I looked in the mirror & asked myself this

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in three, two, one.

In today’s episode guys, we are going to, well, we’re going to do this. All right? I’m going to ask you to look in the mirror. All right? And if you look closely in the mirror, you will find the money, the money you seek. We’re going to dive into this one.

Let’s go.

Act like the person you want to become. Look in the mirror, and the money will follow. What are you talking about, Dino? So my mentor has this saying that he says, act like the client you want to attract, invest like the client you want to attract. He’s always saying that. And it makes complete sense. Guys right. The way your mannerisms, your behaviors, your thoughts, the way you invest is going to uncover all of the money making opportunities for you in your business. All right. So in other words, if you’re like, I just really don’t like sales or, oh, my gosh, I’m so afraid to charge $1,000 to a client, to charge $5,000 to a client, to charge $10,000 to a client. Why are you afraid of that? You’re afraid of that right now because you haven’t invested that way yourself yet. Okay. Because once you invest into a coaching program and you spend $1,000, you join and then you go, wow, look at all the hundreds of other people that are inside this program that have also paid $1,000, you are changing your subconscious.

You’re changing your reality to understand how many other people out there are investing that type of money, just like you. And then you’re surrounded by people that are playing at a higher level. And then you see all of their success stories of them landing $1,000, $3,000, $5,000, $1,0000 plus clients, and you go, wow, there’s so much business out there. And there’s so many people willing to spend money on self development, whether it be health, wealth or relationships or a combination of it. That all of a sudden you realize how much potential there was.

So it wasn’t until I spent over 30 grand on a coaching program that I was comfortable to put together a very high tier, one on one type of coaching service where I charged the same amount. It wasn’t until I spent that type of money. And now all of a sudden, I’m in this mastermind, and I’m surrounded by all these other people who paid anywhere from 36 grand to 100 grand to be in the same mastermind. So there’s different tiers to the mastermind, depending on how much additional one V one support you got.

But all of a sudden I’m surrounded by 55 other individuals that are playing at that level, and they’re posting hey, I just landed a $10,000 pay in full client. Hey, I just sold out my retreat and made $150,000. Hey, I just did this. And so far this year, we’re only halfway through. I’ve made $725,000. It’s going to be just about a $2 million a year. I’m surrounded by all those individuals who spent that type of money invested that type of money and are playing at that level. And I’m seeing that they’re landing all these high ticket clients.

And I’m like, gosh, I didn’t realize how many high ticket clients are out there because everybody that I’m surrounded with is landing them. And so where is the money? Where are these high ticket clients? Look in the mirror, guys. Right. If you don’t like sales, if you are afraid to raise your prices, it’s because you haven’t done the thing that you want to ask your prospects and audience to do. Right. If you haven’t invested two grand on a coach yourself, it’s very difficult for you to go and turn around and you yourself ask somebody for two grand.

It’s just difficult. It’s not that it can’t be done. It’s just difficult. You might get lucky and land a couple of clients at 2K if you haven’t invested like that yourself before. But it will not be consistent because it’s not consistent with your own behavior. And so you’re going to have limiting beliefs that show up and these doubts and these fears and these insecurities, and it’s going to show up on those sales calls. And that’s why you won’t enjoy the sales process and a sales call with your new, improved and higher price.

That is ultimately better for the client because it means you’re going to be giving them more attention. You have more resources to have to create a better transformation and experience for them when they pay you more. Right. If a client’s paying you $2, you maybe can give them a few minutes of your time. If they’re paying you two grand right now, you can sit down and have one v one calls with them and actually help them through the problem that they are hired you to help them with.

Right. So it’s as simple as looking in the mirror and going, hey, am I exemplifying? Am I acting? Am I behaving? Am I thinking like the clients I want to attract? Right? Am I being the leader by doing this first, by being uncomfortable investing at an uncomfortable level myself in order to grow so that in turn, I can speak to my audience and help them get uncomfortable. Make a scary investment themselves in hiring me as a coach. That’s how it works. Energetically. And there are so many examples of this that you will just see in the world.

But there are birds of a feather flock together, right? There’s a reason why the top athletes all train together in the off season. They want to make themselves better. They want to be around the best. It’s proven to make you grow faster when you’re surrounded, like with that environment. And so look in the mirror and ask yourself, like, Am I doing those things I want to ask my clients to do? And that’s why I continually invest more and more and more every single year and spend more on more coaching.

It does two things. When I invest a bunch of money into a coach, it does so many things. First off, it’s going to help me grow my business and my personal development skills and all the other things. So it’s going to help me directly. Then it’s going to allow me to have the skill sets to be a better coach and mentor to my clients. So my clients get the ripple down effect of learning all this cool stuff from me because I went and hired the best coaches I could find.

And now I have all that type of knowledge and experience and expertise and data and skill sets and strategies that I can pass on to them. So for you, when you invest, you’re not just investing for yourself. You’re investing for yourself. It’s going to help you grow your business. But it’s also going to help you be a better coach to your clients. Now, what happens when you’re a better coach to your clients? All the good things happen, right? They resign with you. They give you referrals.

You have all these amazing testimonials that are going to fuel your marketing, you build this incredible brand, and then everything else becomes easier for you. So it’s in your best interest in so many different ways to get uncomfortable and to continually invest at a higher level because it will help you do the same and lead by example to your prospects. And it will make all of the sales and all the things. And you raising your prices that much easier. And so look in the mirror, guys, ask yourself, and this is in all facets of life, right?

Not just in business, but look in the mirror and say, hey, am I acting like the person I’m asking others to do? Like, am I doing the thing I’m asking other people to do? And if you’re not, and guess what. There are times in my career, my eleven year career where all of a sudden our business is growing, and then it stopped growing. And we had two or three months of about the same revenue. And I’m sitting there trying to figure out why did we stop growing?

And then I recognized, okay, what we need to do to go to a new level. I’m going to have to do something I’ve never done before. It’s just the way that works, right? We talked about that in the last episode to get results you’ve never had before. You have to do something you’ve never done before. So I’m like, okay, well, time for me to grab a new coach because this is a new coach at higher tier, and that will get us out of the slump because I need to change the input to change the output.

And that’s exactly what it did. All right. So look in the mirror ask yourself are you acting as the client you want to attract? And then as a quick little daily mission exercise for you as well to get you energetically into the space. That money is everywhere again, it’s always being printed. There’s just more and more money coming into the universe. It’s everywhere. It’s exchange people, give some up, and then you earn it back. You can’t take it with you when you die. It’s absolutely everywhere. So one little thing you can do if you’re in a feeling of lack, like maybe you had a bad month in terms of business or whatever it is, but you’re just feeling unabundant, right?

That is when more so than ever. This is something you should always be doing. But that is more so than ever when you should invest or when you should part with your money. All right. And so something you can do on a daily basis. Right. What’s a cool little gift you can buy for a stranger. Can you buy a cup of coffee for the person that’s behind you and spend an extra $5 doing that will just completely change your state and your energy and your mindset that hey, there are just amazing people out there in the world and people it will be reciprocated to you so much.

And those little acts right again, you can find if you join our email mailing list and get onto our side business daily mission where we send you those inspirational emails. It’s all the little things you should be doing like that so that you just attract all of the opportunities and all of the clients and all of the situations. And you have the mindset and the energy and the inspiration and also a ton of fun. Because some of the things we have and we recommend you do are a ton of fun, and all the doors and opportunities will open for you.

So look in the mirror. That’s where the money is. And ask yourself, are you acting as the client you want to attract? And if not, change that right away. And just watch how fast things change for you, not only in business but in your life as well. All right.

So that’s all for this episode.

Guys, we’ll see you in the next one.

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All right, so that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one.

Bye bye.

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