Online Course vs High Ticket Coaching [Cheatsheet Included]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Seven Figure Visionary, as well as Coaching launch. And today we’re going to talk about the difference between an online course and a high ticket offer. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, what’s the difference between an online course and a high ticket offer, and which one should you offer inside your business? Let’s get into all of that stuff right now. So we’re going to do is hop on over into my computer and let’s take a look at the difference. All right, guys. So we’re over here on my computer. We’re looking at the seven figure visionary courses versus high ticket offers Matrix. All right. And the very first thing we’re going to start out with, with the difference between an online course and a high ticket offer is the price point.

All right. And so with an online course, generally speaking, you’re going to see prices ranging anywhere from ninety-seven dollars US to about two thousand dollars. Now at the two thousand, three thousand dollar threshold is, generally speaking, when it becomes a high ticket offer. The reason for that is at that price point, generally speaking, people need a phone call in order to enroll them into a program. They’re going to have questions. They’re really going to want to make sure this is the right fit for them.

And there’s a couple other factors that play into a high ticket offer in terms of like the customization of it. And so people are really going to want to make sure that they’re spending their money correctly and that you have a solution to their problem. All right and so courses will be again in the ninety seven to two thousand dollar price range. On the other side, a high ticket offer, generally speaking, starts around three thousand dollars and then it scales up to like sixty thousand dollars.

Now, I know that sounds ridiculous. Like what? Who would pay sixty thousand dollars for some type of coaching program? It happens all the time, right? A coaching or consulting program. People charge that amount. And the reason is for the next thing that we’re going to get into is the duration of each. So a course, generally speaking, is it tends to range in like four to six weeks. All right. And courses you normally have like lifetime access, but generally speaking, you’re able to go through the course and achieve whatever the outcome is.

And about four to six weeks, there will be some exceptions where sometimes it will require a longer period of time for you to get a result. But generally speaking, like an online course is sold and packaged in about a four to six week time frame. Now, compare that with a high ticket offer where what we’re looking at is more of like a three to 12 month agreement. All right. So that’s also part of the reason why it’s a more expensive offer, is because you’re providing coaching or consulting services for an extended period of time.

So high ticket offer you’re going to see a lot of three to 12 month options out there. And so that’s kind of a difference in terms of the actual length between a course and a high ticket offer. All right. The next thing we have on The Matrix here is basically the difference in a course versus a high ticket offer in terms of what is actually provided right now. With a course, it’s generally like tactical and you’re going to learn, you’re going to develop a certain skill set or otherwise attain a certain knowledge around a certain subject versus a high ticket offer.

It’s more about implementation. All right. So you’re going to get the knowledge portion as well as the implementation. So your coaches or the consultants or otherwise kind of standing over your shoulder and they’re making sure that you’re actually doing the stuff necessary and required to get the result that you want. So it’s a lot more like putting your head down and getting work done with the help of an actual coach there coaching you through the process.

All right. And then on next on The Matrix, let’s look at the difference between a course and a high ticket offer in terms of support. So normally with the course, you’re kind of more on your own as the actual student or the member. You’re going to go at your own pace and you’re kind of responsible for taking action by yourself. All right. So with a course, because it’s low ticket, it’s really difficult for the coach to provide a lot of accountability because there’s going to be a much larger number of students or other members inside that program.

And therefore, they can’t provide like one on one accountability to make sure that you’re actually doing the work. All right, versus if we look at a high ticket offer, it’s normally closer to done with you. All right, because it’s a more expensive program. The coach has more resources. The coach or consultant has more resources to help you each step of the way as you build out, as you actually do the different steps inside the program. Because they’re charging a premium price, they’re able to spend more time with you to make sure that and help you through any of the little nuances and things that you might be struggling with.

For this reason. Generally, what I’ve seen is that people get better results with high ticket programs because there’s the accountability there. There’s also the coach has enough resources because it’s more expensive to help you pass little things that might tangle you up. And what we found inside our programs, guys, is oftentimes it can be the smallest little thing that keeps somebody that’s otherwise keeping somebody from the success that they’re looking for. And by having an extra coach right there to help them past a particular thing is absolutely massive.

So, for example, inside of our program in our mastermind’s seven figure visionary, which is for online coaches and consultants who want to scale seven figures, right, we have five different coaches inside that program. All right. And so our members can go get help from our copywriting expert and she will literally look over your sales page or your social media posts or your emails or your webinar, and she will help you actually write the copy for it.

She will literally tweak things for you to make sure it’s awesome. Right. We also have an organic social media expert. We have a Facebook advertising expert. We have a sales coach. So we have all these different coaches, like the sales coach, can listen to your call recordings and give you tips and advice on what you should be saying or doing differently on your calls to have a higher close rate compare that to a course.

The instructor of that course that might have hundreds of students isn’t necessarily going to be able to have the time or resources to listen to everybody’s call recordings. For example, if this was a sales program. Right. And actually give you that one on one type of support. All right. And so the high ticket offer is done with you because there you have more support from your actual coaches. And that leads us to the next category in The Matrix, which is basically the number of coaches inside of a course versus a high ticket offer.

Generally speaking, guys, with a course it is normally just one instructor teaching you a specific subject or tactic or strategy around one specific thing. All right. Now, inside of a high ticket offer, quite often you will see multiple coaches. And that’s kind of like what I just mentioned a moment ago. Inside of our master mind, we have five different coaches so that our members can get support where they need it in different areas of their business. Right.

And it’s more of a one stop shop rather than them having to go figure out how to write copy by themselves and then go higher sales coach and then go higher or organic marketing coach and then get help around strategy and implementation and design and like teams and systems, all those things. Instead, we have different resident coaches that cover all these different areas of expertise to provide that higher level of support inside of our high ticket offer. All right. And the next on The Matrix here, guys, is the number of touchpoints between the coach and the actual members.

Inside of a course most likely you will see a once weekly call. Sometimes it’s even biweekly or just once monthly. So you’re not going to have very many calls with the actual instructor. On top of that, you are going to have a lot of people on that call. All right. And so although oftentimes, course creators are able to answer a lot of questions on those calls, there’s a good chance you might be waiting for a long time to get your question answered if you’re a member.

Likewise, if you’re the coach, you’re going to have quite a lot of questions to cover on those calls that might run a little bit longer and you might not be able to get to everyone. If you compare that to a high ticket offer or program, normally you’re going to see multiple calls per week. All right. And quite often, like I should say, multiple calls per week inside of our program in particular. Right. We have multiple calls per week with different experts so that our members aren’t on a generic phone call.

And so that’s again, that’s another difference between a course and a high ticket offer, is those coaching calls are normally large group coaching calls. Right. And they tend to be pretty generic just because there’s such a large number of people on the call versus inside of our high ticket mastermind we have multiple calls per week and there are around different subject matters with different expert level coaches. And so that’s one of the differences you will see between a high ticket offer and a course.

The next one on the Matrix here, guys, is courses are normally a one size fits all. And that’s just because you have more of a generic audience. You’re going to create the program as the instructor will create the program once you might update it here and there as things change. But it’s really designed for kind of just a generic type of suits. Everybody who’s interested in this subject matter. Now if you compare that to a high ticket offer, what we’re really looking at is a customized coaching plan. And again, because with a high ticket offer, you generally have fewer students or members in your program, the number of clients in your program, somewhat smaller.

And so what you’re able to do because you’re charging more as the coach is sit down with each individual of the program and really customize the strategy for them based on their niche, based on their mindset, based on problems that they’re facing inside their business. There are so many different things that pop up depending on all those different things. Again, some individuals are good at sales and some aren’t. So every individual has strengths and weaknesses. And so in a high ticket program, the coaches are normally able to help you with whatever your weaknesses are or what you’re struggling with and otherwise are able to really help you maximize what your strengths are as well.

And so you’ll get more of a customized coaching plan and approach. All right. The next one here, guys, is normally courses they promise a smaller result. So you’ll just notice that in general around the marketing and the messaging and so forth, they normally promise, like, we’ll show you how to land your first client or we’ll show you how to improve, like, you know, be able to sell a little bit better. We’ll show you how to get your first date right and instead compare that to a high ticket offer.

They’re normally able to promise a bigger result because the program is longer. So, for example, as a relationship coach, if you have an online course, your course might be here’s how to get your first date and you might show people how to communicate properly on online dating apps or where to network and things of that nature to get your first date. That’s your promise in a smaller course, a smaller promise will get you a date versus in a high ticket offer.

A relationship coach might say, hey, we will show you how to find your dream spouse. All right. Because dating just landing one date is vastly different than landing like your dream partner or spouse. Right. And what comes after dating is like, well, what do I say on the date? Right. And then how does it like and then how do we progress in the relationship and how do I deal with this? And we don’t agree on this subject and like this, will I still marry this person?

All those different things? What do I find? That I got a date, but it wasn’t the right date. How do I get dates with the right people and then don’t scare them off or whatever it is? Right. And end up with my spouse. Right. So high ticket offer for a relationship coach is going to have that bigger promise and bigger result offered. And then if we go to the next one, guys courses really are often designed and should be designed for the indoctrination of whatever your strategy is as the actual coach and expert.

All right. And so, in other words, with inside of our programs, we have two programs. We have coaching launch, which is for aspiring coaches. And one of the things that I know to be successful as an online coach is that you need to understand your niche, but you have to have a niche at the great offer. You have to have your messaging dialed in and then you have to have an audience.

All right. And so what we do inside of our front end course is for aspiring coaches as we show them. Here’s how you design your program. Here’s how you select your niche. Here’s how you build an audience of a thousand raving fans. And then here’s how you land your first three to five clients. All right. And so that’s our offer in our front of course coaching launch. Inside coaching launch.

We’re really indoctrinating our audience and aspiring coaches to understand the mechanics of a coaching business like how to put together and deliver a coaching program and how to market it, how to sell it, how to build an audience, how to make sure your clients get results, how to get testimonials from your clients, all the little nuances that go in, how to close people in messenger, how to deal with maybe if you have a couple of members that aren’t getting along inside your program, how to deal with those types of things. We show aspiring coaches how to literally become a coach and land their first three to five clients.

So that’s in coaching launch we’re really indoctrinating these coaches and our clients here to understand the mechanics of an online coaching business. After that we do have a high ticket offer, which is called seven figure visionary, and that is our mastermind program. All right. And that’s where we have coaches scaled to multiple six figures and then to seven. And that’s where we have all the different expert coaches in there. And we do the customized strategies with everybody and we show them how to launch their program at a higher price point, raise their prices, do all these different things, get better at sales, get better at program design.

We help them with their messaging and their marketing, all the different things copywriting, all putting together funnels, running ads, all those different things we do inside of our high ticket offer. And so we offer a bigger transformation because our members grow to multiple six figures and then to seven. All right. And so those are the core differences between a course and a high ticket offer. And you’re probably wondering which one is right for me?

Well, I’m a huge believer and what we call a profit ladder. All right. So a profit ladder looks like this. All right. It basically looks like a triangle. All right. And what happens is at the bottom, you normally want to have a kind of a course or otherwise a mid ticket offer, something that’s more affordable. All right. And this is for your particular portion of your audience who isn’t that familiar with you yet.

All right. They’re not necessarily ready to spend or pay for a high ticket program with you because they really want to understand if they like your coaching style and if you can get them results. And so what I think is a really credible business model for online coaches is this profit letter. And at the bottom here, you actually have either your course or your mid ticket offer. All right. And that’s going to get your audience that’s not as familiar with you.

It’s going to allow them to come in, to learn from you, to get to know you like you see how your system and your process works and get the result that they’re looking for. And then from there, once they get the result they’re looking for. Then they’re going to potentially be ready for your high ticket offer to get an even bigger result. All right. And so we really in terms of whether if you’re thinking, should I do a course or should I have a high ticket offer, there are a lot of different factors and variables such as your niche and so forth.

We really love the profit ladder so that you can serve people that are at different levels. All right, because we also have prospects and clients that come to us that already have an audience are already established as an online coach, that already have clients and testimonials and their program built. Right. But they just go like, Dino I’m doing five thousand dollars a month. I really want to do forty thousand dollars a month. Right. And so then they come into our mastermind to learn all this stuff, how to grow and scale what they already have as their actual coaching business.

Now, there are some exceptions, for example, you might be in a niche where you teach dog training and in which case you would have some course on how to make your dog behave better. And after that, there might be some individuals that want to work with you one on one to have you actually train their dog with them type of thing. So, again, it really is nice to have the offer stack in terms of a course or mid ticket offer and then a high ticket program or offer afterwards so you can serve different clients that are at different levels.

And so that, in a nutshell, guys, is the difference between an online course and a high ticket offer. If you guys want a copy of this matrix right here that I went through, there’s a link below. There’s no opt in required. You guys can go ahead and grab that just so that you have a copy of that. And also, guys, if you found this useful, be sure to hit the subscribe button.

Give us a like or thumbs up. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section. Do you prefer a course or a high ticket offer? Which one do you think is best for your business? Let us know in the comments section. And then guys, again, if you are considering becoming an aspiring online coach, we have a really amazing offer on our program coaching launch that again walks you through how to choose your niche, how to dial in your messaging, how to build a thousand raving fans so that you have an audience, how to sell to that audience, and then how to land your first three to five coaching clients.

We do have that below, so I’ll leave a link below. But that’s it for this video training. Guys, I hope this was helpful. Be sure to subscribe because we come out with new videos every single week to help you grow your online coaching business. And that is it for this video training. Guys, we will see you in the next one.



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