How to Build A Coaching Website [ FREE + FAST ]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here, founder of Coaching Launch, as well as the seven figure visionary. And in today’s video, we’re going to be breaking down how to build an online coaching website. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, how to build a coaching website. We’re going to walk you through two different free resources that you can use so you can decide which platform is best for you. Let’s head on over to my computer and we’ll dove right into this. All right, guys. So to build a coaching website, you have a bunch of different options in the marketplace, which is probably why you’re here. I’m going to run through this very quickly and directly.

Squarespace, that’s kind of designed for business owners of all sorts, not just the coaching space, but any type of business owner. You can come here. They have templates. You can quickly build your website. They’ll also allow you to send emails and do some other things. So Squarespace is an option for you. It is affordable, makes it easy to actually get started. You don’t have to be any type of Web designer or anything like that.

But honestly, my favorite option right now is convert kit. You can tell by the name convert kit this platform, the software is designed to help you convert. Right. And that’s ultimately what we want. We want to convert our audience actually into clients. Right. And so I personally would recommend going with convert kit. You can see on the pricing page, it’s actually free to sign up. You have basically all the features that you need. You can send email broadcast, you can create landing pages, forms and you can collect payment.

All right. So you can sell digital products and subscriptions, which is exactly what you want as an online coach. All right. You can go ahead, click to sign up for free. There is a link in the description to both Squarespace and convert kit again. I would recommend a convert kit because I’m more about conversions than actually just website templates. So I would go with convert kit from the get go so you can sign up in the description.

It is free. You’ll see what the actual dashboard looks like. It’s pretty simple. You want to send emails, you’ll click on broadcast. You can see how many subscribers you have. Convert kit is free until you have a thousand subscribers and then it’s like twenty something dollars a month, at which point you’ll probably be making a lot more than that if you have a thousand subscribers. So it really is a good deal. But we’re going to do is we want to build our coaching websites, we’re going to click on landing pages of forms and they’re going to give us different data here.

This isn’t going to apply to you until you actually have website traffic, how many visitors you have, and how many actually leads you have as well. So that’s kind of cool. They give you that that data here. You’ll click on create new ads. You’re going to have an option here. You’re going to want to choose landing page. So we’re going to build an actual landing page. You see, they actually have templates, OK, for you to choose from so you can choose the template that you like the most that is kind of the most suitable for you as you scroll through these different options.

I am going to choose this one. OK, so it’s going to click on this one here. It’s going to load up for us. And really quickly, guys, you’ll see how easy this is. So it’s basically a drag and drop, Ed. All right. And again, it is designed for conversions. Right? And so that’s what you want your website to do. You don’t want people to go there and browse and leave. You want them to go there and you want to capture their email address, capture their information.

That’s why I love convert kit. This is so easy to do. So right here, you kind of have your call to action. So you know how I quit my nine to five job and started an online business. You can actually you can say whatever you actually want there, but this would be your actual headline there. And so again, drag and drop easy. You can click to change any of these features down here. I can click change this, I can change and upload the image here so I can replace that image with a photo of yourself.

You could say a little bit about yourself and so forth. But again, it’s very simple. It is a landing page. It is an opt in page. It is a squeeze page so that people only have the option of signing up to get more information. All right. Now, you can build this out if you so choose, add more pages to it and so forth. But I like the fact that this is just designed from the get go to convert website traffic into actually email subscribers and so forth.

I would go ahead and customize this and then boom, you can choose a domain name, you can do some kind of basic settings and things like that so you can be found at Google. But that way you can actually tell people, yeah, visit my website, here’s my website address. They can go over there, they can get some information about you. They can go ahead, subscribe to your email list. Boom, you’ve collected a lead.

Then you could actually send out emails to your subscribers. I would just come over to broadcast. I’m not going to do that in this video training, but you click over to broadcast again. There’s templates. It’s very easy to edit. You could send out messages to your email list. You can actually even create automated emails so that when somebody joins your email list, they are automatically sent a chain of email addresses. So, for example, I might if somebody comes to my website here or my landing page, I might send them a free PDF because that’s the promise.

I’m going to send them a PDF on how I quit my nine to five job and start an online business. OK, so very easy to do here, guys. Just make sure you always click, save and publish in the right hand corner any time you make adjustments here and you can click on Preview to actually see what the full website would look like here. So this is what it would look like in a matter of seconds. You actually have your coaching website up and launched.

All right. You can have that professional look and feel and now you have somewhere you can send traffic to. All right. So you can post this on your social media and your social media bios. You can use it as a. Lead magnets are on social media, you can actually say things like, hey, I just put together a free guide on how to leave your nine to five job and started all my business. If you’re interested, comment below on this feed and I’ll send you a link.

All right. So that’s what you always want to do on social media to get more comments and engagement. Have people actually comment beneath your post if they want your lead magnet. All right. That’s going to build up social proof. The other thing it does is it gives you more organic reach. So this is kind of we’re kind of get into it. Lead gen tip for you guys here in addition to building your coaching website. But that’s one of the things you want to do, because social media in general, these platforms, don’t like links in the post itself.

It limits the amount of reach because you’re sending traffic off of their platform. So instead, that’s probably why you’ve seen other people do this. They will say, hey, if you want this freebie, comment below. All right. So if you want this free training, if you want this free PDF, this free guide, comment below and I’ll get it to you. All right. And then just follow up with people that comment. Give them a link to your website here.

They’re going to hop on over to your website. They’ll opt in and boom, you’ve collected a lead. All right. So it’s that easy to do, but that’s basically it. Guys you can use against Squarespace to get started. You can take a look at their templates, decide if you like that resource. But again, I’m a huge fan of Convertkit. I think that is the best option here for a coaching website. And so that’s what I would use.

All right. And so that is it for this video training, guys, that is how to build your coaching website in a matter of just minutes. You can have it up online at this training was helpful. Be sure to hit the subscribe button. We come out with daily coaching tips that are anywhere from sixty seconds to three minutes long every single day. So if you want to get awesome coaching tips that we have used to grow our business, our coaching business to seven figures and beyond, go ahead, subscribe to the channel.

We also have a podcast called The Secrets of Coaching in case you want to listen while you’re in the car. But that’s it for this training. Guys, I hope this was helpful. We will see you in the next video.



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