Should Online Coaches Run Facebook Ads?
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Written By Dino Gomez

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Should online coaches run Facebook ads, it is a great question. It is a million dollar question and I’m pumped up guys, to show you what I actually believe about this laptop into my computer going pull. The white board will dive right into this.

All right, so we’re over here at the white board and we got this cool stick figure here, this represents you as an online coach, all right. And then the next thing that we have is this. This is our timeline. This is a very important timeline. What we have down here is zero. Standing for a brand new coach hasn’t landed a client yet. Zero revenue over here. We have one million dollars. OK, the goal here is to grow to a million dollars, a million dollars coaching business.

You can absolutely do it. We’ll show you the system that we use that we absolutely love. OK, so this is what happens first is on this timeline, there’s a little notch that’s like right here. And this notch represents five K now, a lot of coaches, again, will ask, should I run Facebook ads in which I run Facebook ads with an astounding yes, you should run Facebook ads. Absolutely. You have to run Facebook guys as an online coach.

But the real question is, when should I run Facebook ads. Guys, I believe that at 5k a month reoccurring income, that means month over month you’re making 5K and let me show you why. All right. So what happens as a brand new coach from zero to five a month is that there’s a lot of things going on. Right. And a lot you figuring out a lot of things. And this is a really fun part of your business because you’re growing, you’re launching, it’s exciting and so forth.

And you’re really doing is you’re figuring out your target audience. You’re figuring out what your target audience needs, wants what they’re struggling with. You refine your program. Right. Your first couple of clients are going to come in and have certain questions that you weren’t expecting. So you’re going to make your program better, more tailored to your audience. You’re also going to dial in your actual messaging. All right. And so in the first zero to 5k, there’s all these different components happening.

And so what we call this this zero to 5K is we call this beta. All right. Beta basically means the first rendition of your program. And again, this is this is you building the foundation of your coaching program, you figuring out your target audience, how they think, what words they use, what questions they ask, how to make your program better, how to make your messaging better, how to make your organic marketing better. All right.

And so during beta, you’re doing all these things, working with your clients closely, getting feedback, helping them get their first wins, collecting testimonials from them. You’re doing all these different things. And that’s that can be very time consuming and the way you’re going to drive. And I’ll put this right here over and over here, we’ll put F.B. for Facebook ads. But what happens here in Beta is I highly recommend you just do organic marketing or organic marketing and posting on Facebook, posting on Instagram, maybe uploaded to YouTube videos, but you’re not spending money on Facebook ads yet because you still are working on your program.

You’re making your program better. You’re getting your first clients. You’re learning how to onboard your clients, how to get better at sales you’re making. You’re dialing in your messaging further. Right. You’re figuring out with your organic marketing which pieces of content resonate with your market, which verbiage resonates, which offers resonates with price points, resonate with your audience. You’re doing all this and you’re doing this through organic marketing. And so this works really, really well because you’re not spending any money.

Right. It’s free and but you’re getting all this feedback. And so what we really have going on, and this is why this is so, so awesome and pumps me up, guys, this this system is so cool. This is how it becomes really powerful with Facebook ads, is that your organic marketing is going to feed your Facebook ads. All right. It’s going to feed your Facebook ads. What do I mean by that? Well, initially with organic marketing, right, you’re going to get your first few clients in a post on social media and people are going to you’re going to make an offer and people will sign up and say, yeah, I’m interested.

I want to be a beta student. They’re going to want to be a beta student, because what we recommend doing with your beta program is offering it at a huge discount. The reason you offer it at a huge discount is because this is a new program. You want feedback from an initial wave of clients. And so these these clients are going to come in. They’re going to get a discount, which is a screaming deal for them. They’re going to they’re saving a ton of money and they have your full attention and they get to do something new, cool and exciting with you.

Meanwhile it’s a huge deal for you because you’re building confidence, you’re getting their feedback, you’re making your program better, and hopefully you’re getting testimonials from them because you do such an awesome job. So it’s a win win situation there. Now, what happens with your organic post is you can you can talk to your students and say, which post did you like? Which ones convinced you to buy all these types of things? This is becoming is is basically going to feed your Facebook ads.

All right. Facebook advertising is very easy when you know which pieces of content already work, it takes the guessing out of it so you can go to your audience and they will literally tell which pieces of content work. I always ask our students, right. Sometimes they’ll come up to me. They’ll be like, you know, that last post you wrote was insane. It tipped me over the edge. I had enjoyed your coaching program.

I knew you were the right coach for me when you said that and when I hear those types of things, that type of feedback from our clients, then I immediately think I’m like, bam, that is a Facebook ad waiting to happen. Right. So I take that. I bring it over to Facebook ads. Right. And I plug it in. And then Facebook or social media advertising amplifies that message to thousands of potential clients.

It makes Facebook ads knowing what to say in your Facebook ads much easier if somebody goes, you know, I love that particular YouTube video did that training was exactly what I needed to hear. I’m like, boom, that is a Facebook ad. I’ll just take it and plug it into Facebook ads. And so it’s a really cool dial down system here. It’s taking the guesswork out of everything. Now, after your program is built out and you’ve and you added more modules, you’ve made it better.

It’s redefined, and you have your coaching program all set. You know how to onboard clients. You have a client testimonials, all these things, you know, your target audience, your messaging is spot on. You know what to say that people want to hear and that will help them and persuade them and all these different types of things, push them over the edge, give them the confidence to invest in you. All those types of things know how to get your clients results right once you have all that dialed in.

Right. That’s your foundation. That’s right here. Beta, all right, from here now what we’re talking about is scaling now you have the foundation, it’s built, you know it works, you know organic marketing works. So you take all this and you start plugging it into Facebook ads. Now, one of the questions I get is, well, how much do I need to spend on Facebook ads? I’m worried about losing money with Facebook ads.

Here’s the thing, guys. You don’t need to spend much money from the start, when you’re at 5K a month, you only need to spend like two hundred dollars a month on Facebook ads. So I put two hundred here. All right. We literally one of our clients, Corey, was at 5k a month. We told them, all right, now, two hundred dollars a month into Facebook ads, he went from 5k and he quickly went to 10K a month. All right. Spending about two hundred dollars a month on Facebook ads. He went from 5k to 10k after that we told him to spend more. Right. Now Start spending a thousand dollars a month. All right. So he started spending a thousand dollars a month. He went from 10K a month to 18k month. All right. 18,000 a month and he’s only spending a thousand dollars a month on Facebook ads.

This is this system works super, super well because he knew which Facebook ads were going to work with his audience because we use our organic marketing. Our free marketing. Right. And the feedback we get from a free market and we go, oh, this is really an awesome piece of content. Everybody loves it. And we just pull that push that into our Facebook ads. And then all of a sudden it becomes it’s not as much of a guessing game.

We just plug that in. Right. And we slowly but surely keep building our budget on Facebook ads as more and more clients come into our program and we start scaling. Now, the other thing that happens in here that I want to mention as well is along with Facebook ads, once you get to about 10K a month is when we recommend this, you start building out your team and team is why the coaching business is so awesome. Having a team makes is everything.

It’s so much fun. It makes your life what you do, what the work you do so much more enjoyable because you as the actual founder, get to decide where your time is best spent. Are you bring in a team member and you say, hey, I need support here. And what that does is it frees up all your time to work on things that you love to work on in your area of genius and to work on things that are going to grow your business even more.

And after that, you bring on a second team member and a third team member, fourth team member, fifth team member. Right. And you’re doing this as you’re spending a little bit more each month on Facebook ads, very systematic. No guess work. Right. And as you do this right, you slowly but surely start growing to a million dollar business. And so that question, should I run Facebook ads as an online coach? Absolutely. I don’t know why online coaches spend.

They I’ve see them. They spend like three hours a day or more on Facebook, writing organic posts. They write like two or three organic posts a day. I find that exhausting. I would rather write a couple posts a week, whichever ones do best. I’ll plug them in Facebook ads and my message will be amplified to thousands, hundreds of people. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen our Facebook ads, and it’s we get a massive return on investment.

It allows us to systematically scale. And as we grow now, I can focus on this, our team and our clients. Right. I don’t have to be sitting there or typing out organic Facebook posts all day long. I do believe in the one two combo. I think free content is is huge. Right. That’s why I’m here on YouTube. But I think what works really well is when you combine the two together and this system here is what we recommend to our clients.

And at this point during beta, because we have people asking us about this beta here is that we have a program called Coaching Launch and that helps brand new coaches figure out their niche style and their messaging, build their audience, understand how to copyright and bring on board the first several clients, design their program and actually get the first few paying clients into the program. That’s coaching launch. Right. Gets them to about 5k a month. And then from there we have a really awesome mastermind where we focus on, OK, how do we run Facebook ads and how do we track Facebook ads correctly and how do we build our team and how do we scale this program right to a million dollars and beyond.

And so, guys, this system here is how we scale to a million dollars. I absolutely love it. It’s a strategic it’s highly leveraged. Right. Everything that we do is compounding on each other so that our organic marketing efforts aren’t wasted. We’re using that plug into social media ads to amplify our message and amplify our message allows us to reach more people and allows us to sign more clients, allows us to grow our business, allows us to grow our team, but it also allows us to help more people.

And so it’s really a win win, win win. And so this program, this system here, guys, is high level and but fundamentally, it is pretty simple and it makes the most sense and it works. And we’ve thought this to dozens and dozens of coaches. And it’s just incredible to see the results of this game plan, this cool map right here. So, guys, if you are a brand new coach, are you considering online coaching?

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But this is where we come out with a lot of content. Otherwise, guys, I hope this, again, was helpful.

And yeah, catch you guys in the next video. Have a great day.


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