What is your First Impression

Written By Dino Gomez

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Your first impression is everything alright?

Let me ask you this.

Have you ever met somebody?

In the first 5 seconds, 10 seconds, you have already made it up in your mind. I like this person or I don’t like this person. Well, guess what?

The same holds true for the most part for your online business.

We’re going to be talking about how to make a killer first impression. Let’s go.

Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.

what is your big first impression?

And I hit the wrong button on my keyboard here. I need my coffee to kick in. It’s six, eight in the morning.

At the time of recording this, I’m looking out my window.

I just poured myself a nice cup of Joe and I’m ready for the day. I’m super excited for today. But yeah, today, guys, we are going to be talking about what is your first impression that you’re giving folks? Because this is so big. I’ve read different books around this and I’ve heard this a bunch. I’ve come across statistics and stuff online. And generally speaking, like there is an 80 20 rule for when you meet people. And it’s not the first 10 seconds always. But normally it’s like whatever your first impression, whatever your first interaction is with someone is likely how your relationship will transpire with them per se. So you have a good time and.

You really connect with somebody on the first meeting.

Most likely that’s who they are 80% of the time. So you’re probably going to get along. If you don’t like somebody upon first impression, that’s probably how they are like 80% of the time and you’re not a match doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. It just means you guys are different people. So first impressions are huge and they’re huge in marketing. They’re huge for your online business, for your coaching business. And so ask yourself this, right? I love giving you guys prompts so that you can come up with solutions as well. And I’m just guiding you towards your own creative solutions here while also directing you on where your attention should go. But what is your first impression that you’re giving folks?


You don’t have to have a website, but if you have a website, what is your headline read? What are the images and the colors and the branding? What are people instantly feeling when they visit your website for the first time? Because they’re doing some research on you. All right, if you’re online, look at your social media accounts, what is the first impression you’re giving folks with your social media accounts? They’re going to look at that. And because people are human, right? They’re going to make a snap judgment, right? This person falls into this category. They’re athletic, they’re outgoing, they’re introverted, they’re a coach, they’re an agency owner. They’re this, they’re a mom, they’re a dad. They like to hike, they’re loud, they’re obnoxious, they’re awesome, they’re charismatic. People are going to make these snap judgments because as humans with your mammal brain, a protective mechanism of your brain is to decide whether something is of danger to you.

All right?

And so part of the way humans survived way back when is that we were able to quickly observe a scenario, a situation, an event, our surroundings and make a snap judgment. Is this safe? Do I need to leave or can I stay? That’s why oftentimes some people get nervous entering a room initially is because they don’t know what’s inside the room. It could be even at a conference. I don’t know what the energy is going to be like when I step into this conference room. They’re going to be a ton of people. And are there not going to be any people like people we don’t know. And so a great question to ask yourself is what first impression am I currently giving and what first impression do I want to give? Because oftentimes we overlook. We don’t consider what is the first impression that I’m giving with my messaging. So this really comes down to your messaging, right? When you’re building an opt in page, when you’re building your website a funnel, when you’re creating a podcast, when you’re dropping content on social media, consider that this is going to be a new piece of content for somebody that’s never heard from you before.

All right.

What’s their first impression going to be? And is your first impression memorable? And are you standing out? Are you unique? Are you different?

All right.

Because if you blend in, you will be forgotten. So what big first impression can you give? How can I ask yourself, how can I be different? What do I want my first impression to be? And with everything you do, try and.

Try and blend in, fuse in that.

Branding that you want, that first impression that you want your audience to have and that you think represents you really well.

All right.

And so examples include, if you’re really passionate about a charity, like have that be front and center with a lot of your marketing. Right? That represents a core component of you and your brand to make sure that that is easily found. So what is the first impression you want to give? And what is my current impression that I’m giving out? And do I need to upgrade it? Do I need to change it? And if so, how does it need to change to reflect what my core values are? And the clients is the big one. And the clients I want to attract, that’s a big one guy. It’s one that’s overlooked. But these are all the small tweaks this is the music in between the notes that makes all of the difference in the world as you go about your day what is the first impression that I’m giving and the first impression that I want to give?

Hey Dino, Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the secretsofcoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.


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