Make Different Decisions

Written By Dino Gomez

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So you need to make different decisions. And you need to make decisions from a future identity that you have not yet acclimated to, which makes the decision-making process difficult in the now because you haven’t caught up yet to the person you want to become that has the results that you desire. We’re going to break this one down, guys.


This is a story of all about who am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


All right, so the current results that you have inside of your business or your personal life are directly correlated to the thoughts that you have been thinking and thus the actions you have been taking. And this is normally why we end up sometimes, hopefully just for a little bit of time, on a hamster wheel of kind of experiencing the exact same thing over and over and over again. And it’s simply because we have not yet changed our identity. Because what happens is when you start acting from and embodying your future best self that has the results that you want, you start thinking differently, then you start behaving differently. You take different actions, and all of those things lead to different results. But this is where I find this fascinating because this is where the challenging part comes in. It is very difficult to make a decision in your current state from the identity of a future version of yourself.


All right?


And so let me give you an example, right? Oftentimes, to grow your business, you need to make a scary investment into your business that you have not done before, all right? Now, that can be an investment directly, maybe into marketing or advertising, or that can be an investment into perhaps a new business coach. In order for this investment to pay off and to get you from where you are currently to where you would like to be, the investment normally is going to be outside of your current league. All right? And so what that means is you might be thinking, okay, I have or I would like to invest this specific amount of money into a new business, or I should say into a new business coach. However, you might be initially thinking, I don’t want to invest more than that. Maybe you have $5,000 of savings and you’re like, okay, I would like to invest this in a new program. But the thing is, you have $5,000 of savings based on operating off of the current identity that you have. And that current identity that you have is thinking thoughts in a certain manner, taking actions in a certain manner, and thus is producing results where you only have $5,000 to invest into your business or into a new coaching program.


All right, so here comes the paradigm, right? Because if you want to grow, you need to start acting as if and making decisions as if you are somebody who has an additional maybe you want $50,000 of free cash flow for your business each year. Then you need to start making decisions as if you have $50,000 of cash flow each year. So that you put yourself in the right environment with the learn the right skill sets, you’re around the right people and therefore you’re going to produce results that would warrant you having that type of free cash flow in your business.


All right?


And so oftentimes when it comes to investing in ourselves, in our business, in mentorship, it has to be a scary investment for it to literally make sense. Because if it’s not a scary investment, all right, so maybe you have $5,000 to spend on a new business coach and you find a business coach who’s charging $1,000. Most likely this is going to produce results for you that you already have because you’re not doing anything to change your current environment. You’re not leveling up necessarily the experience of those who are around you or that are playing at a significantly higher level. And you’re not necessarily going to learn skills that you don’t already have. You’re playing real safe. And therefore because you’re playing safe, you’re going to continue to think the same way. When we think the same way, that naturally leads to what actions we take. You’re going to take similar actions and therefore you’re going to get similar results. And so there’s these different stages of up leveling. And what we have to recognize is that normally the up leveling there is a very uncomfortable decision making process. Whether again, maybe you dramatically increase how much you’re spending on marketing.


Maybe you step out of your comfort zone and invest in a much higher level mastermind than you’ve ever been a part of, to get around people that you normally don’t have access to, to learn things that you normally don’t even know necessarily existed. Yet in doing so, to grow to the next level, you are going to have to invest at the next level. But the thing is you’re not at that next level yet. So it will naturally be scary, it will be uncomfortable for you. You might not have the cash flow on hand sitting in your business savings account necessarily to do so. And that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision. What that often means, given that you’ve done your due diligence and you’re choosing the right mentor for you, it often means it is the right decision. And so because of this, what you will see happen, and this happens with regardless of business model is revenue will fluctuate and cash flow will fluctuate because right before a growing season, normally cash flow decreases a little bit because you are opting to grow in the next season.


All right?


So this is very common guys, but I feel like new coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs haven’t necessarily wrapped their head around this concept yet. I remember it took me about three years to really understand this because I finally had a good chunk of cash in my business bank account that felt real good. So I was just very comfortable in life and and then I remember, okay, I stayed there for a moment and I really enjoyed that comfortability. And then I got bored, right? Naturally. That’s what happens to us. We get bored when we do the same thing over and over. So I got bored and I’m like, okay, I’m ready to grow and stretch again. And so I basically emptied my entire bank account and there was tens of thousands of dollars in there to join different programs, which put me in a position of being very be uncomfortable, but allowed me to be surrounded by a whole different caliber of entrepreneurs, develop or acquire a whole different level of skill sets. And then we just had a massive growth season after that where again, what happened to the business savings account is like the cash flow in there tripled, but it required making that very uncomfortable decision.


And so again, it took me years to understand this because I was like, why did I work so hard to end up with all this free cash flow, extra money? Why did I work so hard for that if I’m just going to reinvest it? Well, that is the concept of reinvesting, right, as you get the compounding returns with your reinvestments. And so if you are looking at a situation where you’re like, oh, I really want to do this, I really want to up level. But your concern is that while this would kind of empty or deplete the current savings I have, that is a requirement to get to the next level because you are investing as if you were already at the next level. And hence when you act accordingly and you do the work, the results catch back up to you. And of course your bank account and your savings account and cash flow will replenish. Doing the right work, taking action, being surrounded by the right people. But initially it is very scary and very, very scary to do. And so that is the concept of reinvesting and up leveling it and making decisions from the position of which you want to be, not where you currently are, right?


Because where you would like to be, most likely the investment you are considering, if you were where you like to be, that would be a drop in the bucket. But you’re not there right now because of the current thoughts you are thinking, the current actions you are taking. And thus it seems like a big investment. But if you were acclimated to that next level, this investment would actually be very easy for you to do. And so understanding that conceptually has always helped me out a ton when I get ready to make an investment in myself. Mentorships, masterminds programs, coaches, conferences, any of those types of things. I’m always looking at that because initially, what our mammal brain will do to protect us is it’ll say, this doesn’t seem 100% safe, but guess what? If everything you wanted, if you could get everything you wanted by taking the safe route, what that would mean is the entire world would have everything they wanted. And that’s just simply not possible, right? There’s not enough resources for it to be allocated where everybody’s a millionaire. There’s a reason why being a millionaire or whatever your thing is, is so desirable is because it’s very limited in supply.


And so in order if we just consider that conceptually, something that’s limited in supply has high demand, that means you’re going to have to think differently, act differently, invest differently, to put yourself in a position to have that. And so I love this concept, because when we look at the concept of risk in terms of growing your business, there has to be risk involved, because if there was no risk involved, I think everybody would be an entrepreneur. I think everybody would run their own business. I think everybody would work from home. I think everybody would probably just maybe only work two days a week, and everybody would make millions. But it’s not designed that way. It cannot happen that way. So we have to do sometimes we have to take those risks that the average person is unwilling to do, to put ourselves in a position to have results that the average person can’t possibly have. So I hope that concept is helpful for you guys. Just remember, making tough decisions is part of the game.


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