things that actually move the business forward.

All right. Because here’s the thing. We’re all going to have that forever. As an entrepreneur, you’re always going to have a never ending to do list. Like there’s a million things I want to do on my website and I want to do this and launch a podcast like there’s always a million things for us to do. Right. But what is critical, what separates a business from exploding in a coaching business, from exploding them, one from slow and gradual, perhaps success or even failure, is that this business owner, this coach, they know, OK, I do have a tool to do list of a million things.

But here are the three most critical things I must do that are going to have the most dramatic impact on profit. All right. So that’s the difference there. So what happens is when I tell our clients, hey, you guys are taking time off, right. And go enjoy time with family and friends and stuff like that, what happens is they get really focused on the profit levers and then there’s so much more productive. Right. Is the 80 20 rule of your workday, like 80 percent of your output comes from like 20 percent of what you do.

It’s these things that make the big difference. Right. And so it’s really, really kind of an interesting phenomenon to see that happen. But that’s what happens is our clients they get really focused they get the things done that they need to get done. They take imperfect action, they get better results and then they have time off. All right. Now it’s important to have time off as an online coach, which leads me to number two.

OK, so the second reason is I’m going to put recharge. All right. So as an online coach, you are literally the mentor to your clients. All right. And your clients are going to come to you and they’re going to come to you with all types of problems. They’re going to come to you with mindset issues. They’re going to say they might bring in some tell you about some personal issues going on, things they’re struggling with. Maybe they have some health concerns, like there’s a million different things.

Right. And you were there almost as a parent, but as a mentor to your clients. OK, so they’re coming to you and you are giving them a bunch of energy, a bunch of value. Right. If you yourself as the mentor and coach to your clients, if you are overworked, tired, stressed. Right. When you show up to your coaching calls, when you show up to give advice, you’re not going to be animated.

You’re not going to be full of energy. You’re not going to be positive. You’re not going to be giving the right advice. You’re not going to be you’re going to have a foggy brain. You’re not going to, there’s a million different things. You’re actually going to have your performance as a coach will go down if you yourself don’t take care of yourself. So if you’re not taking time off, right. If you’re not getting sleep, if you’re not enjoying time with family and friends and have enjoying some drinks and doing some things right, if you’re not living, you’re not going to enjoy your coaching calls.

That’s going to show up. You’re going to be dragging on the coaching call like I have to coach my clients today. Like, this sucks. And if you’re in that type of mood, your clients are going to pick up on that. They’re going to know that you do not enjoy coaching them. Right. And they’re going to be like, you know what? I really don’t like this coach. They don’t seem to care. Right. And it’s literally because you’re tired and you’re exhausted and you’re overworked.

So what happens is it’s really critical as an online coach that you recharge, that you do take time off like that. You don’t work the weekends like a bunch of our clients. Now, when they joined our program, they were overworked, like going crazy, working weekends. I got them to stop working weekends. I started forcing them to take three and four day vacations. Now, a lot of them don’t even work Fridays like they’ve decided. No, I’m always going to have a three day weekend like and because they’ve gotten so good at being productive when they actually are working Monday through Thursday that they can work for days now and their business is still growing.

It’s also because we’re putting systems and operations in place for their coaching business. Right. And we’re helping them build a team and that frees up their own time. Right. And we’re helping them sell high ticket. That creates more profitability so they can afford a team and deliver a better experience to their clients. It’s this whole revolving thing. It’s absolutely insane, guys. It’s really cool. All right. And so that’s what happens there. So as a coach, make sure you recharge, right?

Take time off and take time off and recharge. It’ll make you a better coach. It also allows you to have some time to step back and get kind of a thousand foot view of your business. And at that point in time, normally you can think a little bit and realize, oh, my gosh, here are the things that I should be doing that are going to make the biggest difference. You can think about the profit levers so you know where to focus your attention.

All right. And then number three, you guys is right here. It’s just happiness, happiness, right, because I mean, we all love as an entrepreneur, you have to love your business like it brings joy to you. It’s like, it’s fun. It’s a blast. It’s it’s competitive. It challenges you. And like all the things, it’s a dream job. You work from home with all the online coaching is a blast.

Right. So your clients get results. It’s a thrill. But guys like the number one reason if you break down why anybody does anything, it comes back to happiness, always comes back to happiness. Like why are you going to the gym every day? Well, so I’m in better shape. Why do you want to be in better shape? Well, so then, you know, I have more confidence. Why do you want more confidence?

Well, then I’ll attract a partner. Why do you want to attract a partner? Well, because that’ll make me happy, like no matter what anybody does. Like, why do you want more money? Well, because I mean, it’s always like it’s not that they want more money, they want more happiness. They believe the money is going to you know, they’re going to open up freedom and their ability to have more experiences and be happier.

So everything comes back to happiness. So while we’re designing and helping our clients design their dream coaching program, right. We are literally teaching them along the way to create the lifestyle needed to deliver excellent results, being an excellent coach to their clients because they’re taking care of themselves. Right. But also helping them, like, be happy because ultimately that’s why anybody does anything. So we’re delivering all of this all at once. And so that is why one, two, three, I literally tell our clients, hey, you better not work Friday, take the whole day off.

And when they do that, they recharge. They come back on Monday or Tuesday and they get to work and they don’t mess around and they’re that much more productive. And they focus on the profit levers because they don’t have the extra days of the week to do so. Our mind is that powerful guys. We only use two percent of our brain capacity, which is insane. A whole-nother YouTube video. We only use two percent of our brain.

Right. And so it’s amazing what happens when you force yourself into a corner, like amazing things happen. I’m sure you guys have all had some type of experience in life where you’re forced into a corner and you somehow made it out. Like that’s how that’s why you always make deadlines. That’s why in college, in high school, if you procrastinated, you still got your PowerPoint done right and delivered it the next day. Like people get things done when they’re put in the corner.

So if you force yourself to get things done in a shorter workweek, you will get it done. All right. And so that is it for this video. Guys, I hope that was helpful. That is why we force our clients to take time off. I hope you guys do the same if you’re an online coach because it’s absolutely beneficial to you. And if you like this video, guys, be sure to hit the subscribe button, drop us a comment or something like that.

If you want help growing your online coaching business guys beneath this video, there’ll be a link we can call with our team. It is a free strategy call. We’ll walk you through our cool systems inside our program to see if we’re right fit to help you grow your online coaching business. Otherwise, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. We will see you guys in the next one.



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Our scaling experts can help decide if you are a fit for one of our coaching programs. We have various programs for coaches are different experience levels in their business. 


All right we are live. Hi everyone Dino Gomez here and welcome to these secrets of coaching podcast where we reveal the mindset strategies problems and solutions are growing a six to seven figure online coaching business.

In today’s episode I’m very excited because we are going to sit down and talk about how I was able to generate and build a 7-figure online coaching business and what might just be the most competitive online niche out there and I’m talking about Facebook Ads.

Right, when Facebook Ads we’re getting super hot and super trendy. So let me give you guys a little bit of a backstory here. This all started in 2018 all right and so what happened in case you guys are watching this on YouTube right now because we do these podcasts on video. What happens is I was sat down and picked up this book by this guy right here Russell Brunson.

It’s called expert secrets  and this book literally changed my life literally. Changed the way I look at online marketing but in this book Russell breaks down exactly how you can take your knowledge, bundle it up and how everybody has an expert inside of them and has something to teach everybody else.

Now in this book you guys can see actually, again if you’re on video if I’m you’re on YouTube or if you decide to watch the replay on YouTube I have I’ve highlighted different aspects of this book I was taking notes. I literally went through this thing in one night. I opened it up about 5:30 p.m. and I stayed up till either midnight or 1:00 p.m. just devouring it. My head was exploding with ideas and and information and things that I could do and possibilities that existed. and so what really hit home with me. 

In this book, all right in particular is that Russell is talks about what he refers to as a red ocean compared to a blue ocean. Okay and in case you guys are not familiar with that metaphor right there, essentially that has to do with when you’re talking about your an online audience or even an offline audience for that matter. A red ocean refers to a very competitive market where there’s a lot of sharks in the water. There’s it’s a feeding frenzy and so there’s a lot of blood in the water because everybody’s eating, everybody’s feasting on the same audience so to speak. 

Alright otherwise vice-versa, so you have a blue ocean which again basically means there’s no competition. Alright the waters are crystal-clear. They’re blue they’re turquoise and because you don’t have competition there’s not a bunch of there’s not a feeding frenzy going on. 

So what you want to do?

Right in your in your marketplace as an online coach is you have to first find your blue ocean. Okay you have to find an opportunity that exists where you don’t have a lot of competition. So that you can emerge as the absolute authority and leader of that particular niche. So I was sitting down, I was reading that and I was okay. That’s really interesting, that makes sense what is my blue ocean.

So I started thinking about things that I’m good at, what could i potentially teach other people, what would I have knowledge and expertise and at that time I’ve been running a digital marketing agency for six years. Over the previous year we had gotten really good at Facebook Ads and we have been rolling out Facebook Ads and I hadn’t been really telling people or talking about it much because we were just absolutely crushing it with Facebook Ads. Facebook guys were still kind of like brand new at that time and so I thought, okay I’m really good at Facebook Ads but then I thought about it for a second. 

I was like huh maybe I can do a Facebook Ads course. The problem was that there was already everybody was already coming out with Facebook Ads courses, right. The super FB gurus immediately came out with a Facebook Ads course like you know and they probably had to be honest at that point in time.

I’m not sure how much experience anybody could have had with Facebook Ads. Facebook guys were still pretty new. We had been running them for for a year, year and a half at that point and so. They were coming out with courses though and I was like, gosh there’s already so many Facebook ad courses out there. You know that is a red ocean. How would I carve out seven figures in that red ocean if everybody else has a Facebook Ads course? How would I be different? So I asked myself, I was like how would I be different? how could I differentiate myself? what’s you know? who do people buy from, right? and why do people buy? 

I started really diving into this and it was when I started doing the asking myself these questions is when I really started to understand messaging and marketing and the four elements of why people buy. I truly believe there are four elements of why people buy. We’ve all heard that people buy from people they know, like and trust. That’s that one’s kind of cliche. We’ve all heard that a million times. I started thinking about it more and I really believe that there’s four reasons why people buy. I think people buy from people they know like trust and relate to. That’s the one I’m throwing in is relate to. 

I’ll give you an example of why relation is so big. There’s movements going on right now online where you might have heard of.

Like the warrior movement but basically it’s just a community of specifically married men to get together and kind of bond and have a kinship. And that most of the reason why people are in a program like that or in a community like that. A mastermind like

that is the relation factor. There’s other married men in that group who are going to understand each other and be able to talk to each other about work, business, life and you know being the man of the house so to speak being a father things of that nature and so.

There’s that’s the prime, I think that’s probably the primary reason why people join that type of program. Is the relation factor not because they know, like and trust the concept but they’re like.. hey you know I work a lot, I want to be around some other married men and other dudes and build bonds, have friendships and stuff like that. So that’s the relation factor, right. 

And a funny example I always give when I’m helping my students and coaching our students and our clients through this process, right. I give the example of you know, who is your favorite comedian. I personally love stand-up comedy and there’s so many stand-up comedians, right. Who do you choose? Who’s most funny? Who’s like live event are gonna go to? Who do you watch on Netflix as a comedian. It’s probably the comedian who has the jokes that you ca most relate to. For me that’s Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart always talked about what it’s like to be a grown little man and how he’s short and he’s a dad and all these different things. And I’m only five, four or five five myself so all of his short jokes I find hilarious. I’m like, that is totally me. I get it on the roller coaster. My feet don’t hit the ground either, right? I can’t reach the top shelf of the cupboard my wife and I have stools all around the house. So we can reach things that are up high, right? 

So all of his jokes I got and I thought their device as funny as everybody else because I was like, yeah that is totally me. I relate to that and that’s the relation factor of why people buy. As well as how can they relate to you in addition to do they know, like and trust you. 

So I was sitting down and I’m like Facebook ads that is you know that is my core niche so to speak. Because our agency has been doing it I think longer than most people out there who had a course and we’re very very good at it. We have case studies, we’ve done a lot of testing and stuff. I just wasn’t the first to come out with a course on it but I had a ton of experience and knowledge around it. So it’s like, okay this is gonna be tough though because I’m gonna be going up against some of the biggest names in internet marketing who got their course out very quickly. How am I gonna carve out seven figures, right. 

So what I did at that point was how can people relate to me, how can I craft a message and design a program so that people can relate to me more than the super gurus who beat me to it. Have a program out there, have a coaching program out into the marketplace. 

So I started thinking about it..

Our agency for the first like four and a half five years, we primarily did SEO, Search Engine Optimization. That’s what we did. That’s kind of what we were known for somewhere along the lines. Like three and a half years in, four years in, is when I saw our first Facebook ad ever and I was like, that is cool I want to learn how to do that as well and there was no courses at this point in time. This might have been like 2016-17. So I just started good going on on the internet, just started pulled up Facebook business manager and we just started testing.

There was no formal education on how to run Facebook ads. Started testing things, started working really well. We came up with our own strategies and techniques, we started offering it to clients, clients loved it. We had extreme results where we able to double on one of our clients businesses. They had their best revenue. Highest revenue week ever. The first week we ran ads for them and they were just they sent me, the owner sent me an email. He’s like, whatever you’re doing is incredible. How do we do more of that. 

We were getting all this feedback from our clients. We want more of this Facebook Ads. I thought that was so interesting because they were originally working up with us because we were known as an SEO firm. So that’s when it hit me. I was like, huh I wonder how many other SEO agencies out there are still just selling SEO, are still just talking about SEO and only offer an SEO to the clients. 

When you can get ridiculously good results with Facebook Ads and I was like, so that could be my relation factor. I was like maybe I won’t market my program as a Facebook Ads course. Maybe what I will do is market my program as a Facebook Ads course for SEO agencies. There’s a relation factor there. Every single SEO agency right now, we have their attention with our message. They’re like, oh my gosh I’ve been curious about Facebook Ads, I didn’t know which of the hundred courses to take. I’m gonna take Dino’s because it’s specifically for us. 

It’s for other SEO agencies he runs an SEO agency and they figured out how to bring in this complimentary service of Facebook Ads right. So I was like, boom that is it right. And I figure that out. Basically it was either the same night or the next night after reading this book right here, expert secrets. 

I was like, that’s my relation factor. We’re just gonna go out there, we’re gonna get super niche you know. We have the niche of Facebook Ads we’re gonna take it one level deeper and we’re gonna go. This is just a course only for Facebook addicts but it’s no one else allowed so to speak, right? Private club and so, that’s what we we did. I started dripping out case studies on social media about the results we’re getting with Facebook Ads. I had an SEO like a youtube channel that was all SEO experts. 

I started going and showing them different things we’re doing Facebook Ads and then I finally was like, how I’m thinking about putting together a beta program on a Facebook Ads course for SEO experts specifically. If you’re an SEO expert who might be interested and like hundreds of people who are like, I would find that course. I would be interested and that’s when I was like, boom!! idea is validated. This is my niche. This is my market. This is a blue ocean. 

I have the relation factor there. I have the trust there. They now like and know me and trust me but again relation factor. There’s a very specific course for them and boom that was it. I launched the course, it went out to the marketplace. It did super super well. We literally just dominated the SEO community to this point in time. I’ve never seen a competitor in our space. There I’ve not seen another Facebook Ads course specifically marketed to and designed for SEO experts. We were literally the only one up that I’m familiar with the only option in that specific niche of SEO experts and agencies and so. 

I should say SEO Facebook group anytime somebody’s like, huh you know I want to learn Facebook Ads as well. Who should I go to. There’s really only one option. Everybody’s like, go to Dino Gomez, his course is awesome. It’s beyond just the marketing in the position in here guys. 

And that’s something I’ll talk about is when you get that niche specific with your program you’re able to actually deliver better results to your clients. And here is why every generic Facebook Ads course out there they’re speaking broad mass appeal to anybody and everybody whether they’re a beginner or an expert or whatever it is. I knew our entire audience that was going through our program, they already had SEO agencies. So the proposal templates we were able to provide our clients in our community. It was specific on here’s how you pitch SEO and Facebook Ads at the same time. Here’s how you go to your current SEO clients, what emails to send them, what messages to send them, how to present this as an upsell to the SEO services you’re currently providing. Here’s how you sell Facebook Ads on top of the SEO services you’re providing. Here’s how you distribute and how much money you should spend on an SEO and Facebook Ads as far as resources to fulfill these campaigns to your clients. 

You know all these different things very specific program for SEO experts. So the results we got with that program are insane at this point in time like a year in two or three months later. After launching it right over a thousand members, it’s a high ticket program at this point and we have over three hundred and thirty-five reviews. It’s insane!! We have a ridiculous accessory but again I think a large part of the reason of that success rate is several things. 

We have been running Facebook Ads for a long time. We had great experience, we reinvested a lot of the money we made from the program into hiring more coaches to provide excellent top-level support and people always rave about the type of support they receive inside our Facebook Ads training program called Funnel Consultant Society. So we made sure our support was top-notch. We added in weekly coaching calls so that we could help people in live real time with their campaigns. But beyond all that I think a lot of the reasons volts came through is because we were able to sign it of a specific solution for a specific target audience. 

All right and so there was so much that resonated there. Everything that they needed to add on Facebook ads, everything that the SEO community needed to add on Facebook ads, we have in our program for them. So the results from that are just insane. It’s a custom, it’s basically a custom solution for a particular community. So that’s what we did right. We got very specific with with our training and so forth like that and with our messaging. So then we went out there and a bunch of people came into the program immediately started getting results that they’re telling a very small community of other SEO experts, oh my gosh I’m you know getting these amazing results. And it’s starting to spread like wildfire. 

We started running Facebook Ads to promote our own course. We could get very specific with our messaging and our targeting on Facebook because this course is only for SEO agencies. We’re not targeting everybody that’s on Facebook which is like the entire population of the world. We’re targeting just SEO agencies and our messaging with our Facebook Ads would hit like the nail right on the head. 

I can’t tell you how many people joined our program. The first thing they say when they join our program and are given access to our Facebook group is, ‘do you know like your ad copy on your facebook ads was insane everything you talked about and your webinar was exactly what we’re experiencing as an SEO agency’ Well you know we have clients complaining that results are taking too long and gosh I worry all the time about Google rankings going up and down and all these things. All of the messaging was so specific that there’s little chance that if you came across our Facebook ads you weren’t gonna want to buy because it just spokes so perfectly because we knew exactly where our avatar was because we are that avatar ourselves. 

We know exactly the pros and cons of run an SEO agency. We know exactly what people worry about Google rankings changing and having to keeping up with algorithms. We know that clients complain that results are taking too long to get. We know how annoying it is writing blog posts for clients. We know all that stuff. You’re able to convey all that and a message and say ‘hey guess what, with Facebook ads you can eliminate all these problems and you can charge more because you’re bringing more value to your services. You can get results quickly for your clients. 

They don’t complain about Google rankings and our organic strategies taking so long. We knew exactly how to put all that into our messaging so that our audience when they came across that they’re like ‘oh my gosh this is the solution I’ve been dreaming of’. You know for years almost so that is a big part of it guys. That is part number one inside our coaching programs. We believe there’s three things needed to attract clients and this is just on the client attraction side of running a successful coaching business. But there’s really three elements.

 The first element is your message, the second element is your content and the third element is your sales. In order to attract more clients into your coaching business you need to be good at all. You need to have those three things, nailed message content and sales. 

If you guys are on YouTube or you guys are listening on a podcast you can go watch the replay on YouTube and we’ll have some of these notes up for you to go along with this video. So your message has to be specific, you have to know exactly who you’re talking to the problems. There they’re facing what solutions they’re looking for. What things they’re afraid of. All those types of things. 

When you know the inside and out of your messaging and you know who your target audience is, if you put that message in front of your target audience they’re naturally going to hang out and they’re gonna want to inquire and learn a little bit more about you. This is like the top of the funnel if your audience doesn’t know about you yet but you have a perfect message that speaks directly to them. That is just for them, not for everybody. But if your message is just for them, they’re gonna be curious. They’re gonna come into your funnel and go ‘huh I’m gonna learn a little bit more about this’. 

And that leads us to element number two of attracting clients, which is your content. Your message is the hook, it is your honey. It is what attracts bees and other things to you. It’s literally how you lure your audience in so to speak. That’s what your honey is. It’s basically your message. Once they come in from your message, you have to prove yourself. You have to get them to know like trust you and and also to see the relation they have to you.We do that with element number two which is content. 

Okay, so with our content this is where we’re able to demonstrate our expertise. This is where we’re able to show our audience who we are, what we have to offer, how we can help them through their problem. All those different chances to build a relationship is with the content piece. So content is really really important because it is the bridge between your message and sales. You might have a perfect message, but if you don’t have any great content around that it often times it’s not enough. You need to have the message that is you hit the nail right on the head. This is speaking to me, I want to learn more. They seem like they have the solution. Then you need up the content that literally proves case studies, testimonials and free training videos to demonstrate your expertise. 

Then once you have content dialed in at that point where people are gonna inquire about your coaching program and services. That leads us to sales, that leads us to empowered enrollment that leads to selling. A serving that sales is ultimately as equally crucial as the other two facets. Because with sales you have to be able to articulate what value you have to offer and how you can help your audience get from point A to point B. And if you’re good with sales, in order to be good with sales you have to know your audience inside and out. You have to know your messaging inside and out, you have to know their fears, doubts problems inside and out and you have to also know how your solution helps them through all of those aspects. 

How you will be able to serve them and get them from point A to point B? Now it’s really interesting because working with a lot of different coaches, people normally struggle with one of those three things. When we hear that they’re having trouble attracting clients it’s because their message isn’t defined enough or if it is defined, they just don’t know their customer enough. They do not know the other audience enough to make their message, just be like unforgettably clear. It’s either the message or maybe they have the message down and they have closing percentage. But what’s missing is content. They’re not producing enough content. Their content isn’t that of great quality. They don’t have enough case studies or testimonials to use in their content to build trust at that at that point of the sales cycle. 

So we know obviously that message or tell you that the contents not delivering are oftentimes, it’s also the sales is not there. People can be code there, can be amazing coaches out there. You might be one yourself listening to this. You might be in the metaphysical space. Maybe you’re a great relationship coach, maybe you’re some type of online therapist and what not maybe do some type of internet marketing and you’re very technical at a certain skill. But maybe sales is not your thing. 

Well it absolutely has to be a thing, because selling is serving. If you believe, if you create a coaching program and leave out no details and pour your blood sweat and tears into making sure it is the best solution for your audience and you consistently update it, consistently refine it and you’re there providing consistent support to your clients. You know that this is a better solution for them than what the market has to offer. It is your obligation to absolutely come have conviction in your sales and to sell people into your program. Because you are providing them the solution that they’re looking for. People are a little bit hesitant like ‘I’m not sure’. You know if this program is the right fit, you need to instill enough confidence in them so that you transfer your confidence to them. So that they go ‘okay I want to do this. I’m ready to do this’. And you have to have that conviction one of the ways. You have that conviction guys. You work your ass off on putting together the absolute best program and you continually make it better and better and better and you make sure it’s better than any competition.

When you do that, your sales will naturally come easier as well as naturally practicing sales. And then of course we’re not going to get into it in this episode but there’s a lot of different things and elements that go into a great sales enrollment conversation and helping people to recognize their problems, their self doubts, all those types of things. So what happened guys? Read again the kind of recap. 

Found my blue ocean niche – everything way way way down developed the messaging very clear. I’ve wrote out what are the painful it’s that other SEO agencies are experiencing right. How does facebook ads solve that solution. What does Facebook Ads done for us. What did it do for us initially as an SEO agency. What did it allow us to do. 

Well you know, I listed all these things out. It did right and was able to crack you that I was okay. I mean I know the audience we have the blue ocean. Okay we have our messaging dialed and we know our customer avatar perfectly. We know how to speak to them. Now let’s put together some amazing content. 

That’s gonna demonstrate why this is such a math why Facebook ads are such a massive opportunity for SEO agencies. So we put together a training that revealed 5 different ways to land SEO clients with Facebook ads. We literally were showing people at how easy this is if you incorporate Facebook ads versus SEO. We should gave all this amazing free training. We showed them how to basic things of how to operate ads manager and a couple sample funnels and things like that. So that people got we’re able to demonstrate enough. We showed them case studies of our client results. Working with our clients using Facebook ads, as well as case studies once we had them of our members results. Them just going like ‘wow this changed everything for our SEO agency, our SEO agency was gonna die and then we found you and that you saved our agency’. 

Because this is what the markets craving, then we had all that. Once we had all that content, we delivered that and then that led to the sales. That is how in a nutshell guys. We carved out over a million dollars in what would broadly be considered one of the most competitive niches out there which was its Facebook Ads. When Facebook Ads is still one of the the most hyped up traffic sources out there, Facebook ads is still the number one traffic source. It’s great to have multiple traffic sources but I’m pretty sure if everybody could only have one traffic source. 

I think everybody would choose Facebook ads as their only traffic source. If you only could fit two as one great to have multiple traffic sources and people could only choose one, I think almost every single coach would choose Facebook Ads. Again that’s how we were able to carve out seven figures in this very very, you know competitive niche. We just got very very very specific with our messaging with our content and with our sales pitch with our solution as well. 

We built the relatable factor that our competition did not have. Because they were going broad mass appeal and so if your competition guys is going broad mass appeal, look for the opportunities for you to get laser specific. People will choose you because of that relation factor. You are that comedian that has the jokes that they understand and think are also hilarious. 

So yeah that’s basically what I have for you guys. It all started with the expert secret secrets book and then it was a bunch of different things that we kind of learned through experimentation and brainstorming and stuff like that. So if you’re listening to this guys that’s really what you should do is figure out if you’re coach right now and you’re looking for more clients need to figure out what’s missing in your client attraction triangle here.Is it your messaging isn’t refined enough? Is it your your contents not of a high enough quality? Or is that your sales acumen needs improving? 

When you have all three of those firing, your coaching program is going to excel and do super super super well. So guys I hope this story and these examples and stuff like that were super helpful to you. If you guys enjoyed this episode, go ahead smash the subscribe button. If you’re listening on itunes or another source also remember you can find us on youtube. If you never want to miss an episode you can subscribe there, join us there, watch the replays there and catch us on video there. 

But this is the secrets of coaching podcast episode one guys. I hope this was helpful excited to see you guys in the next episode. If you guys want to talk to our team about one of our coaching programs or just learn more about our services and how we’re able to help you grow your coaching business to sixth and seven figures, just head on over to coachinglaunch.com. We have a bunch of free resources and things over there. We’re happy to provide you a bunch of content to prove to you guys as well that we know exactly what we’re talking about. You guys hope this was super helpful. Appreciate you guys listening and we will see you all in the next episode you.


How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients [For Coaches & Course Creators]

How much Money Can New Coaches Make? $22,500 Case STudy.

Is Reteaching Some Else’s Content Ethical?

Ep. 16 - Is Reteaching Some Else's Content Ethical?

Podcast By Dino Gomez

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Our scaling experts can help decide if you are a fit for one of our coaching programs. We have various programs for coaches are different experience levels in their business. 


Update with transcription for podcast. 


How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients [For Coaches & Course Creators]

How much Money Can New Coaches Make? $22,500 Case STudy.

How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients [For Coaches & Course Creators]

How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients
[For Coaches & Course Creators]

[Video Training]

Want Hands On Mentorship to Grow Your Coaching Business? Book a Free Strategy Call With One of Our Scaling Experts. ​

Our scaling experts can help decide if you are a fit for one of our coaching programs. We have various programs for coaches are different experience levels in their business. 


Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as Seven Figure Visionary in today’s video, we’re going to be covering how to raise your prices without losing customers. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, how do you raise your prices without losing customers? All right, it is a really, really, really popular question. That’s what we’re covering in today’s video. So let’s dive right into this. All right. So guys, in particular, right? I’m an online coach. I mentor coaches to grow their business to six and then seven figures. And and so I have different various programs at different price points. All right. And so the way you actually raise your prices without losing your customers is quite simple.

You create what is called a profit ladder. All right. So the way a profit ladder works, guys, is it looks basically like this. All right, and so if you’re an online coach or no matter what industry you’re in, persay right down here, you’re going to have like your your low ticket program. All right. And so for us, we down here, we have what is called coaching launch. I had to write that out coaching launch.

And so basically, for any aspiring online coaches, we have coaches laundry, and that’s where within six weeks we take you from having no idea and just having an aspiration to be an online coach. We help you build your audience of a thousand raving fans and then we actually help you launch your first coaching program and then anywhere from five to 15 clients within six weeks. That’s what coaching launch does. This for us is our entry level program. All right.

And so we have this down here. This is only this is a very affordable program. Now, from there, of course, we also wanted to raise our prices, increase our profit margins, but also deliver more of a transformational experience to all my coaches. And so in the middle tier, what we have here is a six month mastermind. All right. And this is seven figure visionary. All right, and then what we have up here is a 12 month mastermind.

All right. And this is also a seven figure visionary. And so the way it works, guys, this is obviously right here at the second tier, the six month mastermind. This is more expensive than the first tier because we have a bigger promise. We’re going to get you a much bigger result. Right. The promise down here is we’re going to help you craft your niche, craft your message and build your audience and land your first five to 15 clients.

All right. From there. Right. A lot of our members that go through that, they have a successful launch. They go, oh, my gosh, this is awesome. I’ve launched my program. Now I want to scale it. And so then they come back to us and they go, you know, I love working with you and your team and so forth. And so how do I scale my actual online coaching business? And so then we we have a six or 12 month mastermind for them, depending on how fast and how big they actually want to scale their coaching business.

So really, guys, when it comes to how to raise your prices without losing customers, it’s really about creating different offers for different parts of your target audience. All right. Because some of your audience is going to be a little bit more cold. They might not know you. For example, some of you guys watching right now. This might be the first time you’ve ever heard of me. All right. And so you’re not necessarily going to be ready to to invest up here at the seven figure level.

All right. Or should I just say in our seven figure visionary mastermind? Right. So you might first be like, all right, I really want to see what the style is like to make sure that he’s a type of coach that I can jive with. Right. So that’s the case. You might decide to hop in if you’re an aspiring coach at coaching launch or you might decide I’m going to start with the six month membership first. And it’s the I like it before I commit to like a 12 month membership.

So so really, guys, it’s really not that difficult to raise your prices. It’s all about stacking different offers for different segments of your market. Where it becomes tricky and becomes an art form is how you actually stack your offers. All right. And so so that they lead into each other. And so this is called a profit ladder. All right. I’m just going to put ladder up here, but this increases the average lifetime value of a client to you.

All right. And it’s really important to have a profit ladder because there’s always going to be a percentage of your clientele who want to work more closely with you and who want a bigger result. All right. And so if you don’t have that available to them, if you don’t have that next step offer available to them, they are going to find somebody else who does. All right. So really important, first and foremost, that you have to ticket offer.

This can be found everywhere in culture, guys upselling. It should be super, super natural to you if you should like it is everywhere. I think about first class on an airplane like that is an upset. There some people that are going to want to pay a premium to be in the front, have more leg room, have additional services and drinks and stuff like that. Right. You see it when you rent a car. I’m giving a lot of airport examples, but when you rent a car that anybody’s ever, ever rented a car at the airport before, first you check out online and reserve your car.

Then they you get there and they sell you on insurance, they sell you a presell gas. They sell you on a nicer vehicle. This is up. Sales are everywhere. Guys go to McDonald’s, they ask if you want to supersize it. All those types of things up. Sales are like the cornerstone of American business, as natural as anything is business wise. So you have to have a value added inside your business. Where it gets tricky, though, is understanding what the additional next offer should be, because they do have to stack nicely.

For example, one of the problems that I made early on in my coaching career was I created a program and it was all of it and combined into just one program. I gave up, I gave the boat away and just one program. And so there was no potential up for me to have because I had already given up everything, everything down here. All right. So what I really should have done is priced it lower down here, giving them just what they just what the you know, kind of like initial cold audience my cold audience would want, which maybe it would be to just land the first few clients or whatever.

And then for those who wanted to continue to grow, I should have had additional layers of support and and services afterwards. All right. So that’s a mistake I’ve made. And and so that’s why I want to share that with you guys. So you don’t make that mistake as well. If you’re an aspiring online coach or you’re not my coach, really important that you have a different type of value ladder. Now, there’s so many different things you can do inside of inside of a coaching business in particular to make sure and to add more value to different offers so that your clientele, who want a bigger and faster result, are intrigued and want to actually go ahead and do that.

And so, again, the way you craft your offers and what you have in your different tiers of your value letter is super, super important. And and a lot of people mess up what the upswell is and then it doesn’t work. Nobody takes the up sell or otherwise. Your primary offer cannibalizes even the ability to have an absolute right. And so the reason this works is because it doesn’t piss off your customers. You don’t lose customers doing this.

What you’re actually doing is you’re catering to different segments of your market. Right. And people come in down here at the bottom. Right. That just hurt of you. And they want to try you out. And what you do down here is you kind of like indoctrinate them, right? You hit them with your belief, with your systems, with your company, with your culture, with the results you provide, with the support you provide, all those types of things, you basically gain trust and you deliver a tangible result.

All right. And so they go, awesome. I got exactly what I was promised. I’m super happy. I love the support. I love the community. I love the product or service. Right. And then from there, they go and have success. I want to keep going. I want to keep moving up. And so that’s exactly how we structure our business. And it allows us right. So that we never lose customers, because no matter where we are, our audience is serving aspiring coaches.

And then after that, it’s coaches who want to grow to six and seven figures. We have an offer depending on where you are out on the spectrum as an online coach. And so, guys, the value ladder is how you service customers at different prices, price ranges. You don’t lose customers. Right. But you also offer a more valuable service and experience and end result to those clients and customers that actually want it. Now, beyond all of this, guys, raising your prices is something that we’re going to cover in another video selling high ticket.

All right. Is better for you and the customer. And so if you want to learn how to raise your prices, sell high to be more profitable as well as benefiting your client, be sure to hit the subscribe button on this on this channel, because that video will be coming out soon. And so that is it for this video training. Guys, I hope that was helpful. Right. Is a simple doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be.

We’re talking here for 30 minutes about how to solve this problem. It is as simple as this. I don’t know about you, but I’m a man of simplicity. I like things that work and are easy to do. And so this right here, guys, the profit ladder solve that problem so that we never lose customers because again, if we only had this offer, then we are missing this entire piece of the market. All right. So it’s as simple as the profit ladder, guys.

So think about that one. And again, if you want help putting together an actual value ladder, that works because again, I see coaches and I see entrepreneurs mess this up all the time. They create the wrong offer down here. They give away too much value or not enough value. And people don’t ascend up the ladder. They don’t know how to raise their prices. They don’t know what the price that they don’t know how to hire a team.

The system’s delegation has run ads. Do Leegin, all of those types of things. They don’t know how to get strategic partnerships to build out a more valuable hire and like mastermind or top tier product or service. Right. So if you want help with those types of things, guys, that is what we do. All right. And so beneath this video, I have to cool things for you. I have to guess for you. Beat this video, guys.

Gift No. One is. If you’re an aspiring coach and you want to build an audience of a thousand raving fans and launch your coaching program, figure out your niche and land five to 15 clients in six weeks, check out the link beneath this video to coaching launch. We have a special fifty percent off discount for you because you’re here on our YouTube channel. And then also, guys, if you’re already an established coach and you’re crushing it, but you kind of hit a wall and you want to figure out how to actually scale to multiple six figures and then seven guys, we are happy to offer you a free scaling call, a free coaching scaling Strategy Session.

We’ll talk with one of our scaling experts. We’ll break down the bottlenecks in your business. We’ll also introduce you to a different business model you haven’t heard of before. That will help you scale to six and seven figures. We’d love to chat with you about that. That’s an incredibly valuable call. And we offer that one hundred percent for free. But, guys, I hope this was helpful. This is how you raise your prices without losing customers is basically you create more offers that cater to different segments of your market.

That is it for this video training. Guys, we have a bunch more awesome video training in the works. We release anywhere from two to four new videos a week. So if this was helpful in any regard, we should hit the subscribe button. Gomez here, guys, hope you guys have an awesome day. We will see you in the next video.


How To Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients [For Coaches & Course Creators]

How much Money Can New Coaches Make? $22,500 Case STudy.