Why, When, & If You Should Do Launches Of Your Coaching Program! [Surprise]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Today’s episode we’re going to cover why, when, and if you should do launches. That’s right, launches.

Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. Why, when and if you should do launches, all right. This is a juicy one.

Guys, this is something that you’ll see thrown around consistently as a topic of discussion amongst coaches in the online coaching industry.

Right. Whether your main strategy for driving clients should be just doing a launch once every month, once every two months.

Whether you should do Evergreen, where you have open enrollment for your program, where you’re accepting clients every single day.

And so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. When should you launch? Should you launch, if you should launch, all those types of things? That’s what we’re going to talk about.

OK, so we’ll start off by saying, let’s start with this. Do launches work?

Yes, absolutely.I think launches are absolutely incredible.

Now, with that said, I think there’s a time and place to launch. And so that’s what we’ll really dive into today. So quick back story.

So like last November, we decided to do a launch. All right. Now, we had an evergreen coaching program and which means people can join at any day of the week. Right. It’s always open. It’s not like it’s open and then closed. People could join consistently. Right. And we’re running paid ads. All right. That are driving people onto our email list, putting people in our funnel, and we’re consistently nurturing them through our funnel.

by providing them more free trainings, more value autonomy, not just hitting them over the head consistently with case study after study and just showing them, you know, week after week, month after month. There’s a lot of people that have purchased our program that have been secretly following us. You know, they’ll join our program and then they’ll say, I’m so excited to be here. I’ve been following you guys for five months, six months.

And we literally have a lead nurture sequence that will last that long.

We’re literally providing new content to people that have been on our list for six months. Right. And basically, we’re just going to wear them down. That strategy works, right? If people have never heard from you before, there’s exceptions. We definitely have had clients that are like, yeah, I saw your ad, I booked a call and I joined.

It looked good. And you guys found a good nice enough testimonial. So I was in there’s definitely people like that. That’s a specific type of buyer. They just take action, want to do things fast. Right. And there’s other people that are like, you know what, not there’s a lot of options out there. I really want to make sure this is the right one. I want to get to know you a little bit more and see if I can trust you.

And I want to see if these testimonials are consistent. Like, you know, I see you have testimonials, but I want to see that they come in month after month. There’s other people like that as well.

So we have an evergreen course program. Right. You can join at any point in time. We don’t do the whole fake scarcity that the program is going to shut down on Friday.

And you join right away.

We don’t do that. What we do with our programs consistently is raise the price of them. Right. And that’s something that I firmly believe that you should do, is consistently raise the price of your program, especially given that you’re getting results for your clients, and especially considering that over time, your programs should get better and better. Right. You should be constantly working to figure out how can you make your coaching better? How can you make your training better?

How can you make your staff, if you have coaching staff better at coaching, how can you provide the types of deliverables that connect the dots for your clients to make their life easier? And that’s something that we’re fanatical about. And it’s kind of a joke now amongst our team over here, we have six people on our team, but it’s kind of a joke now amongst our team as well as amongst our clients. I always tell them, you know, when they’re when they ask me, like, how do I design my program or what should I do?

Like, I don’t get it.

Like, why don’t people follow instructions or whatever it is. And I always have this thing that might help you guys out. I always say this like pretend every single one of your clients is a five-year-old. I was like to put together training. That is so simple. Now, it can be a complex subject.

And I’m not trying to be like brash like people are, you know, our clients don’t understand something like that. What I literally mean by that phrase is make it so easy a five year old can do it is if you just have like a video training and you you know, you could just have a video training that teaches some concept. Right. And tells your client what they should be doing. Well, what can you do to take that training one step further to make it that much easier for them?

Right. Like if maybe you feel the training you’re teaching in the concept you’re coaching on is easy to do, but are there multiple steps to it? If so, can you put together a PDF that they can print out or have their desktop? That line item the different steps one through five, so that it’s even easier for them to follow along so that they don’t have to watch the training so that they don’t have to watch the recording of the coaching call.

You had to remember what the steps were to do things right. Literally. How can you make things so simple? That they’re almost, you know, like a five year old could do it. That’s what we mean by that phrase and that’s what we look to do with all of our programs is like, OK, the training covers this extensively and we cover this on the coaching calls extensively. But. Right. how can we give a checklist of what to do?

Can we create a visual or a diagram that will help people understand this? Can we go to our video editor and have them put together a really awesome edited professional video that explains this concept in depth with B, roll footage and stock footage and all this other stuff that will help connect the dots further? Like what can we do to give people a visual representation of that? Now, I just went on a tangent there down a wormhole about how we operate inside of our programs.

But with that said, when it comes to how to do launches, right. We don’t do fake scarcity, OK? But we do consistently raise our prices again because we consistently make our programs better.

And so with that said, what we will do is when we are planning to raise our prices, we will be sure to let people know. All right. So it’s not it’s not fake scarcity. It’s hey, guys if you’ve been considering joining our program. Right, the price is doubling this Friday or next Friday, whatever it is. Right. It might be a week-long promo, a two-week long promo.

And I still consider that a launch because we’re making a big push. We’re trying to push people off the edge, off the fence. People that are considering joining when they hear the price is about to double. Right. They’re going to make a decision at that point. I’m either in or I’m out. Right. Because they don’t want to wait and pay double later. And then what we actually do is go ahead. When we say we’re going to double the prices, we double the prices.

All right.

And so when it comes to launches, that’s how we operate. You’ll you’ll end up on a launch roller coaster. So what I don’t like our launch roller coasters and some coaches are very successful with it. I think it’s the most stressful thing ever to have a business where you have inconsistent revenue. So in other words, when you do a launch, normally you make a bunch of money all at once.

All right. But what happens is when you onboard a lot of clients all at once. All right. And so if I’m launching this week, all my efforts are focusing on this promotion and customer service and all the stuff. And then all of a sudden, we onboard 10 new clients, 20 new clients, 50 new clients. We’ve onboarded 50 clients a week before. If that happens, then all of a sudden next week and actually for several weeks, we’re really busy fulfilling duties and obligations to those 50 clients all at once.

All of a sudden, we have 50 people asking questions all at once because they just joined in. So there’s going to be questions and different things. And so then what happens is, you know, you’re in client fulfillment for several weeks after that. Right. And then you might all of a sudden prepare again for the next launch. Right. You might say after your launch, OK, we’re closed. We’re closing down for six weeks, and then you go ahead and deliver to your clients and then you do another launch.

And so that’s called is like a launch roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. So all of a sudden you’ll have a really high revenue week because you did a launch and then you won’t have any revenue coming in for perhaps a month. All right. And then there’s a lot of pressure on you to deliver another awesome launch. All right. So that kind of revenue balances out to a number that you like over the course of the span of a month or so.

And so you get these crazy, like, fluctuations like that. And so I personally prefer predictable revenue. So I like running Evergreen. I highly recommend always running an evergreen program where people can join when they’re ready. Like if somebody is ready to join one of our programs tomorrow, I don’t think it makes sense to say, no, we’re not opening again for five weeks now. That person might be like, wait, I’m ready to go right now.

Dino, you’re telling me I have to wait five weeks? And I think you lose customers like that because then what are they going to do? Well, I’m ready to go right now. I have the money to go right now. And I cleared my schedule for five weeks because I really want to dig in right now if you’re not ready. I’m also considering this other person or this other coach, and they’re open right now.

So I guess I should just go over there. Right. That that happens if you open and close your programs. So I think launches are incredible because they can bring in a huge chunk of revenue. But I think the way to do them is to do them while you’re increasing the value of your program and the prices of your program. And then you let people know that your program is increasing prices and that becomes a launch in itself because people then join because they don’t want to pay double later.

Now, this only works, guys, if you don’t do the fake scarcity thing. So we don’t do the fake scarcity thing. As a matter of fact, I have a folder full of screenshots, and this is another awesome tip for you guys that do launches.

I have a folder full of screenshots of people that email our support team and they contact us and a day or two after we say we’re going to double the price and they go, whoa, wait. I thought the price was X, Y, Z.

And we go. Literally, no, we just told everybody that we were doubling the prices on Friday and, you know, now it’s Saturday or now it’s the next Monday. And so we’re now at the increased price rate and we don’t make exceptions on that because, like, all it takes is one person to, you know, destroy your reputation. Right. And we do not like to do fake scarcity. And so I have a folder of screenshots of people saying, can I get the lower price?

Let a discount, ever come back around? Like, will you lower the price back down at some point or all those types of things? So we save those screenshots, as should you.

And what that does is it gives you credibility because next time you go and say, hey, you know, we just brought our new staff new programs, which is how to do modules.

We just made our program better. We just added more one v one calls, more group coaching calls. We just did. All these awesome things were added in a live event into our mastermind’s for everybody to get together. So we’re raising the prices because it’s a transformational experience. We’re doing all these different things.

Once you say we’re raising the price, right, because of the online industry. Right. There’s plenty of people that due to the fake scarcity. And so people will get skeptical of whether or not you are actually going to raise your price. So we hold onto the screenshots where people say, oh, my gosh, I’m bummed I missed the deal. Can I get a lower price like those types of things? We hold onto those screenshots and we blur out the person’s name because, you know, we’re not trying to, you know, reveal who they are persay.

But we hold onto the screenshots and we put those on our sales pages. We put those in our emails, we put those on our booking calendar page.

And that way, when we go ahead and tell people, hey, we’re raising the price, they can also say screenshots and we tell people, hey, legitimately raising the price. Here’s a group of people that were bummed the last time we told everybody that we were raising a price that didn’t get in while they had the chance. All right. And so that builds some trust there because they can literally see that, hey, we’re the folks that actually do what we say we’re going to do in that regard.

Right. Or just in general. Right.

We do what we say we’re going to do. Right. We walk the talk. So that’s one thing to do. So do launches work?

Yes, do. But Evergreen marketing. Right, like is consistent revenue. It’s so nice to not have to wait four weeks or six weeks for another chunk of revenue to come in. Right. It’s nice to have sales coming in every single day and to get that those notifications on your phone that new people are enrolling every day. It also puts less stress on you as the coach. And if you have a team and puts less stress on your team because you’re not on board in a chunk of people all at once, that’s that’s becomes a lot of work.

And so we’d rather have people trickle in. Right. And come in consistently every single day. And that way there’s just not an overload on our coaching system, our program, on our staff all at once. All right. And so when and why and should you launch?

Yes, you should launch because there’s great things that come with launches. Again, a big spike in revenue and cash flow, which is awesome. Right. But also it gets people off the fence, especially if you’re you’re raising your prices. All right. And so it will help people make a buying decision to take action. And so it’s crucial to have those launches. But the open the launch in terms of opening and closing your program, like we’re open for six weeks, and then we have to do another whole marketing push to fill our next round of the program and stuff.

I’m not a huge fan of that. In case you’ve ever tried doing that yourself, if you’re already an established coach and you’ve done those types of launches with that type of coaching business model, you know, the pressure and stress, it’s a lot. And then you’re wondering, am I going to fill all my spots and all this stuff? And then you have a bunch of people doing all then once and again you have unpredictable revenue.

So the model that we recommended that we teach our clients right is Evergreen. We help them set up an evergreen marketing system so that sales are consistently coming in. And then we teach them to launch at certain points in time, such as when they’re upgrading their program or when or also otherwise when they add on an upsell to their program. And then another good time to launch is around specific holidays or on your birthday.

All right. And so, for example, last November, we decided we were going to double our prices. And so we did an official launch that said, hey, our prices are literally doubling, you know, and we ran a week long promotion letting people know, hey, our prices are doubling. I think we sent out six or seven emails to let people know. We let people know in our free Facebook group, on social media, on my social media platforms, we let everybody know, hey, here’s your last chance to get in before we double our prices.

And it was an incredible month, right? It was a six figure easily.

It was a six figure month, well over six figures and just one month because it was a launch. So that’s the good thing about launches, is that awesome boost of revenue that comes in. But again, doing the open and close thing is tough on managing cash flow on unpredictability as far as like, OK, how much am I going to grow by because you just don’t know, like launches are you can have a good launch, you can have a bad launch.

There’s so many factors to it. Factors include what time of the year it is, who your competitors are and what kind of promotions and things they’re running. What are the things are just happening in the industry as a whole, like what’s going on in your particular market or niche? There’s a million different factors. And so counting on a launch to go right, to have everything go perfectly. You’re marketing your messaging, your sales page, your checkout page, your team.

You know, if you have people that do sales for you, like all those on board, all those different things, there’s a lot of stuff to manage for a big mass push. And so and into, you know, to kind of wrap this one up.

Why, when, and if you should do launches. Yes, you should do launches.

But I firmly believe you should only do launches when you’re raising your price, because if you do the open and close programs, then you get stuck in unpredictable revenue. Now, there is one exception to this thing. Here’s the one exception I would say guys is when you are starting out OK, naturally, right. If you’re a brand new coach and you don’t have any clients yet, you are going to do a launch to officially announce and launch your first program.

Right. And so that will naturally happen as your first launch, you’ll say, and you’ll get know. You’ll do your marketing, you’ll build your audience. We’ll talk about how you can build your audience and stuff like that. And we kind of cover that more in detail on YouTube. If you want to figure out, like, how you can build an audience, I’d hop on over to our YouTube channel. It’s kind of easier to explain there since you can actually see us and we can diagram different things.

But of course, when you’re launching a new program as a brand new coach for the first time, then you will do a launch. But from there you want to start thinking long term, which is how can I create evergreen marketing that’s going to consistently drive people into our program and then otherwise you can plan on when you will do strategic launches throughout the year. And basically those would be markers of when you will be raising your prices.

And there are certain times of the year when you should be doing those. We kind of have a calendar for that. We’ve figured out what works really well based on doing this for several years. We’ve noticed certain months don’t work as well as others because of the time of the year. And so we kind of have all that mapped out. That’s something that we give to our clients and help them with. But those are my feelings, my deep feelings.

Just joking around. I’m in a goofy mood today.

But, yeah, those are my thoughts on launches and stuff. I would rather have sales coming in daily and then do launches when our program is increasing the prices to help people make a decision of whether they want to hop in or not. And so there you guys have it. All right. Why, when and if you should do launches, that’s basically should really have an evergreen marketing system. You should only do launches when you’re raising your prices because you don’t want to be stuck on the launch roller coaster with unpredictable revenue.

And putting that much stress on you, if you could talk to any coach like that’s done a launch before or that decides to just do the launch model, which is an open and close program and it is stressful and unpredictable. So those are things that we aim to stay away from with our business. putting a massive amount of stress on ourselves to have everything go perfect? And of course, we don’t like unpredictable revenue.

We’d rather see stable, consistent revenue every single month. And of course, we want to see it going up every single month. So we’d like an evergreen marketing system.

So guys, I hope that is helpful in regards to why and when and if you should do launches as an online coach. And that will wrap up this episode.

But as always, guys, keep doing you and keep having an out awesome blast with your online business. All right. We’ll talk to you guys soon.

Hey Dino Gomez here, and if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the SecretsofCoaching.com for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs.

All right. So that is it for this episode, guys. We will see you in the next one, Well bye.


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