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Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.


In today’s episode, I’m going to be talking about why I fired one of our clients and then how we signed two more perfect fit clients and what this means for you and your business. When should you fire a client? Should you fire a client? All of these questions, a lot of cool stuff to get into today, guys. Let’s get it going. What’s up, FAM? It is a gorgeous day out. Again. I’m sure you guys are like, I get it. Do you know you live in San Diego, but you know what? It makes me happy. And today is a great day. I got Kona by my side. She’s just relaxing. She normally likes to hang out on the balcony overlooking the pool area and whatnot. But she’s indoors today because it’s so warm out and I’m actually sweating a little bit. So the AC is going on in a moment. But today I want to talk about a very interesting thing. Right. In this past five days, I fired a client. A really exceptional client, too. Amazing person. Amazing person. Amazing entrepreneur. But decided to fire this client. Why would you do that? Is there ever a scenario to do that?


Absolutely. There’s so many different factors to this. But if it just doesn’t feel right, that’s enough in itself. Right. It has nothing to do with the individual. The individual is an incredible person. They’re a very successful entrepreneur. They have exceptional results in the industry. But it wasn’t a mesh. There’s just different factors to that where you get that feeling this isn’t a mesh, and it was one of those things. And I think it was probably mutual on both sides where they’re just like, this isn’t a mesh. But we were both showing up to calls where I wasn’t excited for the calls. Neither was this individual. And that could very well be what this stems from, right? Again, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault. Things happen in life. I do not know what’s going on in this person’s individual personal life. Right. But what happens in your personal life? You’ve heard me say this before. I will say it again if it overflows into your business. All right. Again, if this person has things going on in their personal life where they’re energetically, just not at their highest point, which again, I also have those life experiences where I don’t show up with great energy and so forth like that.


So maybe that’s what’s going on in their personal life. I don’t know. But for whatever reason, the mesh was not there. Right. And I wasn’t looking forward to future interactions together. And I was like, I don’t want that to be how I feel because it affects how I show up in every other area of my life. Right? I was like, no, this has to end. And so it was very simple. We had a conversation. I was like, you know what? I just don’t think this is a great fit. And they’re like, all right. And they were very respectful in that decision and still friends. Everything else is good. And we parted ways, and that’s it, right? And all of a sudden, huge weight lifted off my shoulders. All right, cool. That no longer needs to exist. And that’s the thing, guys.


This is your business.


This is not just your business, but your life. And this is your energy, and this is how you feel. And this is how you show up to not only yourself, but your family, your friends, your clients, everything. Right? And so you have to protect your energy and how you feel because it shows up everywhere. Right. This seemed like a great fit for both of us. And so I was happy to do that. Right? Okay. That client not a right fit. That’s great. You might have clients like that right now. But the thing is, when I go back in time to earlier in my career, early 20s, I’m not sure I would have made that decision. I probably would have been like, no, like, figure it out. But now I value my well being, how I feel, who I work with more so than anything. So it’s like, no, this is not a right fit. Not enjoying it. Guess what? I like to enjoy every moment of not just my work day, but my entire day when I can, right. When life doesn’t hit me upside the head or whatever happens, right? So I’m like, no, I want to enjoy every moment and every client interaction.


And so this isn’t a fit. So cool. Let’s part ways. So that’s how it went. That was totally cool. What happened immediately, we signed two great clients, and again, the client that was fired is again, a great individual, a very successful entrepreneur. Right. Those two factors alone aren’t enough for you or for me to justify an ongoing relationship if it doesn’t feel right. And that’s essentially just what it felt like was it just did not feel right. And so, yeah, we parted ways. And immediately two new clients came on board that I’m very excited to work with. Our teams are very excited to work with them that are right fits. And that happens almost instantaneously. It was almost like the same day. It was like Bam, Bam. It was just a complete thing. So if you are afraid and I’ll get deep here for a moment, if you are afraid to cut a client that’s not the right fit. Right? Absolutely do so, this is the 80 20 rule of everything, right? 80% of your time will probably go to a non right fit client. And whereas you can spend 20% of your time with great fit clients and they will have better results.


It will be a more enjoyable experience versus you can spend 80% of your time dealing with the one client who’s just energetically, not a right fit. And so it’s like, I would like that 80% of my time back to serve those clients who are the right fit. So let’s do that. And so that’s essentially what we did there. Now, like I said, we’re going to go a little bit deeper here. I’m talking about business. This is primarily a business minded podcast, but the same holds true for your personal life. All right. I am no guru on life. I am not a life coach. I’m about to turn 35 years old. But so far in my experience, with 35 years on this planet Earth and talking to my elders and so forth. Right. You have to get rid of those individuals that aren’t a right fit for you. Now, what I want to say to that is there are individuals in my personal life, friends that I’ve known since I was a very young age that are just the coolest people in the world on all levels and all fronts. But we have grown apart over time.


They’ve grown into doing, liking, and doing different activities. Maybe all of a sudden they like to play ice hockey, and I’m not into ice hockey. And so we start spending time in different areas. One of my good buddies got really into weight lifting in the last three years, so I don’t really see him as much because he’s literally in the gym two times per day training for actual competitions. Right. And it’s normal. It’s different interests at different stages of life and things of that nature. But even in your personal life, it’s okay to outgrow things that you were used to having as a part of your life. And when you allow that, even though initially it might not seem right or it might not be comforting, it opens up so many more opportunities for you in all areas of your life. And again, these aren’t my words. I didn’t invent this. This isn’t my theory. This is something, again, just my mentors have taught to me. And the more so that I implement this concept, the more I get to see it working in practice. And so I wanted to share that with you in case there’s an individual in your life, maybe even a group of individuals in your life, in your personal life or in your business and so forth, where it doesn’t feel right.


If it doesn’t feel right enough that it’s affecting you outside of the time you spend with them, probably it’s time for a little bit of a change. And that’s completely normal. From an energetic perspective, it will be best for both parties. And so that’s kind of an experience. Recently, firing one client, having two more fly back in, and that’s kind of just the way it goes so don’t be afraid to essentially take one step backwards to take two steps forwards. Again, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out with the individual it doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends with the individual and our previous client and those types of things. It just means you don’t want to spend as much time together in each other’s personal space. I wanted to share that with you guys in case you run into that scenario, in case you are experiencing that right now and you might not be able to pinpoint in your business why have things slowed down? Why am I not as excited why am I not as motivated? It might be because of a particular relationship inside of your business or inside of your personal life that is pulling energy from you rather than giving you energy.


Take a look at that one before you take a look at more additional or changing your strategy. It’s probably that not that you need to change your strategy it’s probably that you need to get into more alignment with the opportunity to what is going to be healthy for you and what is healthy for you is healthy for your business. All right, so that is it for this episode. We just got woo woo and we just got deep a little bit but there’s plenty more strategy coming back for you. I like to mix and match both of them. All right, we’ll catch you guys in the next episode.


Hey Dino Gomez here and if you enjoyed this, so be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheatsheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one. Bye.

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