(Part 2) How to Sell High Ticket Coaching [Courses or Masterminds] for 10k+

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as seven figure visionary, and in today’s video training, we’re going to be talking about how to sell high ticket. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, coaches and course creators always want know how to sell high ticket. How do you raise your prices? How do you charge ten thousand dollars or more for your coaching services? So that’s what we’re going through today. I want you guys to know this is part two of a video training series on how to sell high ticket. There’s another video we recorded earlier that’s on this channel that you should go back and watch.

It is part one on how to sell high ticket. Today, we’re going to be focusing on the four key components, the four acronyms to sell in high ticket. So let’s dive right into this, OK? And I do want you to know it is the best day of my life, which is why I’m wearing this t shirt. All right. So step one, guys, to sell high ticket, you have to you have to be concerned with who your audiences are.

This is a big one, guys. Who are you selling to? All right. If you are selling to aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s going to be tougher for you to sell high ticket because they might not necessarily already have the funds and capital to invest more to invest by figures into your coaching services. Right.

Versus if you’re if you’re selling to CEOs, if you’re helping CEOs as an example is to say you’re a relationship coach instead of being a relationship coach just for regular, regular folks, if you’re a relationship coach for CEOs much they have a lot more reason to make their relationship work. Obviously, divorce is very, very expensive and cuts their income in half. So ten thousand dollars to save a marriage is not very much to them. Likewise, guys, if you’re a spirituality coach and you might say I’m a law of attraction coach, what if you’re really a law of attraction coach and you’re helping people gain more abundance, attract more into their life, really?

Where you helping them attract more abundance? You’re helping them with wealth. Relationships are health, right? Again, if you’re in the fitness phase, too, if you’re focusing on let’s just say you’re a fitness coach, right. Rather than helping your average Joe lose weight, what if you help online entrepreneurs stay fit? Right. And that that is a lot more valuable, say, monetarily wise to an entrepreneur, because their health as an entrepreneur is everything right.

If you lose your health as an entrepreneur, you stop working in your business dies. So it’s really important as entrepreneurs that you stay healthy. So, again, your audience is going to dictate a lot as far as what your prices can be and to different audiences, your services can be more valuable to them. And so step one, guys, is focus on your audience. All right. Step two is your promise. All right, and so your promise has a lot to do with your messaging, all right, and so, in other words, what are you what’s the end result? What’s the transformation you are promising to your audience? Right. As an example, I see a lot of coaches out there, and this makes sense that there is a kind of progress or an upgrade. But a lot of newer coaches, right. They will have the messaging. Hey, I help struggling entrepreneurs land their first client.

That’s often what they say. And so what they’re promises is like, I’m going to help you land your first client. That’s not a huge promise. It’s a great promise. It solves the problem, but it’s not a huge promise, just landing one client. And so to land one client, people that aren’t necessarily going to be willing to pay ten thousand dollars just to learn how to land one client. All right. And so as you look at your promise, think of how can I upgrade my promise so that it’s a bigger promise, it’s delivering more transformation.

All right. So taking that example that we just did, instead of I help struggling entrepreneurs land their first client, it can be I help entrepreneurs grow to six figures or multiple six figures. All right. That message is different. The promise is different. It’s a much bigger promise. I think a lot of people out there are happy to pay ten thousand dollars to learn how to grow and build a multiple six figure business. Right. That’s a massive return on investment.

All right. And again, this is important why you guys go back to the video training number one on how to sell high ticket, because in that video training, we go through the timeline that helps you realize the value of your services, because, again, if you’re teaching somebody, for example, how to land clients, you’re basically teaching them a skill set that they’re going to carry with them for the rest of their career. All right. So if you have a forty five year old client, you teach them how to land clients. They have that skill set for another two decades. All right. So the amount of value you’re bringing them for them to master is to say sales or client attraction at age forty five. They have two decades more. They can use that skill sets that’s going to compound for them. Now, that skill set, if you charge 10K to show them how to upgrade their sales and attract more clients in their business, they land an extra client every single month over the course of two decades that that turns out to be hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.

And so that’s again covered in video one more extensively. But you have to understand what I call the compounding effect of knowledge. Right? Like why acquiring knowledge now serves you not just now, but for the rest of your entrepreneurial career. It makes sense to invest now and have that skill set with you forever. It turns into a ton of the results compounded to become massive. All right. So that’s in video one covered extensively. Guys, I’ll leave that up below if you guys haven’t missed that one.

All right. So we have audience, then we have promise. And then right here we have support. Or otherwise services. All right, so as as an example, the first my first coaching program was an online course teaching Facebook ads. All right. And it fell into the definition, of course, because it was mostly people got to log in to a training area and there is a bunch of videos. We didn’t have a Facebook group. All right.

The Facebook group is a level of support, but it’s not much support. And so what I wanted to do is I wanted to raise the prices of our Facebook ads program. People were getting amazing results in that program. We have over 350 testimonials over there. And so I wanted to raise the price of our coaching program. So what did I do? I increase the level of support we added in I hired additional coaches, Facebook ad experts, to be inside of our Facebook group.

Also, we began hosting multiple calls every single week on Zoom, where we would literally, literally go into are our members Facebook account. When they’re struggling with something, whether it’s their funnel setting up their pixel or any of the technical issues, our coaches literally help them through the technical issues, set things up for them so that their campaigns are easily run right. What we figured out was that people were struggling with some of the tech. So I was like, how can we increase our support and services?

OK, this is what we’ll do. Host several calls per week. They will be tech strategy calls and with zoom. If you guys don’t know if this functionality, you have remote control settings. So with our members permission, we’re able to control their computer screen. So if they were having trouble figuring out how to add the pixel to the website or how to build a funnel, we would literally be able to our coaches do it for them on the spot.

All right. This increased success rates dramatically, because if you’re pitfall was that the tech was holding you back, we increased our services and support to make sure that that got done for you so you can actually start running ads for clients and getting results. And then our testimonials skyrocketed. Right. And so when we upgraded our support and services, we also raised our price. We increased our price five X and people were happy to pay it because they’re getting a massive return on investment because all of the support was there to make sure that they got results.

And so look at how you can upgrade support and services. That’s what we did in our first coaching program in our mastermind seven figure visionary, which is for online coaches. We have ridiculous support besides just one V one calls. Right. We have brought in all of these different experts. We have a copywriting expert, a Facebook ads expert, organic marketing expert, a sales expert, and then a systems and operations coach who will help you learn how to hire and delegate services.

Right. So that you, as a coach, spend more time in your what we call a zone of genius and your productivity skyrockets and so does your actual business. So we have all these different coaches in there that are providing all these different types of calls so that wherever you need support, we have you covered. All right. And so our clients that are inside of our new mastermind’s seven figure visionary love it because they no longer need to hire five different coaches for all different things.

And they’re not hopping on a Zoom call with one hundred other people or they never actually get their question addressed and said, we have all these different coaches covering different subject matter. So instead of a mastermind, we have massive support and services that allows us to charge a higher ticket price because it’s more valuable to our clients and they get much, much, much, much, much better results because of that support. And so that’s the third one. The last one, guys, is and people don’t talk about this at all is duration.

Duration is big. How long are you providing these services? So, for example, if you’re a coach and maybe you’re offering one via one services or let’s just put it like this, maybe you’re considering hiring a coach, right? If they were going to charge you a thousand dollars or maybe they’re going to charge you five thousand dollars, if they’re like, yeah, it might be one. Coaching is five thousand dollars for one week of coaching. And you get three calls with me over the course of seven days.

It’s five grand. That’s not a very long duration. All right. And so if you change this duration to be six months or even 12 months, right. It’s much easier to justify charging ten, twenty, thirty thousand dollars for your four year coaching program because you officially have a mastermind. People have are getting your support and your services over the course of six months, even even even up to a year. Right. And so look at the duration.

Right. That’s a much as another key component of being able to justify charging high ticket, because, again, if you have a versus like a six week program, like a six week program versus a six month program, as vastly different people. And our mastermind know that they’re going to get our support and have all these different extra level coaches to support them. Right. And they’re going have access to that for anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on which option they sign up for.

And so that as well allows you to raise your prices because you’re servicing your clients for a longer period of time. Now, guys, this is are the four key components to selling high ticket. But I guess I want to make this clear guys don’t think that, like, you just take this and run with it and build and then they started selling High ticket. I don’t want to make that false claim and promise that, like, you just do these four things and you’re good.

There’s a lot of nuances that go into this, right? Upgrading your message and having the marketing that attracts the right audience, actually dialing in what the promises, knowing what your clientele prospects want so that they’re willing to pay high ticket for understanding how to deliver additional levels of support and services, which areas but areas are problematic. How Actually designed your program? What goes into it? Actually, being able to sell is a whole different thing and communicate the value of your services on these types of calls.

And then again, program design. So there’s there’s a lot of different components that go into this. And so I just want to be very clear. These are the four main components of it. But inside each of those components are a lot of different things. And so, guys, if this video training was helpful, we do it. We do two to three of these video tunes every single week. So be sure to hit the subscribe button.

Also, if you have any questions, drop a question off below. And if you guys are interested in uploading your coaching business. All right. To grow into what we’re seeing our clients doing is are they’re growing to multiple six figures and are on track for seven figure run rates. Then go ahead. I’ll leave a link beneath this video where you can check out seven figure vision area, which is our online mastermind for online coaches, where you get all of that crazy type of support that I was talking about.

We have amazing testimonials coming out from it. It is a brand new mastermind, and so we’re super excited about it. We’re supporting our our clients at a very, very high level. And it’s just awesome what’s happening in there. So if you guys want more information about that, I’ll leave a link beneath this video. Otherwise, guys, be sure to stay tuned. We will have a bunch more cool video training coming out, as well as a podcast that’s launching soon called The Secrets of Coaching, where we are going to currently discuss, consistently discuss all the tactics, strategies, mindsets, upgrades, mistakes we’ve made and learning lessons to grow a six to seven figure online coaching business.

All right. So stay tuned for all of that, guys. That is it for this video. I hope this video was helpful. We will see you guys in the next one.


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