Turn your limiting belief into a superpower

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about your limiting belief because I know you have a limiting belief. I’m not good enough. I’m terrible on camera. I’m not charismatic enough. I’m too introverted, I’m too extroverted, I’m too loud, I’m too opinionated. I don’t have enough time. I have too many things going on. I have kids and they don’t. And that’s unfair. Whatever it might be, you have a limiting belief and I know you do. We all have limiting beliefs, but we’re going to be talking about how to take your limiting belief and to turn it into a super power. This is what’s up, family. Happy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to you. What are three things you are grateful for? We are so lucky to live in this day and age, right. For so many different reasons. But as humans look at all of the problems, objections, and things that are in our way, we have it really freaking easy, guys. And I’ll be talking more about this in another episode. But we have it so easy. We sit down in front of a computer and play on this thing called Facebook.


And that’s a business. It is a business. We’re so lucky I’ll get into that in another episode because I know posting content on social media is scary to some. What will our family and friends think? What a luxury of a problem to have. Seriously, right. I’m scared what my friends and family will think as I post onto this computer and this little social network thing, what they will think and say, that is the easiest business I’ve ever heard of, at least in this day and age. But anyways, I know it can be challenging for some. It was challenging for me in the past. We’ll cover this one in another episode. But today I want to talk about your limiting belief. I know you have a limiting belief because we all do. And here’s what’s interesting that I used to think that might help you out a lot with whatever your limiting belief is. Right. And your limiting belief, again, might be like, hey, I’m not charismatic enough to be on video. I don’t have enough time because I have kids and I have this. It might be that I’m too introverted. It might be I’m too extroverted, I’m too loud, I’m too opinionated.


It might be my hair is too curly, my hair is too short. It might be that I’m too tall or I’m too short. It could be I’m too old, I’m too young. That everybody has a limiting belief. I don’t have a big social media following. I have too big of a social media following. Like, there’s always a limiting belief. Now, here’s what’s interesting is you will conquer your limiting belief currently to introduce a new limiting belief. Do you know what are you talking about? How does that work? Here’s an example. My limiting belief used to be that I could not charge $2,000 per client. All right? That’s too much. Who has that money? I’ve never heard of that before. All right? Then got into a mastermind where everybody was charging way more than that. And I was like, wow, there’s a whole market for this. Let me do the same. Started landing clients. It leveled out. I was like, okay, $2,000 clients on the regular. Let’s go to $5,000 limiting belief. I don’t think that market exists. There’s no buyers. Nobody has money for $5,000. Started charging $5,000, people started paying it. Client quality went up.


I was like, this is incredible. Let’s just try $10,000, right? And it just keeps going. But your limiting belief will change, will evolve. Will it grow? We’ll adapt. If I said all that correctly, it will change over time. And so interesting. Let’s talk about your limiting beliefs for a second. And you’re probably like, I’m really curious. How in the world am I going to turn the fact that I have whatever it might be speech impediment into a superpower? My limiting belief is I’m not going to be good on social media because I have trouble getting words out correctly or I sound different than other people. That can be your limiting belief. That can also become how you are unique and different. Because guess what? Nobody can copy you. As long as you are yourself and as long as you own your imperfections. Own it. Own it with a smile and with your chest puffed out. Own it. Own your limiting belief. All right? It is literally the unfair opportunity and marketing angle that you have. Let me give you an example. Did this exercise with clients inside of our program recently. I’m not going to go through all of them.


I’ll give you guys just a couple here. And it’s such an amazing mastermind, a group of clients because everybody is so respectful of each other. But I led by example. I always do. So before I asked my clients to share openly what their limiting belief was so that I could help them turn it into a superpower, I first shared some limiting beliefs that I have had. All right. I gave the example of when I was twelve or 13 years old, that was kind of when I first figured out that girls like, tall dudes, all right? And so I was like, oh, crap, I’m short. Probably will always be short. How am I going to figure this one out? And so I remember I had a conversation with my dad about it, and actually my older sister’s friend, who was this dude about it who seemed very confident. And I was like, oh, he’s older. He’s an older teenager. He probably knows the answer to this. But around about way. They said the exact same thing. They’re like, oh, you just own it. They’re like, embrace the fact that you’re short and be more charismatic and be more confident.


And when the school dance comes out, be the first dude to grab the girl’s hand and get on the dance floor. They’re like, start the dance party. You can make up for it in other areas. And so I started going, okay, how can I play to my strengths? Where do I need to develop other areas and things that would be attractive to girls, so to speak, at this young age, right? Which was like the only thing you think about at that age. I kind of embraced it, and I started to, you know how it is when you’re in middle school. Everybody stands back to back. Like, how tall are you? Who’s taller? Let’s stand back to back and do the whole measuring thing with the hands. And so the girls would always come up to me and who’s taller and this type of thing. So as soon as I figured it out, at some point when somebody would ask me, how tall are you? I would say, I’m five foot sexy or five foot six, I would just start to absolutely embrace it. And then what did that do? What happens when somebody embraces their imperfections?


What does that do to your comfort level, being in their presence? If somebody has an imperfection and they make fun of themselves for that imperfection, what does that do to your comfort level around them? It makes you extremely comfortable around them because they are saying they are imperfect and that they are okay with it, which means that they are also okay with your imperfections. You can now be yourself around them because they are comfortable with people having imperfections. They just stated the fact they have an imperfection and they’re completely cool with it. So you’re cool as well. Nobody has to act perfect anymore in this scenario. Interesting how that works. Let’s look at stand up comedy here because I love stand up comedy, as you guys may or may not know. Right? Let’s look at some of the most famous and popular comedians right now. There’s a gentleman named Fluffy, all right? He’s a big gentleman, and most of his jokes are about being overweight, and he just makes fun of it. He goes, hey, guys, last joke of the evening, because McDonald’s is going to close down soon. It’s almost 03:00 a.m. And the crowd goes nuts and everybody laughs and so forth.


And then he legitimately goes and gets McDonald’s, and he’ll post it on social media and stuff like that. He is embracing the fact that he’s a bigger gentleman and he’s putting the entire audience at comfort for them, being confident in their own skin with their own imperfections as well. People are attracted to people who own their imperfections. Nobody wants perfection. They want happiness. They want to be able to be themselves and have things go very well while being themselves, but not having to put on a facade of being perfect. And so I can also go to Kevin Hart. Right. Kevin Hart, his first stand up tour, he makes a bunch of jokes about being short and the crowd goes nuts. He’s very open about owning his imperfection. I am short. I’m going to make fun of myself, but I own it and becomes the number one comedian in the world. Right. Based on that. Right. So I can go on and on The Rock because Kevin Hart has done a lot of movies with The Rock. Dwayne Johnson. Right. The Rock is really great. And here’s somebody right from the outside, you could just say, no, he’s perfect in every way, shape or form.


Big guy, good looking guy, muscular. He’s funny, like a million different things. Right. So what does he do to put his audience at ease and to show that he’s down to Earth? He talks about it and he makes fun of the fact that he’s clumsy because he’s so buff. And he will make comments like, well, you guys know, I have to go right now because obviously, I have to go to the gym because I’m a buff and dorky individual. He literally makes fun of himself for a positive habit that he has so that his audience is put at ease. So all examples of individuals owning their imperfections, when you own your imperfections, you put others at ease so that they can feel okay being imperfect as well as a human. And so circling back around. Right. One of the most attractive things you can do is own your imperfections. So whatever you think your imperfection is, I’m introverted. I am not that articulate on video or camera. How am I going to use social media to grow my business? Simple. You are going to be introverted. And if you consider yourself awkward or anything else, be all of those things on camera.


And most importantly, you have to call out the elephant in the room. So you start your Facebook live and you just go, hey, guys, this is the introverted mindset coach coming at you with a bunch of weird wisdom. Boom. You just completely embraced it from the start. And now other people go, yes, I can be myself right around. I’m introverted as well. Oh, my gosh, I think I have quirky traits as well. I’m going to embrace that. And now I just found my coach, the introverted mindset quirky coach.


That’s totally me.


That’s what I’m going to go to all of a sudden, this individual who considers themselves introverted and quirky. Right. Just took that and turned that into a massive advantage that somebody who is confident and outgoing and well spoken cannot duplicate. Right. Who is that introverted quirky coach going to attract and more importantly, who in the marketplace, right? Who is that audience going to choose, the confident, outgoing, well spoken coach or the quirky, introverted, brilliant coach that they more align with and see similar character traits with? An introvert is going to choose it. Most of the time they’ll choose another introvert to coach. So as long as you come right out of the gates and say that it becomes an attraction method, it becomes an unfair advantage where somebody your perceived disadvantage just became your biggest advantage. We did this with our clients. Such an awesome exercise, some of the limiting beliefs we went through, every single one with every single client. And it was amazing what happened on this mastermind call, because everybody was helping everybody out with the angles that nobody could see themselves. It’s hard to see the opportunity when you’re sitting in those feelings yourself.


But as soon as you gain the perspective from others in the mastermind and me leading this exercise, all of a sudden everybody just got so fired up because they’re like, I see my opportunity now, and boom, they have an unfair advantage instantly. It was absolutely awesome. So much fun. And it’s so important because, again, everybody has limiting beliefs, and they change over time. They can evolve, but they can be your absolute biggest advantage if you understand how to embrace it. And so, guys, whatever your limiting belief is, right, there is an advantage. There’s an advantage and opportunity waiting for you inside of that limiting belief. You have to do the work. You have to gain the perspective. You need to have outsiders help you understand what they are seeing versus what you are experiencing, because normally it’s radically different and opposite, but you’re going to need somebody to help you through that. All right? So that is it for this episode, guys. Just know, right? There’s no unfair advantage out there, per se. All right? And the way I will wrap this up in a nice flour tortilla as a delicious burrito, is this right?


I think it’s 99%. Why do 99% of lottery winners lose their fortune, their millions, that they won $100 million or whatever they win in the Lotto? Why do they lose all that money within three years? Right? It’s because they never had to fight for and learn how to acquire wealth and how to manage wealth. All right. So again, the reason I bring that up is because you might say my limiting belief is based on resources. I don’t have resources or I’m having to work twice as hard or I don’t have as much time. Those are all your advantages because you’re having to fight for what you want. And once you fight for something that you want, once you get what you want, you know how to fight to keep what you want versus the lottery winner who has gifted $100 million. They never had to fight for it. They don’t know how to fight to keep it. They don’t know money management so they end up losing it within three years. All right, same happens with professional athletes. So again if you’re going through the fight and the push or the limiting beliefs, be thankful for it because it’s building your character.


There’s also an opportunity there for you to use that strategically to a marketing advantage and to help more people, because whatever you are experiencing, most likely there are millions of other people experiencing and feeling the exact same thing. But the question is are you ready to help them and demonstrate your leadership by demonstrating to them that you are imperfect as well and that opens up an opportunity for them to feel comfortable around you? All right, so that is it for that this episode, guys. I hope that was helpful and we’ll see you guys soon.


Hey Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the secretsofcoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.

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