How You Onboard Clients is EVERYTHING

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how you onboard clients are absolutely everything. Let’s get into it right now.

Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven-figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1.. As an online coach, how you on board your clients is absolutely everything all right. And let me give you guys a little bit of an example here.

Have you ever noticed any time you go into a hotel, I should say more like a resort, like a nice resort, a nice resort, a nice movie theater, although I think those are going out of business at this point. Netflix has taken over. But any time you’ve gone into a nice, really nice building.

Right. And there’s a lobby area, have you noticed how nice the lobby is? It has the nicest chandeliers, the nicest lighting, the nicest furniture is normally a lot of open space. You can see far that maybe there’s marble flooring or really nice carpeting design. And like think about when you walk into a really nice casino, like the first impression is just massive. Right. And we’ve all heard this before. First impressions are everything and they really are right.

That cliche does not exist because it’s not true. It’s absolutely true. All right. And so the same thing happens with how you onboard your clients. All right. And so a lot of and this is something that I’ve learned over over the years because how we have onboard the clients has changed dramatically.

And I’ll give you guys a bunch of different examples.

We first started out with our first coaching program, which was teaching people Facebook ads, people would check out through a check out page and and then they would get access to a log in and they would be, you know, have access to our training materials. It was basically it was more of a course than a coaching program. And so then they would have access to the training material instantly and they would have access to our members only Facebook group.

And that was kind of the extent of it. Like that was their onboarding experience. It was my first program ever. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was good at teaching Facebook ads. But like I had been, I was still developing my coaching skills and strategies.

I compare that to where we’re at today. It doesn’t matter what program you take from us. Right. Whether it’s the Facebook ads program or whether it’s seven figure visionary where we help online coaches scale the seven figures. Doesn’t matter what program you take now. And we’ve had a bunch of other ones in between that we tested and those really we decided to scrap those really. And I’ll talk about that later on as well with a major mistake we made with stacking too many different programs.

And so that’ll be a cool episode to talk about is how many programs did you really have? Nice open loop there if you just learned about open loop marketing. But what we do in all of our coaching programs now is is vastly different when people purchase a couple of things that we do right. Number one, we not we don’t just like give them access to the login area. We ensure that they are logged in before we even get off a call with them.

All right. So to get into any of our programs, you have to hop on a phone call and with our team. And again, that’s so that we can make sure that you’re the right fit client and that we’re actually able to get your results and learn more about you and then enroll you into our programs. All right. And it’s also because our programs, we’ve found sell better. There’s somebody that you can talk to over the phone and ask questions to make sure you’re comfortable with what we are offering and what our promise is and be able to see our case studies and client results, which I will say we have a massive hundreds and hundreds of them.

Now, that was a self plug. I apologize. But when we on board clients now, a couple of things happen while they’re still on the call with our enrollment team. Right. We’re not just like sending them a log in and we’re not just like, OK, email should be in your inbox. Like, go look at it. And congratulations, we don’t do that. No, we literally, while they’re on the call with us, make sure that they get into the members area, that they get introduced and welcomed in a really nice manner to the entire clientele in our private Facebook group.

Like we don’t just say welcome, Ashley, you know, to our program, we write like a paragraph, a novel about who Ashley was and when. This is all the stuff we learned about Ashley on the call. So we are demonstrating. Hey, Ashley, we are we’ve heard you.

We know who you are, what you’re up to, what your history is, what your experiences have been, what you’ve tried, and why you’re excited to join this program. And we give them this grand entrance into our program and we have this awesome community. We’ve always attracted positive people and an action people and doers. And I think that probably ties back to our marketing. I’m a very positive guy and you’ll hear me talk about law of attraction and positivity and those types of things.

So those are the types of people we attract into our programs. And so everybody inside of our programs always welcomes them. And as normally, it says really nice things like, hey, if you ever need help with anything, reach out like or, you know, often times it’s a great choice. I’m really excited to have you here, excited to learn more about you.

Maybe we could partner on something, but onboarding process. Right. We make sure that they get access to their material. That’s one that’s huge. Right? Not just check your email and spam folder, like literally make sure they’ve gotten access. They’ve logged in, they know where everything is. Then, number two, we make sure that they make it into our Facebook group, get a really nice introduction. They know where our Facebook group is. And then

Automatically see everybody else in our program and they know they’re in the right spot, and then number three, we instantly have them set up a one v one call with one of our coaches on our team. And that is massive. That is something I recommend to all of you. Even if you’re in the course business, ask yourself, what can I do?

How how can I possibly make it so that everybody joins my program, gets a one v one call.

And that’s just massive, because even if you have a course and it’s low ticket and we’ll talk about low ticket versus high ticket and whether it’s right for you, even if it’s low ticket, how can I get a one v one call and it doesn’t have to be you delivering the one v one call.

Right. We’re all about. This is a business. Right. And we want you to scale your business. We don’t want you to be bogged down with one hundred enrollment calls every single week. So we will also talk about hiring team members. Right. And how you can train them. Right. To deliver an amazing experience to a new member that joins your program on that one v one call so that individual knows for sure instantly, hey, I made the right decision.

It should be if you were to secretly poll them anonymously, people that join your program, if you polled one hundred people or 20 clients that join your program and you ask them in an anonymous survey, how was the first two days inside of our program? What would you rate that on a scale of zero to 100? Right. You need to have people rating you ninety five to one hundred as far as their initial first experience. All right.

And so we spent a lot of time figuring out, OK, what can we do to make sure when people join our program that they are so pumped that they did so and so blown away with their decision that they would automatically, at that point of time, give us a referral like before they even do get into the actual material. What can we do so that they’re so blown away that they give us a referral, ask yourself that question. Right.

And then do everything you can to make your onboarding experience, deliver that first, that type of experience so that people would be willing and confident to give you a referral just from the initial first experience together. And that also ties right back into sales like what is your sales team saying do and kind of like what’s their personality?

How capable are they of connecting with your audience and making them feel comfortable in their decision and in other ways giving them value on that actual enrollment call rather than just a straight up sales pitch? Right. How can you do all those types of things? And so we literally did so much work with our team and systems and all this other stuff to make sure people have this incredible onboarding experience and so that when they come in, they should have their log in to the back end system there.

In members only Facebook group, they have a one v one call with a coach so that the coach can map out for them. OK, according to where they’re at, here are the first things that you should be doing to get the fastest return on investment. Here’s when our weekly call schedule is. Here’s when your calls are with these other coaches, just literally making sure that they’re like everything is set. All right. And so that’s what you want to do with how you on board your clients are right.

Because literally just a week and a half ago, we on board a new client into our mastermind, which is seven figure visionary. All right. That’s for our online coaches who want to scale the seven figures. And we on board a new client. I will call her Michelle, just to protect client privacy. And Michelle, within two days inside of our program already send us a referral or actually send us a referral. And somebody else signed up to our program and paid us fifteen thousand dollars just from our onboarding experience.

We landed a second fifteen thousand dollar client because our onboarding experience was so powerful that Michelle was like, I have never seen an onboarding experience like this. You guys are at a new caliber. This is a new level of care, like a new level of it. It’s just impressive, right? She knew instantly I made the right decision and is so excited that, you know, she was talking on social media about how I guess I’m so excited I finally found the right coach.

I know for sure it’s a fact now, just in the first two days were amazing. And then people are like, who is this coach? And then, boom, we get a referral. And that person signs up with absolutely no rebuttals, no resistance and inside of our program and is loving it as well. So really, guys don’t like so many people I think are focused on the sale and the sale comes through and you get that text notification on stripe.

OK, cool. Something just bought my program and you’re all pumped and you just like leave it at that.

And if you leave it at that, you’re going to run into a lot of different things. First off, you’re not going to end up with nearly as many referrals. You’re going to end up with clients who drop out earlier inside your program, because if they didn’t have a first, it’s hard to overcome a bad first impression or even if it’s just a mediocre first impression or at an average first impression I got. Yep. That’s what happens when I join a coaching program.

I just get email login info, like if it’s that right, you got to differentiate yourself from everybody else. All right.

And so these are massive tips here, guys, like really this makes a huge difference inside of your business and not to get too technical, but those are the things that we do for sure. All right. And so I highly suggest you start asking yourself, what can I like? just reverse the script. What would I want to experience if I invested in this type of program?

All right. And that’s the first part. Now, there’s some other cool things that we do once people join our programs. That’s kind of our secret sauce that I can’t reveal here just to be fair to our clients and so forth, because we also teach them that strategy. But those are some really powerful tips that you probably haven’t heard anywhere else that we’re happy to share with you here, because that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now, with that said, the next thing you want to do right is, you want to design your programs so that your clients have instant success. All right. Now it’s different per industry and Per niche. Right. For example, if I go back to the relationship niche, like it’s very rare that somebody’s going to join your program and within one week go from being single to in a relationship.

We get that right.

But you still have to ask yourself what micro wins? Can I help or can I can we design our program to provide to our clients really fast within a few weeks so that their confidence is soaring? Because with entrepreneurship guys and actually not just with entrepreneurship, but with people in general, it’s about momentum.

And people naturally are just a little bit doubtful, a little bit skeptical that this is actually going to work, especially if they’ve been working at a problem for a while and have tried other solutions and it hasn’t worked for them. It’s your brain naturally trained yourself to go. This doesn’t work like it. So even if they really want to join and get past this problem that they have and you promised to help them with that and so forth, like there’s still that you really want to prove to them quickly that, hey, like note your system, your methodology, your coaching is at a new level and get give them many wins.

All right. And so that’s another tip I want to share with you is how can I design my programs so that those mini wins happen right away? And again, it doesn’t have to be like a massive win, but it needs to be a small win so that people go, OK, this works. I can’t wait till I get into the core of the strategy because I know that’s going to work as well. All right. That is what you want to have happen inside of our programs.

And so we methodically design our programs in that manner. That is when I’m putting together a program outline and I think about that for nights and sometimes don’t sleep. I’m like, OK, what can we do? What does everybody else doing and how can we be different? How can I ensure this happens really fast. So like inside of our mastermind seven figure visionary, right.

Our goal is within the first two months of working together to have our clients be able to, at a minimum, double the price of their current coaching program and sell at least as many spots as they did in their previous two months. So in other words, make twice as much money. That is our goal. Now, we can’t guarantee that. We don’t guarantee it. So far with our new mastermind, we are seven for seven on delivering on that.

So I’m actually going to be talking to my business attorney and trying to figure out can we make that type of guarantee and claim and what would the contract need to look like and should we not fulfill? How does that how does that work? Do we refund them or do they get additional months? And so I’m actually considering once we have more people join and that continues to be the success rate. If it continues to be ridiculously high that we will look at, can we put a guarantee on this?

But literally, I am just methodically thinking, like, what can we do right away to make sure our clients get in our way? And so that’s our goal. And we tell our clients so far, we’ve made it very clear we can’t guarantee it. Like if you decide not to do any work or if you get sick or something like that, like, you know, it’s not going to happen in two months or know if something crazy happens, like, you know, that personally in your life where you can’t work is probably not going to happen in two months.

But, you know, the strategy is proven time and time again to work. Most people are able to execute in two months. We just had a client execute it in three months and she made twenty two thousand dollars in the first three weeks, twenty two thousand dollars profit and three weeks working with us. And we had her five extra pricing. She went from charging three hundred dollars for her for coaching to fifteen hundred dollars for coaching, and she sold more spots into our coaching program and she made twenty two thousand five hundred dollars in three weeks and just three weeks working together.

Like that’s what we were trying to do with our program, and so it’s different, again, if you’re not in the make money online or wealth, niche per say again, if you’re like a law of attraction coach or health coach, right. Then you’re looking at if you’re a fitness coach. Right. How can I if I know my client wants to lose 20 pounds over the course of six months or over the course of a month. Right. How can I get them to lose a couple of pounds in the first week?

And that’s what you should be thinking. What are the easy wins for them? So in other words, like maybe it’s something like, OK, I don’t want to ask them quite yet to completely change their diet, but how can I ask them to just take away the ice cream every single night so that over the course of a week they will drop one or two pounds? It’s things like that. And you should really focus on designing your programs like that.

The onboarding experience is massive. And then also what happens in the first few weeks of your program so that clients get awesome results, because when that happens, they are going to be lifers, so to speak. Right. They’re going to be with you for the long run. And then again, what you will see is that they won’t you know, people won’t drop out of your program. You’ll get way more referrals for your program.

You’ll have better testimonials for your program. And it’s just a much better jive. And then the compounding effect of that, the snowball effect of that is is an inside your community, your client, community or private client community.

People that knew people that join are seeing all these insane success rates, you know, success and testimonials of what people accomplished in their first few weeks in your program. And what does that do that motivates them, gives them confidence that, oh, my gosh, I tried five other programs, five other coaches couldn’t get any of it to work. They still have a little bit of doubt. They joined your program maybe because you have a bunch of great testimonials.

There’s still a little bit of doubt just because they’ve had a bad experience so far. But then they see all those testimonials of all your other clients who had instant success and all of a sudden they have newfound hope. All right. And that means they’re actually going to put in the work and follow your system and not question what you’re telling them to do because they see the success. All right. And that’s really big. Is that do your clients trust you?

And that’s huge for coaching. An example I will give you I just talked about our client who with five extra pricing and do twenty two thousand dollars in just three weeks together, choose a new online coach. Um, we’ve also worked with coaches who are already doing six figures and been able to take them from twelve thousand dollars a month to forty thousand dollars a month and just a few months and but real quickly, like being able to do that is just on so many different levels.

is massive. And so I can’t stress that enough. Guys, focus on your onboarding. I gave you guys those tips, like make sure clients get into their login area while you’re on the call with them or no matter what making you add in a one v one call, like it’s so important that they have some human interaction. Get them into the members of my Facebook group. Those are some things you can do, like right away that will help dramatically.

And then program design. How can you get them many wins and then how can you talk to them about those many wins so that they know that they’re coming? And then how can you get them excited about those many wins? All right. So that they go, OK, this is going to work. If I continue to follow the system and doing those things right and then also having that trust that gives you that trust as a coach so that when you have to make a tough recommendation for your clients, they’re willing to actually listen to you.

And that’s a whole different thing.

So, again, our one client that we had massive, great success with, she wanted to work with both men and women. She’s a business coach. She’s like, I want to work with just men and women. And because she’s a newer coach, we like newer coaches. So niche down a little bit further. And so I said to her, I was like, you know what, Michelle? You need to work with women. And that’s it.

And she’s a funny one. She’s like, Dino, to be honest, I used to be a bartender and at kind of like a dive bar. And so she’s like, I’m used to talking to man. She’s like, I relate to men more. And she’s like, just because I grew up with brothers and stuff like that. And I’m just used to being around guys. She’s like, I prefer to work with men.

She’s like, I don’t want to work with women. And I said to her, I was like, Michelle, do you want to listen?

Do you want to go with your feelings and what’s going to make you feel warm and fuzzy, or do you want to make money and grow your coaching business and impact others? And she’s like, well, I want to make money and I want to impact others and I want to grow my coaching business. And I was like, OK, then you’re working with women and that’s it. And I kind of laid the smack down. I kind of had to drop the hammer there because I know from experience that she will do better if she creates a community and where she’s working just with women.

Because it inside that community and inside of her marketing, she can be very specific of who she talks to and there’s going to build that relatability, that trust factor. And, yeah, through experience, a lot of women enjoy working with women for certain niches. Not all women. We have quite a lot of women inside of our programs, but it just depends, again, on your niche. And so that’s one of the things like building that, you know, when you have a great onboarding experience and you get those early wins for your clients and you get those testimonials, and even if they’re smaller testimonials to begin with, it builds trust in your coaching, allows you to be a better coach because then people will listen to your recommendations without questioning them and then that in itself will get them better results, as it did for this one client of ours in this example.

All right.

And so to summarize, guys, how you onboard your clients is everything. Just ask yourself that question. What can I do to wow and dazzle my clients that nobody else is doing so that they know instantly within one to two days that they made the best decision of their business career or of their, you know, just out of their life. Right. Depending on who you’re working with. And so that’s the question to ask yourself and then go execute on it.

It might be a lot of work. It might just be a little bit of work depending on your program. But if you do so, it will pay massive dividends. All right. And so that’s a huge one. Guys, don’t sleep on that. And again, that’s as much as I can share with you, because there is a lot of other stuff that we do as far as I’m putting our clients. But it is kind of something that we keep as our secret sauce and we teach to our clients.

And so I can’t give that away. But if you do just those things, you will see a massive uptick in referrals and in client results and in client stickiness in terms of how long they’re with you and then also whether or not they upgrade to more programs from you because they have had such a great experience. So that is it for this episode. Guys, I hope that was super helpful. As always, keep doing.

You keep having an absolute blast with your online coaching business and we will see you guys in the next episode.

Dino Gomez here. And if you enjoyed this episode, be sure to head on over to the for more resources, downloads, videos, and cheat sheets to help you grow your online coaching business. All right. And if you picked up a cool tip or strategy from this particular episode, we would love a five-star review where every single month we choose one lucky winner to win access to one of our coaching programs. All right. So that is it for this episode.

Guys, we will see you in the next one. Well bye.


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