How to Deal With Overwhelm & Avoid Burnout As An Online Coach

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, what’s going on, guys, in today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to deal with overwhelm as an entrepreneur. This is a hot topic and I’m excited to dive into it.

Let’s go now.

This is a story all about how am I? Hey, guys. Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, how do you deal with overwhelm as an entrepreneur, as a human, but especially as an entrepreneur because it really plagues our industry? You know, it’s kind of something that you hear tossed around in inner circles, like in mastermind’s you’ll hear more about this, and a mastermind that I’m a member of. You’ll hear others other clients talk, you know, ask the coach, hey, how do I deal with overwhelm? And sometimes we all chime in and talk about how we deal with and manage stress levels and all the things. Right. And, sometimes in our programs too, obviously super real here, that’s authentic.

We just got off a great coaching call and one of our clients is like I’m feeling really overwhelmed because, you know, I’m so excited to do all these different things. I don’t know which one to do first. And so we helped break it down for her.

You know what she should be focusing on first and instantly, the anxiety, the overwhelm went away.

And so it’s we’re going to share with you guys is how you can help manage those feelings, those emotions that might be that anxiety are that excitement like of, oh, my gosh, I have a million things to do.

All right. And so this is one of the things we help our clients through, because it’s something that everybody faces.

We’re all human. We’re going to have these types of emotions. It’s just what it is. And so really, the first thing to recognize. Right, the first thing I always explain to our clients and then I individually help them, you know, based on their niche and what they have going on in their business of the solutions are actually unique for everybody. But there is a common first step.

The first thing to realize is that if everybody, every single entrepreneur and as long as you are an entrepreneur, you will always have a to do list of a million things always.

And it’s never going to get smaller.

As matter of fact, the more you grow and the more you learn, the more you realize that what you don’t know exists, like more infinitely huge your to do list gets because all of a sudden, you know, you haven’t done any online marketing before.

And then all of a sudden you hop online, you learn about SEO, then you learn about Facebook, and then you have to learn about funnels and then you realize there’s a B testing and then you realize there’s copyrighting. The deeper you go, the more and more stuff you realize there is to potentially master. And so as as long as you’re as long as you decide always be an entrepreneur, you will always have a million things on your to do list.

There’s nothing you can do to chop it down, because as you chip away at certain things that need to get done, more things are going to open up. And that’s just the nature of the game.

And so step one to releasing these feelings of anxiety and overwhelm is to one, recognize that, hey, this to do list is always going to be there and it’s okay for it to be there. For example, there’s a million things that I should be doing in my business that I don’t always have time to do. I have a massive To-Do list. You guys have prior notice I haven’t dropped an episode and I think like two weeks we’ve had a lot of things going on inside of our business. We’re growing very quickly and so but I don’t let it overwhelm me and well, I try not to, but I really mitigate how much it overwhelms me. And I really have a blast inside my business because one, I’ve been I’ve been at this for 11 years. So I have experience with this. Right. I’ve been able to kind of weather the storm.

And I’ve come to realize that we’re always going to have a million things on our To-Do list. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is for us to recognize, OK, yes, there’s a million things for me to do, but what are the most critical things I need to get done and and then focus on getting those done first? So I call those profit levers inside your business the things you must focus on to move the needle that are going to help grow your business the most.

Those are really the only things you have to get done.

And when you recognize that your to do list of 100 items of a million items, it no longer is relevant. All right. Instead, it’s just like, oh, my gosh, these are the three things I have to get done today and are most critical to moving our business forward. As long as you do that every single day, your business is going to grow. Now, the tough part is recognizing of the a million things on your to do list, which three profit levers do you pull?

Which three tasks do you tackle in order to move your business forward? So that is actually the trickiest part. And this is what most entrepreneurs get wrong.

And why it’s so important to have a mentor or a coach is because if you have experiences before. I experienced this earlier on in my career. I was grinding and hustling and working weekends and all of the things. And my business would still  plateaued at ten thousand dollars a month. No matter what I did for like six months. I couldn’t grow at past 10k a month, but I was working all the hours and and because I was being productive during those hours, I was getting things done.

But I wasn’t focusing on getting the right things done right. And I was wondering why are some other people, you know. Growing so much faster than me, right? They have the same amount of time and they’re working less than me, but why are they growing faster? Well, they were focusing they had their attention and their focus on more important items every single day. We had the exact same business and the exact same industry and the exact same city even.

So, it’s not like it was a geo geography thing or there was basically no other excuse except in hindsight.

What I recognized is that they were they were focusing on the most important items to grow their business. I was doing busy work and writing it off as I’m being productive. All right. And so that is exactly why you can have two businesses side by side. It can even be a brick and mortar business.

There could be two local gyms or two hair salons. And why does one in the city,  or in the little town, take off why is one dentist become the go to dentist? Right, when it’s the same thing as every other dentist? Why why is one better than the other? It’s just because they are focusing on how to grow their business and focusing on the most important tasks.

All right. And so those we call profit levers. And so I just want to bring this up. Right, because if you’re feeling the overwhelming anxiety, right, one of the ways you can help minimize it is just to go, you know what? It’s OK.

Yes, I have a thousand things I should be doing. I should be blogging. I should be on Pinterest. I should be on Instagram. I should be on YouTube. Yes. Ideally, you’re everywhere but. Right. It may not be plausible for you to do that.

And so instead it’s like, OK, where is the most important platform first that I should be spending my time right.

Rather than trying to do all of it at once. And you’re freaking out and you’re trying to resize graphics for different platform, you know, and and resize videos to fit in. You know, the length of a YouTube video can be infinitely long, but I need to shorten it down to be an Instagram clip. And there’s all these things right.

And yes, technically, ideally, in a perfect world, we’re doing all of that stuff to market our business.

But it’s different, like realistically at the start or even, you know, even before you get a million dollars, it’s impossible for you unless you have a team to be on all those platforms simultaneously. And so. Right. It’s like, OK, well, what is the first platform I need to be on? Let me put my attention to my focus there. It’s a profit lever.

So as we were talking to our client today, she has this incredible question and she is crushing it. By the way, she’s been with us not even a month and has doubled her rates and landed like four or five new clients. But with that right, she has new questions, new problems. At every new level, there is a new devil. And as she’s leveling up and growing her business, it’s opening up new territory. She hasn’t traveled before and therefore, overwhelming anxiety is kicking in a little bit.

And right until we said, hey, it’s OK. Yes, you have a bunch of things that ideally would be done all at once in a perfect world. But, hey, you only need to focus on these three things, get these three things done this week. And if you do that, that’s the most important thing that’s going to grow your business the most. And with that, just in talking to her for five minutes, boom, she’s like, wow, I feel much better.

Like, that’s so easy. I was like, yeah, it doesn’t yeah. You don’t have to worry about all the other stuff. It doesn’t matter that Suzy down the street is on Pinterest and Instagram and stuff like that, like, nope. Here’s your platform based on your niche and also where you should be spending your time, not just in the marketing sense, but where you should be spending your time for this individual to help her grow her business the fastest.

Right. And I’m able to pinpoint that like boom. Just do that, trust me. And anxiety overwhelm melts away. So, you know, you should have a coach or mentor to help help you make those decisions so that because if you’ve plateaued, if you’re spinning your wheels, if you’re not growing, it’s you’re not seeing something that somebody else with this experience could probably see and it’ll drive you crazy.

So at some point I’ll drive you crazy enough or you’ll be you’ll be like, OK, let me hire a coach to figure this out. Or if you’d like to just move faster and don’t want to wait to get hung up, you’ll just hire a coach so you don’t make the mistakes and don’t waste six months or even years inside your business, you know, remaining plateaued and stuck. So, yeah, I hope that helps. Guys, that’s how you get rid of overwhelm one.

It’s just identify that you’re always going to have a lot of stuff that needs to get done, but that never changes. But what’s most important, right, is you just get done the most important tasks, right. And you just focus on those and that shrinks your to do list. And that should give comfort to you and allow you to enjoy the journey. Because, guys, let me tell you, it’s crazy to think that I’ve been online for, I think ten years now, officially, so a decade and how fast time goes by.

I sound like my parents, but it goes by fast. So enjoy the journey. I wake up and have so much fun of my business every single day. I made a costly mistake recently, and I just started laughing about it like I was just laughing because I’ve been there, done that before. I know it’s not the end of the world and I’m just having fun while we’re doing, you know, and really being in the moment. And so do that as well.

Enjoy the actual journey. Don’t wait for the destination because really the destination is elusive. It’s really about just personal development along the way of having fun. So that’s it for this episode.

Guys, I hope that was super helpful and as always, have an absolute blast inside your business, we will see you guys very soon.

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All right. So that is it for this episode, guys. We will see you in the next one.  Bye.

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