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Written By Dino Gomez

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This is a cool concept, but if I could just flawlessly master one skill to help me grow my business and essentially do anything, it would be learning how to communicate at an entirely different level, communicate well with different people. If you can master communication, watch how much your business grows. I’m going to break this down. You guys are closer than you think to the results that you desire. It comes back down to this one concept of communication. Let’s take a peek at this.


This is a story of all about who am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


All right, guys. So it sounds like a boring topic, right? Communication? We’ve heard it a lot before. We normally hear it in reference to relationships, right? Like, potentially romantic relationships is all about communication, and absolutely. But in business as well, it is about communication. And let me break this down because I think this is again, you know me, I like to nerd out on concepts and perspective, but really the magic, because we oftentimes think that it’s a magic platform, a magic technique, a magic marketing strategy. More so, beyond all of that is the fact that it’s just about communication, guys.


All right?


So that big name individual that you follow, who has the results that you want, the lifestyle that you want, any and all of those things, or that’s landing all the clients that you want, they’re on the same platforms as you, all right? Guess what? You have access to Facebook, and they’re on Facebook. You have an Instagram. They have an Instagram. You might have a TikTok. They have a TikTok. So it’s not the platform.




We all have access to these free social media marketing apps and things and widgets and software. It’s not the software. It’s not the app. We all have access to it. So then what is the difference between somebody who’s growing ten times faster than you and has ten times as many clients? What is the difference? If we’re all on Instagram and we all know how to use Instagram, what’s the difference? Why does somebody have 100,000 followers rather than the 100 that we have? The only difference is they know how to communicate a clear message and provide value to a specific audience. That is it. It is their communication that makes an Instagram page worth following oftentimes. And it’s their communication on Facebook, on video.




It’s not the funnel. I’ve heard this one a ton. I’ve had a couple of people ask me, okay, how do you become a two comma Club Award winner with click funnels? What is there, like, one secret thing you can attribute that to? Having done that a few times, and it is not the funnel. Now click funnels. Love russell Brunson and the gang over there. But ClickFunnels does an amazing job communicating their value. They package their value by saying, you are just one funnel away. Let me tell you, having won the awards and the different things, guys, it’s not the funnel. ClickFunnels has 150,000 users. 150,000. I think it’s 1000 users have won a two comma club award. So the percentage of people that have a funnel built but have made a million dollars through that funnel is under 1%. It’s not even 1%. It’s a fraction of 1%. So if the recipe was actually all you need is a funnel and millions of dollars will come in, then I think 150,000 users, I think they would all have made millions. But that’s not the case. It’s like 1%, which means it’s not the funnel. Actually, it is, because we all have the ability to build a funnel.


What it actually is, is how you communicate inside the funnel of what you say and do in your videos that are in your funnel, what you say and do on your landing pages, on your sales pages. The articulation and communication of your value is ultimately what is most important. Now, this is super, super cool, because what it means is that we just need to learn how to communicate, right? And a fancy way for well written words that communicate a message online. We normally refer to that as copywriting. All right?


So copywriting is an incredible skill set to have because it means you have the ability to deliver a story, articulate your value, deliver a message, not only gain attention, but keep attention through your message as well. And so that’s why copywriting is a very valuable skill set to have. And in the audible version of that is your ability to articulate through spoken words what your value is and how you can actually help a specific audience. All right, now, so when we sit down and we’re sitting here and we’re looking forward to the next three months, because I like to look at everything in quarter increments and so forth, if you were looking at a 90 day sprint for yourself in terms of, okay, I want to grow my business in this fashion, or I want these things to change in this area of my life. Realistically, if you can break it back down to how can I better communicate my value? That is ultimately where a lot of your time should go. Because if you can master that, you will start to differentiate yourself from the masses, from the competition and people. You will notice that sales become easier if you do your own sales calls or somebody that is very good at sales.


They are just master communicators. They’re really good at listening, which is part of the skill set, and they’re very good at articulating value as well. And so that is such a cool concept to me because I think oftentimes in our heads, we build up that we have to learn something very technical or we have to be real good at writing code. I always thought, oh, my gosh, if I’m going to be successful as an online entrepreneur, I probably need to learn how to code software’s and do the different things. And that’s a whole different skill set. That’s incredible to have. I do find it fascinating that artificial intelligence is kind of getting rid of the need to be able to even know code. I think that’s a whole different conversation point. But ultimately, guys, it’s just like, hey, how can I better communicate? How I can serve my audience? So if you can get better at that, you will land more clients. And those that flourish online are very good at communicating how they can solve your problems, either in written text, which is copywriting, or verbally through video. Because again, we all have the ability to do a video and post it on the Internet.


Everybody can post and upload a video to YouTube, right? But what makes your YouTube channel valuable so that you gain subscribers and convert those subscribers into clients is what you say and do in the video. Right?


It’s mostly the communication aspect of it. So from that perspective, guys, all we have to do is is go. Okay, let’s let me look at my current offer that I have for my services. All right?


Now, your offer, I think a lot of people get this one wrong. Your offer is in my book. Your offer is broken down into two components. I have not really heard anybody say it in this manner before because oftentimes we think of when somebody asks you, hey, what is your offer? You are likely to say, well, my offer is this, right? You pay me this amount of money and I will give you XYZ, XYZ, XYZ. Pay me a certain amount of money. You get access to videos, weekly call, Facebook, group, and this PDFs, right? So we normally look at what an offer is based on deliverables, like what you are delivering to the customer. I would like to argue that your offer is broken up into two main components. Component number one is absolutely the deliverables. What does the customer get when they pay you? Money.


All right, so that’s part one is like the actual deliverables and there’s value inside of what the deliverables are. But beyond the deliverables is the other half of the equation, which is how you articulate and communicate the value of your deliverables. And that changes everything because you can deliver one coaching call per week. All right?


And let’s break this down. That’s a deliverable one coaching call, group coaching call per week. All right, now, there might be 10,000 coaches who deliver one coaching call per week. What’s the difference between the absolute best coach and all the rest? Well, the difference is they’re delivering the exact same thing, one coaching call per week. But the articulation of their value is substantially more probably because of their experience, their reputation, their results, and otherwise. What they are promising, they will help you achieve by attending their one call per week. All right?


And so if you’re looking at your offer and you’re going, dang it, dang it, it brings me back about 25 years. But if you’re looking at your offer and you’re like, Dino, I don’t understand it. I feel like I have a great offer, but nobody’s buying the second component, and the opportunity is probably for you to look at. Okay. Am I really articulating how awesome and how much value is inside of my current offer? Right.


That is the presentation of it. So I like to give the metaphor of when you go out to a nice restaurant and you order food, the food is the deliverable. The presentation is how good the food looks. And whether you decide you actually want to order it based on the photo on the menu. That’s a big part of it. So, again, think of that in terms of your offer. And just remember, guys, as you’re sitting here rattling your brain, trying to figure out, what can I do to actually grow my business, just remember, oftentimes the answer is wrapped around how you are communicating your value and your ability to actually help your prospects.


Hey, Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the secretsofcoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos, and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five-star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.


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