Why I pay my mindset coach 16k ayear

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


In today’s episode, we are going to talk about something crazy. We’re going to talk about why I pay my mindset coach $16,000 per year. Let’s get into it right now. What’s going on? Dino Gomez, here it is, a gorgeous Tuesday afternoon here as I record this in beautiful San Diego, California, from the beach. And again, it’s just absolutely remarkable out. I have coffee by my side. I’m about to get in a workout. We just enrolled a new client into our mastermind. Things are good. Things are rolling. But you know what? It’s not always like that. It’s not always like that every single day. And this is precisely why I’m about to share with you guys why I pay my mindset Coach, $16,000 a year. I mean, the thought of that, if I go back in time ten years ago and that was like half my salary per se or half of what I was earning at that time, that seems ridiculous. What in the world can this person do? Are they a brain surgeon? Like, how in the world and why in the world does that compute? Does that make sense? Well, here’s why. Life, especially business, is full of ups and downs, right?


It doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re at in your journey. You’re going to have good days, bad days, good weeks, bad months, up and down, up and down, up and down. That’s the only constant is change and fluctuation. And thank goodness for the ups and for the downs, because there would be no perspective. Right. I like asking this question rhetorically. Right. But I ask this sometimes to clients and sometimes I ask this to others who reach out to me, friends or family, and they want to chat for a moment. Something’s going on. They’re a little bit of a rough patch, which is super normal. And the rhetorical question I always ask. Right. And this might help you depending on where you’re at in this journey, if you’re up right now, if things are going super well, that’s amazing. Keep that flow going. Keep that momentum going. But naturally, something will come along even outside of your control, that could potentially throw you off tilt for a second. Right. And here’s why this concept is so important. But the rhetorical question I always ask is, would you read a book or watch a movie where the person’s or the main character’s life was just perfect, right?


Think about it. Is there any movie that’s like, think about your favorite top five movies in that movie? Did the movie start with the person waking up and everything’s perfect and glamorous and it’s just perfect? They hop into their maserati and they leave their mansion and then they have a perfect day and then they come home and they do it all again and everything’s just perfect. You wouldn’t right? It’s not the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is ups and downs and ups and downs and so forth. Every movie, every book that you read, it doesn’t matter if it’s Harry Potter in that movie, right? There’s different moments where Harry and the main characters, they face struggles and obstacles. And that literally is the entertainment value that is life, so to speak, are the ups and downs. So you might be up right now and everything can be up and we’ll talk about controlling what you can actually control and so forth. But something is going to come along because that is life and there’s an opportunity there, so to speak, for it to affect how you feel and the momentum that you feel. And so I asked that question rhetorically to individuals who are in a season of their life or in a moment of their life or in an experience of their life where they are temporarily down.


Because when things aren’t going your way per se, you’re essentially writing your story in that moment because nobody wants to hear that you were just handed everything to you, that everything’s been super easy, that you’ve never made mistakes, that you’ve never had struggles, that you’re just this extraordinarily lucky alien who has everything that is just perfect, right? That is not relatable, because that is not the human experience. And so I pay my mindset coach $16,000 a year because there are days when I’m not motivated and there are days when I have self doubts and there are days when or weeks when business doesn’t flow super well. And on the contrary, there’s the opposite where I wake up with way too much motivation and drink way too much coffee and everything’s going way too well and things are way too easy and so forth. But again, there’s always the different swings and so forth. And so I pay my mindset coach $16,000 per year because of a couple of things like there’s nothing greater than peace of mind and happiness. If we break down why humans do absolutely anything in their life, it almost always comes back down to we take action and we do things that we think ultimately are going to be in our best interest or our family’s best interest and are going to make ourselves or those we care about happier.


If you ask somebody why they want to lose weight initially on the front end, it’s like I want to lose weight because I’ll feel more confident about how I look or summer is coming up or whatever it might be. If you ask them again, why does that matter how you look on the beach? Ultimately, it’s like, I want to be more confident. Why do you want to be more confident? Well, then I’ll be happier why do you want to be happier? Because it always comes back down to happiness. You don’t want to just grow your business to grow your business. You want to grow your business because ultimately the impact you will have on your clients gives you purpose in life and makes you feel happier and more at peace. And the profits you make allow open up other opportunities for you to take care of your family and to travel and to do amazing things that makes you happier. So it’s not that you just want to earn a certain amount of money. It’s that ultimately you think that will drive your happiness. And so I pay my mindset coach, $16,000 a year because the ROI is all over the place.


All right. I’ve only been working with this individual about four months now, but the direct business ROI already is over $100,000. It’s insane. I’ll give you guys a perfect example, right? Business is going super well again. We’ve had ups and downs in these past months. I’m always going to be super transparent. Every business has ups and downs. But we had some weeks where we were down and we had some really exceptional weeks and we had some great months. And we had months that were average. A month that was low average. And then another amazing month after that, and it’s going up and down and our business and things were super busy in a good way. Right? But nonetheless, I had an opportunity. I was invited to an exclusive mastermind event in New Orleans. I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. Has anybody here been to New Orleans? All right, let me know what to eat, what not to eat. That’s the thing I’m most concerned about is the wild food out there. I hear they eat crocodile. All right. But I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, all right? And boom, it’s presented.


This opportunity is presented to me on a silver platter to go to New Orleans where I want to go. I’m invited to an exclusive mastermind event. It’s not open to the public. It’s an inner circle. There’s no expenses involved beyond just paying for your food and board. In this mansion, we’re all going to be splitting the cost of the mansion and the food. And then we’re going to spend three days and we’re all going to share everything that we all know about anything and everything to help one another. What a dream scenario. An opportunity in a city I’ve always wanted to go to like that’s on my bucket list. And when the opportunity was initially presented to me, my first initial reaction was, things are too busy right now in business and in my personal life. And this is probably not the right time for it. Those were my initial thoughts. That is a limiting belief, all right? A limiting belief because I was thinking, I’m going to lose business opportunities, I’m going to lose other opportunities. If I carve out time to go to this Mastermind event. So sat down with my Mindset Coach, and I was like, what are your thoughts on this scenario?


Being invited to an exclusive Mastermind event with other amazing, positive, incredible impact, changing entrepreneurs in, like a bucket list city of New Orleans. What do you think about this? I’m really busy right now, as you know. What are your thoughts? And the response was, oh, my gosh, that’s incredible. Absolutely. And why wouldn’t you do that, Dino? And why are you telling yourself there’s not enough time for that? Do you know how many breakthroughs could happen from this going to this Mastermind event? You could come home with several new clients. You could come home with partnerships that are going to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could come home with opportunities that produce millions of dollars. Right? You’re going to be in this room of influencers and other incredible individuals. Why wouldn’t you do this? None of those thoughts somehow crossed my mind. I was just sitting here looking at my to do list and things, and I was like, no, I don’t have the time to do it. Right? It’s little things like that, right? That is why I pay my Mindset Coach $16,000 a year is because life can be tricky, it can be complicated, and we’re just one perspective.


But as soon as that different frame was presented to me, I was like, this is the easiest decision in the world. Of course I’m going it’s a business expense. I get to write off the entire trip. I get to meet a ton of incredible people and make incredible partnerships. There could be client opportunities. I might become a client of theirs. I might be able to refer them business. We’re just going to have a ton of fun. And we’re going to explore the city and go out and enjoy food and drinks and different things. I was like, why wouldn’t I do that? When it was presented to me in that lens, I was like, this is the easiest decision ever. But I did not see that opportunity. Because sometimes the opportunity, you’re so close to it, you can’t see it. Who here has lost their iPhone and it’s in their hand, right? This happens all the time. So this is precisely why I pay my Mindset Coach $16,000 a year, even if it was just that one piece of advice and I never spoke to them again. That already is an ROI. Because just from agreeing to go to this exclusive, invite only Mastermind event, one of the individuals that’s hosting the event reached out to me and I was like, oh, my gosh, we are so excited that you are coming to this event.


And we started chatting. We made small chat. We got to know each other better. A friendship kind of broke out online. And then real quickly, they’re like, oh, my gosh, I love what you’re doing. I didn’t realize you were doing that. That sounds amazing. Can I spotlight you to my audience of 50,000 people before the Mastermind event? Can I put you in front of my audience of 50,000 people? That relationship, that opportunity. Those things wouldn’t have happened if I did not say yes to this Mastermind event because I thought I was too busy to take just three days off. And I have been working real hard. I absolutely deserve three days off. And it’s for the purpose of gaining knowledge, connections and experiences that will better serve clients and will also help grow our business. Why wouldn’t I do that? I did not see that opportunity. Right. So that is one example precisely why I pay my Mindset Coach $16,000 a year. But beyond that, my health is tremendous. Now, from where it was just even six months ago, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m in the best shape. I’m about to turn 35.


I haven’t been in this good of shape since I was like 22 years old. All of these little things compound, right? And one of the major things I’ve learned is that your business is not separate from your personal life. I’ll say that again, your business is not separate from your personal life. Sometimes the best business advice someone can give you is to clean up your personal life, get your health in order, get your mindset in order, get your relationships in order, clean up your work environment, clean up your house. Don’t have it, be a mess. All these things are energetically going to change your performance, how you think, how you feel, how you act like all of these things. So sometimes the best business advice you can get is not based on strategy whatsoever. Most of your success comes down to your mindset and just how you view different opportunities and how you position yourself to get the support that you need to make the right decision. So when I first hired this Mindset Coach for a lot of people, they would be like, that doesn’t seem like a very great financial investment. I think it’s absolutely the best investment ever.


Because I’m always inside of my mind because I’m me. Right. So literally, this is an investment that is changing how I feel every second of the day. What amount of money is it worth? There’s nothing else that I could have invested in that’s going to change how I feel every second of the day. Because as long as I have control of my mindset and my perception of life and different things, then it’s always affecting every second of every single day. As long as I understand that opportunity exists now, you have that opportunity as well. Right again, mindset is hugely important. This is why I invest in it. This is why I also invest in having a world-class Mindset coach for our clients in seven-figure visionary is because oftentimes the best piece of advice you can get has nothing to do with the strategy. It has to do with your perception of your limitations. And in this example of the mastermind event in New Orleans, I had limiting beliefs around my availability and I almost passed up a massive opportunity. And so the lesson here, right, don’t undervalue your mindset, your energetics, how you feel, how you think, who you surround yourself with, your environment, the little things you do every single day.


All of this creates momentum, forward, or backwards. Life will hit you over the head. You will have difficult weeks, months or years. Right? But all of that is necessary to give you the perspective for those slow months where everything is going really, really well. And that’s something I can rant and rave about forever because I think the industry is just full of it with all this being flow, being flow, being flow. Because I see that and hear that constantly at this point in time, I’m like everybody’s talking about how easy it is. And it’s really a sad thing to be honest because it literally cannot always be easy. Billionaires Lose Sleep over what? Billionaires lose more sleep over money than you do about your financial situation. Why? Because when you have billions of dollars, everybody is looking to take money from you and taxes are extremely high. And if you let money sit in the bank, you basically lose a chunk of that value to inflation. All these different things. This is why billionaires are always having to invest. You have to be even more strategic and even more strategic with your money when you have that volume of money.


So again, it doesn’t matter where you are at in your life or your circumstances or your financial situation or anything else, right? There are always going to be fights that need to be fought. And it normally starts in your mind. So yes, it can be easy. And it will be easy when you embrace the times when it is not easy and you need that perspective and you oftentimes need somebody else that can help you through those particular moments. And so I highly recommend a mindset coach, particularly for that reason, because yes, flow is great. Flow is amazing and it can be easy. But guess what? There is a fight to create the flow. So again, I run my business. I run my business based on seasons. Because of this concept, I have two seasons per year. We’re in a growth season where we particularly sign a bunch of clients, grow the business, two seasons where we scale the business, put systems in place. Otherwise, I rest a little bit more and take care of my mindset and my well being and travel and do those types of things. But the reason I’ve designed my business based around seasons is because, yes, there are flow seasons, but there are also seasons for recovery.


And sometimes recovery seasons are when more challenging things might be happening in your life that are outside of business that you cannot control per se. And so that is what I have for you guys today. That is why you need to protect your mind. Be very careful who you surround yourself with and recognize that there are seasons to life and so whether you’re up or you’re down, so to speak, be grateful for it. That’s the main thing. Be grateful for it because it’s going to give you the perspective, it’s going to give you the story and so as long as you view it as okay, I’m creating the story right now, then you can relate to others. You can actually use that from a marketing standpoint and you could better serve your clients because they are also human and they will experience the down seasons. All right, so that’s it for this episode, guys. We will see you in the next one.


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