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Written By Dino Gomez

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All right, we are live in the seven figure coaches and consultants and visionaries Facebook group, I’m super excited because, guys, we have an amazing interview lined up today with a rock star client, Camila Bandino. And we’re going to talk to her about so much cool stuff, so much crazy stuff going on in the sales tactics, strategies, all these different things. How she basically went from zero to fourteen thousand dollars in just 30 days working together. We’re going to talk about her journey there and all these different things.

Camila, it’s so great to see you again. And how are you doing?

Yeah, so I am in Colombia right now in Bogota, Colombia. And this was our year for me and my partner to travel the world and be nomads. And when covid hit, we were here visiting family. So, yeah, I’ve been here a really long time in our foreign team was just lifted like three weeks ago.

So congrats. You can actually go outside now.

You know, it’s like it’s like going to the grocery store is such an exciting thing now for me.

You guys had the lockdown areas out there. You guys are hardcore. Yeah. No messing around. Yeah. Wild. Awesome.

Well, joining me today, guys, she and said that you’re a visionary using that as a crazy, crazy story and background for you guys. She’s done over three point five million dollars in sales, high ticket sales by herself working for another coach. And then at some point, what happened here was like, you’re like, wait, what am I doing making this person all of this money, all of the money? Why don’t I start my own coaching business?

Right. And then. So when did you start your coaching business? It wasn’t long ago. It was two or three months ago. No, actually, it was longer than that, it was about a little over a year ago that I sort of branched out on my own and started taking in my own clients, consulting clients and coaching clients.

But they were more one on one client.

So like this time last year, I had a bunch of one on one clients already. And that was really great because I finally got that, like, hey, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supporting people the way that I want to support them in the areas that I know where they need the most help. So it just made sense like that transition, you know, absolutely made sense. And I really fell in love with the idea of helping people, but not just only in the sales process, like helping them to actually come on board and enroll and come and join the companies that I work for.

But really, you know, and supporting all these entrepreneurs, especially women, they would have a really, really hard time with the sales process themselves because it was something that felt so foreign, so strange to them, and so that felt really, really good. But then when covid hit and I was here and so many different things were going on in the world and everything, I took a pause.

I was actually working on a project with another coach and I took a pause basically from my business completely. And I wasn’t sure I was like, well, I could just go back and work for someone else.

I am really good at sales. I know exactly how to do it. Maybe I can have a few clients or something, but I don’t know. I wasn’t sure. And so that’s when I met you.

So then all of a sudden. And how did we met? How did we meet, Nicole. OK, ok, so Nicole referred to over and so that we hop on board and then real quickly you launch a coaching business, you go zero to fourteen thousand dollars in your first 30 days, which is awesome. Insane and. Well tell us tell us about this, this process zero to fourteen thousand dollars what you were able to do in that period of time.

Let me ask you why do people struggle with sales? Like do you specifically coach female coaches and entrepreneurs? And later, guys, if you want to give us a hashtag link, we’ll give you guys a link to Camilia’s Facebook group, where you can learn a ton of awesome information about sales because she is a wizard. But tell us why do you think, like I mean, men and women struggle with sales, but why do you think your audience women struggle with sales in particular?

How are you helping them through that? Yeah. And that’s that’s the question, right, that’s what everybody wants to know is, oh, my gosh, how do I sell more? How do I get more people to actually come on conversations with me? Or once I do have people on the phone, people just say no, they give me the same objections all the time. And so I feel that the. Probably the biggest umbrella reason that people really struggle with sales is because they haven’t figured it out within themselves, their own blocks around sales like their own mindstate, their own vibe, because it’s not just the mindset, the mindset.

I talk to my clients a lot about this, the mindset. It’s just the thoughts and the, you know, the things that you do, which is great. Like, we definitely need those things. But sales is an actual frequency. Sales is a buy, but it really is. And sales will always be about another strategy and another system and another script until people realize that there’s an actual energy to money and sales is an exchange of a huge exchange of energy where people are giving you their trust and their money so you can support them until people understand that.

And then and if they don’t realize that, that there’s this whole energy to sales and they think that it’s just about the thing that you say, then they’re really going to struggle.

They might be able to have a little bit of success and they might be able to make some sales. But if it always feels like they’re pushing a boulder up a hill, they’re never really going to be able to have success long term. So I think that’s the biggest thing. And that looks like many different things. It’s like that vibe, feeling all of that.

And then, of course, most people just have strategies that are just, you know, pretty, pretty bad.

So there’s the vibe. Yeah. But you also have to have a system and a process that works for you and for your client.

And absolutely. Absolutely. You have to be able to and correct me if I’m wrong here in your point of view, but you have to be able to walk people through how you’re going to get them from point A to point B and set an example that you can give. Like if I told you, like, hey, tomorrow we’re going to go hike a volcano in Bali and it’s a huge, treacherous volcano. And you trust me, I can get you to the top of the volcano because it’s like super awesome views from the top and everything like that.

If I told you that, you’re going to be like, well, how we get the bali, we can even travel right now to Bali, like, what do you know about volcanoes and hiking? Like, how dangerous is this? Right. If I promise you to get to the top of the volcano. But I didn’t say how I was going to get to there. You’re going to be like, I don’t know. But I’ve done this before.

I’ve been there before. Here’s how many hundreds of people I’ve helped hike this volcano. And otherwise, here’s the gear that we need and the flight schedules and things that we’ll do. And here’s photos from what it looks like at the top, it’s the end result, right. And so do all that. And you’d be like, OK, well, he knows what he’s doing. And obviously he demonstrates some expertise. He has a lot of other people have done this thing before, and now he’s showing me the end result of the photos.

That looks spectacular. I would love to post that on my Instagram that I want the top of a volcano. That’s kind of a different process. But let me ask you this really good question really quickly and then we’ll dive back into I want to hear you talk more about sales because you are just an absolute killer. It’s really I think it’s really interesting, right, that you’ve done three point five dollars billion in sales. And then you actually came to me and said, I want to hire you as a coach inside seven figure visionary.

What was your mindset and why did you decide to do that? Hire, hire, coach. Yeah, for sure. So I’m a very decisive person, and I know because I’ve been in the coaching industry for a lot of years, when I started out, I was the health coach. It was completely different. But I’ve been in business and in sales, specifically in the corporate world for 15 years. So I understand that in order to make money, you really have to be willing to invest in yourself and to walk with people that have had the success that you’re looking for.

So then later on, when I got back into coaching and now in the business side of things and the sales side of things instead of in health coaching, I understood and I knew because I’ve seen people grow and succeed and do things that don’t make sense. They don’t. And it’s not supposed to.

But if you want that, then you also have to make decisions that feel scary and that may be to other people.

Don’t make sense, but you get it because you trust yourself and you know where you’re going.

So for me, I had been really doing some soul searching and deciding, like, is this really the thing I am going to do? Like, am I really going to pursue my own coaching business? Right. Having been in the coaching world for like six years, is this the thing I’m really going to do now? Completely. One hundred percent for myself. And so I found a couple different mentors that helped with different things. And the thing that I was looking for, exactly like I said, I meditated about it.

I got super clear on the kind of support that I needed. And then I became very open to, you know, just very specifically seeing who can help me. And I interviewed several people and I talked to a lot of different people.

And I’m like, this sounds nice, but no. And again, like I’m going through sales, a sales process with a lot of these people. And it’s like if you’re going to try to enroll me into your thing, like sell me into your program.

And it’s a thing that I know that I don’t jive with. I’m not going to do it because you’re going to teach me the very same thing that you’re doing that doesn’t resonate with me.

So when you and I spoke, I was very open with you about where I was and what I needed. And it’s kind of like one of those things that you just like, you know it. And it was like on the spot. I’m like, OK, great. I mean, hold on, let me get my credit card. Like, let’s do this because I just knew that this was like where this is the thing that I needed and that I was looking for.

I think I had so much clarity myself with what I needed that when it was here it was just obvious. And then we just like hit the ground running, you know, like there was nowhere else to go from there.

So we moved. We moved fast. Real quickly. We got things cranking away for you. And your success has been incredible. And here’s the thing. There’s a lot of coaches out there that have this massive Facebook group, which is great and that’s amazing. But you were able to still do fourteen thousand thirty, thirty days and you were just kind of initially launching your Facebook group. You only had maybe one hundred members in there. So just for the background information, right.

Like for aspiring coaches out there, you can go zero to fourteen and thirty days and not have to have like. A million followers or a huge e-mail list and all this stuff, and one of the things that Camilia does so well is you were selling high ticket, high ticket programs and products and services and stuff like you weren’t necessarily selling a forty seven dollars trip wire or a two hundred dollar one v one session. I think you signed with one v one client or something like that for like seven thousand dollars or something.

Ten thousand dollars something. So, so that’s really important for people listening in. Coaches that are doing that, like the low ticket stuff and things like that, aren’t hitting your income goals. There is a reason why high ticket is better. So I know that you love high ticket, tell us about why you love high ticket. Yeah, so honestly, I think that high ticket, I feel that high ticket offers are so great, are great for you and me.

And as an entrepreneur, they’re amazing because you get to make more money faster. You get to attract the people that are the most committed. These are the people that for the most part have already tried the forty seven dollars thing and then the ninety seven dollar upgrade to that. And then they bought the manual and then they did this other thing and they probably put it all on the shelf. They never even looked at it. Right.

And they have this problem that they need to be able to fix. They need that support. So when people have been through that process and they really need help and all of a sudden here you come and you have this beautiful solution to their problem that if you show up and they do their work.

You feel really confident, you know, that you’re going to be able to give them the result that they’re looking for, so you attract people that are very committed, you attract people that are going to show up as their best. They’re going to give their best, which is really great for you and for them. And then people get the best of you to you feel really good. You don’t feel like you’re getting ripped off like, gosh, there’s another client who was, like, haggling me, you know, or someone else who’s, like, telling me that my one hundred and fifty session is too much.

You give your best because you know that, you know, you’re you’re like you’re working with someone that really appreciates your work. Right. So I think that those are some of it, like some of the reasons that high ticket is really, really amazing and actually selling high ticket as opposed to like what so many people think out there is not necessarily harder to sell at all. It’s just not it’s not hard on yourself. You just have to know how to do it.

You have to really focus on understanding the pain that they’re in right now and the consequences of not fixing that and then realizing and understanding where they want to be. Kind of like what that ideal life that having that compelling future looks like for them. And then when you do that and you communicate that very clearly, you’re doing something that most coaches don’t know how to do out there.

So everybody wins. They get amazing results. You make money faster. It’s it’s great. Right, and I completely agree it allows you to support your clients at a higher level when because you have the resources to do so. Like inside of seven figure visionary we have, we’re bringing on board yet another coach. So there’s going to be four or five coaches inside there really soon, all the different areas of expertise so that when Camila’s ready to run Facebook ads, you can turn to our Facebook ads coach, need help with organic we have our organic coach and help us strategy, a consistent team, we have a copywriter in there so you can get all of the resources that you need in one spot. And we can’t do that and deliver that experience in that transformation. If if we sign low ticket was just not large enough to do that, to have a team to do that. So there’s so many different things that allows you to help your client in that regard.

And then one of the things that I’ve realized, because I have coaches, too, and invest high ticket is that it pushes you past your comfort zone and it forces you to do things that you know you should be doing, but you’ve made excuses to do. And I think I think that’s one of the it’s just so massive. It’s just like, oh, my gosh, I just I’m spending all this money with this coach and then, you know, and they tell you to do something and you’re like, OK, I need to go do that, even though even though I don’t want to write, even though I’m afraid to raise my prices, even though I’m afraid to go after a different market, even though I’m afraid to do a bunch of Facebook lives that I don’t even want to, you’re forced to because you’re paying a lot of money to a coach.

Right. So I think that’s really cool. Is it helps people pass otherwise procrastination, self limiting beliefs as they step out of their comfort zone. And so I just think that’s another incredible thing about it. Let’s talk about imposter syndrome for a moment, if you don’t mind. That is a big one. I asked in our group recently who would want to turn it on imposter syndrome? And I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses. Even had some people reach out to me and say, hey, really thanks for talking about that, he’s like, because I think that’s something that we all like struggle with. So what do you think? What do you think when it comes to coaches that why do they have imposter syndrome? Like, why wouldn’t somebody feel qualified to start their own coaching business? And do you have any suggestions around how people can get past imposter syndrome so that they feel worthy enough to charge a higher price or feel worthy enough to start their dream coaching business?

Well, you just said the magic word, which is worthiness, that is that is the word that’s really the topic I feel with with impostor syndrome for a lot of people. And like I’ve talked to literally thousands, I’ve done over three thousand sales calls in my career. And that’s a lot of conversations with a lot of different people. And so where a lot of times people get, you know, they trip over themselves a little bit. It’s like, well, you know, I don’t think people are going to buy from me.

This is just it’s so much money.

I don’t think they’re going to want to buy or like maybe they think it’s just going to be so much money that everybody is going to say no. And then what am I going to do? So a lot of times, you know, and it’s again, those limiting believes that are really they belong to you. They’re not true necessarily true about Sally or Amy or John, who is really in need of your help and your support.

So I think that one of those first things that we really need to do as coaches is this is kind of like a compound, an answer to this question. But it’s really work again with coaches like get mentorship, get support, get really clear on where maybe you feel that you’re not totally OK to move forward right now with your with your business, with your offer, or you’re maybe not totally fit to charge X, Y or Z and understand that this is your own your own issue and that it has nothing to do with the client, which is also another thing that I really bring up.

You know, when I when I teach sales is that sales really has nothing to do with you. It really is all about the client. And so many times when people get in the conversation, they’ll bring their big, fat, heavy rock of unworthiness. They’ll put it right here, and then they’ll get their back pack of, like, insecurity about something that they’re not consciously aware of. And so they have this big, heavy, energetic weight that they bring to the calls and then they try to say all these things, but then the energy is ultimately stronger.

So one thing that we can definitely do is just understand that, you know, it’s not so much about us. It’s about them. It’s about our client, our potential client. And what’s going to happen if this person doesn’t get my help putting it all back onto them. And in terms of like the sales conversation. Right, like it’s all about them. What happens if they don’t get my help? Where are they going to be in five years?

It’s literally deciding to be courageous right now to do the things that scare you, because you know that people out there need you and you have to be willing to get out of your own way to support them and support yourself so that from that perspective. So I think that getting support and getting help from someone who has been there that can help you to identify your blocks is super important.

But then I also feel that understanding that you have if you do have those, I definitely qualify my clients.

And if the person is just someone who wants to make money and they’ve heard that coaching is super successful and Tony Robbins has made I don’t know how many billions of dollars as a coach and all of that, and they just want to come in and make some money. What do you have to offer? Like, do you have a skill that effectively solves a person’s business, life, relationship help? And I can identify that and ask questions to see if the person has that or not, you know, pretty quickly.

But if they don’t, I don’t work with them and very kindly and with lots of grace, then we don’t work together. But if they do, it’s just a matter of understanding that if you can really solve a person’s problem, you definitely can and you should charge a premium price for the solution that you offer. So it’s a combination of mindset of, again, mindset, energy, and then aligning very, very clearly with a specific result that you give your client.

It’s not about the how it’s not about your expertise. It’s not about your titles or your degrees or how many years you’ve been doing this. It’s about can I get this person to the end results? If the answer is yes, you can charge five, seven, ten, fifteen thousand dollars. I love it, I love it, and it’s so interesting, the key is that every single time one of the first things you said would be done with imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, self worthiness to be a coach, to charge higher prices, whatever it is.

The first thing you said. Right. Is that like you, you went ahead and you believe in investing in coaching mentorship for that. Right. Because you do need a second pair of eyes on your business and your mental health and what your thought processes, because we’re all so busy and I think so many people confuse being busy with being productive. Like I work eight hours a day. I was in one of the computer for eight hours, but they’re on Facebook for Instagram for one, and they’ve been the only thing they’ve been absorbing content.

And so I just think it’s so important to have that second set of eyes inside your business and that mentorship. And here’s what’s amazing, too, is that like when you invest at an uncomfortable level, then you level up so fast, so much faster because your brain kicks into hyperdrive. Like, I think this is so interesting, but we only use two percent of our brain. So when all of a sudden we’re like, OK, I need to figure something out or I need to make much money back from this investment like we actually do it.

Or again, you actually do the work that you otherwise would be too lazy or would want to procrastinate or want to do. So I just find it so interesting and as a concept and stuff. But let me ask you this. As we kind of wrap up here, you have fourteen thousand dollars. What is your goal for the end of this year? What are you aiming for inside your business? And also, where can we find more about more information about you so that we can keep track of you and everybody can. I’ll drop a link beneath this video to Camilo’s Facebook group.

Yeah, OK, so it’s September, right? This is already going to be another record month, but I’m just going to you know, I can see the things lined up. So we’ll be celebrating that at the end of the month for sure. And then after that. So we’ll have over November. December. Yeah.

So from here on out, I think I feel really comfortable adding about maybe another one hundred eighty to like one Hundred eighty thousand. That would be freaking awesome. That is my goal, and we haven’t talked about this so well. That’s why we need to outline this. I know exactly how we’re how we’ll get it done. But yeah. Yeah, we’ll talk about this in further detail. Well, we’ll gameplan this one out.

No, I’m super excited. I mean, there’s great things happening. It’s only 18 sales of a 10K product.

You go. There you go. Yeah. And there’s a couple of those for my for my private coaching right now in the works, there’s a nice seven car payment coming in. Now, that should be like hitting tonight or tomorrow. So that’s really exciting. And yeah. So then right now I’m actually running my one of my programs from sales accelerator that is actually running right now. And then we’re going to be getting ready to launch my mastermind here coming up pretty soon as well as some high level private clients, which I just love.

I really, really love those clients. So I absolutely feel that, yeah, that’s something that we’re going to be able to create and manifest and bring in and then about where people can find me and learn more. The Facebook group, I mean, that’s where I feel so much happens. There’s lots and lots of value that I provide in there. I do about three trainings per week live trainings. There’s a lot of interaction. The women in there are incredible.

So, yeah, super, super talented women in there.

And if anybody would like to come join the group, check out what we’re about, check out what I’m doing. You want to increase your prices. If you’re stuck in low ticket limbo and have no idea how to increase your prices, then I’d love to show you my methodology. I’m super woo-woo. So I’m all about vibe, energy, frequency, all of those different kinds of things that I play in that realm all the time. And then sales obviously like what do you do?

How how do you sell, how you make more money? How do you enjoy the process? Because we’re women. I think it’s especially important to really fall in love with the process of selling. It feels so icky and so yucky for so many people. And if you’re not at least appreciating and respecting money and respecting sales, you’re not really going to get very far.

So anyway, that all happens in the group. The group, it’s called the Money Love, high ticket sales or female coaches and entrepreneurs.

Yeah, if you guys want to link to a Facebook group, just drop off. You guys are watching the replay and so forth. Just drop off hashtag Facebook group. We’ll give you guys a link to join our Facebook group. I’m excited about working with you to close out the year. I was another one hundred and eighty cash collected. I know exactly how we are going to do this. I think we’re going to get some Facebook ads as well.

But we have 18 sales at 10K. We’ll get you there, so we’ll get a game plan about that. But thanks so much for hopping on board, my friend. It’s been amazing chatting with you. It’s been awesome working with you the last thirty days. Seeing you go near the fourteen K launching your coaching program and so congratulations and we’ll keep crushing it and we’ll chat with you soon.

Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Thank you everybody for tuning in. And yeah it’s been super, super fun. I can’t wait to do another one of these later on with even more to share.

So thank you so awesome. We’ll be doing a bunch more of them because I know that you’re going to be leveling up super, super fast. So we’ll come back with updates when Camilia’s doing 30, 40, 50k. That will be very, very soon, I’m sure of it. So thanks. We’ll chat with you soon, my friend. Thank you. Bye.


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