How To Spy on Facebook ads - 4 Free Facebook Advertising Tools

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Seven Figure Visionary, and in today’s video, we are going to walk you through four different ways to spy on your competitors Facebook ads, including their targeting and their funnels, using a couple of different awesome softwares. Let’s dove into it right now. All right, guys.

So we’re over here at my computer. The first way to actually spy on your competitors Facebook ads. You guys are probably more familiar with this one than will work into some new cooler strategies that utilize actual softwares. But whenever you see a Facebook ad on your actual feed, you can always click on the three dots that are next to the ad and you can click on Why am I seeing this ad? All right, so why am I seeing this actual Facebook ad?

What is going to pop up here, guys, is all the information on who this particular business is targeting. We can see folks ages 23 to 57, the location of where they’re targeting. And if they’re including any interest as well, Facebook will include that. So if they’re to an interest based targeting, that will be included here. So you can actually see who this advertiser is targeting. Of course, because we’re seeing this ad directly in our news feed, we can actually click on the ad, take a look at this individuals or this companies funnel. So if this is a competitor ad, you can click and see what their actual funnel and their offer is. All right. If you’re not getting served ads by your actual competition and you want to do all you really need to do is visit their websites and visit their actual Facebook fan page. And most likely they will end up retargeting you with their advertisements for which you can then start to spy on what their targeting is or otherwise spy on what their actual ad is as well as their funnel.

Right. So that’s the first way, guys. You guys are probably familiar with that.

The second way, guys, is using Facebook’s actual ad library.

So this is just This isn’t the most this isn’t the best way to search for Facebook ads. For example, I can type in Gym here and Facebook.

Technically, you would think they would show you all the different Facebook ads that are running that have the keyword Gym or that are actually related to gyms. But as we can see, the results are kind of hit or miss. Newsbreak isn’t an actual gym Persay body. Juice is kind of related. And as we scroll down, you actually will see some advertisements from gyms and so forth and you could actually see their ads. But obviously this has nothing to do with the gym.

And so it’s really not that it’s really not that great of a tool, which is kind of surprising since it’s Facebook’s own collection and library. All right. So now we want to move on to third party tools. All right. That in softwares that actually work to spy on competitor Facebook ads. So, all right. So we’re going to hop on over to this one. The first one, it’s called Big Spy. That’s big spy.Com. This is a free tool to use with limited functionality.

If you really want to get into it, you need to upgrade, but you can mostly get the job done using this tool for free. So, for example, I typed in chiropractor here.

We can filter ads by the platform Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Twitter, Pinterest and so forth. There are some kind of drop downs if you decide to actually upgrade and so forth, if you want to filter by language and device type and also the date range here.

But as you as you can see, we typed in chiropractor. And as I scroll down, we’re actually getting related ads from chiropractors. All right.

So we see chiropractor, ad chiropractor, ad wellness center, another wellness center. You can see there’s a chiropractor there. So these ads are actually more relevant and more accurate than Facebook’s own library, which is kind of cool right now. As you can see down here, you need to sign up to the software if you want to, like access more actual advertisements there.

So that is an option for you guys. If you guys want to check this out, there are links in the description. For the most part, you can get an idea and get some cool ideas what to do for your advertisements just by using a couple of their first initial search results. So that is called bigspy.Com. Very simple to use. The other one that I’m a huge fan of is called This one actually has way more functionality than big spy.

All right. So let’s take a look at this, guys. We can filter by ads that are running by gender when the date they were actually created. The technology is the countries where they’re running, when it was seen, the ages that they’re targeting. So, again, we can get very, very specific with the types of ads we want to filter. Now, one of my favorite functionalities is this. We can even function function by the actual advertiser.

So the advertiser user name.

So, for example, I typed in Russell Brunson, the founder, or one of the co-founders that click funnels.

And what’s so cool about ads spy is that it actually is showing us results from past ads. So they actually their software saves the advertisements even if they’re no longer active.

Right now, this is different from Facebook.

If you go into Facebook’s library or if you go in to Facebook’s news feed is only showing you active current ads.

What if I want to see what Russell Brunson was running in twenty nineteen? Right. This ad is from twenty nineteen. We can see how long it ran going can actually take a look at the ad.

This ad here is also from 2019.

So I’m scrolling through ads that were created years ago and I’m able to take a look at what copy they use, what videos they use, what graphics they use, all those different types of things, how many likes are on the actual ad and so forth where this ad was running in Italy? I can see here it’s in Italy.

So ad spy gives us a ton more functionality because we can actually go back in time to spy on competitor Facebook ads. See if their funnel is still active and just take a look at their ad copy and all of their ads. Again, I can come up here and I was just filtering by the name Russell Brunson.

So if you have a particular competitor you want to look at maybe a campaign they run in the past, you can type in their name here and take a look at that. All right. So I’m just going to go ahead and delete this and reset this. But again, you can you can actually target by the site type as well, which is really cool. All right. So you know where they’re actually running these placements, the media type here, if you want to look at just videos or photo ads, gender, when it’s created between technologies, which is kind of cool if they’re if they’re actively using any of these types of softwares.

So that’s really cool. We can see some email marketing software is in there that perhaps they’re using on their landing pages. But we can really get very granular and specific if they’re doing e-commerce and they’re on a specific platform, we can look at that. This is just a really powerful way for us to look at that. Even click funnels. We can look at ads and filter by ads where people are using an actual click funnel funnel. This is amazing.

If you’re in the coaching space, say, or any type of lead-gen space, for that matter. But there’s just a lot of different functionalities that we can filter by even the button type to see what you know, what the ad copy is for certain buttons that people are using their advertisements. Really, really powerful stuff, guys, and definitely put this to use. All right. So there you guys have it. Four different ways to spy on your competitor Facebook ads, including a couple of cool different softwares and tools that allow you to get very specific and granular with the actual Facebook ads that you’re looking at for your competition, including their funnels.

They’re targeting their ad copy, all of that cool stuff. It’s all right here.

So there you guys have it. If this was helpful for you guys, be sure to hit the subscribe button for very direct and jampacked tutorials where we get right into it with zero fluff. And also, by the way, just so you know, every time somebody hits the subscribe button, a dolphin jumps out of the water in celebration.

So it’s really important that you hit the subscribe button for that reason if you so choose. But that’s it for this video training. Guys, we will see you all in the next one.



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