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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as Seven Figure Visionary in today’s video, we’re going to be covering how to raise your prices without losing customers. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, how do you raise your prices without losing customers? All right, it is a really, really, really popular question. That’s what we’re covering in today’s video. So let’s dive right into this. All right. So guys, in particular, right? I’m an online coach. I mentor coaches to grow their business to six and then seven figures. And and so I have different various programs at different price points. All right. And so the way you actually raise your prices without losing your customers is quite simple.

You create what is called a profit ladder. All right. So the way a profit ladder works, guys, is it looks basically like this. All right, and so if you’re an online coach or no matter what industry you’re in, persay right down here, you’re going to have like your your low ticket program. All right. And so for us, we down here, we have what is called coaching launch. I had to write that out coaching launch.

And so basically, for any aspiring online coaches, we have coaches laundry, and that’s where within six weeks we take you from having no idea and just having an aspiration to be an online coach. We help you build your audience of a thousand raving fans and then we actually help you launch your first coaching program and then anywhere from five to 15 clients within six weeks. That’s what coaching launch does. This for us is our entry level program. All right.

And so we have this down here. This is only this is a very affordable program. Now, from there, of course, we also wanted to raise our prices, increase our profit margins, but also deliver more of a transformational experience to all my coaches. And so in the middle tier, what we have here is a six month mastermind. All right. And this is seven figure visionary. All right, and then what we have up here is a 12 month mastermind.

All right. And this is also a seven figure visionary. And so the way it works, guys, this is obviously right here at the second tier, the six month mastermind. This is more expensive than the first tier because we have a bigger promise. We’re going to get you a much bigger result. Right. The promise down here is we’re going to help you craft your niche, craft your message and build your audience and land your first five to 15 clients.

All right. From there. Right. A lot of our members that go through that, they have a successful launch. They go, oh, my gosh, this is awesome. I’ve launched my program. Now I want to scale it. And so then they come back to us and they go, you know, I love working with you and your team and so forth. And so how do I scale my actual online coaching business? And so then we we have a six or 12 month mastermind for them, depending on how fast and how big they actually want to scale their coaching business.

So really, guys, when it comes to how to raise your prices without losing customers, it’s really about creating different offers for different parts of your target audience. All right. Because some of your audience is going to be a little bit more cold. They might not know you. For example, some of you guys watching right now. This might be the first time you’ve ever heard of me. All right. And so you’re not necessarily going to be ready to to invest up here at the seven figure level.

All right. Or should I just say in our seven figure visionary mastermind? Right. So you might first be like, all right, I really want to see what the style is like to make sure that he’s a type of coach that I can jive with. Right. So that’s the case. You might decide to hop in if you’re an aspiring coach at coaching launch or you might decide I’m going to start with the six month membership first. And it’s the I like it before I commit to like a 12 month membership.

So so really, guys, it’s really not that difficult to raise your prices. It’s all about stacking different offers for different segments of your market. Where it becomes tricky and becomes an art form is how you actually stack your offers. All right. And so so that they lead into each other. And so this is called a profit ladder. All right. I’m just going to put ladder up here, but this increases the average lifetime value of a client to you.

All right. And it’s really important to have a profit ladder because there’s always going to be a percentage of your clientele who want to work more closely with you and who want a bigger result. All right. And so if you don’t have that available to them, if you don’t have that next step offer available to them, they are going to find somebody else who does. All right. So really important, first and foremost, that you have to ticket offer.

This can be found everywhere in culture, guys upselling. It should be super, super natural to you if you should like it is everywhere. I think about first class on an airplane like that is an upset. There some people that are going to want to pay a premium to be in the front, have more leg room, have additional services and drinks and stuff like that. Right. You see it when you rent a car. I’m giving a lot of airport examples, but when you rent a car that anybody’s ever, ever rented a car at the airport before, first you check out online and reserve your car.

Then they you get there and they sell you on insurance, they sell you a presell gas. They sell you on a nicer vehicle. This is up. Sales are everywhere. Guys go to McDonald’s, they ask if you want to supersize it. All those types of things up. Sales are like the cornerstone of American business, as natural as anything is business wise. So you have to have a value added inside your business. Where it gets tricky, though, is understanding what the additional next offer should be, because they do have to stack nicely.

For example, one of the problems that I made early on in my coaching career was I created a program and it was all of it and combined into just one program. I gave up, I gave the boat away and just one program. And so there was no potential up for me to have because I had already given up everything, everything down here. All right. So what I really should have done is priced it lower down here, giving them just what they just what the you know, kind of like initial cold audience my cold audience would want, which maybe it would be to just land the first few clients or whatever.

And then for those who wanted to continue to grow, I should have had additional layers of support and and services afterwards. All right. So that’s a mistake I’ve made. And and so that’s why I want to share that with you guys. So you don’t make that mistake as well. If you’re an aspiring online coach or you’re not my coach, really important that you have a different type of value ladder. Now, there’s so many different things you can do inside of inside of a coaching business in particular to make sure and to add more value to different offers so that your clientele, who want a bigger and faster result, are intrigued and want to actually go ahead and do that.

And so, again, the way you craft your offers and what you have in your different tiers of your value letter is super, super important. And and a lot of people mess up what the upswell is and then it doesn’t work. Nobody takes the up sell or otherwise. Your primary offer cannibalizes even the ability to have an absolute right. And so the reason this works is because it doesn’t piss off your customers. You don’t lose customers doing this.

What you’re actually doing is you’re catering to different segments of your market. Right. And people come in down here at the bottom. Right. That just hurt of you. And they want to try you out. And what you do down here is you kind of like indoctrinate them, right? You hit them with your belief, with your systems, with your company, with your culture, with the results you provide, with the support you provide, all those types of things, you basically gain trust and you deliver a tangible result.

All right. And so they go, awesome. I got exactly what I was promised. I’m super happy. I love the support. I love the community. I love the product or service. Right. And then from there, they go and have success. I want to keep going. I want to keep moving up. And so that’s exactly how we structure our business. And it allows us right. So that we never lose customers, because no matter where we are, our audience is serving aspiring coaches.

And then after that, it’s coaches who want to grow to six and seven figures. We have an offer depending on where you are out on the spectrum as an online coach. And so, guys, the value ladder is how you service customers at different prices, price ranges. You don’t lose customers. Right. But you also offer a more valuable service and experience and end result to those clients and customers that actually want it. Now, beyond all of this, guys, raising your prices is something that we’re going to cover in another video selling high ticket.

All right. Is better for you and the customer. And so if you want to learn how to raise your prices, sell high to be more profitable as well as benefiting your client, be sure to hit the subscribe button on this on this channel, because that video will be coming out soon. And so that is it for this video training. Guys, I hope that was helpful. Right. Is a simple doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be.

We’re talking here for 30 minutes about how to solve this problem. It is as simple as this. I don’t know about you, but I’m a man of simplicity. I like things that work and are easy to do. And so this right here, guys, the profit ladder solve that problem so that we never lose customers because again, if we only had this offer, then we are missing this entire piece of the market. All right. So it’s as simple as the profit ladder, guys.

So think about that one. And again, if you want help putting together an actual value ladder, that works because again, I see coaches and I see entrepreneurs mess this up all the time. They create the wrong offer down here. They give away too much value or not enough value. And people don’t ascend up the ladder. They don’t know how to raise their prices. They don’t know what the price that they don’t know how to hire a team.

The system’s delegation has run ads. Do Leegin, all of those types of things. They don’t know how to get strategic partnerships to build out a more valuable hire and like mastermind or top tier product or service. Right. So if you want help with those types of things, guys, that is what we do. All right. And so beneath this video, I have to cool things for you. I have to guess for you. Beat this video, guys.

Gift No. One is. If you’re an aspiring coach and you want to build an audience of a thousand raving fans and launch your coaching program, figure out your niche and land five to 15 clients in six weeks, check out the link beneath this video to coaching launch. We have a special fifty percent off discount for you because you’re here on our YouTube channel. And then also, guys, if you’re already an established coach and you’re crushing it, but you kind of hit a wall and you want to figure out how to actually scale to multiple six figures and then seven guys, we are happy to offer you a free scaling call, a free coaching scaling Strategy Session.

We’ll talk with one of our scaling experts. We’ll break down the bottlenecks in your business. We’ll also introduce you to a different business model you haven’t heard of before. That will help you scale to six and seven figures. We’d love to chat with you about that. That’s an incredibly valuable call. And we offer that one hundred percent for free. But, guys, I hope this was helpful. This is how you raise your prices without losing customers is basically you create more offers that cater to different segments of your market.

That is it for this video training. Guys, we have a bunch more awesome video training in the works. We release anywhere from two to four new videos a week. So if this was helpful in any regard, we should hit the subscribe button. Gomez here, guys, hope you guys have an awesome day. We will see you in the next video.


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