Why You Must Take Vacations As an Online Coach

Written By Dino Gomez


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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of seven figure visionary. And in today’s video, we are going to be talking about why I forced my clients to take vacations. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys. So why do I force my clients to take vacations? All right, and basically what we’re going to break down is this why vacations, equal money? I’m going to go through three different reasons why vacations and time off equals money in the online coaching space. And so a little bit of a back story here, guys. This is what I do with my clients. Like sometimes I vibe with my clients. I know where they’re at, what they’re doing and so forth.

But almost once a month, I tell all of our clients, I’m like, hey, you guys are taking a four day vacation. You’re taking Monday off and you’re taking Friday off. You’re going to a four day weekend. Go to the lake, go to the mountains, go to the beach, go skiing, go do your thing, have one drink beer, hang out with family and friends like recharge, no social media, no posting online, no scrolling Facebook and doing all that.

I’m, like, completely unplug and enjoy vacation. All right. It’s why in the world, as a mentor to our clients, why would I tell these coaches to do that, to actually take time off? Right. That’s what we’re getting into today, guys. It’s kind of interesting, right? So. First reason, guys is I tell people to take vacation because of this, what ends up happening is, to be honest, like if you sit down to work an eight hour day, most likely you’re not working all eight hours.

All right. What our brains get tired after a certain point, like you really have about four or five good hours every single day to do work, which is why we consistently are telling our our clients and so forth that they need to focus on the three profit levers inside their business and get those three profit levers done first thing in a day. Write the three things that are going to make the most dramatic impact on growing their business and achieving the results that they want.

They need to get done first thing the day before anything else, because again, as the day wears on, you get a little bit more tired. That’s when you start scrolling social media and wasting time and energy and doing different things and looking on YouTube and all that other stuff. And so what ends up happening, guys, is when I forced my clients and I literally tell them I was like, hey, I better not see you post anything or do anything on social media if I even hear about it right, you’re in trouble. I tell them that you’re taking Friday off. Go enjoy it. Enjoy some time. Right. And so I tell them that because what happens is we we innately right. When we sit down at our computer, we think we’re working as long as I’m in my office or as long as I have my laptop out, I’m working. And in actuality, guys like most likely you’re not like for her for a good portion of the time.

So what happens is when I force our clients to take time off, it increases their productivity, because what they have to do is they go, OK, next weekend is forcing me to take Friday and Monday off. That means this week and the beginning of next week. I really have to get these important tasks done because I’m missing. I’m going to be taking a four day weekend so they get laser focused on getting the most important things done inside their business.

They focus right and they get done the three profit levers and every business has this, there’s like three crucial tasks that you should be focusing on getting done every single day, they’re looking to dramatically increase, you know, where your business is headed in your success. Now, the three profit levers, if you’re wondering what the three profit levers are for your business every single day to make sure your business, your coaching business is continually growing, I can’t tell you what it is because it’s different for every single coach.

All right. It depends on your niche, how much experience you have. If you already have a funnel built, if you already have a sales team, how many testimonials you have, what price point you’re at, all these if your is already built, all these different things. Right. So we work with clients on all different levels. Some join our programs and they already have a sales team. Others they’re the ones still doing the selling. So everybody’s is going to have different profit levers, things that they should be focusing on that are going to make the most dramatic impact on growing their business.

So we literally customize that for our clients based on where they are at. And we tell them, hey, this is what you should be focusing on. Right. These three things, nothing else. Right. These are the three things that are impact your business the most. Right. And we get them to focus on that and they become really, really productive. They are laser sharp focus on getting these three things done every single day. So that right, because they know that they’re going to be taking time off. And so that way they’re not goofing around and doing other things right. Because what’s really interesting is this why if you have two different businesses, why can two businesses open at the exact same time and the exact same niche, maybe the exact same city, maybe the exact same online coaching space, why does one sky rocket in success and the other one kind of dwindles.

All right, because when you think about it, guys, we all have the same twenty four hours in a day, right? So if two businesses are the exact same in the same niche, why is one dramatically taking off and the other one’s not when everything else is the same? Well, normally it’s because this business owner right here, what they’re focusing on, what they’re putting their time and their energy towards are profit levers, things that actually move the business forward.

All right. Because here’s the thing. We’re all going to have that forever. As an entrepreneur, you’re always going to have a never ending to do list. Like there’s a million things I want to do on my website and I want to do this and launch a podcast like there’s always a million things for us to do. Right. But what is critical, what separates a business from exploding in a coaching business, from exploding them, one from slow and gradual, perhaps success or even failure, is that this business owner, this coach, they know, OK, I do have a tool to do list of a million things.

But here are the three most critical things I must do that are going to have the most dramatic impact on profit. All right. So that’s the difference there. So what happens is when I tell our clients, hey, you guys are taking time off, right. And go enjoy time with family and friends and stuff like that, what happens is they get really focused on the profit levers and then there’s so much more productive. Right. Is the 80 20 rule of your workday, like 80 percent of your output comes from like 20 percent of what you do.

It’s these things that make the big difference. Right. And so it’s really, really kind of an interesting phenomenon to see that happen. But that’s what happens is our clients they get really focused they get the things done that they need to get done. They take imperfect action, they get better results and then they have time off. All right. Now it’s important to have time off as an online coach, which leads me to number two.

OK, so the second reason is I’m going to put recharge. All right. So as an online coach, you are literally the mentor to your clients. All right. And your clients are going to come to you and they’re going to come to you with all types of problems. They’re going to come to you with mindset issues. They’re going to say they might bring in some tell you about some personal issues going on, things they’re struggling with. Maybe they have some health concerns, like there’s a million different things.

Right. And you were there almost as a parent, but as a mentor to your clients. OK, so they’re coming to you and you are giving them a bunch of energy, a bunch of value. Right. If you yourself as the mentor and coach to your clients, if you are overworked, tired, stressed. Right. When you show up to your coaching calls, when you show up to give advice, you’re not going to be animated.

You’re not going to be full of energy. You’re not going to be positive. You’re not going to be giving the right advice. You’re not going to be you’re going to have a foggy brain. You’re not going to, there’s a million different things. You’re actually going to have your performance as a coach will go down if you yourself don’t take care of yourself. So if you’re not taking time off, right. If you’re not getting sleep, if you’re not enjoying time with family and friends and have enjoying some drinks and doing some things right, if you’re not living, you’re not going to enjoy your coaching calls.

That’s going to show up. You’re going to be dragging on the coaching call like I have to coach my clients today. Like, this sucks. And if you’re in that type of mood, your clients are going to pick up on that. They’re going to know that you do not enjoy coaching them. Right. And they’re going to be like, you know what? I really don’t like this coach. They don’t seem to care. Right. And it’s literally because you’re tired and you’re exhausted and you’re overworked.

So what happens is it’s really critical as an online coach that you recharge, that you do take time off like that. You don’t work the weekends like a bunch of our clients. Now, when they joined our program, they were overworked, like going crazy, working weekends. I got them to stop working weekends. I started forcing them to take three and four day vacations. Now, a lot of them don’t even work Fridays like they’ve decided. No, I’m always going to have a three day weekend like and because they’ve gotten so good at being productive when they actually are working Monday through Thursday that they can work for days now and their business is still growing.

It’s also because we’re putting systems and operations in place for their coaching business. Right. And we’re helping them build a team and that frees up their own time. Right. And we’re helping them sell high ticket. That creates more profitability so they can afford a team and deliver a better experience to their clients. It’s this whole revolving thing. It’s absolutely insane, guys. It’s really cool. All right. And so that’s what happens there. So as a coach, make sure you recharge, right?

Take time off and take time off and recharge. It’ll make you a better coach. It also allows you to have some time to step back and get kind of a thousand foot view of your business. And at that point in time, normally you can think a little bit and realize, oh, my gosh, here are the things that I should be doing that are going to make the biggest difference. You can think about the profit levers so you know where to focus your attention.

All right. And then number three, you guys is right here. It’s just happiness, happiness, right, because I mean, we all love as an entrepreneur, you have to love your business like it brings joy to you. It’s like, it’s fun. It’s a blast. It’s it’s competitive. It challenges you. And like all the things, it’s a dream job. You work from home with all the online coaching is a blast.

Right. So your clients get results. It’s a thrill. But guys like the number one reason if you break down why anybody does anything, it comes back to happiness, always comes back to happiness. Like why are you going to the gym every day? Well, so I’m in better shape. Why do you want to be in better shape? Well, so then, you know, I have more confidence. Why do you want more confidence?

Well, then I’ll attract a partner. Why do you want to attract a partner? Well, because that’ll make me happy, like no matter what anybody does. Like, why do you want more money? Well, because I mean, it’s always like it’s not that they want more money, they want more happiness. They believe the money is going to you know, they’re going to open up freedom and their ability to have more experiences and be happier.

So everything comes back to happiness. So while we’re designing and helping our clients design their dream coaching program, right. We are literally teaching them along the way to create the lifestyle needed to deliver excellent results, being an excellent coach to their clients because they’re taking care of themselves. Right. But also helping them, like, be happy because ultimately that’s why anybody does anything. So we’re delivering all of this all at once. And so that is why one, two, three, I literally tell our clients, hey, you better not work Friday, take the whole day off.

And when they do that, they recharge. They come back on Monday or Tuesday and they get to work and they don’t mess around and they’re that much more productive. And they focus on the profit levers because they don’t have the extra days of the week to do so. Our mind is that powerful guys. We only use two percent of our brain capacity, which is insane. A whole-nother YouTube video. We only use two percent of our brain.

Right. And so it’s amazing what happens when you force yourself into a corner, like amazing things happen. I’m sure you guys have all had some type of experience in life where you’re forced into a corner and you somehow made it out. Like that’s how that’s why you always make deadlines. That’s why in college, in high school, if you procrastinated, you still got your PowerPoint done right and delivered it the next day. Like people get things done when they’re put in the corner.

So if you force yourself to get things done in a shorter workweek, you will get it done. All right. And so that is it for this video. Guys, I hope that was helpful. That is why we force our clients to take time off. I hope you guys do the same if you’re an online coach because it’s absolutely beneficial to you. And if you like this video, guys, be sure to hit the subscribe button, drop us a comment or something like that.

If you want help growing your online coaching business guys beneath this video, there’ll be a link we can call with our team. It is a free strategy call. We’ll walk you through our cool systems inside our program to see if we’re right fit to help you grow your online coaching business. Otherwise, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. We will see you guys in the next one.



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