How To Hit Your 12 Month Goals [Do This Not That]

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to hit your goals, your 12 month long goals, your New Year’s resolution as we head into 2021.

Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, we’re almost in the new year, and I know it’s 2020 at the time of this recording, regardless of when you are listening to this, I think this will be a very powerful episode for you guys.

This is kind of some mind medicine coming at you.

But really what this is about, guys, is how to hit your goals, whether and again, you can be listening to this halfway through the year, you can be listening to this in September or in fall or the winter or summer or whatever, really doesn’t matter.


At any point in time, you can decide, hey, I want to set a goal for this month, for the next six months, for the next 12 months, and completely change everything that’s happening inside of your coaching business, inside of your life, if you so decide to. So let’s get into this. I have so much cool stuff to share with you around this. And again, this is some mind medicine for you guys. There’s a couple of things I want to say right off the bat.

Like I’ll start with a little bit of a story. If you haven’t heard this one already. When I was 20 years old, I got when I was at college, I went way over the deep end with drugs and alcohol.

And make a long story short, you know, basically what I had to figure out how to do to get out of those bad habits was rewire my brain for success. And so I got really into studying the brain NLP human psychology, human behavior like all of those things, so that I could break these bad habits and change the trajectory of my life. All right. And so that’s kind of the back story here and why I know some of this stuff and ever since for the last 13 actually know I’m sorry, 11 years I’ve been studying this stuff consistently.

And it’s played a huge role in allowing me to have a successful online business and travel the world and just a lot of cool things. All right. And I will just say that a lot of amazing things have happened to me since I kind of had that, quote unquote, nervous breakdown when I was 20 years old and did all the crazy things. All right. Now. And just so you know, they were more crazy than the standard college kids, college students experience.

All right. I also say that for now, to keep it short so we can focus on you and how you can use this episode. All right. So I’ll just say that.

But here’s how you can hit your goals, guys. First off, there’s really three things to know, right? Because the statistics are something like this. I just heard this the other day.

It’s by January 15th or basically two weeks into after you have set a goal that normally you are no longer on track to or are continuing to do the things that you wanted to do to reach that goal. So basically, people normally have the willpower, so to speak, of two weeks. And but the thing is if you listen to motivational speakers and you read a lot of books around this stuff, willpower does not last forever.

It really doesn’t. So there has to be another reason why you decide to do the things you decide to do. Right.

And so to put this into context, really what you want to start off with when you are setting goals, quote unquote, or, you know, kind of your targets, I like to call them targets more than goals, because I think goals is kind of just overused and thrown around so much.

And I think it’s thrown around in the context that we know, like, I kind of hear somebody say like, well, my goal is to do this. And it’s almost like when you hear that now, I kind of hear like my wishes rather than my plan or my strategic game plan.

My map is to do X, Y, Z. When I hear goal, I almost hear somebody saying, like, my wishes. And again, I think that just goes it coincides with like the whole New Year’s resolution thing. And basically very few percentage of people actually hit what their New Year’s resolutions are.

So we’re going to talk about why that is and then how you can change what you actually do, heading into the new year or otherwise.

If you’re listening to this halfway through the year and you’re just like, man, I want to change the second half of this year or I want to change that next month, or, you know, a calendar year can start at any point in time, so to speak. Or I should say a 12 month period can start at any month at any point in time.

So here’s what you really need to do, is stop using the word goal and start using the word vision. All right. So what is your vision? First as really a three step process I like to use? Here is what is your vision for the next six months, 12 months? All right. As in what do you envision yourself doing and accomplishing and what are the byproducts of that? All right. And that’s step one is putting together a super clear vision because our mind works and it works in images.

And it’s why they always say a picture is worth a thousand. And words like your mind, like is able to comprehend things if you visualize it, if you paint that picture in your mind, your mind is going to problem solve. That is what the human brain does is the smartest computer system in the world.

So when you paint a picture for your mind, it automatically tries to figure out how to attain that. And so that’s step one, creating a super clear vision, that’s why a lot of people talk about vision boards and things of that nature. There’s a lot of scientific evidence behind that being an actual thing now.

And so start with your your vision of like here’s the end result that you’d like to achieve. All right. And then after vision.

All right. Because vision is just not enough, like we can all to sit down and in a vision, you know, whatever it might be, whatever on the tropics of the beaches, you know, and it’s not guaranteed to happen per say. So the next step is. But a vision is still important, right? You need to tell your mind. Paint that picture for your mind. Here’s what I want. All right. And so that your mind goes cool, OK?

I understand what it is you want and it can start focusing on that. All right. And there’s scientific terms behind why when you have a particular vision, you start seeing more of that. And in life, just like when you buy a new car, a new red Ford Explorer or whatever it might be, maybe I’m aging myself now. I don’t know, buy a new car. why it seems like every single other cars on the road.

It’s called reticular activating stimulation or something like that. But again, a part of your brain is all of a sudden noticing all of the same cars on the road. So vision is key for your brain, first and foremost, except now after vision, you have to have a Y and the Y is super important, as in. Why do you want that particular vision? Because your why is going to actually get you to continue to break the current patterns and cycles that you’re in to achieve your vision or otherwise your targets.

All right.

Because regardless of what your vision is of what you want to achieve and again, that could be growing your online coaching business, that could be landing, you know, ten clients, ten new clients every single week, that could be growing, a team that could be traveling the world, that could be losing 35 pounds.

That could be a dream relationship. Right. You first have to have the vision, then you have to have the why, but it’s not always an easy journey to your vision. All right. And so that’s why your why has to be really strong so that you power through. Right. Because sometimes to make your vision happen, you’re going to have to change because otherwise.

Right, if nothing changes, nothing changes. So all of a sudden you want some some bigger, grander, greater, you know, than what you currently have, so to speak, in terms of in relation, in terms of things. If we get a little bit deep, we’re getting kind of deep on this episode. As you guys can tell, this is mind medicine. But but yeah. So, I mean, you’re going to have to change.

So otherwise things are going to stay the same. So that means that it’s hard for humans to change, we like habitual habits and routines. And our brain likes that because it’s easy for our brain to do that.

So if you want something different, you’re going to have to do something different. And that might mean waking up an hour earlier every single day and going to bed an hour earlier every single night. All right.

And that is not going to be enjoyable because maybe you’re used to watching your favorite TV show, you know, late night TV show or something like that or Netflix or whatever it is. Right. And then all of a sudden, you’re cutting away that Netflix time so that you can go to bed earlier, wake up earlier. Do you have an extra hour to your day? And that would be difficult to do, but if you have a strong enough Y for which to do it, then you’ll actually go ahead and do it because you, you have that vision, but you have to have the Y.

So in other words, OK, my coaching business lets you know you might be talking to yourself and let’s just say you’re coaching business is currently doing ten thousand dollars a month and you’re like OK, I want to grow to a million dollars this year. All right. So you basically are looking to 10x your coaching business. All right. In order to have basically to reach a million dollars a year, that’s about three thousand dollars a day of revenue that needs to come in.

And so, you know, mathematically, you can work that out. And so you go, OK, I need to make three thousand dollars a day to get to a seven figure run rate and otherwise have a million dollars a year. Now, things are going to have to change for you to evolve from a ten thousand dollars a month coach to a million dollar coach. All right. And it might require you, again, going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.

And again, I’m not saying that it’s that perfect sleeps schedule or anything like that, like waking up early, but it’s going to require you to change what is going on in your lifestyle and who you surround yourself with in your business, who you invest with, what the things you do, how you prioritize your time, all of those things. Right. So some things are going to have to change.

And so you have this vision, OK, I want the million dollars, but why do you want the million dollars?

All right. Because if it requires sacrificing, you know, Netflix for extra sleep or to just wake up earlier to have more productive time. Right. Statistics show within two weeks you’re going to be like, nope, I’m back to Netflix. So your Y has to be really good. Why do you want a million dollars just to say I made a million dollars? Or is there some other reason, like I want to donate and create a nonprofit or no, I really want to buy this particular dream home and provide for my family?

Or do I really want to take care of my parents that are going into retirement or whatever it is?

It has to be really, really strong or otherwise you’re going to be one of the statistics that just had a goal and after two weeks is now back to normal. All right.

So stay with me here. Are you guys following along so far? Right. We have. First, you have your vision because the mind likes images and can really understand images in your heads. You want to really, like, have a clear vision of be able to, like, see it in your mind what it is you want. But after that, then you have to have the why. Why do you want it?

That’s going to help you power through the difficult times or the changes that are required to get you to your vision.

All right. And that might be like, OK, if I get to a million dollars, I’m going to need a team. It’s going to be hard to be a one person coach and do all the sales calls, do all the actual coaching, do all the actual marketing, do all the actual finances and build to a million dollars. You probably going to want to need an accountant. You’re probably going to want to hire somebody to do sales for you on your team.

You’re going to want to do all these other things to get you to a million dollars. So that’s going to require growth. And you learn a new skill sets and doing new things and letting go of wanting to do it all in your business. And when you have that resistance, yes, I want a million dollars, but you have the resistance.

You’re going to hold on to it unless you have a strong why like, no, I really want to have enough money for our kids, you know, educational, you know, or whatever it is, you know, legacy passed out money to them, have them be taken care of, whatever it might be. Right. So you’ve got to have your Why. So first vision, then your why your Why is going to power you through the resistance to get you to your vision.

And then after that, the third part, once you have your Why, you’re like, OK, now I know for sure that I want this particular thing and here is why I want it. And that’s why is super strong and powerful so that you’ll do all the tough things now that you have that. The third and final piece is who do I need to become to basically create that vision? So in other words, OK, if you’re currently making ten thousand dollars a month, you’re like, no, I want to 10x my business this year and make it a million dollars coaching business.

All right. What’s my why? Why is that? I want to retire my parents and buy them a nice home and not have them have to worry about finances as they grow older. OK, now you have a really strong why to build a million dollar business rather than the next piece. It’s like, OK, what does a millionaire do that I’m not currently doing at ten thousand dollars a month? And you start looking at what you do on a day to day basis.

Well you know, you start maybe tracking your time.

Wow. As it turns out, I spend three hours a day on Facebook and two hours of those of that time is watching other coaches do Facebook lives. Right. When I should probably be the one producing the Facebook lives. I’m the one watching the other Facebook lives. Right.

Maybe all these little things you’re doing? I spend thirty minutes a day actually driving out of the way just to get my Starbucks coffee. is that really necessary? are you willing to give up the Starbucks coffee? So you have thirty minutes a day back, which by the way, thirty minutes a day compounds to one hundred and eighty two hours a year. So where can I save thirty minutes a day to have an extra one hundred and eighty two hours a year so that I can be that much more productive in my business so that I can actually make the million dollars so that I can actually take care and retire my parents. Right. See how that all works together.

So who do I need to become is the last step. Right, because you’re going to have to evolve and change as an actual entrepreneur, as a coach, as a human, and in order for the results to change in your business or the results to change your life, if you’re particular target is to lose, you know, fifteen or thirty pounds, then. Right. You are going to have to change and prioritize things. But you will cave in to the pizza in the late night snacks.

And the drivethru, and skipping the early morning gym session, right, unless you have a strong enough why, like, nope, I want to lose 35 pounds because I want to be around to see my kids get married. so many different scenarios we could go through here. But that’s the premise there, guys, is that it’s really a one, two, three. It’s like vision first, which is why we named our mastermind seven figure visionary.

That is the first domino. And then it’s why. Why do you want that particular end result? Right. Like if you want a million dollars just to run around and say, I want a million dollars, it’s not going to be strong enough motivation for you. You’re not going to power through the adaptations and changes that you’ll need to make to get there. All right. And so you’ve got to have a strong why. It can’t just be I want a million dollars to have the two click funnels award.

Right. It’s got to be. Nope, I want it because, it could be that you’re super competitive and I want to show other people that I was able to do it. I want to proof my haters wrong. That will be strong enough motivation for you. It could be that I want to take care of my parents. It could be a million different things, but it’s vision.

Then why do you want your vision to help you through the metamorphosis, so to speak? And then it’s who do I need to become to make all of all of those things come true?

Because it is going to require change. All right.

So that’s the one, two, three guys of how to hit your targets. Not going to call them goals because, again, I don’t know about you, but when I hear somebody around the new year say this is my goal, I go, all right, I’m guilty of it, too. I’ve done that so many times in my life, have been like, yeah, my goal is this.

And like and then I have no actual. I don’t sit down and go, why do I want that goal?

And who do I need to become to get to that particular target? Right. Like what is my target? What’s my vision? What’s my target?

Why do I want that and who do I need to become? Those are the three steps there, guys, and that will help you dramatically. So instead of just saying I want to make this amount of money this year, make sure you have a why, right.

You have your vision and then why and then final step is to go full circle. Here is who do I need to become in or who do I need to surround myself to force me to become that individual so that I reached my ultimate vision. All right. So that’s what I got for you guys today. A little bit of rant on some mind medicine and some thinking and some deep things. Again, you can use this regardless of what time of the year you’re listening to it.

But as I record this, we are approaching the new year of 2021. And so I thought this would be timely for our active listeners right now. But again, use this consistently in your life. In another episode, we will go even deeper down the rabbit hole and talk about how you can break down your actual targets into tangible bite size daily activities to then have a basically mathematical strategy to grow in your business. All right. So that is it for this episode, guys.

As always, keep doing. You have an absolute blast. Thanks for hanging out with me.

We have a lot of other cool stuff coming up in future episodes.

Hey, Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the secretsofCoaching.Com for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right.

So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one, Bye bye.



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