How To Record an Online Course or Coaching Program [Bonus Tips & Tools]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as seven figure visionary. And today we’re going to talk about how to record an online course. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, how to record an online course? Maybe this will be your first online course ever. We’re going to dive into it right now. I’m going to show you free and paid tools that you can use, as well as a couple of bonus tools that you can use. So let’s dive right into my computer and we’ll dive right into this. All right, guys, we’re over here at my computer. And this is the first tool, the most important tool that we use to record online videos for our coaching programs.

It is called screencast-o-matic. You can see up here at You can just type that into Google and this will pop right up. But guys, this is an amazing tool. You can get started for free for, I think, 30 days and then it’s just 15 dollars a year. All right. And this tool is used by Fortune 500 companies. It’s used by everybody. It’s what I use to record screen recordings like what you’re watching right now on YouTube.

So it’s only 15 dollars a year. That’s just over a dollar a month. It has a good video editing component in there and all these cool features and stuff. But basically, the way it works, guys, is you download this app to your computer. It works both on Mac and PC. And then what you’ll have is you’ll have this little play button play bar that you can see here in this sample photo here. And you’ll get to choose whether you just want to show your screen, which is what I’m doing right now, or you’ll have the option of choosing both screen and webcam.

All right. And of course, recording this YouTube video, I have a separate camera set up over here. But when you do it with screencast-o-matic, if you want, you can actually use your computer’s built-in camera so that you can do a recording where you will be like in the bottom of your screen so you can choose whether to use the webcam only or both the webcam and the screen record or just the screen.

All right, go ahead. That’s step one. Download screencast-o-matic super affordable, you can start for free and otherwise amazing tool that makes it really easy to record what’s going on on your screen. All right. Now, the next thing that you guys will need, of course, to record videos is an actual PowerPoint or outline. So as you put together your video training and your lessons and your modules for your online course or to record your online course, what you’re going to want to do here, right, is, is basically what I like to use is I use since I’m a Mac user, I use the pages application.

That’s the equivalent of Microsoft”s PowerPoint. All right. And so I will just put together different slides like this. And so you can see inside of our program, this is one of the video trainings we have at our cash injection offer. We literally walk coaches through how they can add anywhere from 10 to 60 thousand dollars in a matter of four to six weeks as soon as they join our program. So I have all the slides lined up over here.

I can’t walk you through all of the slides that has all of our stuff. But I have all the different slides. And I literally walk our clients through that process using PowerPoint like this. Now, again, what’s really cool with pages that I will show you guys or otherwise I’m sorry, I’m using keynote here is if I go file new and inside keynote. Right. You can actually choose the theme so I can choose all basic white theme or I can choose one of these bold themes and stuff.

So if you want to include some branding or some cool styling to your actual PowerPoint to do your video modules and your lessons, you can do that. Same is true for both Microsoft PowerPoint. But if you’re a Mac user using keynote here, you have all these different themes and stuff as well. On top of that, guys, you can also, of course, use Google slides, which is free to use. They have templates as well. So let me go ahead and pull that up.

You can pull up Google slides is free. It’s basically another alternative for you to create your online course and basically an outline or a presentation of sorts. So I’m going to go ahead and choose, go to Google slides. Google slides also does have templates that you can use so you can have different branding. So as you can see here, there’s a template galleries you can click on that and you can see all the different templates that you want to use in case you want to record and build otherwise your program content off of Google Slide template.

Now, in addition, all that, guys, one of the things that’s important is an online course creator to keep your members attention and so forth, our visuals. So, again, we use a lot of different visuals in our actual slides, as you can see. And so where we get those visuals as we go, grab them off stock photos, I like to incorporate a lot of actual photos that I’ve taken myself off my phone or otherwise.

What you can do right is, you can hop on over to app sumo. Appsumo is another cool website that offers lifetime discounted deals normally what are reoccurring softwares and platforms and things. And normally on AppSumo they will have some type of stock photo deal. So if you don’t want to pay one hundred and fifty dollars or two hundred dollars for stock photos, if you check out Appsumo, sometimes they have a deal where you just pay a one time fee of twenty five or fifty dollars and you’re able to download hundreds and hundreds of stock photos to use otherwise in your presentations or in your marketing. So that’s another option for you there. All right, guys. And it’s really as simple as that. Really all you need is Screencast-o-matic and then some type of PowerPoint presentation in order and to put together your slides. And then you’ll be able to have your cell phone camera as well as recording as you’re presenting your actual content material inside of your program.

All right, guys. So if you found this video training helpful, we would love it. If you smash that subscribe button and give us the thumbs up, because every single week we come out with multiple new YouTube videos on how to grow an online coaching business. And then also, guys, if you want help scaling your coaching business at a much faster rate, we have a ton of case studies and testimonials we would love to share with you from our clients inside of our programs, so you can find a link beneath this video to that.

That is it for this training today, guys. We will see you in the next one.



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