How to get better each day

Written By Dino Gomez

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You want to hear something crazy cool?


Alright, so here it is. One Percent Better every single day for an entire year is 30 times more improvement over  the course of the year. Now that is rad. And here’s why so many of us I’m guilty of this one for sure, right? So many of us, we want the next level to happen overnight. That’s something. Regardless of what space you’re in, by the way, we’ll talk about how this relates to your offer. Regardless of what space you’re in, everybody wants the result right now. Like speed is king. People want that’s why amazon’s next day delivery. And pretty soon it’ll be next hour delivery. They’re literally working towards that objective. But people always want things right now. But if you take a step backwards, I want to give you guys some space, some breathing room today, right? Take a step backwards. If you understand 1% better every single day is 30 times better after a year, then you realize there’s not as big of a rush as you may have thought. And so we’re going to dive into this one today. Let’s go.


This is a story of all about who am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


1% better. Every single day equals 30 times more improvement over the course of a year. All right? And so notice I said 1% better. So in other words, you are adding a little bit more effort each and every single day. But you’re not just killing yourself, right? You’re not working 15 hours, 20 hours a day. That’s not the recipe, right? That is the recipe for burnout, for health issues, for relationship issues, for everything else. All right? It’s kind of cliche, but slow and steady, right, wins that race. But that’s where the battle comes in. That’s where the mindset comes in. Because we want it right now, right? We always want everything right now or tomorrow. But what’s cool is you can alleviate a lot of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm from striving for your goals while still making the right moves to end up in the desired destination by just, by recognizing 1% better. All right? What that essentially means is to give you guys action items here something to focus on for the day or for the week. Otherwise, right, is where can I just get 1% better? All right? Maybe that’s just you know what I’m going to do?


I’m going to post one extra time today. I’m going to spend an extra ten minutes and get one extra post in today. That would be a 1% increase, right? The question is, can you do that? Like day over day over day? It’s that consistency. You get that compounding effect that will equal 37 times greater improvement over the course of a year. So rather than oh my gosh, I need to work 12 hours a day, every single day and on Saturdays, rather than that mentality, it’s micro optimizations and improvements. So how can I just get a little bit better each day? And when you look at it like that, you’re going to have a 37 times greater improvement over the course of a year. It should alleviate some of that pressure of having to have everything happen right now, this second per se. And so I really like that concept. That concept helps me a ton because I’m like everyone else. I’m like you.


Hey, I want it right now, I want it tomorrow. I want the next level right now, tomorrow. But when I grasped this concept right, and when I heard this statistic I was like, wow, is that cool? So then all of a sudden I readjusted my focus on hey, how can I get 1% better here today? And you can do this in all aspects of your life. How can I get 1% better with my health and wellness? Like one less cracker or one extra set up when I do my rotation at the gym? If you do that day in, day out over a year, it’s 37 times greater improvement. So cool how the compounding effect helps you in that regard. And so think about it like that. Go ahead as you look forward to today or tomorrow and just go, hey, there’s a cool little challenge for myself and this is something I can share with others that I’m doing this as well. Remember, take your audience on a journey. Let them know what you are personally working on. For me right now, one of the things I’m working on outside, of course, business is my health and wellness.


I’m optimizing for 1% better each day with what I eat and any type of physical activity I do. So I’m just going a little bit better. So I do a jog every single day on the beach just about. And then I do the gym four or five times a week as well. In addition to that, I have a pretty rigorous fitness routine. I’m kind of in that season where I’ve decided here I am like 35 and I’m like, you know what? Now that I’m like 35, I’m really curious. Can I tap into peak performance at 35? Can I have more energy, feel stronger, feel healthier, be healthier and stronger and all those things than I was when I was 22? I’m really curious. So it’s like a personal mission for me. I’ve been having a ton of fun with it. But the way I’m looking at it is like okay, I’m not trying to get into the physique form that I was at when I was 22, at age 35. I’m not trying to have that happen overnight. Even if I spent 24 hours consecutively in the gym and doing cardio, like, it wouldn’t happen overnight.


Interesting thing about fitness is that it naturally has the time delay built into it in that manner. So instead, I’m like, okay, well, I’m just going to do 1% better. And if I’m consistent with this, I should have about 37 times improvement in those areas of my physique, my health, my wellness, my energy by the end of this year. And I should be probably better than I was when I was 22, because when I was 22, I was out running around wreaking havoc and all the different things that 22 year olds do. So I’m very confident I can get there, but I’m going slow and steady. And so taking that approach alleviates me thinking, I just need to go super hard right now for a month straight and burn myself out in the gym and maybe even injure myself. It’s like, no, I’m just going to go slow and steady and get there. And so that’s kind of the approach. So ask yourself that question what can I do today to get 1% better? This will be fun. And feel free to bring your audience on that journey. It makes for great content. It makes you unique.


You’re basically telling a story. People love journeying with you, so there’s something that you can do from a content angle as well. But that is your prompt for today, guys, and or for tomorrow. It’s like, hey, what do I want to optimize? This will be fun. That is the mindset. That is the approach. That is the energy. That is the framework. Get after, guys. Let me know what happens.


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