How Warren Buffett Makes $6,500,000,000/Year Passively [This is Insane]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as seven figure visionary. And in today’s video, we’re going to talk about how Warren Buffett did one just one thing to make an extra six billion dollars a year. Let’s get into it right now. All right, guys, so how did Warren Buffett what did Warren Buffett do to actually make an additional six billion dollars a year? And he only did one small thing.

It’s absolutely crazy, right? So to give you guys a little bit of a back story here, I heard about this first from Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas is the world’s third leading motivational speaker behind Tony Robbins. If you guys haven’t heard of Eric Thomas before, look him up. He’s full of energy and passion and he’s awesome. He’s just he’s crazy. I listen to him when I’m working out. But Eric Thomas, right. Because he made his way up to becoming the third most highest paid motivational speaker in the world.

He got to sit down with Warren Buffett. All right. So he sat down with Warren Buffett. And one of the things that Eric Thomas taught me that I think is super valuable, he said, when you sit down with a guru, you listen. All right? You you don’t talk. You listen. You let them give you as much nuggets, as much information as possible. And so Eric Thomas sitting next to Warren Buffett at the dinner table, he looks over at Warren Buffett and he says, hey, Warren.

He goes, what do you do every single day to be one of the wealthiest men in the world? And so Warren Buffett paused for a moment and then he responded. He said, You know what I do. He’s like, I read six hours a day. All right, six hours a day. All right. But it gets better than that, right. So Eric Thomas is sitting there and he’s like, really? There’s only twenty four hours in a day.

And you read six of them and you’re sleeping for eight hours. He’s like, how can you like how do you have the time to do that? And Warren Buffett says, how do I not have the time to do that? All right. So Eric Thomas is kind of taken aback and he goes, huh, interesting. Maybe I need to read more. And then Eric Thomas asked another question. He goes, Hey, Warren, let me ask you this.

What exactly are you reading? Because if you read six hours a day, you’ve probably read every single book that’s out there on business. Right. And Warren Buffett pauses for a moment and humbly says, well, actually, what I’m reading is the nineteen fifty seven forward financial report. All right. That’s for like the automobile. Warren Buffett is reading the financial report from Ford from like 70 years ago. All right. And Eric Thomas is like, wow, that is absolutely insane that you are reading financial reports that are outdated 70 years.

Why are you doing that? Warren Warren says, well, he goes they were at the time Ford was was a leader of technology. And in terms of like the automobile space and he’s like he’s like and so when you read and you look at financial reports, he’s like, you see and you find interesting things that allow you to understand business at a much granular level. All right. And he’s like and so by reading those financial reports from these companies that were successful in the past, I’m able to predict things in the future.

And and Eric Thomas is like, wow, that’s deep. That’s a crazy man. Like, that’s that’s amazing. And so Eric Thomas is going to ask you one more question. And Warren Buffett says, yeah, he goes, So what did you learn reading that report? And Warren Buffett pauses again for a moment. And he says, you know what? He goes, Guess what I just did? He goes, I just bought Coca-Cola. All right.

And Eric Thomas is like, you bought Coca-Cola. Like that was a big purchase buying Coca-Cola, right? He’s like, Warren Buffet’s like, yeah, I just bought Coca-Cola. And guess what? I didn’t change the marketing. I didn’t hire one person. I didn’t fire one person. I didn’t change the branding. I didn’t do anything with the commercials or the advertising. I didn’t change the facilities. I didn’t change anything.

But I bought Coca-Cola. He’s like and then I raised the price of soda by one penny, guys by one penny. And here’s the stat right here for you, OK? Coca-Cola sells one point eight billion units of soda every single day, one point eight billion units of soda every single day. That’s what Coca-Cola themselves. So Warren Buffett, because he can read between the lines, he reads these financial reports. He did the math. He figured out that if he if he bought Coca-Cola, changed absolutely nothing, didn’t have to hire anybody, fire anybody, change any of the marketing or the branding or the advertising or the or the facilities.

He didn’t have to change anything. All Warren Buffett had to do was buy Coca-Cola, raise the price of soda by one penny. All right. And that comes out to an additional six point five billion dollars a year in profit. And Zain, just in saying, guys, I don’t know about you guys.

If you guys are as dorky as I am and stuff like that, love, love, business and all this type of stuff. But that’s crazy. Raising the price of a can of soda just one penny equals an additional six point five billion dollars a year for Coca-Cola. And that is why Warren Buffett bought Coca-Cola. And that is why Warren Buffett studies financial reports from the past, and that is why he reads six hours a day. All right. So if there’s a takeaway from this, guys, if you’re an online entrepreneur and you’re researching Warren Buffett and figuring out how he became so successful, there’s a couple of takeaways here.

One, consistently be learning and reading to write, study your numbers, know the numbers inside your business. All right. The biggest takeaway for me, right. And what you should be doing here is number crunch inside your business figure out. Right. What would happen if I charge an extra one hundred dollars a month per client, an extra thousand dollars a month per client that I’m working with. What would happen if I raised my prices just a tiny bit?

Because already, if you have your business up and running and you have your structure and your team and all the different pieces there, when you raise your price incrementally, that’s all just additional profit. That’s cream on the top. That’s what Warren Buffett figured out with Coca-Cola. He understood that people would still buy the soda if it cost a penny more, but that would be worth an extra six point five billion dollars a year to him. And so what you want to do is look inside your business and crunch the numbers.

Right? If you have five clients, if you have 10 clients, figure out if I were to charge each of them an extra hundred dollars a month, each of them an extra thousand dollars a month, what does that come out to every single month? An additional profit. And then what does that come out to every single year in additional profit? If you plan to be in business ten years, what does that come out to an additional profit in ten years?

Right. Really crunched those numbers, guys, because that’s what Warren Buffett does. And obviously that dude knows what he’s doing. And so with just one one decision, one move to raise the price of a soda can, a penny, he gets an extra six point five dollars billion a year. And that is just awesome. All right. And so I want to share that one with you guys today. I hope you guys found that helpful.

My name is Dino Gomez. If you guys want to learn some more cool stuff about growing an online coaching business, that’s specifically what we do here on this channel. We also have a podcast called The Secrets of Coaching, a link up below. There’s also a bunch of freebies and stuff in the description for you guys. If you want to learn how to grow an online coaching business, which by the year twenty, twenty five is predicted to be worth three hundred and twenty five billion dollar industry.

All right. So if you’re looking and trying to figure out where you should spend your time or what type of online business you should create, the writing’s on the wall, guys. The best business model to get into right now is online coaching it. All right. You have very, very high profit margins and all you’re basically doing is teaching others how to do something that they want to learn how to do. It’s just like being a parent. You don’t need any credentials.

You don’t need a college degree either. We have a ton of resources beneath this video for you if you want to learn more about becoming an online coach. So that’s it for this video training. Guys, we will see you in the next one.



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