What Type Of Coach Are You?
[Raider Vs. Aristocrat]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and in this video today, we’re going to be talking about the two different types of online coaches.

All right, guys, so I got this analogy actually from Alex Becker, who did an amazing job of breaking this down. He did this in a different metaphor. But I want to tie this into the coaching space. So if you’re not learning, coach, listen up, because you probably fall into one of one of these two categories.

You’re either a raider. All right. I’ll put that up here, Raider or you’re an aristocrat. You’re either a raider or aristocrat. So what’s the difference between a raider and an aristocrat? Well, the Raider, they normally have very quick success. They move really fast. This is like your social media influencer, right? They love talking that they’re doing Facebook lives left and right. They’re all over the place. They’re kind of a micro influencer. They’re throwing stuff at the wall.

They take imperfect action. Right. They’re just the doers. Right. So they’re leading the charge. Right. And so raiders are doing absolutely everything. They lead the charge. They normally have very quick, very quick success. But then they get stuck. They literally get stuck sometimes around this number, sometimes a little bit higher. But they’re so focused on being out there on social media and doing a bunch of things, making too much noise. They find that success, but then they get stuck because they’re not an aristocrat.

Now, one of those aristocrat do an aristocrat is up here and they think an aristocrat is all about numbers. All right. They’re about numbers, systems, delegation, task, teamwork, infrastructure. All right. They put together the process like that, the entire systematic framework to grow a business to bigger numbers. All right. Things like seven figures. All right. That’s what they’re aristocrats thinking about is how can an organized team put together SOP’s systems, delegation operations, all of this stuff so that we get to this bigger number?

Also, the aristocrats thinking like, how can I work in my zone of genius and delegate out to team members, all these other things that need to happen so that I can focus on long term vision and what’s going to actually help us get to these bigger numbers, help us impact and serve more clients. All right. So that’s what the aristocrat does. They’re all about like numbers. They’re all about numbers, system, delegation, task organization, long term vision.

And the raider is just about going crazy really, really fast. And to make things happen, they get short term success, they get stuck. What happens is the radar needs to become the aristocrat if they want to go from these types of numbers. Right, to like these seven figure numbers. All right. And so the question and comment below, guys, let me know, are you a raider or are you an aristocrat right now? Which type of personality are you are.

And so if you are a raider, right, then again, you are probably having some success as play. I find it really easy to land your first initial few clients. But then the problem is that you run out of time or you get burned out or you get stuck or you start jumping from industry to industry or you don’t hire a team and you’re afraid to hire a team. You’re afraid you’re unorganized. You’re probably not an aristocrat thinking long term vision.

You’re bad with systems and operations. You probably have a million tabs open on your computer and you probably have like just a million different things on the door around your desk and everything like that. That’s just the personality of a raider. And that’s great for starting the business. But if you’re an online coach and you want to get to the bigger numbers, guys, you’ve got to start transforming into this right here, the aristocrat who’s really thinking and is operational at the top of the business.

And so, guys, I hope this is helpful, right, to put in perspective and have yourself reflect kind of where you’re at in your coaching business. Right. What what your strengths and weaknesses are really important. Right. As an online entrepreneur, as a coach, to know what our strengths and weaknesses are. Right. So we can we can get better at our weaknesses. Right. And do what we can to spend more time on our strengths, because that’s the only what’s producing for us.

And so, guys, if this was this is helpful. Right. And if you figure it out right now, you’re like, oh, my gosh, that really makes sense. I’m totally a raider. I’m not good with numbers, delegation, team systems and organizations and guys. That’s all that’s missing we need. Let’s help you become the actual aristocrat so that you can get to these bigger numbers, multiple six figures, seven figures and beyond. Right.

Got to be the aristocrat. And so if this training was helpful, guys, and you’re like, dang it, I’m totally a writer, then what you have to do, guys, is beneath this video, there’ll be a link. Click that link. It’ll be in the description of the video or in the first comments. And if you’re a writer, definitely click that link because I’m going to take you to another free training. We’re going to show you the five profit levers to grow your online business, to basically transition from the Raiders mentality into the aristocrat mentality so that you can start thinking big picture, start building teams, operations, systems.

We’re going to show you some really cool ways to do that. Really cool ways, data driven ways, case studies, all these different ways to take you from raider to progress over to Aristocrat. All right. And so I hope this was helpful for self reflection wise to realize where you’re at in your coaching business. And so what you want to do is, is go ahead, click that link. If you want to check out how to transition from a raider to aristocrat’s can grow your business seven figures. That’s in the description. That’s it for this video. Guys, I hope that was helpful. Dino Gomez here. We will see you in the next one.


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