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Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


Have you ever thought to yourself, how in the world do they have better results than me? I’m so much better at XYZ than them.


How are they beating me? This is not fair. I have heard this and I see this online and on social media consistently. And I’m going to break this down. Why?


This is actually the best opportunity in the world for you. If you ever feel like and are thinking to yourself, how do they have that result when I deserve that result more, here’s precisely what you should do. Let’s get into it. It was interesting. I was talking to a client the other day and they’re doing really well.


And so they were curious. They’re like, do you know, how is that other person doing better than me?


Using power questions to help our clients work through different things? Because ultimately, normally the answer exists within you. You just haven’t asked yourself the right questions or taken the right frame on a particular situation. So they asked me the question, do you know, how are they doing better than me? What are they doing?


I feel like I’m personally stronger at this particular thing than they are, but they have the results that I desire. I like my progress, but they have the results that I desire. What’s the difference now? That is a normal human thought process and or emotion initially until you understand conceptually the opportunity here. All right, so if you’re looking around and this often happens with newer entrepreneurs, maybe you’ve been in the space a year, maybe two years, and then somebody comes into the space and they’ve been online for like two months, and all of a sudden they have the results that you want in two months.


And you’re like, how did that happen? I’ve been grinding at this for two years. They’ve been online for two months. They have the results that I want, and I have more experience than them having been here for two years, how is this even possible? And so forth.


And normally when that happens, that’s like a negative state of energy. That’s a comparison which you do not ever want to do. It is normal. We all do it right. But you want to catch yourself when that happens.


Like you want to snap your fingers and be like, no, not comparing myself to someone else, right? Only compare yourself to yourself because everybody has different resources, different previous experiences and different life scenarios and so forth. For example, somebody could have been a sales rep for ten years and you’re wondering, how do they just start their online business? And they’ve already closed so many clients, they might have just started their online business. But for ten years, they were practicing the art of sales.


So it’s going to be easy for them to close clients. They’ve been doing this actually over ten years. And you’ve actually only been doing this two years. Right. But you don’t look at the backstory, you don’t look at resources that they have that you might not have.


There’s all these different factors. Right. So you have your advantages as well. With every perceived disadvantage. There is an advantage.


But that’s one reason why. All right. Now when you find yourself going, how do they have the results that I want? And I feel like I am better than them. When you say that to yourself, catch yourself, snap your fingers, and then just be like, good.


Now I’m ready to actually play at my full potential because when you say they have the results that I want, but I am better than them at a particular craft. What you are saying essentially is that I have the ability to outperform them and get even better results than them. I’ve just decided not to play the game yet. That is the opportunity there from a mindset perspective. Because you are literally affirming that to yourself.


Right. Why do they have better results than you? Probably if they’re not as good at the craft, whatever that might be, they probably have better results because they’re implementing better than you are at that craft. Right. And so you’re playing at 10%, they’re playing at 70%.


If you actually played at 100%, you would probably smash them. Right. This is an opportunity. Whenever you feel that way, rather than get upset or frustrated or confused or anything else, just be like, good.


I’m not even playing at my max. I’m not even going full speed. And I need to identify why. That’s the next question. Why am I not playing at 100%?


What do I need to change so that I play at 100% so that I get the results that obviously the market always tells like, this speaks the truth. So as long as you find a way to play, you’re 100% and you truly are better than them at the craft you say that you’re discussing, then you will ultimately come out on top. That’s it. So it’s an opportunity. It is an opportunity.


And so again, rhetorically, I was speaking to this client and they’re like, no, I know I’m better at them than this. I just don’t understand, like, why I’m not getting the results. They’re simple. If they’re not as good as you know, they’re just implementing more, they’re taking more imperfect action. That’s really essentially it you can be the best basketball player in the world.


Leave it to me to go to a sports example. Right. But you can be the best basketball player in the world. But if you don’t shoot the ball, you’re not going to score any points. Therefore, somebody who’s a terrible basketball player, if they come on the court and they take 100 shots.


One of them is probably going to go in. They’ll have two points. You’ll have zero. That’s just it, right? So next time you feel that way, right, helping you overcome a limiting belief, it’s just that you’re not accessing your full potential and you’re probably not taking the right action and it’s probably this your mindset and I know it’s your mindset because we’re discussing this again.


I wanted to follow this one up to the previous episode of why I pay my mindset coach $16,000 a year. It’s for this precise reason, right? Obviously, for sure there’s going to be something on the strategy and implementation side, but it’s probably that their mindset is stronger than yours around a particular topic in this moment in time, not forever, but in this moment of time. And therefore that is why you are better than them. But they are getting better results than you, right?


So it’s your mindset, right? And so think about that one for a moment. Sit down with that one for a moment. Ask yourself take out a pen and paper and write down and ask yourself where am I not showing up 100%? Because that’s most likely.


And why am I not showing up 100%? Tackle those things. You will begin to show up 100%. It’s only a matter of time before you will pass the individual who you are more talented than in this regard. All right, so short episode one to get that one out because I think that one is so fascinating by mere concept of you asking that question.


It is a mindset related issue. Why are they getting better results than me if I am more talented? That’s a mindset issue. And so it might not seem like it, but it’s precisely what that is. All right, so hope this was helpful, guys.


We will see you in the next episode.


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