Ep. 4 How Much VALUE Should You Give Away For Free?

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how much value you should give away for free as an online coach.

Let’s go now.

Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. How much value should you give away for free as an online coach? This is a really popular subject and as a newer online coach, this is something that is is a kind of a question and scenario and kind of just a thing we need to figure out.


OK, so, you know, I have my program All right I know what I want to teach my clients and what I’m going to help them do. But how much of that should I give away for free? Because I don’t want people to absorb all my free content. Right. This is the concern we have as a new coach. I don’t want people to consume all my free content and then pay me a bunch of money for my coaching.

And it’s the exact same thing as the free content. Right. So that’s kind of like the dilemma. That’s like the catch 22, so to speak. That’s like the actually I wouldn’t be a catch 22. But anyways, that’s the dilemma, right? That’s the thought process.

So the proper way to do this, guys, is when you are giving away free content. Right. And you want to give away you want to have freebies, you want to have lead magnets. You want to have free PDF that you give away. You want to be doing perhaps Facebook lives. If you’re doing organic, you want to have maybe videos on YouTube or podcasts, whatever it is that you’re using as your traffic medium and way of giving value first, demonstrating your expertise, you need to figure out, right, like, OK, what am I going to give away for free?

That’s different from my actual program. And how do I do that so that it doesn’t make free content, doesn’t cannibalize the actual training inside of my coaching program. All right. And so the way that I like to do this, guys, is with with my free content. I like to teach the concept, but not the technical execution. All right. And so those are two vastly different things. All right.

And so let me give you guys let’s see if we can give you guys an example here.

Let’s just say you are a relationship coach, all right? You’re a relationship coach.

And in particular, you help single men attract their partner into their life. So that’s what you do. You work with single men. You help them attract a partner into their life. Now, what would you do for your free content? Well, what you might do is let’s just say you’re coaching program as a relationship coach.

Let’s just say that you have figured out that in order for somebody that is single to all of a sudden end up with a lot of dates or otherwise find their significant other, that there’s a five step process that they need to go through and so that that there would be your signature system. Maybe it’s a five step process people go through and by the end of that five step process, all of a sudden they’re going to start having a lot more dates and they’re going to really love where they’re at.

And pretty soon it’s just a matter of time before they end up in a relationship or it’s that five step process is your signature system, OK? And if you don’t know what a signature system is, then that’s, you know, make sure to subscribe. That’s something we’re going to cover real soon. And one of the upcoming episodes. OK, and so on a completely different note, what I just did right there was I created an open loop.

So in other words, I’m not going to talk about what a signature system is and your curiosity, if you don’t know what it is, probably just peeked through the roof and now you’re going to stick around for a later episode. And we’ll also talk about how to create open loops. But you want to create open loops in your marketing. Specifically, you want to create it in your free content.

So, again, what we want to do here with our free content as this relationship coach is we want to what we want to create open loops with our free content, but we also want to teach the concept, not the technical execution. So as a relationship coach, if step in my signature system, let’s just say step number one for single men to begin on the road to and end up in a relationship, maybe step one is, is that they first have to become comfortable with being single.

Maybe that’s step one of five different steps. Right. And maybe you’ve figured out that, hey, once people are confident in themselves and being single and enjoy being single, you know, maybe that’s step one because they no longer are coming off as needy and they’re no longer just taking any and all dates that are available to them. They’re not settling. There might be a lot of different things to that might be step one. All right.

And so you might do a video training then. That is something along the lines of why you have to love being single before you can fall in love with someone else. That might be what you do as a free piece of content. All right.

And so you can talk about the conceptual idea that, hey, you need to really love yourself first or you really going to enjoy being single, enjoy the freedom, enjoy time by yourself, enjoy, you know, just whatever it might be. And you could talk about that for quite some time. And you could even be a bunch of different video trainings, a bunch of different pieces of content in itself, talking about the importance, the overall concept of you have to enjoy being single first before you will attract or end up in a relationship.

So you can talk about that almost all day. But what you’re not talking about is how to. Actually enjoy being single, so you’re not breaking down how to enjoy being single. That would be inside of your actual coaching program. All right.

And so, So that’s an example right there of teaching the concept. Let me give you another example here is I taught Facebook ads. Right. And actually, we still do. That’s another one of our coaching businesses as we teach Facebook ads to aspiring entrepreneurs. So we have two different coaching programs. We have the first one where we teach Facebook ads to aspiring entrepreneurs. And then we have the second program where we teach online coaches how to grow to seven figures.

All right. And so with our Facebook ads program, a lot of our free content is just teaching an overall concept. So, for example, we tell people, hey, a lot of people still, believe it or not, have not heard of Facebook ads like that. There’s a whole different world out there that just doesn’t you know, they don’t know what Facebook ads are or really how they work. And so I might be in front of a whiteboard and I’ll say, hey, you know, let me show you how you can start a Facebook ad agency.

Let me show you what a local Facebook ad agency looks like. I might be in front of a whiteboard and I say, here’s how it works. You’re going to place an ad on Facebook, right, for a realtor. All right. And then people are going to see that ad and they’re going to click on it. And then I might draw an arrow and I’ll say after people click on that ad, they’re going to go to this landing page.

A landing page is where you collect information about somebody. All right. Name and email address, maybe phone number. And after they submit their information, that individual, because they’re interested in the real estate agents listing, they’re going to go to a thank you page, the second page of the funnel. And then from there, you’re going to give them further directions of when and how to expect to be contacted by the realtor. So I can literally go ahead on a whiteboard and map that out with boxes and arrows of how that funnel works.

So I’m literally giving them value by saying, hey, here’s how it works. And people, if they want, can go take that and go try and set that up by themselves. If they so choose what I’m not doing as I’m literally not showing them. Here’s how to select the targeting for your Facebook ad. Here’s how to set up your Facebook ad. Here’s how to sign clients. Here’s the proposal to give the clients Here’s how you write ad copy.

I’m not telling them what Facebook allows and doesn’t allow as far as rules. Right. Facebook has certain rules of what you can and can’t say in your advertisements. I’m not covering that. I’m not covering. OK, here are the best practices for your landing page. Here’s how to actually set up a landing page. Here’s what funnel or here’s what software you use to build a funnel. Like here’s how to connect your funnel to an autoresponder.

There’s a million different things that go into technically setting up a Facebook ad funnels and there’s not a million different things. But, you know, there’s a checklist. So I’m showing them like what happens, how it works, what they should be doing. But I am not walking them through step by step. So everybody that’s watching that training goes, OK, that was awesome. I want to do that.

But they still don’t know how to. So there’s there is a big difference there, right. We welcome people to take our free content. We have had tons of people leave testimonials from our free content, getting them results. And those people just like to go out and figure things out on their own. And sometimes it takes them longer and it’s a slower process. A lot of times it’s a much, much longer and slower process, and that’s completely fine.

But there’s other people who are like, wait, wait, you know, how do I set all that up? I don’t know where to click. I’m already lost. They try and do it by themselves and they go, I’m lost. And then they go, OK, you know what? I’m tired of trying. I’m tired of spinning my wheels, trying to learn how to do this by themselves.

Can somebody just walk me through this step by step? I’m going to join your program because I know there’s a bunch of coaches in there and that they will literally walk me through this step by step.

And so that’s what that’s the difference between teaching a concept and the technical execution of it.

And so, again, to go back to the you know, let’s just let’s go into a completely different nature of your coach. And let’s just say you are like some type of spiritual coach. You do like a law of attraction, teach people how to attract more abundance into their lives, whether that’s money, wealth, health or relationships. Right. Again, you might have your signature system of how that’s accomplished. And you’re just going to tell people, yeah, these are the six things that you need to do in order to attract more abundance into your life.

But you don’t tell them how to do each and every individual one of those steps. And so the massive difference between teaching the concept in the technical execution. And so what we always want to do, right, is teach the concept and not how to actually do it.

Now, amongst that process, guys, here is something else that’s important. Amongst that process of when you’re teaching something and is a free piece of content, you need to make sure it’s super clear. All right. Now, this is important. You need to make sure it’s super clear to your audience that you are teaching them just the concept. OK, that is a big mistake. I see newer coaches make is they teach something and they kind of in a way in which they’re explaining it, they suggest that that’s all there is to it right now, that is a massive mistake. All right. That is a massive mistake, because if your audience for one second believes that is all that there is to it, a couple of things are going to happen. One, they’re going to go, oh, well, I’ll just go do that by myself, OK? And that that’s the worst thing that can happen.

Because what happens then when somebody tries to go do something by themselves without your coaching is that they normally fail. All right. They normally fail or they normally give up. It’s one of the two. Right. And so when they fail, then then it’s a bad reflection on you, so to speak. At least that’s what most people do, is rather than blame themselves, which is what they should be doing, they like to blame the system or methodology.

They go, nope, that doesn’t work. I tried it. It doesn’t work. Right. And so the fault goes on to the system or the concept or the strategy rather than onto themselves. And so that’s not good because then they lose hope and then they search around for something, you know, something else that might work.

And they have a perpetual, vicious cycle of this because they keep thinking they keep trying to figure out how to do it by themselves. They bounce around from all these different coaches or all these different strategies of how to accomplish them. And it never works for them. And they wonder why it never works for them.

It’s because it’s when people give away free content, they’re not creating an open loop.

You need to make it very, very clear when you are teaching something for free, no matter if it’s a podcast, YouTube video, Facebook Live, whatever it is you’re doing, giving away some type of freebie, you need to make sure your audience knows that, hey, this is just one tiny piece of the entire puzzle, OK?

That is, you have to say that you have to make sure that that is crystal clear because that’s sets the stage so that people go, OK, now that was cool. I get it. And I also know there’s a lot more to it. All right. Now, that is in your best interest for both your prospect and you, OK! It’s in your best interest for your prospect, because we just talked about that.

We don’t want them to go out there, tried to do it by themselves and then fail and think that it doesn’t work. All right. And almost everything, you know, almost everything is hard to do by yourself if you’ve never had any type of coach whatsoever, like everybody has a coach, the best of the best athletes, artists, you know, whoever it might be, everybody has a coach. And that’s achieved some massive level of excellence.

There’s just there’s nobody out there that goes. I figured it all out by myself. I have yet to come across somebody who is well known for their success in any type of category that says, yeah, I figured it all out by myself. It just does not exist. So it’s really important, right?

Like no matter what, even if you on accident give away too much technical strategy, just make sure you let people know, hey, this is going be really hard to do by yourself. All right. But inside of our coaching program, we can literally walk you through this and how to do this and give you the support to make sure that these technical aspects are set up correctly. Right.

So that’s in the best interest of both parties because we just don’t want people to try and do it by themselves and then fail. All right. And so that’s basically what you guys want to do, like when it comes to, how much value should I give away for free? The main things that keep in mind. Right. One, teach the concept, not the technical execution. All right.

And then two, make sure it’s you, it’s apparently clear that you create an open loop. You make sure your audience knows, hey, this is just one piece of the puzzle. All right. And so you’re welcome to go and try and do this all by yourself from what we just taught you or told you, the strategy is. But what you will most likely there’s a good chance you will fail because there’s so many different nuances and it doesn’t matter what industry or nature and guys like everybody’s different.

Like for example, I have so many different types of clients. And if I tell our clients, OK, here’s like a strategy to launch a program and you’re going to do a Facebook live and are going to do this with it as well. And this and this. It’s going to be for every single one of our clients because some of our clients are extroverted love being on camera. Some of them are deathly afraid of being on camera and some of them are don’t even know how to set up a Facebook live like they’re not good with tech.

And some of our clients are really good with tech. And so it changes. This is why coaching is so valuable.

Right. And what your services are so valuable is because every single client is going to be slightly different as far as their strengths and their weaknesses. And what that allows you to do as a coach is custom tailor how they need to do things right, what they need to work on to make the strategy in the concept worked for them. So I want to throw that bit in there because that will help you guys out as an online coach. And I hope that answers the question.

Guys, how much free value should I give away. What do I actually teach so I don’t cannibalize what’s in my coaching program? You teach the concept, not the technical execution. And you make it abundantly clear, right, that you know, that this is just one part of the puzzle. And there’s a lot of other nuances that go into it, because I’m sure with your coaching programs, it’s the same thing, you with different clients, you can be doing different things and you’re able to help people through different strengths and weaknesses that they have so that the system works for them.

And that is the value of coaching.

So I hope that’s super helpful, guys.

That is it for this episode. And we have a lot of amazing things coming up in future episodes.

So be sure to subscribe again to talk about open loops, creating a signature system, high ticket vs. low ticket, all types of crazy things. All right. So that’s it, guys.

We will see you in the next episode.

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