I don't set goals, I do this instead

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in three, two, one.

What are you doing, my friend?

Why are you setting a new goal for yourself and with a specific outcome when you actually should be doing something radically different? Let me explain. Let’s get a little bit deeper. All right, guys. Now at the time of this recording, right.

We’re getting closer to the new year. All right. Now, it doesn’t matter when you listen to this episode, you could be listening to it in May or September or some other time, right? It doesn’t need to be the start of the new year for this to be applicable. What you want to do, guys, everybody’s all about setting goals, right?

And normally it’s based on a specific outcome. I want to grow to 10k a month. I want to grow to 30K a month, 50k a month. I want my $83,000 month cash collected so that I’m on track to do a million dollars in a single year.

And that’s what a million dollar business is. It’s $83,000 approximately per month. So you have those certain goals now, goals can be useful. All right. But let me go deeper and show you guys something that I’ve been using and that I think is the future of growing a business.

All right. And I’m starting to hear more and more people talk about this, and I find it so fascinating. It’s been working so well for me. But if you have a goal at first off, you shouldn’t be focused on the goal of I want $10,000 a month. What you should really be focusing on are the tasks required for you to have a $10,000 month?

Okay. So in other words, right. If your coaching package is $5,000, you need two clients per month, two times $5,000 is your $10,000. Right. Okay.

So you understand that? Okay. I need two clients per month. All right. Then what you should be looking at is okay.

What’s my closing percentage? How many people do I need to talk to to have two of them say yes. Maybe you’re closing for simple math. We’ll say you close at 50%. That means half of everybody you talk to becomes a client, which is awesome.

Okay. Now going backwards further, right. That means you need four sales calls per month, because if you have four calls per month, you’re going to close two of them, which is 50%. And then with a $5,000 coaching package, you will have your $10,000 a month. All right.

So now your focus should change from $10,000 a month to, hey, I need to have four sales calls per month. So now you’re breaking things down into a task rather than just sitting there saying, I’ll be happy when I have a $10,000 month. That is one of the worst things you can say is I will be happy when. All right. And I’ll talk more about that again in another episode of how the psychology of that works and the data behind it, because I studied the mind so much and productivity so much.

It’s so fascinating. It has nothing to do with actually setting your goal. And I’ll get into that more in the future. But now, rather than saying I will be happy when I make $10,000 a month, you have a specific task and benchmark you’re looking for, which is four sales calls per month so that you land your two clients statistically or on average. All right.

And then what you need to do is go, okay, well, how much marketing do I need to do to generate four sales calls per month? Where are these sales calls coming from? Whenever you have a sales call, one of the things you should be doing is asking them, how did you hear about us? Or was there a specific piece of content that led to you wanting to book a call with me? All right, get data.

All right. And get data. And then here’s another huge tip. The huge tip is that it’s okay to repeat your marketing message? One of the things you might be asking yourself is I’m just out of content ideas.

I don’t know what to say when I write a post on social media, I don’t know what to create a video about. I don’t know what to do in the advertisements. You don’t always need new content, guys, it’s really interesting. But who here has listened to Les Brown or Tony Robbins or whoever it might be, right? Whoever your favorite speaker is author is, if you’ve watched interviews with them on YouTube, where on all these talk shows or whatever it is, or if you’ve gone to any of their seminars multiple times, they give the same presentation over and over again.

All right. I was at an event recently, very well known speaker. Obviously, Tony Robbins was speaking. It was awesome to see him there live. It was one of the last live presentations he said he’d ever be doing because he found out that actually he can reach more and impact more people by just doing his conferences remotely and that people are getting essentially the same transformation.

But it was amazing to see him live. And the energy in the room was incredible. But I was sitting next to this nice woman and we started chatting and we connected really well. And she’s like, yeah, this is the fifth year in a row I’ve been doing this Tony Robbins event, and I was like, Are they different, or why do you keep coming back? She goes, Nope, they’re all the same.

He gives the exact same presentation, just about says the exact same thing, uses the exact same stories, has to do the exact same exercises. But she’s like, I understand that I need to continue to be reminded of these principles. And every time I come here, I’m reminded of it. And then I put that back into the action and I get results I’m looking for in my life.

And so I keep coming back because I need the refresher. All right. And so that is huge for you. If you’re trying to figure out, oh, my gosh. I need to come up with new content.

You probably don’t. Right. Once you’ll have enough content initially, and then you just continually repeat that content, reteach it over and over and over again. You’ll get better and better and better at explaining it at articulating it your audience will pick up things, right. Who here has read a book the same book multiple times?

Who here has watched a great movie multiple times? Why did you watch the same movie multiple times if you knew how it goes because it creates that emotion for you and that results for you or that entertainment value for you. And therefore, even you, as the consumer are not necessarily upset when somebody is repeating their content. Right? You’re picking up more things or you’re being reminded of something that you need to hear again because it hasn’t become ingrained in your subconscious or in the way that you live.

So you need to hear it again before you’re ready to take action. So that’s another side tangent. You don’t always need new content. All right. What you should be doing is on any sales calls that you have you should be getting data from your prospects or your clients. What piece of content really resonated with you? Why did you join? And when they tell you? Well, it was that one story you told about when you were a teenager, and it reminded me of my teenage years and my thing that I went through and I knew we would connect super well.

And that’s why I joined is because it was that story. If that’s the case, that story, you might have done a Facebook Live and told that story once. Tell it again. Tell that story every other week, over and over and over again because your audience is going to change and grow and evolve. And people need to hear the story multiple times.

And people forget. Think about how many different pieces of content you see scrolling through social media every single day. People forget your story and your content and your strategy and so reteach it to them because you know it converts. All right. Again.

So that’s what you want to do from a content perspective is figure out what content converts and then continuously reteach it. Now going back to the goal thing of I’ll be happy when I’m at ten K a month, not what you should be saying to yourself. Instead, you should be breaking it down into the actual tasks and KPIs, which are key performance indicators that you’re looking for. We have previously discussed you need four sales calls per month so that you close your two clients at 5K, which is your 10K.

All right.

Now you want to figure out, okay, how many pieces of marketing do I need or how many people need to join my email list every single month to generate those four sales calls. And now you’re working backwards, and then you go, interesting. Okay. Or maybe you have a Facebook group and you go, okay. Right now, there’s 200 people in my Facebook group.

And this past month, I got my four sales calls, and I landed my two clients and I had my ten K month. And so it’s like, interesting. Okay. So that means you need to add 200 people to your Facebook group every single month to get at least have four of them book a sales call with you.

So now you’ve taken it from needing four sales calls a month to now understanding, you need 200 new Facebook group members per month, because the 200 new Facebook group members will equal four new sales calls, which will equal two new clients, which will equal 10K. You see how we’re breaking this down. So now your focus doesn’t need to be on, oh, my gosh. How am I going to get my half my 10K month? I want my 10K month.

I’ll be happy when I have my 10K month. No. All you have to do is focus on how do I grow my group or my audience and add another 200 people this month? Right. And now it’s a simple equation.

So everybody over complicates how to grow your business. It’s really math. It’s just math. It’s doing the boring work because it’s not the most exciting thing. Looking at data, some of us love it.

Most of us don’t. I don’t love it. But it’s what grows your business mathematically. And so now you focus. Okay.

On how do I grow my audience by 200 people this month so that I get my four calls. So I get my two clients. That’s exactly what you want to be doing. So there’s that again. You don’t want to just have the goal.

You want to break it down into the actual tasks. All right. And then in addition to that, this is the juicy part here, guys, this is the juicy part. The main thing you want to ask yourself, all right. Is okay I need to grow my audience by 200 people this month in order to have everything else calculate out to my 10K month, ask yourself, who do I need to become in order to grow my group, my audience, my email list by 200 people this month. That, guys, is something doing a lot of research on a lot of individuals. That is the special secret sauce. Who do I need to become? Because if you’re at $3,000 a month and you’re trying to get the $10,000 a month you are going to have to become a different person in order to get different results, right?

Nothing changes unless there is change, right? So you cannot continue to do the same thing and expect different results. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Famous quote by Einstein, right. So who do I need to become?

What new habits do I need to have? Do I need to wake up earlier? Do I need to do video even though I’m afraid to get on camera? Do I need to not be afraid of what other people think and get more vulnerable and sharing some of my stories?

Learn to enjoy sales even if I don’t really enjoy sales right now so that I close at a higher percentage? Who do I need to become? What type of energy do I need to have? That’s the big one. Guys, what type of energy do I need to have?

Who do I need to become? Those are questions people don’t ask themselves. They just set this goal. I want to lose 10lbs. I want this to happen in my life and then they don’t break it down into tasks and they don’t ask themselves that main question.

Who do I need to become? Do I need to wake up earlier? Do I need to get more sleep? Do I need to start exercising more so that I have more energy? Do I need to eat healthier?

So I have more energy? Do I need to surround myself with others that are doing the things that I want? So I have more connections in the industry to premium, high ticket buyers. Do I need to hire a new coach? Who do I need to become to get these new results I desire?

What would the $30,000 a month entrepreneur? What is their energy like? What kind of person are they in order to produce those results? That is the question to have, because that is what you ultimately control. All right.

You do not control the end result.

You can only control your state, your state of being, your mindset, your energy that you give out. And I will touch on this on a future episode. So make sure you stay tuned. But there’s a lot of data that suggests you are actually more productive. You make more money and you are more creative when you are happy.

All right. So that’s why I’m talking so much about energy is because it’s scientifically proven that when you are happy, all of the things that you want multiply for you, which is why who has noticed this in their life before? Oh, my gosh. Best month ever of my life. Everything’s going so well.

I got this that happened for me, and then this happened to me. And this person did this thing for me I wasn’t expecting. And then I made this amount of money and then I had this cool experience. Why does everything happen like that? Where either everything’s going wrong or everything’s going right?

Why is it like that? How many times has that happened to you in life or just everything all at once goes wrong or everything’s going perfectly? What is the foundation of that? It is your state and your energy, because that is the only thing that you can control because you cannot control outside circumstances. You cannot control what’s going on in the world.

All you can control is you and your mindset and your energy and what you do with your precious time and how you think and this limited amount of time we have here on Earth. Right?

That’s something really big to ask yourself, who do I need to become to get these new results? And when you figure that out, it’s very easy for you to start making adjustments to become that new individual. And as the result of becoming that new individual, you will get those new results that you ultimately external results that you ultimately want. All right. Who do you need to become?

Massive, massive questions. And if you want more inspiration? Guys, I started this cool side project. I really started it for myself because I love doing cool things, but it’s called Daily Mission, and so reach out to us. You’ll get on our email list, you’ll see an invite to join Daily Mission.

There’s nothing for sale there. It’s for free. But every single day I send you an inspirational email that is designed to make sure that you are stepping into your greatest version of yourself and having the right energy and mindset to produce the results that you want in your life. And we have a lot of fun as an example. Like one of our Daily missions we sent out recently was, hey, go high five strangers today and see how you feel after the fact.

And there’s little hacks and things you can do in life that will continuously keep your energy levels at a maximum. And again, when your energy levels are high, think about when you get a really good night’s sleep and you just feel amazing the next day versus when you got horrible sleep, how the next day is for you, right? It’s important that you keep your energy levels high. And so that’s what Daily Mission is all about is us being able to help direct you to have this incredible mindset where you are actively seeking and creating opportunities for yourself energetically to get the results that you want to take a look at that.

Otherwise guys, main takeaway, ask yourself, who do I need to become? What kind of energy do I need to have to step into these 10K, 30K, 50K, 80K, 100K month that our clients are having inside of seven figure visionary or mastermind? All right. So that’s it for this episode. Guys, I hope that was helpful.

We’ll see you guys in the next one.

Hey, Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the secretsofcoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. Alright, and if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month, we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs.

All right, so that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one.

Bye bye.

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