Why All Online Coaches Should Have a Signature System

Written By Dino Gomez

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You need a signature system inside of your coaching business that is going to help your clients get from point A to point B.

Now, this is a story all about how am I, hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1.

All right, a signature system, what is a signature system, where do I sign the document here? I’m just messing around.

Guy’s signature system is basically your proprietary strategy of how you get your clients results, how you get them from, where they are now, which is stuck with a problem or otherwise they might not have a problem. They might just want to do something and achieve a result faster than they’re currently going. But they’re somewhere and they want to get from point A to point B and your signature system is your methodology of how you’re going to get them there.

It is your vehicle of how you’re going to get them across the country, so to speak. And so before I dive into why you need a signature system, let me first tell you guys a story. All right.

This was a good 10 years ago.

My buddy gives me a text message out of the blue and he goes, Dino, let’s go to Costa Rica. And I was like, Costa Rica? When? a couple of months from now? like next year, like when? And he’s like next week. And I’m like next week. Like you just want me to just drop what I’m doing and go to Costa Rica with you.

And I was like, well, how long are you planning on going? And he’s like, thinking for like two weeks. I was like, let me get this straight.

You want me to go to Costa Rica with you for two weeks and you want to leave in five days? You want me to be ready in five days for that? And he’s like, yeah. And I was like. I’ve never been to Costa Rica like, you know, where are we staying? Is it safe? What is there to do there? Is it expensive?

I have all the questions and my buddy Steve is like , oh, dude, I’ve been there five times and I speak fluent Spanish. I know all the best places to stay, the fun places to hang out, where the best surfers were to go fishing. And I’ll show you crocodiles. He’s like, we’ll go visit the volcano and go hiking, like all these different things. And once he told me that part that he had been there five times, I knew he spoke fluent Spanish.

But he’s like, I speak Spanish. I’ll get a good deal on rental cars and on places there so we won’t get ripped off, all that type of stuff. Once he told me all of that, I was like, OK, let’s go. That was it. That was the extent of me debating him on whether or not to go to Costa Rica for two weeks on a whim, five days from now.

So that was it. And I was like, OK, a perfect. And then I was like, do we need to, like, book places to say? He’s like, nope, we’ll just rent a car and figure, you know, drive up and down the coast and we’ll visit all the different spots. And he’s like, I know all the best little towns that I go to. And we’ll just he’s like, there’s always availability. So he’s like, and I’ll negotiate the rates because I speak Spanish fluently and we’ll be fine.

And I was like, OK, cool. You know which airline we are taking which flight? No, like, I’ll grab it right now. And that was all I needed.

Now why was all that?

Why was I able to make a decision so quickly on doing that, besides the fact that I was much younger and was a digital nomad. So I had the capability of working remotely. But why was I able to make that decision so quickly? It’s because Steve had a game plan and a roadmap. Right. He wasn’t just like, yeah, let’s go down there and then, you know, we’ll just figure it out.

And I’ve never been there. I don’t know it’s there, but we’ll just get lost and have fun.

He didn’t say that, right. He’s like, no, I’ve been there. I know all the best places to stay, the best towns to stay, the best surf breaks, where to go hiking.

We’ll go fishing. I’ll show you crocodiles. I know how to rent a car, negotiate prices and hotel rates and everything.

Right. So he had a plan. He had a road map, he had a signature system right away for us to get from point A to point B, how to actually go and travel Costa Rica, have an absolute blast. And he had walked the trail before. Right. He had literally had been there. So he knows the shortcuts and all that good stuff. Right. So I bring that up because if you’re having trouble signing clients and if your clients aren’t getting the results that you want or you hoped for or that they hoped for as well, it’s probably because you don’t have that signature system.

You don’t have that methodology to get them from point A to point B.

And so, again, the first reason why you need to have a signature system is it helps massively on your sales calls because on your sales call if you’re promising somebody a certain result, they’re going to wonder, well, how do I get that result? Right.

Like, it’s kind of like I’m like, well, what are we going to do in Costa Rica? Like, I don’t speak Spanish. We’re going to get lost. Right. I have all these questions. But once I knew that Steve had a signature system, a roadmap, he knew Costa Rica inside and out, then I’m like, OK, so he knows exactly how to navigate this. He’s been there before. Right.

And so as a coach, it’s the same for you when you have a signature system that you can on a sales call. When somebody goes, yeah, how are you going to get me from five thousand dollars a month with my coaching business to fifty thousand? Like you’re able to say, well, this we’re going to do this first, then we do this. And you literally just hear the thing, here’s how we do it.

Like this is the path, right? And then people go, OK, right. And because you have an actual strategy to it. Right. And so that’s the first reason why you need a signature system is going to help with your sales. Right. Because people don’t like if you’re just going to hop on a plane to Costa Rica with your buddy. If they haven’t been there, I mean, maybe you will if they haven’t been there.

But you otherwise you’re going to do a lot of research and have to plan everything out. Right. And that would become your signature system is your planning of that trip. But the reason I was able to say yes to that trip without doing any planning is because I knew Steve had already been there. He was essentially my guide or my navigator or my coach in this example.

So you need that signature system because it’s going to help with your sales. That’s number one.

Number two is you need a signature system because it literally guides your clients inside of your program to get the result that they’re looking for. Right. It’s a step by step process to get a certain result. It’s a certain way to train like athletes train in a certain manner to get a certain result. It’s all of those things. And so if the reason I bring this up is because when I launched my first coaching program, I didn’t have a signature system per say, that was something that I came to learn.

And I mean, again, what I did is I launched a beta version of my program. I’ve got a bunch of feedback from our initial first clients, and then I started to realize what questions they had and I built my signature system around what my clients were asking questions about, and that became my signature system over time. But initially, I didn’t even think about mapping out a signature system, since that first program I’ve launched, I’ve launched two other programs.

And I knew from the get-go, OK, I need to put together a methodology of how this is going to get our clients the desired results, and then I’m going to build the training around that and continually refine it and make it better.

And that’s basically what we do inside of our program. But what having that methodology allows us to do is one it makes when we talk to clients on a call, so like if anybody’s ever interested in learning more about seven-figure visionary, what we do, like when you hop on a sales call with us, is we don’t just like, say, buy our program. We ask you a bunch of questions about your coaching business. And then we literally go, here’s our methodology.

Here’s our signature system of how we grow coaching businesses to six and then seven figures. And these are the steps that we take to do it. And so you get to literally see what our game plan is, what our strategy is. And so only book a call if you’re actually interested in joining. But that’s what we do. We show you what our process is. And then right now I think we have an 80 percent close right into our program and our seven-figure visionary program.

And it’s something like eighty-two percent. But we have that and we launched this mastermind recently.

So it’s not like we’re dealing with hundreds of clients that everybody who’s joined has been a pretty warm lead.

But we have this signature system and we’re able to explain that on the call.

And people are like, that makes complete sense. And that no wonder how you were able to do that in your business. We have a bunch of case studies to back that up as well with other clients of ours. And people are like, that is awesome, I’m in there.

And it makes the sales call very easy for us because people can see the roadmap and they see the results. And it literally shows that we know what we’re doing. We’re not just saying buy our program and doing that old school sales technique of let me ask you a bunch of questions and then make you a promise and buy on just high pressure sales. No, we don’t do that. We let you logically see it.

And I like how it makes sense. And we have a great close rate because of that.

Your signature system, guys, if you don’t have one, you probably don’t realize that there is a process that you do that exists inside of your coaching business, within your style of coaching. However, you’re delivering your program, you probably don’t realize that it exists in there. You just haven’t extracted it yet. And you’ve got to extract it so that you could articulate that to prospects to your team, to yourself. Right. And when you’re super solid and what that process is, it’s just going to make you a better coach because you’re able to coach people through those different steps.

And so that’s what we do inside of our mastermind. And I will say our clients are absolutely crushing it. And so, yeah, we’re super excited about that. And we just brought on board two more coaches because we are growing it fast and so super exciting. I’m super excited about it because actually, before we even opened the doors to seven figure visionary, I had been working on it for four months.

I was grinding on it because there’s so much cool stuff I wanted to have in there to create this ultimate experience. And now it’s growing fast. And now we have a bunch of different coaches on different experts supporting in different areas. And people are joining. And it’s because of our signature system that is really cool. I’ll just say it’s cool. I think it’s cool. I will say that and I have to because I put so much time into it.

But anyways guys, those are the reasons why you need a signature system. And so yeah if you don’t have one yet, extract one from your methodology and map that out and make sure your prospects are aware of your methodology because people want to know if they’re going to Costa Rica what’s going to happen. So there you have it, guys. There’s my story of Costa Rica and a signature system.

Why it’s important to have one. And so get on that if you haven’t yet and otherwise refine your signature system consistently so that it gets better and better and your clients continue to get better and better results.

And so that is it for this episode. Guys, as always, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business and we will see you guys in the next episode.

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We will see you in the next one, Bye bye.



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