Nerves in Business

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.

In today’s episode, we are going to be talking about what to do when you are nervous and afraid in business. Maybe you’re nervous for that sales call. Maybe you’re nervous to raise your prices. Maybe you’re nervous to speak your opinion and voice on social media. Oh, my gosh. What will my aunt and grandma think? Let’s get into it right now. What’s going on, guys? Dinos here and I am super pumped up for today’s episode because I’ve been thinking about this one a lot recently. And that is the concept of what to do when you are afraid and what to do when you have nerves or you’re nervous about a particular decision when it comes to your business. All right. Now here is something that is super fascinating to me. Generally speaking, we as humans, right. As this human species, we have been taught that having nerves, feeling nervous, being afraid, we associate those emotions to be negative in almost all facets of life. When you’re nervous, you’re not comfortable. Right. It’s the opposite of being comfortable. And when you’re afraid, also, it’s generally speaking, not an emotion most people want to experience. 24/7. We associate those emotions with that fight or flight mode.

Generally speaking, it’s not necessarily a good emotion. Right. We don’t fall asleep per se if we’re afraid or nervous or anxious. Right. But let me say this. Nerves and nervousness and being afraid in business as it relates to growing your business is actually the best thing ever. And here is why. When you are feeling nerves, when you are feeling nervous about something, that means you are stretching and growing. All right? If you are afraid to speak on stage and you’re like, I’m nervous about this and you decide to do it anyways, good, you made the right decision. You’re growing. You’re stretching, right? You’re afraid to do a Facebook Live and get on video without your makeup on, without a cool background or whatever your thing is, right. Good. Do it anyways, right? You’re afraid to raise your prices. Guess what you should probably be doing? Raising your prices, right? That’s how you grow and you stretch. All right. I think this is a really interesting concept because again, normally what happens is we go, oh, my gosh, I really want to share this piece of content on social media. But what are my friends going to think?

What are my family going to think? What if a random troll comes out of nowhere and shoots me down? It’s going to be so embarrassing and all these different things, right? We play all these what if scenarios and the nerves start to formulate and then all of a sudden we’re nervous about it. And we don’t post it or whatever. And we spent 30 minutes actually writing this post or all these types of things. Right. And then we decide not to go ahead and do it because of that emotion, of feeling a little bit afraid. But actually, when you have that emotion guy in business, that is a telltale sign, you’re on the right path. You’re afraid to hire a new coach. You’re afraid to level up and go into a premium Mastermind rather than taking the low ticket courses. Good. That’s exactly what you should be doing. Because if you always do the same thing you have always done, guess what? You get the same results you’ve always had. So generally speaking, when you have nerves, when you’re nervous in business, it means you are stepping out of your comfort zone. You’re doing something you’re not traditionally accustomed to doing.

That means you are growing. And so what naturally ends up happening, guys, is what you become nervous about changes over time. Now here’s where it’s interesting. I used to think, okay, I can’t wait until I’m at ten K a month. I can’t wait until I’m at 20K a month, 40K a month, on and on, 50K a month, 80K a month. And at that point in time, I’m sure I will no longer have nerves or I will no longer be nervous because at that point I’ve grown so much. Everything. I must have figured everything out. Here’s the thing that’s interesting, guys. The nerves and nervousness never goes away. You just get used to enjoying the sensation and the feeling of fear, which is really kind of an interesting thing. You will start to really enjoy it. So initially, I remember I used to be afraid to do Facebook Live and I would get nervous before doing a Facebook Live. Now I love doing Facebook Lives. I will do them in my pajamas or whenever I feel like it. It doesn’t matter if I fumble over my words. I laugh at myself and nobody seems to care and notice.

Anyways, I just have a blast with it. Right? So you will naturally, right? You were probably afraid the first time to go snowboarding or to Skydive or whatever it is, get married or have kids. I’m nervous if I’m going to be a good parent. All these things, right. And then everything turns out fine and you’re like you’re used to it, right? It becomes easy, right. And so the nerves and nervousness won’t go away as long as you continue to push the envelope and want to continually grow your business. But what you want to do a quick little trick for you here is it’s all about just perspective. So as I grow and evolve as an individual, as an entrepreneur, and our business grows. Right. Different things are scary to me now, per say, compared to when I got started. Right. So the nerves and nervous systems don’t go away. But now I recognize that, and I take a different perspective. And I go, okay, this is a little bit nerve racking to me. I was interviewed on a really big podcast, a top ten Entrepreneur podcast. And normally I love sitting down and doing interviews.

I love chatting with people. I love being on video camera. I’ve come to really enjoy that. And I’ve developed that skill set and that muscle memory of being live and being on camera. But for this interview, it was such a big interview. And I was two spots after Tony Robbins had just been interviewed on the show. It was such a massive interview that I was actually nervous. And I was like, this is really cool because it was like a Wednesday and not all the time do you get to experience that sensation? And I was like, wow, this is a big deal because I actually have nerves. So I took a reframe, and I took a different perspective. What did I decide to do in that moment? I actually did a Facebook Live, and now it’s just in our Facebook group, seven figure visionary, a free Facebook group. Check it out if you guys haven’t already a ton of free content and videos in there. And I was in that Facebook group, and I did a Facebook Live, and I was like, guys, this is really cool. I’m nervous right now. I was like, I’m nervous because, like, in 15 minutes, I’m hopping on this really massive podcast that’s going to blast out to hundreds of thousands of monthly unique listeners.

And it’s right after Tony Robbins episode. So it’s going to be extra hot. And I was like, I actually have a little bit of nerves right now. This is cool. This is fun, right? Because who gets to experience that level of excitement in their workplace, right? Like, think about it. Like, if you guys are officially outside of a nine to five job and you’re officially an entrepreneur, we’re so lucky because I remember being in a nine to five job, and I didn’t get that sensation right. There was the exact same Excel spreadsheets and doing this, reporting for client, for clients and stuff like that. There was never a level of excitement where I’m like, oh, I’m nervous. This is exciting. This is cool. It’s a luxury to have that. So if you can take the perspective of, okay, this is scary. I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m so lucky because this is so damn fun. Then watch how all of a sudden your nervousness will decrease, and instead you just have fun. And so I still get nervous. You will still get nervous over time, different things. But what makes you nervous will just be bigger scenarios, so to speak.

But you will still have the nerves and nervousness, but you’ll develop this perspective where you’re able to go, hey, this is actually really awesome. Let me have fun with this. I’m really lucky to have to be in a situation where I get to have so much fun and there’s so much excitement around my business. All right and so the lesson there to guys take the reframe. If you are feeling nerves and nervousness about something in particular in your business it’s probably exactly what you should be doing because it means you need to grow and stretch into that area so that that becomes a norm and once it becomes a norm the nerves disappear right after you raise your prices after you five extra prices. At first it’s going to be scary and then all of a sudden you’ll just consistently sell at that five times the price point and all of a sudden it becomes easy for you and then once things level out and it’s become easy for you for a little bit of time guess what? Time to raise your prices again. Time to level up again. Time to get nervous again. All right, so that’s what I got for you guys today.

I hope that is helpful. That’s how you know if you’re doing the right thing you have nervousness maybe you’re a little bit afraid to do it. It’s probably exactly what you should be doing otherwise perspective is everything all right, guys? See you guys in the next episode.

Hey Dino, Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.

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