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Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, Dino Gomez here and in this video training today, we’re going to be talking about how to sell high ticket digital marketing services as an online coach or a course creator. Let’s get into it right now. All right, guys, it’s the million dollar question, how to sell high tech digital marketing services or online coaching services? So let’s talk about how to do that right now.

So what we have here, guys, is this really awesome, artistically savvy stick figure. This is you. All right? And what you’re doing over here is your thinking. And what you’re thinking about is this you want to sell high ticket. Normally high ticket online is around 3k. It normally requires a phone call because there’s a more trust built over the phone rather than somebody just going to a checkout page.

But generally speaking, it’s about 3k and up. And so this can be 3k-100k for coaching packages and services. And yes, if you’re thinking one 100k who buys 100k coaching services. Quite a lot of people actually. All right. So we’re going to break down. This is you here and what you’re dealing with is most likely this imposter syndrome. All right, you’re probably dealing with imposter syndrome because you want to sell high ticket. You want to sell five, 10, 20K, 50K coaching packages and services, but you don’t know how. And you’re worried that your services aren’t valuable enough. And so what I’m going to do is I’m going to tell you guys a little bit of a story about how I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs of selling high ticket coaching packages, which I do sell now from anywhere from 15 to 30 thousand dollars.

And so what I did here to beat imposter syndrome is something quite simple. What I did was I bought I bought high ticket guys, I joined a mastermind. It was thirty six thousand dollars and what that did was it literally like my mind exploded. I was I was like a nervous and afraid to do it and so forth like that. But at the same time, I knew I had to because I needed to figure out what happened inside of the mastermind of that caliber, like what was what were the ins and outs of it.

So I could understand and know this is like how a high ticket mastermind, a 12 month mastermind that’s worth thirty six thousand dollars operates. And also what it did is a lobbyist surrounded myself with 50 other people who were here who were playing at that level. All right. So all day long, every single day, I’m hearing success stories of others inside the mastermind selling 20, 30, 50K, 100K packages. I’m seeing it over and over and over again.

I’m surrounding myself with people who are doing this stuff on autopilot with ease. And so real quickly, I myself, limiting beliefs just disappeared. It’s like they’re doing it. Why can’t I do it? All right. And so the other thing that happens, guys, and this is this is just crazy. I don’t know. I never hold this and have it ready, but this is just crazy. Guys, let me show you why the value of high ticket coaching services and packages.

OK, so let’s just say you’re thirty five years old. And let’s just say your weakness or an area you want to get better at is actually sales. OK, so over here, we’re going to have a sales coach. This is a coach. He is a master at sales. And this coach right here, let’s just say he has he’s selling his is coaching services for like three thousand dollars.

All right. For three thousand dollars over the course of like three months, he’s going to show you how to become a really awesome closer how to close on the phone, how to close the webinar, just how to be amazing at ad sales. Right now, you’re sitting over here. You’re thirty five years old. This example, I’ll just put age you. Thirty five years old. You’re deciding how should I spend three thousand dollars? That seems like a lot.

All right, guys. Three thousand dollars is absolutely nothing. All right. Let me change your mindset on what the value of your coaching services are worth and also your mindset on why you should be investing in high tech it simultaneously. Right. So let’s just say at thirty five years old, you take this program and the program is three months, OK, three months and three months. You learn how to become a better sales man sells woman, and let’s just say all of a sudden you go from having closing like at ten percent, you were closing at ten percent.

And because you took this program all of a sudden now you’re closing at forty percent. Now you might be sitting there thinking it was the 3K investment worth it. Well, let’s let’s break this down, guys. If you’re thirty five years old, all right, that means you have decades left still to work inside your business. You’re going to have decades that’s two decades would take you to fifty five and if you worked sixty five, you have three decades left of of selling inside your business or for your business.

Right. Three decades. All right. Now if you just barely increase your clothes. Right, let’s just say it goes from 10 percent to 20 percent. All right. Over the course of three decades of thirty years, how many more deals will you close because you invested in this in order to go from 10 percent to 20 percent, you will close two times as many deals. You will consistently close twice as much for thirty years. OK, so that probably let’s just say and we’ll keep this super modest, but this is totally in perspective.

But over the course of thirty years. Let’s just say you only close one client a month right now. What’s one client a month to you? Let’s just say it’s on the low end. It’s worth a thousand dollars. All right. So if you’re closing a thousand dollar clients and we’ll just say it’s a one time fee, a thousand dollars over the course of one year, thousand dollars client per month over the course of one year, that’s worth twelve thousand dollars, guys.

All right. So over the course of just one year, you 4x your investment.

All right? You you’ve now you’ve got twelve thousand dollars. That’s just in one year. Guess what? That’s going to be closing twelve thousand dollars worth of of contracts for the next 30 years. I can’t do the math on that really quickly. That would be one hundred and twenty eight. That’s that equals over thirty years. Three hundred and sixty thousand dollars over thirty years. Your three thousand dollar investment turns into three hundred and sixty thousand dollars over the course of three decades.
All right. If you sell one client at one thousand dollars, we’re not even talking about reoccurring clients. If you if you have a service where people pay monthly, then this number is going to blow up to several million. But if somebody is paying you a thousand dollars one time and you have one client a month for 30 years, that’s going to be three hundred and sixty thousand dollars. 

All right. Now, was your 3K investment worth it? Absolutely. When most people look at investing and coaching services, they’re looking at short term ROI. All right, so how quickly will I make my money back? Well, this may be money tomorrow. Will this make me money? Like, how much money will I be like when I complete the program? They’re looking at it in a very finite way. That is not how the one percent of the wealthy think guys. They are consistently investing in knowledge because of this. I call this the compounding effect.

Because literally, if you develop a skill set now, you carry it with you for the rest of your life, you’ll always have that skill set. Now, imagine if you were playing modest numbers. Hey, you went from 10 percent, closer to 20 percent. We were saying, hey, you’re just closing one client a month at one thousand flat feet. Guys, these numbers add up to millions if any of this is probably semi realistic to what your business is doing. And so if you are this sales coach, you should not be selling your services for three thousand dollars. Right? They’re not it’s just not worth that. Especially if you’re good. If you’re good, because realistically, you’ll probably take somebody close percentage, maybe up to like 40 percent. And that would put this over a million dollars. If that’s the case, this number down here would become over a million if close went to 40 percent.

And you close like imagine if you close just two clients a month at one thousand dollars, that would double this and this number down here to seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars. All right. So the value of your services you cannot look at the value of your services, just like in the right now, of course, the main goal and we do this inside of our programs as well, our programs are designed for people to get an ROI within the first two months.

That’s the way we like because we know people think like that, generally speaking. But that’s not the way I think I want to. I’m happy to invest thirty six thousand dollars to learn a skill set, because right now I’m at thirty three years old. I know I’m going to have this for three more decades. I would like to have that skill set for three more decades because I know it’s going to be worth several of this.
Several, probably million dollars. Right. Very easy for me to invest. 36K if I know over three decades it’s going to come back to this. All right. And so in order to sell high ticket, you first have to understand the compounding effect of the value of the transformation you’re providing to your clients. And ideally, your programs are designed to get them a fast ROI, a fast result. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a relationship coach or a spiritual coach or if you work and make money in the wealth and financial niche, you need to look at what how is this going to literally transform our clients, like not just right now, but for the long term?

Now, when you start thinking like that yourself and you start investing like that yourself, you will start selling like that yourself. You will be able to communicate to the client. Hey, guess what? My coaching services, it’s not three thousand dollars. It’s thirty thousand dollars. You know why? Because if you just land one client a month, it’s going to equal this amount of money after one year and this amount of money after two years. And gosh, you’re only thirty five.

You have 30 years to go. It’s going to add up to a ton of money. It makes sense, right, to learn to pay this money, to learn this stuff now so that you have the rest of your life. All right. Now there are some factors to different things like your age and so forth. How long you plan to be on business? And I guess industry and niche pricing will change. But as soon as I started thinking like this, that is why I invested into a high ticket mastermind myself to surround myself with people that were on that level, which instantly got rid of my imposter syndrome, self limiting beliefs to sell tickets.

And then on top of that, I thought about what is this going to do for my business this year? OK, boom. I knew it was going to make me an ROI this year. OK, I’m not good enough for me there. But what about the long term. Oh my gosh. It’s going to just change everything long term for me to have that skill set right now to learn it right now.

Right. And then on top of that, if you’re an online coach now, you get a double compounding effect. This is where it gets crazy. All right, if you’re a coach. OK, so here’s you, you are a coach, all right. Which means you have clients. Let’s just say you invest 30 K into a mastermind, all right? And this mastermind is going to help you take your business to multiple six figures, maybe even seven figures. What is that going to do? Well, you yourself are going to learn how to sell high ticket. You’re going to learn all the other ins and outs of probably building a team, designing long term programs like all the skills, operations, financing, like you’re going to learn so much stuff.

And what’s that going to do for you as a coach? Well, that’s going to that’s going to ripple effect down to your clients. All right. Your clients, because you yourself as a coach are becoming a better coach. You are up leveling so fast. So what does that mean? Your clients are then going to get that knowledge passed back down to them so your clients all of a sudden are going to start getting better results because you are a better coach.

What does that mean for you? Well, when your clients get better results, guess what? They normally stick around longer. They’re going to buy more services from you. They’re going to give you referrals and recommendations that you’re going to have better and stronger testimonials. All of those things are going to come back around to you and help you sell even more. So your business is going to grow even faster because your clients are getting better results, giving you referrals, giving you better testimonials.

And so the ripple effect, if you’re an online coach, investing in a mastermind or in a coach or a mentor is a must do. It makes so much sense because, again, over the course of however many decades you have left in business, it’s going to give you a massive ROI directly in your business. But then besides that, you’re a better coach to your clients. That in turn is going to come back around and make you make it that much easier for you to sell more services and grow your business over here.

So you’re growing your business actually in two different spots when you invest as an online coach. And so that is my advice, guys, on how to sell high ticket. Like, that’s how I overcame imposter syndrome. Like I was selling packages at 5K. I remember the first time I sold coaching services at five thousand dollars. I was nervous. I was like, I don’t know if anybody’s going to buy it. Right. And then all of a sudden we started selling and that was awesome and that was incredible and that changed everything.

Again, selling high ticket is also better for not just the coach but for the client as well. Because when we raise I used to have a program and it was five hundred dollars. All right, then we slowly raise the price. We raised prices all the way up to five thousand dollars. Once we were at five thousand dollars, I was able to hire additional experts and coaches to be on my team, which provided better support to our members in a more timely manner, which gave them better results.

All right. And so and then we added in all these different things, live calls, live events, all this type of stuff, we had the money to do so because we were charging more so than our clients got better results, gave us more testimonials. We have hundreds of testimonials now. They all rave about the support and the multiple coaches and the just everything. Right. And all that made our programs better. We got more testimonials, more word of mouth sales and and it’s just rippled back around to grow our business even faster.

And so that is that is how what I would recommend doing. Guys, if you want to sell high ticket. In another video, we will cover some of the actual strategies, overcoming objections and things like that of selling high ticket services. But if you can wrap your head around this, you will communicate the value of your services so much more to your audience and to your clients. And it’s going to make a massive difference for both your clients and for you growing your business.

And so, guys, if this video training was helpful, hit the subscribe button. Also, guys, beneath this video, if you want help and want a free scale coaching and scaling call where basically we will walk you through how to grow your online coaching business to six and then seven figures. Go ahead, book a call with our team. I’ll up a link below. It’s a free call. We walk you through more of this, but the ins and outs of our program and we show you and we break down, we take a look at your actual coaching business and we look for areas where you could raise your prices, redesign your programs, basically scale your business better.

We talk with you through all of that stuff. So that’s link beneath this video.But guys, I hope this first video, this is going to be like video number one on how to sell high ticket coaching services. We’ll get into more of the strategy behind some of it and a later video. So be sure to subscribe. But for now, guys, this is how I got past. So I’d love to get how I got past imposter syndrome. It served me greatly. My business has exploded since I first bought High Ticket myself.

And then also it’s now rippling down to our clients who are going insane results. So that’s it for this video. Guys, I hope that was super helpful. If it was, drop a comment below. Let me know if you guys have any questions. I’ll do my best to respond to comments and until next time guys Dino Gomez here and we will see you in the next video.


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