How I Caught The Attention of Multiple Gurus

Written By Dino Gomez

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In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about one thing I did I didn’t even realize I was doing, that caught the attention of multiple gurus, which resulted in our sales skyrocketing that month. Let’s get into it right now, guys.

hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business. And we are about to get started in 3 2 1. All right, guys, I’m going to tell you guys a little story here, story time. So this was about five years ago.

And at the time, I was still doing SEO search engine optimization. I had my own agency and whatnot and search engine optimization. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the expertise or the skill set to get a website to the top of Google so that people find you over your competition. It’s a way of driving traffic.

And so that’s what I did. And one of the things you do in SEO to get to the top of Google is you have to build back links to your website. So you want other websites linking to your website because people can click from another website and that drives traffic over to your website. But anyways, there’s all this geeky tech stuff that goes into it that I’m sure you guys don’t care about. But anyways, you have to build back links to your website that increases its authority and its rankings in Google so that it ranks higher in Google.

Now, it takes a lot of time to build back links manually. So a common practice for SEO experts is that they buy back links, there’s back link vendors, kind of like you can buy content for. You can have somebody ghost write a blog post for you or ghostwrite a book for you. Similarly, you can buy back links from SEO link vendors and they will provide you with these links that will, if they’re good, will help increase your website rankings.

All right. So at the time, as part of SEO, you’re constantly testing different vendors. That’s kind of like testing different content writers to see who’s the best writer. So I’m testing different Link vendors to see who’s the best who’s Link’s actually rank my websites. I hire and Google faster. Which ones are the strongest and work the best. And so I tried out this one. Guy’s name was Matt. He had his own service.

It wasn’t that big at the time and he had just started it. But I decided to try his service out and it was really good. His links were super strong. My websites immediately jumped to the first page of Google. I was amazed. I was like, this is awesome. And so, you know, I kind of had a couple of options at that point. I could not tell anybody about this secret link vendor, Matt, who has the best and most powerful links and reap the rewards myself from his service.

Or I could give him a testimonial because it was an incredible service at a great price and had great customer service and great results. So I felt he deserved a testimonial. But it was funny. I was legitimately thinking, how should I keep him as my secret weapon and not tell anybody? And I had a YouTube channel going and a Facebook group. So I had a little bit of a following. So I was trying to decide, like I let other people know or not, maybe this is my secret weapon.

And that was me coming from a place of scarcity. The fact of the matter is, and if anybody has a great quality service or product, their name will get out. So if you think it’s going to remain a secret forever, like it’s not going to happen. Right. People will find out. And so anyways, I was sitting there and I was like, nah, you can’t do this. You know, the scarcity mindset thing. You can’t do that.

It’s not who you are, who you want to represent. So I was like, I’ll give this guy that. He seems like a nice guy. I’ll give him a testimonial.

So unsolicited testimonial. I shoot a video on my iPhone. I talk about how incredible links are. The results that we’re getting is affordable prices, is great customer service, and that I highly recommend that people use him. And so I had this a little bit, not a huge following, but I had a little bit of a following of SEO experts and I had a podcast going and a YouTube channel. And so people would reach out and were following me to see what I was doing to get results with SEO.

And so I reached out to Matt on Facebook and just send them this unsolicited videos I came in. I really appreciate your service and the amazing results that provided us. So I just shot this video testimonial for you in case it’s helpful. What happened next was really interesting, unexpected and very interesting. Matt took that video testimonial and he put it on the homepage of his website. And then what he did is he put a quote from the video.

He pulled the quote out of it where I said, Matt has the best link building service and is one of the amazing rescue expert, he took that quote and he put it on his blog. Now, fast forward two years and only took him about two years.

And Matt quickly became probably one of the most well-known SEO experts in the industry. He became guru status for sure which made sense that he had this incredible link service when he was under the radar. And then all of a sudden he came out of his shell and everybody realized, wow, this guy is really good. So his blog ends up getting tens of thousands of visitors per month.

And what happens when people go to his blog? Well, front and center on his blog, on every single one of his blog posts, like in the footer or maybe it might be in the header. The sidebar is a quote from me, Dino Gomez, and it says, Right, Matt has the best link service and is a fantastic SEO. He literally left that quote, plastered it all over his website and his blog that’s getting tens of thousands of visitors, maybe even one hundred thousand per year.

And it’s there on every single page on his on his blog that gets that much traffic. So literally without me even knowing I’ve give this guy a testimonial because it’s well deserved. He becomes this guru in the industry. And my name and photo is all over his website. And it’s free PR for me. Right. It made people find out who I was. And so that was like an interesting epiphany to me. I was like, ha, like, give somebody a testimonial and like, you know, that comes back around to you as well because they’re going to blast you out because you’re complimenting them.

And so I was like, that’s wild. That’s crazy. And so, again, several years later, I launched my coaching business. And like every coach, I went ahead and hired my own coach because that’s what makes sense to do. It doesn’t really make sense to be a coach without a coach. You’ve got to be consistently learning and growing. And so I hired a coach and I hired Sam Evans, who a lot of you guys may or may not know of, but he does forty or fifty million dollars a year.

And so I hired him and he helped me dramatically with my course. He made me a better coach. He taught me principles that made my program much better. He helped me raise my prices and charge a higher price. And that made our program more profitable and allowed us to provide a better coaching service to our clients because I was able to then hire other coaches, other Facebook addicts, or just provide additional support. So he showed me all these cool things in our business exploded and we had our first million dollars a year.

And so I’m in the private member’s Facebook group and I posted my results. I was like, hey, big shout out to Sam and the entire team. You know, here are my results. You guys helped me double my prices and helped me make my program better. So we’re getting more testimonials, which is driving more sales. And I was able to hire team members. And this is freeing up my time to do other things and our clients and community love it.

And I was just super, super appreciative. So I gave that that written testimonial. And so then what happens is like two days later, my mom reaches out to me, hey, how you doing,

Mom if you’re listening, my mom reaches out to me and she goes like, Dino guess what happened? I was like, what? And actually a bunch of people were reaching out to me. But my mom reached out to me and she goes, Your old babysitter sent me a message on Facebook saying that Sam Evans is talking about you today. And I was like, what? And Sam Evans, I don’t know the size of his email list, but I imagine hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people in size.

And so what Sam did is he took a screenshot of my testimonial that I left for him and he put it in an email and he blasted it out to several hundred thousand people to the point where my babysitter heard about it and reached out to my mom to tell her. And he said, Dino is one of our clients. And here are the results that Dino got with our program. You know, essentially what he said is like, if you want results like this, then join our program, because this is what we do.

So that happened. And everybody’s messaging me because a lot of people follow Sam and they’re like, you know Sam Evans, you’re in his email today and Sam mentioned our program, I believe in his email and everything else. So what happened from that is then our sales skyrocketed that month because everybody wanted it that didn’t know who I was, you know, looking my name up and going, who’s Dino?

And what is this program of his and stuff like that, and so then all of a sudden our sales increased, our traffic increased, and people got to know who I was more because Sam passed some of his following along or made his following aware of who I was because I left a testimonial for him. And again, that’s one of those situations where I could have been in a scarcity mindset of like, no, I don’t want to leave a testimonial because people will know who my coaches and maybe they’ll, like, hire him instead.

And instead, it’s like, no, what I always talk about the relatability factor. Like some people like Sam’s style of training and some people don’t.

Sam’s very very soft spoken and and he’s really smart soft spoken, very calm, very calculated, like super calculated, like you need to sleep at a certain temperature. He recommends you have when you go to sleep. And that’s how calculated it. But anyways, that’s Sam and he’s got this great personality, vastly different from my personality, where I’m a little bit louder and things like that and have a more of a dork, I’d say, with my jokes and whatnot.

And so we’re vastly different. And so and we have different, very different coaching styles and methodologies. And and so, yes, some people might go to Sam and some people would choose us. They consistently choose us for different reasons. Right. And that’s again, that’s because everybody’s personal brand and methodologies are different and everybody resonates with somebody that’s different. And so was happy to give that testimonial.

That was real and accurate. But it is interesting enough, right. That increased our sales just because he blasted out my name and our course, name.

And and so the take away from this guy’s is is one like, yeah, don’t be in that scarcity mindset to like like one. It’s like if your clients are getting results, interview them like interview your clients, give them some of your spotlight and and it helps both parties. Right. It’s going to help you because you’re showing that your clients are getting results and it’ll help your client because you’re giving them a chance to talk about their success. And some people might really resonate with what they have to say in the interview or who they are and what they do.

And that could land more clients for them, which makes your client happier, which makes a testimonial that they’re going to give you even better because you brought them clients just through interviewing them on their success. It’s a win win win situation. And so I think what I’m getting at here, guys, is like his don’t live in that scarcity mindset. You know, don’t don’t be afraid to spotlight your clients successes. Don’t be afraid to give testimonials and to give credit to your coaches for helping you, you know, helping you with your level of success.

You know, so much so many amazing things came from the fact be giving testimonials, even unsolicited testimonials. Going back to that example with Matt, you know, now one of the biggest names in the industry he had, he invited me to speak at his industry leading conference two years ago because we developed a friendship over the years and we actually traveled together now and with both our wives and stuff like that, we went to Europe and Spain last year together as well as a visa, which was funny.

I think that’s that’ll be the last time to a visa. I think I’ve crossed the age threshold for for a visa, but had to get it off the bucket list. And but anyway, so, yes. And I became good friends and all kind of stemmed from that first initial encounter of me just wanting to say good, good, good things about this guy and his links service and and then good things happen from me dropping that testimonial results for Sam.

And so I just wanted to share that with you. And what I will say is like is just make sure it’s authentic, OK? Because your your reputation is on the line. So don’t run around and give testimonials that are fake and that aren’t, you know, deserving. And because if somebody buys based on your testimonial and it’s not real and the product or service or coaching is crappy, they’re going to come back to you and be like, why did you recommend that?

Like, you know, so it has to be authentic and but if it is authentic, don’t be in that scarcity mindset, because I’ve seen people before unwilling to like I’ve had clients really even unwilling to do testimonials for us because they want to keep us as their hidden secret, so to speak. They don’t want others to know about our program and to learn our strategies and our methodologies and stuff. And it’s a huge mistake because otherwise they would be in my you know, I would be blasting their name out and their business would be skyrocketing because when I blast the name out of our clients who are getting results, then a lot of people immediately go to look them up and want to see who they are and what they’re doing and.

Sometimes that turns into leads and clients for them. So, yeah, that’s what I wanted to share with you guys, is like if if, you know, when you get results with your coach, whether that’s with us down the road or with whoever fits and works for you, then , yeah. You know, give them a testimonial when you get results because good things can come from it. And it’s deserving and simultaneously, when your clients get results, spotlight them, give them you know, give them some love, give them some of your audience a chance to check them out and help them out further.

And yeah. So that’s what I want to say. But the main takeaway there was is that I almost fell into the trap of that scarcity mindset when really, guys, there is just so much business out there, especially in the coaching space. It is in saying, guys, there are not enough clients, there is not enough time in the day, really so much opportunity. You do not need to be worried about lack of clients or lack of opportunity.

And again, I could go on and on and on about how much potential there is here. And to give you guys excuse me, let’s give you guys some examples. Well, and a future episode here. We’ll be talking about how one of our clients in two and a half months went from zero, as in was not a coach to just having her first 60000 dollars a month. That happened in two and a half months, two and a half months or three months, I think she said.

But we’ll be talking about that. We might even bring her on the show to have her wrap and give her some give her some love and exposure as well.

But yeah, that can happen fast because this industry is wide open and and with covid right, people are investing more and coaches in the spaces getting bigger and bigger. And so it’s just awesome. So that’s what I have for you guys today. Don’t, you know, don’t fall into the trap of scarcity mindset. There’s so much opportunity all around us. You just have to look for it. You will see it and find it. Otherwise, make sure you grab yourself a coach who will help you see it and find it and develop your message and system and marketing and sales and fulfillment and processes in team to crush it.

That’s so that’s what I got for you guys today.

I hope this training was helpful or I should say the show, as always, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business. Crush your day and much love, guys. We will see you in the next episode.

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Guys, we will see you in the next one, Bye.



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