Irresistible offers

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in three, two, one

in today’s episode guys, we are going to be talking about irresistible offers that attract premium clients. This is not an episode to miss. Let’s get into it right now.

Alright, guys. Irresistible offers that attract premium clients. That’s what we all want, right? Premium clients. Where are they at?

How do we get them? It starts with having an irresistible offer. Now we call these. Get this. You ready?

We call these super fly offers. All right. And I’m going to share with you guys a couple of ways to take your boring and gross and smelly and casual and normal offer and make it a super fly offer. All right. So stay tuned.

We’re going to go through through three different ways to make your boring offer. Super Fly. All right. Now, before we get into that, I want to talk about why your offer so important. Okay.

So when you have a just a killer offer, a super fly offer, what happens is that it gives you margin for air in your business. In particular, it gives you margin for air in your marketing and in your sales. All right. So who here owns an iphone? Smartphone, something like that.

Imagine all of you guys do what happens when you go and you hear the new iphones out or the new Androids out you run to the store. Commercials showed you the new features. It has improved camera and memory and storage and apps and all this cool stuff. The offer is so good. The product is so good that you run to the store and maybe it’s a teenager working there, whoever it is, but they don’t have to sell you on the new iphone.

You just show up and you go, hey, do you have the new iphone? They go, yeah, they’re over here. You pick the size, you want, the amount of storage you want, and then you’re out the door. All the offer is so good that they don’t have to sell you on all the features of it. And they don’t have to be a world class salesperson to convince you to get the new phone.

The offer is too good. You just show up and you’re like, I want it. I’m ready. Give it to me. That’s basically how it goes, because the offer is so.

So imagine if you have this super fly offer, right. And it will do the same thing for you. Clients will go, wow, that I haven’t heard of that before. That sounds amazing. I want that this is too good to pass up.

I’m in. And so it means that you can have margin for error in your marketing and your sales. You don’t have to be the world’s best salesperson to sell the new iphone. People just naturally want it because the offer is so good for it. All right.

So what we’re going to do here very quickly, right. Because I’m trying to keep these episodes shorter. Sweeter, more direct is going to give you guys three tips to make your boring smelly normal average offer Superfly. Now, I want to preface this by saying there are 15 different ways to create a Superfly offer. All right.

We just did a training inside of seven figure visionary or mastermind for our clients on how to create the 15 different ways to create a super fly offer. And the results have been insane. In the last seven days, we’ve had three different clients have at least a $10,000 cash collected day. All right. Because we help them take their boring offer and create a super fly offer.

So boom, they’re just landing clients left and right. And IIlyse is law of Attraction coach did $16,000 and three days. Ed’s and SEO coach he did $10,000 in a 24 hours period.

Ken’s a relationship coach for women. He’s done $15,000 cash collected in a four day period. And it’s all after working with them to help them upgrade their offer to become a super fly offer. Alright. And so we’re going to share with you guys.

Three of the 15 tips. Right. We got to save some of the juicy stuff for the clients. Right. And then I’m going to give you guys an example of a super fly offer that we’re running right now.

Okay. So tip number one, guys, is the first thing you want to do is you cannot have an average offer. All right. So if you look at your offer, whatever it is, six months of coaching or my course or one V one coaching, whatever it might be. If your offer is similar to anybody else is in the industry, it is not a super fly offer.

All right. So tip number one is have a different offer that stands out that jumps off the page that screams, okay, that’s what you want to do. So as you do some market research, you probably have seen what your competitors are offering, their price points and all these things. You want to make sure that your offer does not match theirs is not similar to theirs. All the things.

Now, it can be priced at a similar price point, but it needs to be radically different so that somebody can go. This is a different offer. Now, here’s why it’s so important to have a different offer. If your offer is the same as anybody in the industry or even remotely the same, what happens is you become a commodity. All right.

So what is the commodity? Commodity basically means it’s something that is very easily obtained. So you have an offer and 20 other competitors have the exact same offer and about the same price range. All right, that means your commodity. That means the market can’t tell the difference between you and your competition right now. This is bad because then your marketing has to be really, really good to differentiate why you’re better.

And then your sales has to be really, really good. So that you actually close clients is because they’re going to be shopping around and they’re going to hear a very similar offer from your competition. So it puts pressure on you to have other areas of your business just flawless. And what happens is when you’re a commodity, it becomes a race to the bottom. Right?

What that means is you’re like, okay, well, two people are selling a bicycle. It’s the same bicycle, the same color. It has the same features, literally the exact same model. Two stores are selling the same bicycle. It becomes a race to the bottom.

It’s whoever is selling the bicycle for the cheapest. So then you’re in a price war with your competition to the bottom. Who can go cheaper? Who can slash their prices and their margins? Morth.

And what happens there is that you slash your prices so that you are kind of differentiating yourself on having a better deal. And then afterwards your competition undercuts you at slashes their prices even more. And then you have to slash your prices. And basically, you two are competing an erase to the bottom. And when you lower your profit margins, that’s bad for the client.

And that’s bad for you because it starts off being bad for you because you don’t have profit margins to provide a lot of support. It also means you need more clients to grow. And what happens when you have more clients and you don’t have margins to add more support, you stop releasing new trainings. You stop giving your clients the answers and the solutions and the attention they need. Then your clients get better, worse results.

Then they’re unhappy. Then you don’t get any referrals, and then your reputation goes down. It’s just bad for the client is bad for you. Becoming a commodity. Having a normal standard offer is a really bad thing.

Okay, so that’s tip number one be different. Tip number two guys is use pricing. Pricing can to help you differentiate your offer. But one of the things that you can do is just change your pricing. Right? So offers do get old, right?

If somebody it’s easier offer for a while and they don’t bite, they’re waiting and looking for a different angle. All right. So feel free to change your offers up. Right. And you can do that by way of pricing.

So in other words, hey, this month only or for the next seven days, you can join with the smallest down payment we’ve ever had. Or we have these new pricing plans, whatever it might be. But you can change your pricing around so that it might be more alluring. And it’s a different angle. Different look for your audience.

So your audience is going to want different offers, different looks because they hear your offer and they don’t bite, right? They need a different look at different angles. They might be interested, but it’s just they’re not sold yet. Alright, so that’s tip number two is you can use different pricing to spice up your offer and take it from a standard, normal average offer to all of a sudden a very exciting offer. Alright.

And then tip number three for creating a super fly offer is that you need to recognize that you do need to change your offer, right? That’s huge. Most people just think they create one offer and it’s good forever. Change your offer. Guys, change your offer there.

And what that means is that you can add to your offer. So for example, you can add PDFs, cheat sheets, bonus one v one calls bonus group coaching calls, a bonus onboarding call. There’s all these cool things that you can add. A bonus webinar training, a bonus mastermind workshop that’s just for clients only. So there’s so many different things that you can add in to change your offer.

So you can say, hey, normally our offer is this if you join in the next seven days, we’re going to to throw in this bonus training. We’re going to how in this bonus cheat sheet we’re going to throw in ten strategies to land high ticket clients as a bonus. You only get that bonus training if you sign up in the next seven days. So these are examples of you’re basically stacking value on your current offer and you’re delivering more value to your audience by saying, hey, if you join now you’re going to get these bonus training.

We’re going to cover messenger sales.

We’re going to cover if you join the next seven days, we’re going to give you a bonus one B one call. Now, the reason this is powerful is because your audience is a pie is like a pie chart. Some people are going to be very attracted to a bonus one be one call or a bonus training on messenger sales or a bonus training on high ticket sales or a bonus training on Facebook ads or whatever it might be. If your relationship coach up, you’re going to get our ten best text messages to send your significant other that’s going to bring spice up the relationship.

Or if you’re a health coach, we’re also going to give you a bonus training on how to lose 5lb in ten days, just in time for summer only when you sign up right now, just before summer, you’re going to get this bonus training.

So there’s a lot of ways to take your normal offer again. You don’t even ever lower your price point, but you can increase the value. And that’s going to become very alluring to portions of your market so you can create evergreen sales. All right. That’s one of the ways you can stack value.

That’s number three, how to take a boring offer and make a super fly is just stack value on your current offer. And there’s a bunch of examples there. Now let me give you an example that we’re running and that you guys can get in contact with us or if you’re interested in this. But let me give you an example of a super fly offer that we’re running right now, that I have not seen anybody else in the marketplace running because I don’t think they want to put their money where their mouth is.

But here’s what we’re running right now.

Guys, we are running a money back guarantee. Actually, it is a double your money back guarantee. So we did a pilot run and we brought on board six clients, and we offered them a money back guarantee. And all of those six clients doubled their investment within two months into our program. All right.

And we have six months and twelve months options to join our mastermind. But within two months, they at least double their money. Now, almost all of them made their money back in a single day. They did that their sales volume, like I said, 10,000, 15,000, $20,000 they collected in a single day. So we fulfilled on our promise, basically in a single day.

And so they’re making money massive, massive ROI. And so we figured that out. We’re like, wow. Okay. We’re really good working with this certain type of coach and consultant or agency owner, and we can offer them to double your money back guarantee because we hit a Grand Slam every single time.

It’s a win for them to win for us. So our Superfly offer right now, and if you’re listening to this months later and so forth, still get in touch with us and we might be able to offer it to you. Still, if you qualify our Superfly offer right now, we have two of them our super fly offer. We have a double your money back guarantee if you are already making $6,000 a month or more. Alright.

So if you’re already making $6,000 a month or more with your online business, we will offer you a double your money back guarantee. All right. Now, this is Super Super cool, because it makes you very confident in your decision. You have nothing to lose. Right.

And we’re very confident in this. We have 100% success rate and one of the best client success rates in the industry. So it’s very easy for us to offer it. We found out that if you’re already at $6,000 a month or more, we can do this in our sleep. All right.

You have your foundation set. But there’s things missing, right? Who here has lost their cell phone to figure out it was in your hand or in your pocket. Right. I’ve done that so many times.

I’m like, Where’s my cell phone in my hand? And it’s in my pocket. Right where it always is. But I’m too close to it to recognize. So that’s why mentorship is so important is that there’s opportunities that exist right now inside of your business.

But you’re so busy in the day to day, the hustle and grind serving clients, marketing, doing all the things you don’t even see the opportunity that exists in front of you. Probably because you haven’t actually run this campaign before or you don’t know the actual strategy even exists. Right. So we don’t know what we don’t know. And but then 15 years of online experience and having coached a mentored over 3000 clients, I have so much data and so much experience, it’s very easy for me to come in and go, Boom, do this, run this campaign.

Say this. Here’s your offer. Here’s your price point. And then boom instantly, massive, massive ROI. And so that’s why we have this super flight offer double your money back guarantee if you’re at $6,000 a month or more is because we’ve never missed the Mark in any of our programs, including this mastermind.

And so if you guys are interested in that, right. If you’re at $6,000 a month or more, reach out to us immediately. Book a call with us. Go to our website. Honestly, book a call with us right away.

On that call, we’ll evaluate if we can extend this offer to you. Right. We look for certain things in your business, and then once we see them, we go, Boom, yeah, we can absolutely do that. And obviously, this is a powerful offer because it’s in our best interest to make sure you more than double your money back fast. Right.

Because otherwise we don’t get paid. And then we worked for free. So it’s a win win situation, which is the way I think the coaching industry should be, because there’s so many unfortunate scamming coaches out there that make all the promises in the world or inflate their numbers or anything else. We’re putting our money where our mouth is. That is how confident we are and how much attention we give to our clients.

Now, with that said, we cannot make this offer to everyone, right? Because if we take on board a thousand clients tomorrow, we’re not going to be able to ensure that everybody gets those results. So if you’re interested in this, get in touch with us immediately because we can only enroll so many clients per month with this offer because I personally work with you one on one. I look inside your business. I look at all your assets.

I put together the campaign and all the things. So there’s a lot of work that comes out of it, a lot of time that comes out of it for me, personally, in our coaching staff and our team and the community. So we can’t take on a million clients and offer a money back guarantee. We can only take on so many. So if you’re interested in this, definitely get in touch with us, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

All right, now, if you’re under $6,000 a month, we have a different Superfly offer that’s very similar, but different. And again, nobody else is doing this. But if you’re under $6,000 a month, you’re new or aspiring coach. We have a guarantee offer. And our guarantee is that if you don’t recoup your investment, we will work with you until you do.

So again, nothing to lose. You will make your money back. And it’s different because we say you’ll make your money back rather than double your money just because you’re when you’re a newer aspiring coach, things move a little bit slower because you have to put pieces together, build your infrastructure. So it takes a little bit more time. But nobody’s offering that guarantee.

So we have two guarantees out there no matter where you’re at. And we’re able to do that because of our success and our track record. I looked at all the data recently and I was like, wow, like this is unheard of. We’re ready to roll out this money back guarantee offer because we have everything dialed in and our clients are crushing it, which is the coolest thing in the world. All right, so those are two examples of our Superfly offers.

If that sounds amazing to you again, we can’t offer it to everyone. We can’t take on board ten0 clients with these type of offers because we work very closely with you because we don’t get paid unless you unless you get those desired results. So again, win win for everybody. But if you’re interested, hop on this now. I’m not sure how long we will run this, so definitely get in touch with us.

We’ll let you know if it’s still running and if it is, we will extend those super fly offers to you. All right. So those are three tips, guys, on how to take your boring normal, commoditized offer and make it super fly. So rather than scroll on Facebook 3 hours this afternoon or 3 hours tomorrow, spend 3 hours, make your offer Superfly and get in touch with us because you have nothing to lose.

Alright, so that’s it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next one.

Hey, Dino Gomez here And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. Alright, and if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five star review where every single month, we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs.

All right, so that is it for this episode. Guys, we will see you in the next

bye bye.


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