How to Get Your First Paying Coaching Client [Without Advertising]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez, and this video training today, we are going to be talking about how you can land coaching clients without any money for advertising. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, so today’s video training is going to be awesome. We are going to be covering a very, very popular topic, a question that I get asked all the time, which is, how can I land coaching clients if I have zero money for advertising and I’m just launching my online coaching business? And so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Now, guys, really, there are about three or four different ways for you to land coaching clients without any money for online advertising.

All right. We’re going to talk about three of them. And in particular, I’m really going to dive into my two favorite ones. Now, the first way that a lot of other coaches teach for you to get your initial first coaching clients is by cold outreach. Right now, a cold outreach essentially means that you would go on social media, whether that’s LinkedIn or Facebook or Instagram, and you would search around for who might be your perfect fit client.

Once you find your perfect fit client, you would send them a private message and offer them like a free strategy call or offer them some free advice and eventually try and get them on a phone call where you can provide them some value and then ask them if they want to join one of your actual coaching programs. Now, personally, I’m not a huge fan of cold outreach. I don’t think it scales very, very well. I think it’s kind of takes up a lot of time.

It’s really just not my style to go chasing people down and kind of begging and asking for them to become a client of mine. That’s really not the way I like to do marketing. I prefer inbound marketing where clients come to us. And so the next two strategies I want to introduce to you that do not cost money. So you do not need any money for ads that will help you than coaching clients. Are this right here? All right.

And so the first one, guys, is is one that you’re familiar with because it is where you are right now. It is YouTube. OK, so YouTube, right. It’s free to create an account. And what you can do right is begin uploading videos to YouTube around your area of expertise. All right. And so if you are a relationship coach, for example, you can upload YouTube videos talking about different strategies and techniques and exercises that will help couples that are having troubles in their relationship overcome those complications and difficulties and arguments and things of that nature.

Right. And as you do that, your YouTube channel will begin to grow. All right. And what will happen? One of the things that you can do, right, even if you’re just beginning at the beginning of a YouTube channel, you’re not going to have many followers. You’re not going to get many views. But what you can do is everybody that likes your videos, anybody that comments on your videos, you can comment back to them, ask them if they want a free strategy call or something like that, and examine potentially working with them further in that regard.

So really quickly, actually, from YouTube videos, you can build up your coaching business and that’s really a great strategy. I like YouTube as well because it does have what I call a compounding effect to it, which means the more videos you add to YouTube, the bigger your channel grows, the more leads you end up generating. All right. Now, another strategy for YouTube guys is a strategy we’re going to demonstrate in this video today, which is basically what you can do is inside your YouTube video.

After you offer some value, you can then at the end of the video, have a call to action and a call to action might be, hey, book a free call with us. If you want to learn more about our coaching programs, it could be, hey, go download a free ebook or PDF or video series that we have for you. You can actually collect an email from somebody opting in to that freebie or that lead magnet that you have to give away so you can use you to very strategically to grow your email list and to drive traffic, also to grow your brand.

And so YouTube is one option for how to grow your actual coaching business without spending any money on ads. Right now, the next way to grow the next way, which is my favorite way for you to actually sign coaching clients and attract coaching clients to you without chasing them down without any money for ads is actually using Facebook groups. OK, and so here we are inside our Facebook group. It’s called Seven Figure Coaches and Entrepreneurs. All right. And as we can see, we’ve had this group a while.

We have seven thousand four hundred and twenty three members. All right. It’s a very, very active group is consistently growing. That’s consistently new people asking to join this group. And that’s one of the reasons I love Facebook groups, is because they get bigger and bigger and bigger over time. Right. And with every member that comes into our Facebook group, we’re able to grab their email address. So that means with every single member that joins our Facebook group, we’re basically gaining a lead for our coaching business.

So this is really powerful. If you guys come join us, this Facebook group, you’ll see I’m consistently adding new content, new free trainings and a ton of value. And that’s really a kind of secret. No one to build in your Facebook Facebook group, guys, is you have to add value, all right? You cannot just have a Facebook group and not post any content in there or not add any value to your audience. Really, what a Facebook group is, is a platform for you to demonstrate your expertise.

All right. And to give value. All right. And to teach people things and so that they become interested in working with you and that. Makes it so that when you do make an offer for somebody to join your coaching program, they’re very interested because they’ve already had a chance to know, like and trust you. They’ve seen some of your content, some of your trainings. They know it’s awesome. And they want hopefully they want more of it.

All right. And so and that’s one of the free Facebook group is is just amazing in that regard. You can see we have a very active Facebook group with a lot of different posts, a lot of different content. And again, a Facebook group, once you have your initial members in your Facebook group, it continues to grow and get bigger and bigger over time, naturally. And so I really like that because rather than just sending outreach messages and having to do that repeatedly to get new clients and chasing clients, I would rather build a Facebook group and have it naturally grow, get bigger and bigger, and then our email lists get bigger and bigger.

And then we have clients reach out to us because they’re want to work with us. They’ve seen our content, they’ve seen our training, they’re impressed with our programs and they’re impressed with our testimonials and our track record. And so that’s one way to grow your Facebook group, guys, is by you want to constantly give value and by giving value and by having interaction in your Facebook group, Facebook will show and recommend your group to more people. All right.

And so naturally, it will grow by itself. Now, the next thing you want to do, two guys, while we’re on the Facebook platform and this is technique and strategy, number two, to grow your Facebook group is to actually optimize your Facebook profile. All right. So we’re over here on my Facebook profile, guys, and a couple of things that you’ll notice right off the bat, right, is I have an optimized cover photo. All right.

And so this is really, really important. You have an optimized cover photo. Basically, this is like your elevator pitch, right? So you want people that become your Facebook friends to know in a matter of seconds who it is you are as a coach and what you have to offer. Right. And this is amazing because when you have new Facebook friends who come into your life, into your network here, they’re going to know exactly who you are as an expert.

But then also your friends and family are reminded of who you are, what you do as a coach. And they might have referrals and different people that they can send your direction. But it’s really, really strategic to let people know in your cover photo who it is you serve, what it is you do as an online coach. All right. But guys, this is strategy number two of how you can fill your Facebook group, grow your Facebook group faster is by doing this, having a link to your actual Facebook group right here in your profile and then actually having an image with a call to action.

So this image says, discover how to attract and close premium clients. Join our free group. There’s an arrow pointing up to a link that will take them to our Facebook group. All right. And so what happens naturally is when I add new friends on Facebook, they come to my profile to see who this guy is. They check out my profile, they go, oh, my gosh, you can help me enroll to get coaching clients. You can show me how to grow a six to seven figure online coaching business.

Let me join this free Facebook group and see what that’s all about. And so they follow this banner and they click on this link and they go ahead and they ask and request to join our private Facebook group. So that’s another way to grow your Facebook group is by optimizing your actual personal profile and directing traffic that direction. All right. Other things you can do on your Facebook profile is you can say things like, hey, in my private Facebook group, I’m giving away a free ebook or I’m doing a free training this Saturday or I’m doing a Facebook live this Saturday.

I’m covering this topic. If you want to join us, you need to join the group in order to see that free training or get the free ebook so you can literally and your in your post on Facebook here, take your Facebook friends that are just your regular Facebook friends and shuffle them into your Facebook group. All right. And so that leads me to strategy number three of how to grow your Facebook group, which is you want to send twenty five friend requests per day.

All right. Twenty five friend requests per day to perfect fit clients, in other words if I am a spiritual coach and I work with female entrepreneurs and help them to attract a lot of attraction coach, I have to help them to attract more abundance into their life. What I would do is I would look for other spiritual, spiritually inclined, related Facebook groups and I would send twenty five friend requests a day to other women who seem like they would be perfect, fit clients to my coaching business.

And so if I see women in another spiritual group that are asking questions that I know I can help them with or that are engaging or that are writing awesome content and posts, and I go, wow, they seem like an amazing client. I would send them a friend request. OK, now what automatically happens, of course, is when you get a friend request on Facebook from somebody you don’t know, you instantly begin stalking them. Right. That’s just how it works.

So what happens right is that this woman will get a friend request and she’ll be like, who is this girl who sent me a friend request? So she’s going to click to your profile. And when she does and starts kind of scouting you out on your profile, she’s going to be like, oh, my gosh, this is a law of attraction, coach, who can help me get more abundance in my life. That’s cool. I really like I really would love to connect with somebody else who is spiritual.

Right. And then she’s going to scroll your timeline and be like, oh, cool. She has a group that’s filled with people who are into spirituality. I’m going to join that group. And that’s going to drive your fit clients into your Facebook group. All right, the other thing that is important that will happen is people will begin scrolling your actual Facebook posts. All right. And this is really important because it’s going to give people a chance to know, like trust and relate to you.

All right. And that’s really, really important. People buy from people they know, like trust and relate to. Relating to somebody is massive. It means you have a lot in common. So you want to hang out with them more because we all heard that saying birds of a feather flock together. Right. So what you want to do on your Facebook post is you want to do a mix of personal posts that talk about your lifestyle, what you’re up to, general things that people post on Facebook.

But you do want to mix in plenty of business related posts. And this post I talked about how in the last seven days, eight of our clients inside of our coaching programs have began offering up client opportunities to other members of our programs because they have too many clients. And so that’s a really cool thing to see happening inside of our program is that our members have so many clients that they’re giving away clients to other members that are brand new. And so like that’s a business related post that’s building trust for the results our program gets right.

As you begin scrolling here, I tell our very personal kind of a funny online story about how I built a seven figure business. But I compare it to Mario Kart. So there’s a little bit of sense of humor there. And people can kind of get to know me a little bit more. If you keep scrolling down. I’m asking questions to my audience so they have a chance to engage with me. I’m opening up the conversation to them that I’m not just posting about the food I eat or telling them here’s what they should be doing.

I’m doing on this combination of different content so that people have a chance to really be heard as well as I’m dropping off plenty of testimonials right in this particular post. I tell this story from my childhood and how I ended up as an online coach. And then I dropped off a bunch of testimonials that we had received in that exact same day. And so what does that do? Is that if I send a friend request to somebody who I think would be a great client to us, they’re going to be like, who’s this guy?

They’re going to come over here. They can be like, wow, he’s an online coach who helps me get clients. I would love to have our clients. Let me learn about him a little bit more. They’re going to start scrolling my my Facebook post to get a sense of who I am. And they’re going to see a ton of testimonials. They’re going to see they’re going to learn about me because I’m writing stories about myself and my childhood and how I became a coach and different things like that.

They’re going to get to know my wife. And because we just had our one year anniversary and stuff like that, they’re going to see that I’m pretty goofy, dude, and that my wife and I do tick tock videos learned they’re going to get a chance to really know me and if who I am as a personality and if they’re impressed with the testimonials and they like my story, all those different types of things, they’re going to be like, OK, I want to get to know this guy more.

Right. And they’ll click to join our Facebook group. And on our Facebook group, we just bombard our Facebook group members with a ton of value, a ton of free training. And eventually what happens is they go, you know what? I’ve seen enough testimonials. I’ve seen enough for trainings. I want to work with you inside your program and get those results that your other members are getting. All right. And so that’s why I love Facebook groups, guys and social media like this in general is because it attracts clients to you.

And I prefer to have clients attracted to us rather than chasing doing cold outreach. And so not to say cold outreach doesn’t work, it’s just my style is I would rather have clients attracted to me coming knocking on my door. And so there you have it, guys. Those are two different strategies, organic strategies where you don’t need any money for ads and you can go ahead and begin signing and attracting coaching clients into your business. And so what I want to do at this point, guys, is I want to offer you the coolest giveaway we probably ever have ever given away, which is this.

All right. This is our brand new e-book we just put together. It has taken us four weeks to actually put this together. It’s over sixty four pages long. This is what I believe other coaches would charge for. We are giving it away for free. But in this e-book, it’s called Client Attraction Strategies. It is a twenty one day challenge for you to attract your next coaching client, and it’s one hundred percent for free. All right.

And as I scroll through this here, guys, there’s seven different bonuses. We talk about how to write great copy. We talk about what types of content to post, when to how to post it all different types of things. And then what we do is we give you literally we give you twenty one different example posts for you guys to go ahead and copy. So for the next twenty one days, you’ll know exactly what to post on social media to help begin attracting clients to you.

All right. And so if you guys want this ebook, beneath this video, beneath this video, go ahead. There’s going to be a link to download this ebook. Again, it’s one hundred percent for free and it’s twenty one day challenge to see if you can attract your next coaching client for free. And so we’re really, really excited to release this because we think there’s going to be some outstanding results that come from this e-book. All right.

So if you’re interested in that, guys, check out the link beneath this video. Download your ebook for free and for the next twenty one days. Take the challenge, see if you can land a coaching client with no money for ads whatsoever. All right. And then finish this off, guys. One of the things we want to do is, first of all, ask that you hit the bell notification and actually hit the subscribe button to subscribe to this channel.

We release new content here on YouTube about one or two times per week. So if you like this video, there’s plenty more videos to come in. In addition to that, guys, if you want to join a free Facebook group, we have a link beneath this video in the description to join our Facebook group as well. And then finally, if you guys have a particular topic you would like to cover us to cover in future videos, go ahead and leave that comment below.

We do our best to respond to any and all comments that we receive, and we can actually shoot a video based around a question that you have about growing an online coaching business to six and seven degrees. So that’s it for now. Guys, go grab that e-book. The link is in the description. I think you’re absolutely going to love it. It took us forever to put together an otherwise guys take massive action on that twenty one day client attraction strategies Challenge.

We know you guys to get results and put that into action. Let’s go do that right now. Land yourself coaching clients. Tell us about it. Love the success story. And see you next time, Dino Gomez here and we will see you in the next video.


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