Nothing is Forever

Written By Dino Gomez

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So I was talking to my mindset coach and peak performance coach the other day and it was really, really cool what they said to me. They said, hey, Dino, guess what? You want to hear something rad? I was like, always, I live for rad. Tell me something cool. Give me opened up. What’s going on? And they said, what do you think about this? Nothing is forever. They’re like, there’s nothing positive that lasts forever and there’s nothing negative that lasts forever. So when you understand that and you can take that look at things and that lens, it might dictate, it might change the way you operate, it the way you think, feel all different things. And so we’re going to talk about that today, guys, because if you’re going through a difficult season, if it is winter right now in your life where things are a little bit more chaotic and whatnot, guess what? That’s not going to last forever. Summer is going to be here in a moment. And if you were in summer and everything is flowing and so forth, guess what? At some point in time it’s going to break and slow down a little bit.


This is a story of all about who am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


Nothing is forever. Such a fascinating concept. All right, so right now you might be like, oh, you know what? It just wasn’t it hasn’t been the best week or month of business, right? And that happens, guys. Every business doesn’t matter what business it is. Guess what? Because I love the concept of duality. Every business has a bad month. Guess what? Every single year it actually happens to every single business. Because if we look at the twelve months in a calendar year, there is going to be one month that was the lowest in comparison to the other eleven months. So even if your business is growing month over month over month over month or consistently isn’t on upward trend, when you look at twelve months, there’s going to be one month that you’re like, that was the low point of the calendar year. So perspective is so massive like that, right? And so when we look at this concept of nothing is forever, if you’ve had a tough month, that’s okay. That’s not going to last as long as you are focusing on your profit levers. We talk about this a lot with our seven figure visionary clients.


We give all of our clients three profit levels, which are just the only three things you need to focus on in your business. We have all of our clients focus on getting those three things done as quickly as possible in the morning. Normally it takes about 20 or 25 minutes, but we basically simplified growing a coaching business down to spending 25 minutes doing the three most important tasks. And then the rest of the day is kind of just client management and some other different things, creating more opportunities otherwise. But things can change really fast. So as long as you’re focused on the right things and you know what those things are, you will get out of your temporary slump. Again, everybody has a little bit of a slump at some point in time. Don’t worry. As long as you know what you should be doing, you will get out of it. Now, on the flip side, you can be crushing it right now. And when you are crushing it, do everything you can to stay in that flow. Journal what you are doing so you can document and have a nice process and system for repeating that, so that you can maintain that consistency to stay in that flow as long as possible.


But even if you do everything right, circumstances change, economies change, all different things change. You might have a team member that decides to take off and do something else and all of a sudden you’re kind of, oh my gosh, dynamics of your business has changed. I need to have another hire, another team member. Things are always going to happen. That’s the excitement of growing a business guy. And again, we have an opportunity here because when things happen to us outside of our control, again, your whole business could essentially be built on your Instagram following. And guess what? Your Instagram account is wiped out. That’s out of your control, right? But what is in your control is how you respond to it, right? And so control what you can, which is your emotions, your thought process, your thought process, and then also your feelings and the action you take, right? But again, even because things are out of our control, things will happen to you at some point in time and it will cause a little bit of chaos. That is okay, that is normal. It’s always about having the perspective and knowing, okay, here’s what I’m going to do to bounce back.


So as we look at everything, if this is a challenging season for you, just know that it is temporary. It is temporary. You’ve had a challenging time in your life before, you will get through it. And if everything is flourishing, awesome. Guess what? Enjoy the moment. Soak it all in. Document the process and so forth. And just know also it won’t last forever. I love that perspective. I hope that’s helpful guys. Make it an absolutely killer day. We will see you guys tomorrow.


Hey, Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos, and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five-star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.


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