Is this the Future of Video Marketing

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in three, two, one.

All right, guys, I have my coffee in hand. It’s been an amazing day so far.

I got up this morning. I went hiking with Kona. She is my black Labrador mixed little puppy. And then I dropped her off back at home. And then I walked across the street just a few blocks over to the beach.

And then I did a beach workout. And it’s just been an amazing day. And then I recorded a bunch of videos while I was getting my workouts in on the beach. And so that’s what I want to talk to you guys about today, right? Is the future of video marketing.

And there’s huge opportunities here. And I’m going to share with you guys some really cool, tangible tips and strategies. So we better dive into this one because we need to get this party started. All right. I am drinking an amazing coffee, and I decided to try a new creamer.

I just thought this was really important. So you guys should know it is the Snickers flavor, like Snickers, like the candy bar flavored creamer. And it is delicious. Now I’m normally pretty healthy with what I eat and try to avoid sugar and all the things. But I wear this cool fitness tracker called a Whoop, and it tells me all the things about my fitness and what not.

And considering how many calories I’ve already burned today during a hike and then a beach workout and then a jog, I think I deserve a little bit of deliciousness. So I have my coffee and my delicious Snickers Creamer in there. I even added whipped cream. So really important for you guys to know that stuff. Go try out.

If you’re a coffee drinker, go with the Snickers Creamer. My guess is they have it in the grocery store near you. It’s absolutely fantastic. Now, with that said, while I was out doing my hiking, it is a weekend. I normally don’t work on the weekends.

I suggest you don’t as well. But I have this wave of inspiration. And so ride the waves, ride the waves on days. Really take care of your body. There’s a famous cliche saying that says, when you are healthy, you have all the wishes in the world.

When you are unhealthy, you only have one wish, right? When you’re unhealthy your only thing you’re thinking about. The only thing you care about is gosh. I wish I had my health. And then when you have your health, you’re like, I want more money.

I want this. I want this. I want this, right. And our ego takes over, and we want all of the things. So take care of your body.

What that means ride the waves. If you’re having a day where you are feeling lethargic or whatever is going on and you need extra sleep, get yourself extra sleep. If you’re having a day where you’re feeling extra motivated and you don’t have other things per se, like ride that wave and work a little bit longer than you normally do. Ride the waves because it’s not set in stone. So that’s one of the things I’ve come to learn through my entrepreneurial career is because there’s been when I was younger, I was just go and would never give myself a break.

And then I would end up with a cold or something like that because I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m just not taking enough time to relax and have fun and do other things. So it’s really about riding the waves. It is a Saturday and hence the hiking and the beach workout and some other fun things. And I decided I’m going to record a couple of podcast episodes.

So that’s what we’re doing. And I’m riding that wave of having that inspiration. And then I’m definitely taking tomorrow Sunday completely off. But again, while I was doing the hiking and the cool things and I was out and about and by the way, do what you can to get outside. Recently, I’ve implemented every single day, a 15 minutes walk in the middle of my work day.

My creativity has gone through the roof. It is awesome. All right. So there’s one thing for you there go for a mini walk every single day. It doesn’t matter where you live.

If it’s cold, bundle up the cold air and all the things. Walk it in the snow or wherever you are. It’s actually really good for your immune system. Hence why a lot of athletes take cold baths. They do the ice bath afterwards.

It’s just inflammatory all of the things. So even if you’re in the cold, bundle up, get outside, get fresh air. It’s so important for you to be in nature. So many clinical studies back up, how your blood pressure decreases, your stress levels decrease when you’re in nature. So just go for a simple walk.

And the other thing you want to do is change the walking route that you go on. So go down different side streets, different neighborhoods. All of those different things will contribute to your creativity, your productivity, your energy levels, and ultimately your results in your business. Now, future video Marketing I’m out. I record a bunch of videos because I learned a bunch of cool stuff about video marketing recently.

And so one of the things that’s important to notice is we all know videos is important. Videos are important online, especially for marketing your business for several reasons. One, it’s the fastest way to build no like trust and relate to. And I always say that how somebody relates to you is so important, it can be more important than any of your other marketing things is if somebody relates to you. In other words, if you tell this cool story about your past and somebody relates to that story, they’re more inclined to like and trust you than somebody else who didn’t tell a cool story that they don’t relate to, who has slicker marketing.

How people relate to you is like, the biggest thing ever. Right? If you think about the friends that you like to hang around, the people you like to hang around, it’s because you relate to them. You have things in common with them, and so you get along. So no, like, trust and relate to the fastest way to build that up with an audience so that you move them and start nurturing them towards becoming a client is with video marketing, because you can do all those things very quickly.

They get to hear your voice, see you, your expressions, your tonality, all of the things they will begin to feel like they know you on the flip side for you guys as well. Right. When you watch somebody on video, you feel like you know them and things of that nature. So if you’re uncomfortable on video, the first thing I’ll share with you is perfect time to get uncomfortable because it’s the fact it’s the future, right? It does not mean you need to be charismatic.

It does not mean you need to be articulate. It does not mean you need to have on makeup. It does not mean you can’t be in a T shirt. Keep it as real and authentic to you as possible. People relate to that the most.

All right, so you wake up and you have your morning hairdo and you’re like, hey, I just want to do a quick video before I get dressed for the day. Do a video like that, show people getting your cup of coffee and teach them something cool or otherwise. Tell them a story. All right? Do not go for perfectionism.

Again, that’s not what people relate to, because that is not real life. So video marketing if you’re introverted. All right, be introverted. Be soft spoken in your videos. Guess who you are going to attract.

Those who relate to the fact that they are also introverted. Okay, so you don’t have to mimic somebody else’s style of video marketing or who they are on video, be you. That’s the best thing you can do. All right, so that’s tip number one be you. And even if you’re not good at being on video, that works to your advantage as well as long as you embrace it.

And as long as you rock it. All right. So that’s the first thing. Next thing, guys, if we look at all of the social media platforms out there, they’re all favoring micro content and micro video content. Every platform Instagram reels Tik Tok’s entire platform is built off of, like, second videos.

Right. Let’s see on Facebook, they now have Facebook reals, which are 15 second video clips, and they’re showing up more in the timeline. I’m seeing more at the time of this recording. I’m seeing more micro stories and Facebook reels in the timeline than just regular posts from other people. Pinterest started out as an image based platform where you could go in there, look at all these cool photos of all these different things and put together collections.

In other words, little mini magazines and whatnot of your favorite little do it yourself at home stuff. But on Pinterest, now you can upload video on LinkedIn you can upload video. All of these platforms they have the data, right? They understand what the users are absorbing, what they’re responding to, what’s getting the most reactions, comments likes, shares, watch time and all these things.

It’s video. So they’re all incorporating more and more videos. Even if they started 100% as an image based platform, they are now allowing video. And they are preferring video. So that is where the industry is headed is more and more and more video marketing.

And so you want to start doing more and more videos. All right. Now, what should you do in your videos? And how do you maximize the engagement with your videos, the effectiveness of your videos? How do you land clients from your videos?

Here are some best practices for you. All right. Generally speaking, you want to have an intro and an outro. All right. Intro real quickly, who you are and why somebody should watch.

Stick around to watch the rest of your video. Hi, my name is Daniel Gomez. Today, I’m going to be showing you guys three awesome video marketing tips. Stay tuned because we’re going to go through all three video marketing tips, and these tips will help you land clients. Boom, there’s my intro.

There’s why you should stick around to watch the rest of my videos. You’re going to learn three different video marketing tips to land clients. So it’s not only what you’re talking about, it’s the benefits of what you’re talking about, because not everybody wakes up in the middle of the night and says, hey, I want to become a video marketer, but people do wake up in the middle of the night and say, hey, I want to land more clients. So I’m going to show you guys three video marketing tips that will help you land more clients because that’s the end result they want.

All right.

So you want to make sure you draw in also the benefits of whatever you’re talking about. I’m going to show you guys today. I’m going to be talking about five different ways to increase the number of sales calls that you have so that you can land more clients, whatever that is tied together. Today, I’m going to show you guys three foods that are delicious to eat that will also simultaneously help you still lose weight, right? That’s the benefit delicious food and still lose weight, whatever they want.

So make sure quick intro. If it’s going to be a little bit longer video and then your outro. Hey, if you liked this video or if you liked these three strategies, here’s how you can work with me. Go to my website, send me a private message we want to have what is the next step? Make that very clear.

If people don’t know what the next step is, if they don’t even know that you’re a coach or consultant because you don’t say, hey, you can hire me, then they might not reach out to you to inquire about your services. Make it very clear if you want to hire me, guess what. I have a few more spots for a few new clients. Get in touch with me. You want to have the intro, you want to have the outro, then a couple of other tips for you there as well is that you want to have, if possible, you want to smile, right?

If that’s not really your personality, that’s okay as well. But people generally speaking, like other people that are smiling, you want to also have different tonalities. These are things that you will get better at with practice. So don’t be worried if you’re not there yet. But fluctuating your voice helps people stay engaged.

So if I start whispering right now, you know, this is something really important. So you start whispering, change your tonalities, go up and then you go down really good speakers. That’s why they do that as well. It helps to reel people’s attention back in. Also, props. Props are fantastic. All right, again, because people’s attention spans are so small. Don’t be sitting there like a statue. Now, maybe the first few times you do a video, the only way you can get it done because you don’t have much experience is by sitting there like a statue. And even if you’re reading off a script and it’s obvious, it’s better just to get the practice in, get the reps in.

But over time, as you get better, start to try and figure out. Okay, can I have props as well? Move around as well? All right. So if you don’t have props, just move around.

If I’m talking about my cell phone, I hold my cell phone up as a visual. If I’m talking about, hey, I might have a cup of coffee and I take a sip of coffee while I’m going through my training and stuff like that. But give people different things to look at rather than sitting there like a statue, if possible, if and when it is possible. All right, so that’s the next one. Use props, move around and then also try and record videos in different locations.

So what does that mean? Well, I’ve been saying this a lot, right? Voice fluctuation saying this a lot recently. Guys, get out, change your environment as much as possible. I’ve been doing these 15 minutes walks during the middle of the work day.

It’s incredible. Take different trails, different side streets, go down different neighborhoods and shoot video while you’re out and about. Because all you have to do is be walking down the street. And it’s so much more engaging to your audience to see the background and people passing you by on the street and to see the different houses you’re walking past and to see the snow and the environment you’re in. It’s going to build more connection with your audience.

They’re getting to know more of you. So you can shoot a video when you’re making your morning coffee. You can shoot a video while you’re eating your sandwich. You can change the environment as well, so people can have a chance to know you do a quick video when you’re hanging out with the family and have your little daughter or son say hello for a second. All of those things are, quote, unquote.

I don’t think we’d consider the children props, but we’ll refer to them in that reference. Right? Change the setting, change the environment, have different props, different things for people to look at and engage with while you’re doing your video. And then the last piece that we talked about is that all of these platforms allow for video. So you save the video on your phone and then you distribute that video to all of the different platforms.

All right. Give it a chance to get as much reach and as visibility by hitting as many of the platforms as possible because different people use different platforms more than others. So you might be really into using just Facebook. But guess what? There’s a lot of people who only use Instagram.

There’s a lot of people that only use LinkedIn, and so you want to still get your content and onto these other platforms where other potential clients spend more of their time. Just because you love Facebook as your social media platform of choice does not mean that somebody else only uses Instagram. All right, I see it quite a lot. So distributed to all of the different places. That’s what you want to do.

So that is the future. Guys, these platforms, these social media platforms are moving towards video. I forget the statistic, but I think it’s within the year 2025, the entire Internet will only be video. I will say that again. I believe the statistic in a roundabout way is by the year 2025, all the content on the web will only be video.

Very interesting. Of course there’ll be captions so that you can read it if you have sound off. But basically it will all be videos. So get uncomfortable now and get your videos going. There’s a few tips for you guys.

I hope that was helpful. And I hope you guys have an awesome, awesome day. Whatever you’re doing, make it an epic day because life is short. Have fun, do crazy things, get uncomfortable and we will see you guys in the next.

Hey, Dino Gomez here And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. Alright, and if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month, we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs.

All right, so that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one.

Bye bye.

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