I Told My Client This and Then She Made $60,000

Written By Dino Gomez

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I gave my client an ultimatum, I told her, do you want to make money or do you want this coaching business to be a hobby? And then in her third month of online coaching, she made 60 grand. Let’s talk about it guys.

 Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of coaching podcast where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, this is a good one, so this is a true story. All right. And this is what happened. I had a client will just name her, Sandra.

OK, we’ll just go a standard now for client privacy reasons.

But Sandra started her coaching business. She joined our mastermind, a seven figure visionary that helps coaches scale to multiple six figures and then to seven.

And she was a new coach. All right. And and so she came to me and, she kind of had her niche picked out and whatnot. And so we one of the first things we do right inside of our mastermind is we help coaches immediately put together a cash injection strategy.

All right. And that basically means real quickly, when somebody commits and they say, yeah, I want to join your mastermind, we work with them ferociously to to change their messaging, upgrade their marketing, all these different things, and help them real quickly generate a bunch of income back into their business by refining a lot of different areas of their coaching business and their marketing and their sales and those types of things. And so right away with Sandra, I’m looking at her stuff and I go, you know what?

I don’t think you’re niche down enough. I don’t think and because of that, I think your messaging is off. And because of that, I don’t think you have a brand because of that, it’s making your marketing more difficult, like you don’t have a specific avatar. And then because of that, you’re not able to build a connection with your audience as deeply as you could, as if you were niche down further and you won’t be able to speak to them in a certain manner.

That is exactly what they’re looking for. Because you’re so broad with your audience.


And so at the time, Sandra was serving men and women and she had a Facebook group going, I think there was eight hundred or a thousand members in her Facebook group, both men and women.

And so this is the conversation that I had with her. As I said, Sandra, you need to only work with women.

And her response was hilarious.

She was like, there’s no way. She’s like, there’s absolutely no way. She’s like, I don’t get along with women. She’s like, I don’t like women. They don’t like me. She’s like, you know, she has this whole thing. She’s like, since I was a kid, like I just never had friends that were girls. Like, she’s like, that’s not she’s like, no, I, I don’t want to deal with with women.

I prefer to work with men specifically. I get along with men and communicate with men better. And I was like, Sandra, you’re working with women only and that is it.

And and this is one of the things guys, this is why you hire a coach, because a lot of times you will make decisions based on what you want to do, not what you should do. All right. And and what you need and what a good coach will do is they will come in and tell you you’re wrong. They like out of your best interest because they have more experience. They will come in and say that to you. They’re not going to say, OK, we’ll make it work like whatever you want.

They they know the marketplace. They have experience. And they they they see things that you don’t see. They have different angles. And so that’s kind of what I had to do with Sandra. All right. And that’s a skill that I had to develop over time because I used to be kind of like a people pleaser, you know, a while ago. And through ten years of being online, I’ve come to really not care what other people think and kind of just be my goofy self and whatnot and do what’s best for our clients, you know, regardless of what their thoughts are and so forth.

And there’s there’s this could be a whole different conversation because how you design a program to sometimes clients ask for certain things to be inside your program, and it’s really not in their best interest to cave in to those requests because your program can be become overloaded with too much information and then nobody takes action. So there’s this fine line between everything. Again, that could be a rabbit hole of a discussion. But I’ve come to learn how to, you know, be firm in my and what I believe is the right decision and where to go and how I instruct my clients to to do so.

And so, Sandra, I tell her you’re only working with women. And I was like, and she’s like, absolutely not. And I was like, yes, you are. And we were kind of being funny back and forth like that. But she finally she’s just like, you know, hell no, I am not working with just women. And so this is what I did. All right. And this might help you as an online coach as well when you’re trying to help your client through a breakthrough or to otherwise do something that they might not be fond of is I flipped a question on her so that she could ultimately make the decision because ultimately I can’t force her to do anything, but I can steer her in the right direction.

And so this is what I said to her. I said, Sandra, let me ask you a question here. I said, Do you want to make a ton of money and help a ton of people? Or do you want this coaching business of yours to become to basically be a hobby where you’re scraping by and not helping as many people? Which do you prefer? And it didn’t take a very long she smirked and she’s like, I want to make money and I want to help people.

And I was like, OK, then you’re only working with women. And and she’s like, all right, fine, I’ll do it. And she’s like, if you’re that confident about it, I’ll do it. And so she changed around her Facebook group name and her branding and everything else to to make it very obvious that she was only going to be working with women. And and so a bunch of men left her Facebook group, which is fine, and other women started being attracted to a group and a group started growing faster.

Right. Because now it’s this community. It’s niche down. Women can feel safe in this environment, in this private community.

And and then she was able to you were able to dial in her messaging more because she’s able to speak directly to a female entrepreneur. Right. And then from there. Right. She was able to dial in her messaging even further and understand and start conversations that only women potentially would relate to. Right. So in the relation factor kicks in and all these things start coming together and then her brand starts to make sense because she’s only working with women and all these all these things start happening.

Right. And so she comes in and then we do our cash injection strategy within the first three weeks and she makes twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in profit. All right. And so that happened within the first three weeks of me basically, you know, telling her, giving her the ultimatum, like, do you want to make money or not? She said, yes, three weeks later. There you go. Here’s twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in cash.

And at that point she goes, OK, all right. You know, I trust you now. And I was like, all right, cool, good. You know, I see a ton of potential here.

And then fast forward three months into her third month of online coaching, working with this specific audience of women, she builds out her high Ticket mastermind, which is what we teach people in our program, is how to build the profit ladder and have both a front end course and a high ticket program and how to design that, deliver that market, that sell that all the all the goods. And she does her launch of her mastermind and she starts at five thousand dollars for her high ticket program.

And you know, her Facebook group is grown to several thousand people now. And she does our strategy, which I can’t reveal here, but she does our strategy to basically to announce her new program. And she had ten people buy at five grand. So and they bought within twenty four hours of her saying, hey, this is for sale. All right. And so then, boom, there’s 50 grand in cash. She’s like, I all of a sudden have 50 grand in cash.

That just was wired into my bank account today. And then over the course of the next couple of weeks, that same month, you know, she has her front end course and she sold several more of those spots. And so she finished her third month of online coaching to this specific niche with 60 grand of cash. And it’s really cool to watch her progress and and just everything, because now she’s having a blast.

She’s having an absolute blast. And that’s the thing, you know, when you’re a coach and when it’s your business and when it’s your Facebook group and everything else, guys like at the end of the day, you choose your clients. All right. And so maybe you don’t want to work with a certain individual, then you don’t work with them. It’s the same as like if you were doing agency work or if you were a pool contractor, if you were a home builder, if you are whatever, you know, real estate agent, like if you don’t like a client, you don’t have to work with them.


And so, you know, that’s what she figured out. She figured out her sweet zone of like, you know, she was funny

I won’t say exactly what she told me, but she said, you know, there’s actually some women I really enjoy working with and and I’m starting to really enjoy this now. And she’s like, I’ve just learned to how to dial in my messaging to attract a certain type of of entrepreneur that fits my personality and that we get along with. And, you know, that listens to me and follows instructions with my coaching program and gets results and whatnot.

And so it’s just so crazy to see that happen. Right. Because that all came back to essentially like one decision. And it’s not to say that, like, one decision was all it took. There’s still there’s plenty of work, plenty of implementation, plenty of other coaching that happened in between in those three months. Absolutely. But right. I’m very confident that it would not have been this level of success if we did not right from the get go.

Right. Make sure that you had the right niche and worked on her messaging and her niche and all those different things. And and again, for so many reasons, that’s that’s crucial and so important.

And so it’s interesting for her to look back at the decision and that question. And and it’s funny she’s she said she’s like, you know what? I’m so glad that you forced me into this based on your insights, because it’s working out and I’m having a blast now. And I didn’t think I would. But now I’m realizing I really do do enjoy working with women. So that was cool because that was breakthrough in. No one, but she’s like, you know what the biggest breakthrough was?

She, as you said, was you standing up and telling me and literally telling me this is how it needs to be. She’s like she had in her words, she’s like, you laid the smack down on me. You told me exactly what to do against what I wanted to do. And it was what needed to be done. And she’s like, and the reason that has been so like, so massive for me in my business is because she’s like now I have the confidence to do the exact same thing to my clients.

She’s like when my clients say they don’t want to do something or that’s not their style or they don’t feel like it or whatever their excuses are, she’s like, I come blazing with heat and tell them, well, guess what, then you’re not going to be successful or you’re not going to make money or you’re not going to impact people then because this has to be done right. There are certain things and this is a business, right, guys? There are certain things that have to be done.

And there’s a lot of things that we, you know, that have to be done that we don’t want to do. I there’s so many, like the first half of my day every single day is doing the things they don’t want to do. Those are those are considered the hardest task to do, whether that’s just compiling, like financials or answering like certain like, you know, certain issues that are going on, you know, like our business doesn’t run flawlessly.

Right. There might be some issue that I need to take care of with our sales team or with our funnel or something broken and not working. There’s all these different things that can be happening. Right. And I do all those hardest tasks at the beginning of each day. Right. But it’s not that I don’t. And then I save the fun stuff, which is like creating content and serving clients and all those things for the second half of my day.

So I get to be creative. And and so that’s what I that’s how I kind of have my day laid out. And but guess what? I wouldn’t get to have the second half of the day and do all the fun stuff like this podcast and other things and helping our clients. If I didn’t do the first half of the day task, which is all like the grind work might be putting together manual’s, I suppose, worksheets like doesn’t, you know, for our team all the different things.

And and so but you have to get it done because it’s a business, it’s not a just a stroll in the park, so to speak. It is a ton of fun and I absolutely love it and have a blast. But it is still there are still work involved and we can’t I’m not going to pretend like there’s not work involved. All right. And so and anybody that tells you that there is no work involved, I, I would be wary of them.

But but anyways, that’s so interesting because the two breakthroughs is like, one, her, you know, getting being coachable, allowing herself to be coachable. And she’s like, that was really cool. She’s like that. I was allowed you know, I allowed myself to be told what to do against what I wanted to do. And then she’s like, but then that also allowed me to become a better coach, because now I see different angles that my clients don’t see.

And she’s I’m able to tell them straight up how it needs to be. And she’s like I say it with confidence and conviction, just like you did to me. And she’s like, if you wouldn’t have done that, if you would have been soft on me and said, OK, we can make it work serving both men and women. She’s like, then I would probably give an out to all my clients who want to make an excuse for why they should or why they can’t do or don’t want to do something.

And so that’s super interesting.

And then on top of that, here, here we are. She’s in month four with us in our mastermind. And just yesterday she had her first five figure sale, so she sold a high ticket program for ten grand.

So the rate at which she’s growing is exponentially fast and it’s just so interesting and so cool to see. And and it trickles back down to how she’s coaching her clients. And so it’s just amazing to see. But what are the takeaways from this guy’s right is as an online coach.

Right. Be confident when when you speak to your clients, especially like if you see you see things they don’t want to see. Right. And they will test you and like they will test your confidence in your conviction in it because they have a lot on the line as well. Like, it’s hard for them to, you know, like some people are very, very coachable and will listen to absolutely everything you say and some people. Right. They have they’ve poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their business.

And if you tell them to make a big change, it’s going to be hard for them. They really need to hear conviction in your voice because they’re potentially sacrificing a lot if it doesn’t work out the way you say it’s going to be. Now, with that said, right when you are certain that things should be a certain way, you need to be like step up to the plate and say, hey, you know, this this is the way it needs to go down.

Right. And you need to say it with confidence for, you know, for their betterment or if I just made up word there. But further improvement, I should say. So that’s important. Right. And on top of that, on the flip side. Right. As you’re being coached, if you’re if your mentor is telling you to do something and has a great deal of experience and you trust them, which hopefully do when when when you hire your coach and your mentor, you really, really do trust them and their decision making process in your best behalf.

And they tell you, do some guys go ahead and do it? Because that’s you know, it’s. Kind of like stepping it, stepping out into your, you know, stepping out of your comfort zone in a way, but it makes a massive, massive, massive difference. And the reason this story came to mind is because I’m doing this again with another client. Just today, we had a group call and I was talking about how, you know, she’s a newer client of ours, how I wanted to shift the audience that she’s working with and that I think she will have just she doesn’t have to change your programs or anything like that.

I was like, if we just barely shift your messaging and your marketing to attract this different certain type of audience, you would like your business will explode. And she’s having resistance against that. And it was funny because we were on the group call today and we always have a blast on that call. Everybody has their screens on and we laugh and we joke and we do a training first and then we open up Q&A and then we do mastermind’s sessions and breakout rooms and all this cool stuff.

And so I do, I do my training. And then this client has a question about, you know, I told her to upgrade our message and she’s like, I really can’t wrap my head around that. Like, I just can’t do it. And our client, Sandra, was on the call, the one who did the 60k, who I forced into working only with women.

And I was like, Sandra, what do you think here? What are your thoughts on on this on the what I’m suggesting about upgrading to a particular niche, even even though, you know, it doesn’t seem like fun at first. And Sandra like, do it. Just listen to it. Just do it. You know, I didn’t want to do it either. But, you know, it makes the whole world of difference and and really, like, it’s funny just because naturally as humans, like we don’t, we resist change.

So if you’ve already been working with a certain audience, a certain niche for a while, like you’re going to be even more resistant to switching. And and so it’s it’s understandable. That’s a tough move. But it needs to be done. And in certain situations, depending on your industry, your niche market and all those things, your coaching services. So, yeah, those are the big takeaways.

Like that’s why you hire a coach like is for that reason is because you’re they’re going to see things you’re unable to see. And they will if they’re a good coach, they will be stern with you and tell you the changes that need to be made against what you want to believe is actually the best way to do it. And and that will serve you massively because otherwise you’re going the wrong direction for perhaps years. And then and then on top of that.

Right. If you are a coach and you’re listening to this, make sure that when you see an opportunity to serve your clients, that you come in and you’re confident with your your advice to them, because even if they give you resistance, right. That, you know, an experienced coach, a good coach will stand, you know, they will stand firm in their conviction because they know what’s best for you. So it’s kind of it’s kind of an interesting thing.

But I want to share that story with you. Hopefully there’s a few nuggets and takeaways in there. And, yeah, that’s really what was on my mind. I was really just thinking about that because it was so cool to see your progression. And again, it came up with a new client today who’s kind of your inner mastermind is basically going to be doing the exact same thing as far as upgrading along her path. And so that was that was cool to see.

But that’s it for this episode, guys. Hope that was helpful. You got some nuggets, some value there. As always, guys, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business. And we will see you guys in the next episode by.

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We will see you in the next one by.


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