How Nicole Barker Made $22,500 in 3 Weeks As a New Online Coach

Written By Dino Gomez

[Client Interview] - Update after 3 months together she is now at $60,000/month.

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All right, we are live here in the seven-figure coaches Facebook group with our rock star client, Nicole Barker. And guys, we’re going to talk about a lot of cool stuff today. We are going to be covering how Nicole in just three weeks generated twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars in profit. We will be talking about how she’s been able to grow a Facebook group to six thousand people in a matter of months, we are going to be talking about all of a bunch of cool stuff.

She is a client inside seven-figure visionary, which is our newest mastermind who is actually the first one in. Yeah. What about her story where we talk about branding? We’re going to have her give some value and tips for you guys. So this is going to be a cool client spotlight interview. Before we get going we do have a bunch of questions that you guys wanted us to ask Nicole. So we’re going to be getting into that stuff as well.

But if you guys have a comment, please drop it off in the comments section.

We will do our best to get to your comment on how she generated twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in just three weeks, which is insane as basically an online coach. So before we get going. First off, Nicole, thanks for joining me. I’m excited to chat with you. It’s OK to be here. Yeah. So we’re going to have some fun today between the two of us. We’re both kind of goofy people, so that will be a very casual interview full of knowledge and good stuff.

But Nicole, to give everybody some background, like a lot of people want to become an online coach. There’s people who are currently an online coach and they’re not having the type of success that you’re already experiencing. So we want to dive into what’s really driving your growth so rapidly. But let’s give some context and background for everybody that’s listening in and doesn’t know who the Wonder Woman Nicole Barker is. So let me get this straight, Nicole.

So you started off online. Was it seven, eight months ago, is that right?


OK, so, Nicole, started in November and correct me if I’m wrong, but you started in November. You saw one of our Facebook ads and you didn’t even know what a funnel was. You hadn’t heard a click funnel before. You didn’t know, like what Facebook ads were. You’re just like, oh, that’s a cool ad. You clicked on it. You signed up. You booked a call to the team. You joined our Facebook advertising program.

And then what was it? Was it the first four weeks you landed six clients? Is that how it worked?

Yeah, I actually Googled what CEOs did for when I was on the discovery call.

So to say that I’m not techie is an understatement. I’ve gotten a lot better. But yeah, I Rapid Fire took that funco program by storm. I did it so fast and I just went out and got clients. I had ten clients in six weeks after I finished training and I was busy. It’s awesome that you actually made it on this call.

I wasn’t sure if we were going to have tech issues with actually being able to get on screen and do this. We will be the first to tell you guys that she struggles with tech. And we’ll talk a little bit more about how we helped her around tech in case tech is something that you’re not good at as well. But yeah, so you added six clients in four weeks, you quickly grew to ten thousand dollars a month with a Facebook ad agency, which is just awesome.

But then really quickly, what made you want to transition from doing the agency model? Because there’s also a lot of people out there that do “Done for you” services. Why did you decide to transition from an agency into coaching? What was that? What was going through your head there?

Well, I think having ten clients did it right, having ten clients with the done for you model. Like, I was busy and it was twenty four hours a day, lot of work and I learned so much so fast. And then when your program came along that was like we could figure out a way to scale this in a way that I don’t have to work.

Twenty four hours a day, all of the hours that was really spoke to me, it made sense to be able to enjoy the lifestyle that I want to have and then also help people in the best ways that my personality suits people.

But yeah, and that’s a tricky one for a lot of people that are doing the agency model stuff like they’re having success with it but then they run into that block of like, hey, this is difficult to scale. And then you have clients with outrageous expectations. At some point, it becomes too much. Well, let me say this, what was the mindset process of transferring? Because you had only been running your agency, I think, like two months, and then you’re like, OK, I’m done with agency work.

I’m switching over to coaching. Right. And so walk us through that, because that’s like getting started as an online coach is one of the tougher things mindset-wise, Because a lot of us go on like I want to be an online coach, but I’m not good enough yet. It’s that, like an imposter syndrome, right? Like I’m not a millionaire. Am I qualified to teach other people? What are your thoughts on that as far as like, do you have to be a millionaire in order to be guru status in order to be a great coach or what?

What do you have to say to that?

I think it really came down to the premise of watching how fast I learned the skills and funco to learn how to do ad agency stuff. The reason that I learned that so fast is because the program was full of people that helped me to do that because those people were in fact coaching me like, yes, your program coaches and the people in there had a little bit more experience than me. They were a little bit well, most of them a lot better than me at the backside of things.

But they knew it was up and I could ask questions and they can answer and then I could duplicate that system. So the mindset shift there is you don’t have to know everything about everything. No one does. Right. You just have to know more than the people that you’re coaching. And for me, it’s the closer you are to that, the better you are at coaching. If I’m just a little bit ahead of you, then I remember what it’s like to be you.

And some of the best help that I got through that program was actually for some people who had only been in there a couple of months longer than I did and could remember how to do the stuff that was super basic of like how do I set up my excel the right way? Why is my wrong pixel here and there? And then somebody that actually had that experience a couple of months prior did it and could help me through that because it was so bonehead.

Right. And then somebody else came into Funco after me and had the same problem that I did about switching the pixels. And I got onto a call with them and I helped them. And like that light came on where I was like, I can help other people with the level of experience that I have. And sure, imposter syndrome always creeps in and some light because you feel that you’re wanting to perform. Right. You want to do well for your clients.

But that really comes down to accepting the fact that you have experience and you should be willing to share it, right? That’s exactly right. Yeah.

And the way I always look at it is like, let’s just say I was lacking motivation. Like I would not go hire Tony Robbins if I was lacking motivation for one V one coaching. He probably charges twenty thousand dollars an hour. I would rather hire somebody who just has been studying the art of motivation, the psychology of motivation and have six months with them and twenty one v one calls to make sure I’m on track every single week with my motivation, then going all the way to the top.

And so I think that is so good and is such a massive breakthrough. It should be a massive breakthrough for aspiring coaches or if you’re a coach right now, you do not need to be the best. A lot of times you’re able to provide more value if just like the coach said, if you’re just barely above the person you’re coaching. So that’s a huge breakthrough. So, then you leave the agency stuff and you fire all your clients.

What was that transition from agency into coaching. Tell me about that a little bit.

I finished up. I mean, I had 90 day contracts with most of them, so I still had to do about a month worth of overlaps, a couple of them two months worth of overlap. I did fire a couple of, I did pass a couple off. I did fire a couple. I did finish a couple. It was kind of a third of the situation, it was kind of felt shitty a little back.

I felt guilty. I felt guilty of like, hey, let me set this thing up for you and run it. And they’re like getting all those things and these great leads. And I’m like, well, I got to go. But it was a good transition, I think there was a little bit of overlap where I got to go get the group started while I still had clients. So I never had to like, go with no income.


I think that’s something that people are concerned about, is that what does that transition look like. The other thing I’m going to say that’s completely random and off the charts is I’m amazed you haven’t dropped an F bomb yet.

F bombs. If we make it through this without an F bomb, I’m going to be worried about you. You transitioned over into coaching, So you then joined our next program, which was coaching launch, which is for aspiring coaches who want to learn how to build their audience and actually launch their first beta program. So then you join coaching launch and which is all about how to build a Facebook. Group, how to build your audience, you hopped in there, your Facebook group has grown and seen. Where are you at now?

What are the numbers now?

The group is going nuts. I started the group on March twenty-fifth. I just hit sixty two hundred members this morning.

OK, that’s four months. Six thousand members later that day. And let’s talk about this as well, because this is a big win for coaching. If you’re a coach and you don’t have a Facebook group. Right. You’re kind of missing the boat here. Let’s talk about why Facebook groups are so powerful. I’ll let you share a little bit. Why do you like a Facebook group as far as the first move for an aspiring coach to build their audience?

Well, I mean, the first thing is you want to get out of those giant groups. There’s Goliath groups and you’re in there and you’re doing the things and you’re trying to get seen. There are four hundred thousand other people in that group. What’s the chance of you getting actual visibility in that group? It’s tough, right? So when you create your own audience, you get to be the star, you get to be the admin.

So you’re the authority figure in there. And what’s so cool about that is not just like that. everyone listen to me part. It’s the fact that you get to kind of create your own little four walls in there of how your rules are. Your group, your rules. So you don’t have to deal with any of the bullshit that they have in those big groups because you create it all. That’s the bad part about it.

The next thing is you learn stuff like a lot of stuff really fast from your audience that you don’t necessarily learn out in those other groups or from your personal page, because you can direct the conversation in there so that people are telling you the things that you need to know to be a better coach. And I honestly have no idea how you can even start a coaching program without building a group first. That seems insane to me. You know what that turns into?

That turns into those people that, like I felt the course and now I’m a coach, but I haven’t sold it. And it’s been sitting on ice for six months.

That’s it’s not a course until you saw it, Agreed

And that’s exactly what we cover in coaching launch and exactly what coaching launch is all about building your Facebook group is because you’re going to get the data, you’re going to be the admin, you’re automatically going to be authority position. You get to create content. People get to know, like and trust you when you are the admin of a Facebook group, guys. And all of you should be building a Facebook group right now because with Corona there, everybody is on social media and everybody wants to connect.

Facebook is also pushing Facebook groups harder than ever before. They ran a Super Bowl commercial last year, their first ever. It was all about Facebook groups. So if you have not started growing and building your own Facebook group guys, you are missing the boat. It is massively important to do so. And here’s the thing. We all know that in order for somebody to buy something, they have to see you. There’s an old statistic they have to have seen or heard from you seven or eight times. In 2020 the statistic is probably closer to fourteen to twenty times. When you’re in a Facebook group and you are the admin, almost every single time that you post, people are going to see a little notification that you are posting. All right. So you’re showing up over and over again. You stay on top of mind is massively important. And so that’s just something I want to share as well. Guys, get on the Facebook group.

That’s what we had Nicole do. And so then your group skyrocketed to six thousand members in just four months. You launched your beta program successfully. And let’s talk about how we helped you five x your prices because you love this program. And it was three hundred dollars, is that right? Yeah, three hundred dollars. And I was terrified to sell it. We helped you through the limiting beliefs, though, of how you can do this.

You can sell it. You’re absolutely worthy and deserving of being a coach. So you launch your program at three hundred dollars. You had a great initial launch. Then after that, I think you turned around and you’re like, OK, I did my launch. I have a bunch of members. How do I grow this thing? How do I scale, how do I scale my coaching business up multiple six figures and then eventually hit the seven figure run rate, which is basically the direction you’re headed now.

Then you join seven figure visionaries. You joined our first Facebook ads program and crushed it. And then you join coaching launch, built your Facebook group, and crushed it, and launched the first program. And now she’s in seven figure visionary. Within the first three weeks and seven figure visionary, you netted twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in profit. And the first thing we did with you was help you 5 x your prices.

Yeah. Let’s talk about why did we have you go from three hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars and how did that change things for you as an online coach.

Well first of all, I got amazing results for my clients. I’ve had many amazing results for myself, right, but it’s different to teach it to somebody else. So I had all the nerves in there where I was like, oh, my God, I don’t know if this is going to work right. I don’t know if it’s going to work. And I had all those imposter syndrome things and scared because that’s what happens because you care about the people who paid you.

Right? You care about the results. Well, some of those women, I mean, just skyrocket, took off. I had one girl who was literally charging like twenty five bucks an email that closed ten thousand dollars with for sales by upping her prices and doing all the things in my course in gym. I mean, it was insane. I mean, she went so quickly. I mean, and there was out of those 20 women, I mean, I think 16 of them, really slayed it and hit at least five grand in the month when they were not making anything.

So that shift in my mindset of like I just taught somebody how to go from making twelve hundred dollars a month to making ten thousand dollars a month, I think I could charge more than three hundred dollars for my program.

Right. So the belief came in. But also then I realized if I charge more I could make the program better. Right. Because I could give more dedicated time because I wouldn’t have to have as many people in there to hit my income goals. And when I 5 Xed it, it was scary, right? Scary to just think I’m not doubling my price. I’m five X. Here we go. But I had the social proof.

I had the back of the testimonials. I have that thing and I got to do the mindset work where it was like, am I worth this, is it worth that? And being able to sit down with myself and really go through that whole process that we do in coaching launch. it changed my perspective because I realized I was serving people better to charge them more. I was serving a higher ticket client. I was serving a better client who would get better results from my methodologies, and then they would make way more money because they paid more money.

And I didn’t understand that at all. They didn’t make any sense to me until being in the program. And I was like, OK, I get it because I got better results when I paid more. Well, and that’s also one of the things I want to chime in about. That’s the difference between normally a course and coaching is because when you raise your prices, guys, if you’re an online coach or even if you’re thinking of joining a coaching program as the client when it’s high ticket, the coach now has the ability to give you support on a different level.

Also, when you invest high ticket, you’re going to step out of your comfort zone. When you invest a scary amount of money into coaching, then all of a sudden you’re going to do the things that you know you’re supposed to do, even when if you’re shit scared of doing it because you’re like, I just invested this amount of money. Now I actually have to go do the work. And so people do the work more, they get more results, there’s better coaching, there’s more hands on support.

You can bring on additional experts and coaches to make the program even better. You can spend time upgrading the program because you’re not trying to sell a bunch of $300 courses over. It really is a massive ripple effect. So the goal comes in. We tell you to 5x your prizes. You were nervous, but you did it. You crushed it, and then you did twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in the first three weeks of working together inside seven-figure visionary, which is awesome.

So a question I have for you, because I want to spotlight you and your awesomeness for a moment here and I may be, will get an F bomb out of this. I don’t know. But for people listening right now, one of the things I always tell people is when they don’t understand the value of investing in themselves. So let’s take your clients, for example. Nicole, I really want to spotlight you on this. You talked about how one of your clients went from charging thirty dollars an email to wasn’t you charging like thirty five hundred dollars an email just got it from forty five hundred dollars sequences now.

OK, so she went from charging thirty dollars an email as a copywriter to thirty five hundred dollars. Now let’s break down the return on investment for her because I think this is what most people get wrong when they think in terms of investing in coaching is that you not only changed the amount of money that she made in those thirty days working with you for the rest of her career, she is now going to be charging a minimum of thirty-five hundred.

All right. I don’t know how old she is, but I guarantee she probably has several decades left of business, which means the amount of money she’s probably has like two decades left of doing. Twenty four years old before the law required.

So she basically has another 40 years, of online business, of copy writing right now. Rather than charging thirty dollars an email she’s charging thirty five hundred dollars an email sequence. Thirty five hundred dollars an email sequence for forty more years is going to compound to at least a half a million, probably several million. All right, guys, that is the compounding effect of investing in coaching programs is that you get your ROI today or otherwise this month and six months?

All right, but then you get it for the rest of your career. All right. And so learning skill sets as soon as fast as soon as possible is a huge undertaking. I think that’s one of the reasons as well that you are crushing it is because you bought three programs from me in two months.

I want results. I know what it means.

I know that when you see something that you know is going to work for you, it’s stupid to wait because the longer I wait, the more people I haven’t served, the lower my prices stay. Right. The target, once you see the target, why not take it. There’s no reason not to. if somebody told you today that if you shoveled out about ten thousand dollars today and you’re guaranteed to make one hundred thousand, why wouldn’t you do that?

Like, what are you fucking thinking that you don’t do that? Right. What I thought is that I don’t even notice..

I think I snuck one in on you earlier this year. Just missed to hearing them. Now you buy my entire group on f arms and fucking unicorns. Like that’s what I do. Yep. I’m shipping Nicole a t-shirt that says fucking unicorn on it because that is her tagline and slogan. And actually that’s her secret to her Facebook group growth is that tagline. But let’s dive into this for a moment

let’s talk about for a second here. What is a tip that you can share with people? Like how did you grow a group so fast? How are you making sales effortlessly? Some coaches really struggle in that regard. I know that you’ve been selling a lot through messenger, which is awesome. You’re kind of debunking the myth that you can’t sell my ticket through messenger.

But what can we share with the folks here of basically like. Yeah, what do you want to share. Well I am sitting here in my pony shirt and my coawala pajamas and I made thirty five dollars before I ever got out of bed this morning in messenger. Just walk through. Right. But really the secret to this is that there is no secret you get to be yourself. And that’s so hard for people.

Right. Easier said than done. But realistically the group growth comes because that group is mine. It’s me, it’s who I am. And I am not for everybody. Let me tell you, some people are offended. Some people are upset, but they leave. Right. They leave. And part of attraction and pulling people in your group is also repelling them. We’re killing the wrong people so you can make room for the right people.

And that sounds scary to a lot of people because you have that thing of I love it when people say, like, my target audience is everyone like, bitch, no, it’s not OK. Well, no. And that’s so hard because you have this thing I wanted to serve everybody to. You made me switch over to all women.

And I was like, no, we have to talk about this because this is so good.

I was seriously like legit like, fuck you, I don’t want to that.

And I was chatting and she’s trying to figure out her coaching niche. And she goes, you know, I really and generally speaking, don’t like women. Like I don’t like working with women. I resonate more with men. And so, like, I think my audience should be men. And I was like, Nicole, you are working with women and that’s the fashion. You’re working with women and that is it. And she’s like, shit, OK, fine, I will work just with women.

And that actually got to the point where she’s like, honestly, I do not want to just work with women. I just don’t think that’s going to be good with my personality. She’s like, I don’t think that’s going to be good. I asked you a tough question, I don’t know if you remember what I asked you. I asked you. Nicole. Do you want to make money or do you want to work with the audience that you like?

And you sat there and thought about it. You’re like, I want to make money. And I was like, OK, you’re working just with women then because there’s a relatability factor there. It’s niching down the correct way. And so how’s that been for you, though? It seems like it’s going well. You figured out how to repel the portion of your audience that that wouldn’t fit with your brand and attract all the ones in.

And that’s polarity. Polarity is huge in marketing. You have to draw a line in the sand. That’s something that we cover extensively in our program is how to draw a line in the sand in a methodical way so that you don’t piss everybody off. But you make it very clear that you attract some people in and repel others. You’ve kind of mastered that. So, tell us more about that

I don’t work with female entrepreneurs. I work with motherfucking Wonder Woman, and that’s it, like if you don’t fall into that category of saying, yes, I am a motherfucking Wonder Woman, then I don’t work with you because I don’t want to work with female entrepreneurs because they’re bitches to me, quite honestly, and I don’t want to deal with it. And I did work with some of them in the beginning. And then it was like I dialed in that messaging a little bit more.

Right. And got a little bit more pointed in there. But really what this did was this experience of going through being coach and not wanting to fucking listen, because I am not always coachable now I have to fucking listen. But then doing it and having success, it gives me the authority to lay the smack down on the women in my program and say, look, look like I know you don’t fucking like this answer, but same question. Do you want to make money or do you want to sit over here and have your feelings?

Like which one fucking is it? Because when you signed up for this program, you told me you were a motherfucking Wonder Woman. So get your feelings out of the way and follow the fucking program as to what it is with the result. Right. The result and now. I love working with women and it’s had this kind of different ripple effect that I didn’t anticipate it to have. And so it’s kind of restored my faith in the female species because I’ve had so much good results with. I mean, I have amazing women in my program that I love that are genuinely like people that I like to be around, which is not been my experience prior to this.

So now I have this tribe of badass women that I love being around. Now I don’t have to hate women anymore, which is dope. Right. Like, it’s so beneficial for my life. I’m so much happier. I’m so much more fulfilled. I still do miss working with men, but I do take one of my clients every once in a while. But it’s like, you know, I get to have ths thing that was missing from my life this whole time was that girls have always been bitches to me and now they’re not.

And if they are kicking the fuck out that and that’s what happens when you build your own community,

you get in and people really need to understand that guys, you guys can choose the clients you work with. You absolutely can. When you dial in your marketing, when you dial in your messaging, you will attract certain people to you. You repel others, but you have to dial you have to draw a line in the sand. You cannot market to everybody and be everybody’s savior.

And you have to be uniquely yourself that will attract people to you that are like-minded people with experience. I love the clients inside of my programs like everybody is awesome, always helping each other out, but just great people. We have like a basically no politics rule in our programs like it is a cool group of people. As soon as anybody crosses the line, we beat them and that’s it. We’re happy to refund people that don’t fit inside of our programs because we’re building a culture.

And that makes it so much fun because there’s just no bad clients. They’re all awesome people. And it’s a reflection of you as the coach and leader setting the standard as far as what’s going to happen inside your community. All those types of things, the brand, it’s really, awesome. So let’s talk about the future for you here, Nicole.

All right. What’s going on? What are your plans for next six months? What do you want? What’s the major goal here?

The scariest thing in my head is that all of this has happened in four months. It’s a crazy amount of growth. I mean, like insane. I could never have pictured this right four months ago that this is where I would be right now. So six months feels like a crazy long time to me. It’s that thing of like, how do I learn how to map that future? Because so much has rapidly changed that I know that I need to be aiming super high because, I mean, four months ago, there’s no way in hell that I would have predicted that I just wake up making thirty three grand in the morning and just hang out my pajamas all day.

I never would’ve predicted that. So that’s the coolest part. Like I have all these pieces that are moving and the exponential growth is there that the ceiling is gone. So it’s just like this wide open sky of potential. And so now I’m developing a world of mine because I’m realizing that my background is all strategic development. I’ve been a consultant and I was consulting for bar owners, which let me tell you, if I can get drunk bar owners who don’t care about their business at all to perform, I can help anybody.

Right. I can go to shit out of people because they’re sober so easy, but. Right. Developing that thing of, you know, the mastermind strategic development of how fast I can do this. Right. It’s like six months. Like six months. Sounds exciting because who knows where the hell I’ll be by then. It’s it’s crazy.

Yeah. And Nicole mentioned Wundermine here, which is her mastermind that she’s developing. And I’m breaking my computer as we go. But that’s one of the things guys that we do in seven figure visionary is the first thing we do is when you join, we do a strategic launch with you. We work with you one v one. We set up Handle Your Tech to, I think, the call we built out your sales page. I looked over your copy of your email, took over the copy of your sales page, make sure your checkout page was connect to your stripe account.

We handle all that tech because we like our clients to be able to focus on their actual launch. So we don’t want them dealing with integrations and stuff like that. So we handled all that. We got you set up with a different launch strategy than you use the first time you would have had twenty two thousand five hundred dollars three weeks. And then after that we’re like, OK, the long term it’s time to think mastermind, right? Let’s build out a long term program.

So you have clients that come in and commit to you for six months, 12 months. This helps with reoccurring income. So if you’re a coach and you’re burnt out because you’re launching every single month over and over again, you need to build out a long term program. And there’s a very strategic way to do that. And you have to put other marketing pieces in place first, because it’s really hard to get people to commit to six or 12 months.

So there’s got to be other pieces in place first. That’s all I can say about that. More of that is inside seven figure visionary Nicole, It’s been already thirty minutes. I don’t want to take up too much of your time because I know you have a lot of f bombs to drop inside your group and a lot of other cool things to todo. But I appreciate you joining me here today. I think everybody got a ton of value.

It’s always so much fun to chat with you. You are a dream client. I’ve enjoyed working with you through all three of our programs and I know amazing things are going to happen here for you in the next few months. So with that said, thanks for joining me, guys. Where can we find more about you Nicole, like our audience here? Right. That wants to be a Wonder Woman, is a Wonder Woman. Where do they find you?

What’s the best place for them to connect with you?

Wonder Woman, come and get me. I’m inclined. Attraction Secrets for Wonder Woman. Come join the group. It’s too much fun all the time, but definitely look that up. Ladies Wonder Woman Attraction Secrets. You’ll find her Facebook group. It’ll probably be at twenty thousand people by the time you find it in thirty minutes. You’re up guys. She’s amazing coach. Doing amazing things gets clients amazing results. So cool. Thanks for hopping on, for sharing your wisdom and for talking about all your success inside our programs.

And we’ll chat with you soon, my friend.

Thanks Dino, you’re a Wonder Woman too. I’m an Iron Man. Come on now. Let’s get this right. And by the way, tallied seven F bombs. So far, so pretty good.

Pretty good. You kept it under double digits. Yes, that’s an improvement. Anyway, thanks. We’ll chat with you soon.


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