How To Land A Podcast Interview
[With just 2 sentences]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and today, we are going to show you how to land yourself on a podcast using just two sentences. Let’s dive into it right now.

All right, guys, so we’re over here at my computer and I’m basically going to show you exactly how with just two sentences, you can land yourself in a podcast and give you proof and evidence that this works not only for myself, but works for other students and people that I coach and stuff like that. So let’s check this out. So, guys, on March 6th, I went to my Facebook page and I said, who here runs a podcast?

With a couple of fingers pointing down. All right. So here’s what happened. Fifty six comments later. Right. All my friends are chiming in. Hey, I own a podcast or hey, my friend, I know somebody who owns a podcast. They’re tagging podcast owners. I’m instantly being connected to all of these potential podcast hosts and that I could potentially be featured on their podcast. Right. And so Kevin right here is like I do pay traffic, you know?

And then I went back and forth with him and he’s like, yeah, you know, if you do pay traffic, you’d be a fit to be a guest on my show. I’m looking for more guest. I’m like, perfect. There’s a potential opportunity. My friend Kyra here, she tagged somebody. She’s like, hey dino my friend Ashley runs a podcast. You should get in touch with her I’ll make an introduction for you.

Right. And that’s the power of using social media guys, is that I am much more likely to end up as a guest on one of these podcasts for a couple of reasons.

Right. First off, if Kera says, hey, my friend Morgan runs a podcast, I’ll introduce you right when I’m introduced to Morgan, Morgan’s going to kind of feel like she has to host me on our podcast simply because we both have a mutual friend in common. Right. And she’s going to be like, OK, I’m going to have you, because, you know, Kyra, and so it’s really powerful how you can use social media.

I feel like coaches and service providers just aren’t using social media enough for all these types of opportunities. All right. So, again, I did this. It turns out my friend Criag Campbell ran a podcast. I didn’t even know he ran a podcast. Right. And so I was like, OK, that’s the first easiest opportunity. I’ll reach out to Craig. I was like, hey, Craig, sent him a message. Heard you on a podcast.

You’re looking for guests or do I fit in your needs? And he’s like, Yeah, you absolutely do. Let’s get you on the show. So we lined up a show. And then just 11 days later, the podcast has already been recorded. It’s already been edited. And then, boom, it’s up on YouTube. And look what happens, guys. This this interview is still gaining views and momentum, but it has four thousand twelve views.

Right. And so within a matter of ten or eleven days. Right. I went from getting actually interviewed on the podcast and then having that podcast edited, recorded and then produced live. And now I’m in front of and I’m spotlighted to Craig’s entire audience. Right. How powerful is that? Right. I was able to talk about my services, reveal a bunch of cool strategies and techniques, and all of a sudden people came to me and said, hey, you know, I’m interested in your coaching program.

I’m interested in learning more from you. I want to work from you. What you shared was incredible, amazing tips and strategies. I want more of that stuff. Right. And so I ended up with more clients, guys. And so that is simple. Like literally two sentences. Guys can land you on a podcast. Right. And so let me show you another example, guys. Maybe if you don’t have a lot of friends on Facebook, and this is why I always recommend max out your friends on Facebook, send friend requests to entrepreneurs.

Right. They’re going to own podcasts. They’re going to know other entrepreneurs. They’re going to help build your social network and your connection and so forth. Right. But here’s another thing you can do, right, is you can go hop on into, for example, a Facebook group. And so in this example, this is a bonus strategy. A second way you can get yourself on a podcast, you can go into the click funnels Facebook group.

And when you’re in this Facebook group, we’ll use the search bar here. And I’m just going to type in podcast. All right. And now this Facebook group has like two hundred thousand entrepreneurs, and it has it’s a goldmine for meeting other entrepreneurs so I can search my podcast. And one of the cool things clickfunnels does is they actually connect podcast host with other guests. OK, and so literally right here, they say this thread was designed for podcast owners and guests that are looking to collaborate.

And so you can hop on here. And everybody who owns a podcast is like I own a podcast about finance. I own a podcast about entrepreneurship. I own a podcast about fitness. Right. And so you can find who niche matches your audience and so forth. You can reach out to them and say, hey, are you looking for I guess I would love to share some value on your podcast, some really cool things with your audience. They’re going to say absolutely.

All right. And so it’s as easy, guys, as searching in these big Facebook groups under the word podcast to find potential podcasts. I guess you could actually just go into the group and then you could also drop off the exact same question I posted on my Facebook page. Right. I could say, who here owns a podcast? You know, tag, somebody that owns the podcast below. And all of a sudden I’m going to end up with hundreds of potential podcasts, if not thousands of potential podcasts that I can be connected to their own to reach out to them and scheduled to be on their show, guys.

And so literally with right in two sentences, you can find yourself an opportunity to get on a podcast, build your audience in your brand, and in other words, potentially pick up new clients from that technique. It’s the simplest thing in the world. And guys, let me show you some proof and evidence. Richard here. He got this strategy for me. He posted on his face. Who here runs a podcast, right? And I haven’t seen what the rest of the comments were about, the first comment here is from his friend Tim, who says, I run a podcast and produce five other shows, OK?

And so they started a conversation there. And then here’s what happened. Richard, reached back out to me. And he’s like, hey Dino I have a chat lined up on Monday to talk about podcast. So boom, right? Richard took action. He used exact post. And then all of a sudden he lands himself on a podcast, guys. And so these strategies and techniques that I’m teaching are super powerful. And just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they’re not strategic.

This is strategic and simple, as you can get. And I don’t know about you. I’m a man of simplicity. I would rather get results doing things the simple way. All right. And so this is just one client lead gen strategy for you and one way to get featured on a podcast. All right. And so, guys, if you thought this was cool and strategic and you like these types of simple strategies that get results, all right, then you’re going to love my new ebook that is coming out.

Link it up in the description below. It’s going to be like just a couple dollars, but it’s going to walk you through twenty one different social media post templates that will help you land clients. And you thought this one was cool. Wait till you see what is in that ebook. And so go ahead. Check out that link in the description. Guys, if you like this training and you want more awesome training hit the subscribe button, because I’m always coming out with cool ways to land clients and grow your business online.

All right. So Dino Gomez here. Hope this training was helpful. We will see you in the next episode.


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