Overcome Imposter Syndrome In Your Online Coaching Business

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as seven figure visionary, and in today’s video training, we’re going to be talking about how to beat imposter syndrome as an online coach. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, so you’re an online coach or you’re an aspiring online coach, but you have some self doubts, right? Imposter syndrome is sneaking in, is creeping up on you. You’re starting to wonder, am I good enough to coach? Do I have enough qualifications to coach all these types of things? It’s slowing you down a little bit today. We’re going to break down three different ways for you to smash imposter syndrome. Let’s dive into this right now and hop on over to the whiteboard.

Right. So first thing, guys, with imposter syndrome, normally your experience and experiencing imposter syndrome because you’re focusing on your competitors. All right. You’re focusing on your competition. All right. Now, when you focus a lot on the gurus, right. They have to have such a bigger following than I do. How am I going to make it or how am I going to carve out a space if they’re so big and they have this amazing team and marketing and all this cool stuff that I don’t have.

Right. Or you’re looking at them and oh, my gosh, look, they’ve made so much money, there’s no way I could ever make that much money. There’s no way I could ever speak as good as them on camera. There’s no way I could ever speak on stage in a million different things that are swarming through your head. Well, imposter syndrome starts when you get outside of yourself, guys. What you’re doing is you’re focusing all of your thoughts and energy on what your competition is doing rather than focusing on.

Right. Your clients. All right, it is really easy transition here, guys, rather than focusing on how awesome your competition is? Instead, focus all your energy on your clients or your audience. Right. How can you become a better coach to your clients? How can you make your programs better? Can you send out a survey and survey your clients and ask them what parts of the program they really like? So you could do more of that and figure out what parts of the program they’re struggling with.

So you can fix that, make it even better if you focus on your clients. How can I get them more results, make things easier for them, give them more resources and tools, bring in additional coaches like all these different types of things. If you focus on how you can make your coaching program better, your service better and focus all of your energy on your clients, right, then you’re not sitting here looking at your competition and you’re serving your clients, you’re going to get better results.

That’s going to build your confidence and trust. You’re going to start landing more clients because you’re focusing on the right thing. All right. So step one, guys, to beating and getting over impostor syndrome is to just redirect your energy, stop focusing on yourself and how you compare to your competitors. Just start focusing on how you can be a bad ass coach and mentor to your clients. That’s going to help you guys out of time. That’s number one.

Number two is look around your office, your house, in your wardrobe and things of that nature in your garage where wherever you might be and look at some of the things that you have personally bought that you have bought. All right. Let me give you an example right now. My favorite plain white and plain black t shirts I buy on Amazon. Guess what? They’re not Hanes or some nationally acclaimed big brand. They’re just some random one off brand.

I’ve never heard of that. I don’t even know how they made it on Amazon. I don’t even care. The fact of the matter is, I bought these t shirts because I want to try them out. They happened the cut in the wear and how they feel on me. I tend to like them more than the bigger brand Hanes. Look around things that you bought in your house, things weird widgets and things you bought on Amazon.

Everybody buys weird stuff on Amazon, like look at that stuff. Right. And take appreciation to the fact of all of the non corporate brands that you bought, that you enjoy it. Like if you bought, you know, just a little electronic selfie ring, liked to shoot videos or whatever, if it’s not like the major name brand company. But you like it, it works really well, like take notice of all that. Right.

And then reflect on that. Right. For example, I love my plain white t shirts and my plain sweaters that I work out and they are not a big brand name. They’re not Nike, OK. And but I like them. They’re cheap, they’re affordable and they fit me better. All right. And so if you start paying attention to all the cool things, it could be like a little piece of jewelry you bought on Etsy from somebody who handmade that jewelry.

And that’s like your favorite piece of jewelry. Maybe it’s a necklace or some hat or something like that going on vacation or a t shirt you got while traveling. It’s not some big name brand, right? Those big name brands, those are the big guru competition. All right. That that you’re getting tripped up on. All right. So don’t give up on that. Notice that you appreciate these smaller brands and stuff because of the product or service that they provided to you.

For example, like my favorite restaurants are Hole in the Wall Mexican restaurants. Now, that might be because the last name is Gomez and it runs in my blood, but I don’t want to go to some corporate Mexican restaurant like the. Absolutely not. I want to go to a hole in the wall like nobody knows about it. Mexican restaurant. They’re going to have stronger margaritas. It’s going to be delicious food like I’d like. The recipe is going to be passed down.

It’s going to be it’s just that’s what I prefer. And so when you start taking notice of all those little things, then what you can do is go, huh? Well, if I’m a starting new coach or if I’m not my coach, I can be that non name brand. Right. And if you yourself are appreciating by random products and stuff like that that aren’t the big corporate products and services, then you can realize, right, that there’s so many millions of people out there that are going to prefer your brand, your style, your voice, your goofiness, your humor, your whatever it is you’re going to prefer you, your personality, more than that major guru.

Not everybody is going to choose the metric over. There’s such it’s such a massive market that there’s plenty of potential clients. They’re going to choose you just for the year, your likeness, like your personal your personal style. And so you need to recognize that that personal style is your asset. All right. And people are going to choose that just like you, you choose the little small family owned restaurant or the random things on Amazon, your clients are going to choose you for the exact same reasons.

All right. And so when I did that exercise myself, I just looked around. I was like, I don’t even know this came from somebody handmade. This or whatever is a cool piece of decoration. I’m like, yeah, that completely makes sense. Like not everybody wants main corporate boring stuff, but, you know, and so that put that in perspective. When you’re in comparison mode with your competitors, be like, no, not everybody wants the big guru who doesn’t even have a ton of time to give them proper mentorship because they’re so big.

So really put that into perspective. That will help you as an on line coach. As well, get over impostor syndrome. All right, that’s number two. And then number three is don’t. Over. Promise. Don’t overpromise, guys. You are going to absolutely feel like an imposter. All right, let’s just say you are teaching people how to make five caveman’s. All right, if you’re racing around the Internet saying, hey, I’m going to show you how to make a million dollars or several million dollars, you’re going to feel like an imposter because guess what?

You haven’t done so yourself yet. So if you’re making five a month, what you can say in your messaging is, hey, here’s how to make five thousand dollars a month. All right? Because that’s one hundred percent true. All right. But if you run around and maybe you’re a fitness coach, if you run around as a fitness coach, you don’t have six pack abs and you’re like, here, let me show you how to get six pack.

Abs is going to be really challenging for you because you don’t have six pack abs. Maybe you just say, hey, let me show you how to lose weight and stay lean. Right. And so if you don’t overpromise, like overpromising will absolutely make you feel like an impostor because also your audience will realize things don’t match up. You’ll start getting some interesting feedback from the community and and that will affect how you feel. You’ll start feeling like an imposter for sure.

All right. And so don’t overpromise. Now, an example I do want to give you guys right is let’s just say you run an agency, you make five thousand dollars a month or you’re a copywriter, you make five thousand dollars a month and you decide that you’re going to coach people on how to become a copywriter. All right. And so you can say, here’s how I make five thousand dollars a month as a copywriter. All right. Now you are on board your first client.

All right. And this first client, within two months, lands like seven or eight clients. Your first client all of a sudden is now making twenty thousand dollars a month. All right. Your first client, your first client went way past you. You’re at five thousand dollars a month. Your first clients now at twenty thousand dollars a month. That’s an awesome thing. That means you’re a great coach. That happens for a lot of different reasons.

Right. Maybe this first client of yours has a 10 year background in sales. They’re just a sales ninja. They come in, you taught them you’re awesome copywriting or technical skill set. And they took that, ran with it, use their sales skills that they’ve had for ten years, went out and sold everybody and now they’re doing twenty eight month. That is awesome. That’s amazing testimonial for you. Now what you can say in your messaging, right, is here is how my clients are making twenty thousand dollars a month.

All right. So you’re able to say that because that’s a result you’ve produced for your clients. OK, and so that’s that’s a big one. Is again, if your clients pass, which a lot of at some point in time, if you’re a great mentor and coach, your clients will pass you up. You can start talking about how they’ve achieved success through your system. All right. But don’t go around saying, hey, how to make ten million dollars if you have to make ten million dollars before guys so simple, don’t overpromise.

So just to summarize, guys, get rid of imposter syndrome. Stop focusing on yourself and your competition. Focus on your clients. Remember to look around your house, your garage and your car or whatever it is, right. All the things that you buy, the restaurants you eat at, the services that you bought before. Right. That are not big. Commercial national companies recognize that there are so many people out there, including yourself, like to buy from the smaller guy or gal.

Right. And that can be you. Number three don’t overpromise. That’s simple. All right. So those are the three steps, guys. I think if you do those three exercises, combined with a meditation and some and some mindset work and things like that, you will get over your imposter syndrome and become an awesome coach. So, guys, if you like this video, be sure to hit the subscribe button. We have a ton of awesome training coming up.

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You can get in some of these types of tips and strategies that will help you grow your coaching business while you’re on the go. That’s neat, this video. Otherwise, guys, I hope this training was helpful. We will see you guys in the next one.


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