Get $1,500 Clients From Facebook In Hours [Without Advertising]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, guys, Dino Gomez here and in this video training today, we’re going to walk you through the two cents Facebook post that generates hundreds of client leads. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, we’re over here at my computer, we’re going to hop right into this right now. Now, I’m on my actual Facebook page right now, guys, and one of the things that the first thing I want to show you in order for this technique to work is that you need to optimize your Facebook profile. OK, and so what you’ll see here is that I have a nice cover image with a message so that when somebody takes a look at my my Facebook page, whether they’re stalking me or a friend or whoever they are.

Right. They instantly seem a professional. They know what I have to offer. They know that I’m a coach that can help them grow their business to six and then seven figures. Right. I can actually click over to my website. They can join one of my three Facebook groups, but very easy to see that I’m a professional that’s able to help them if they are an entrepreneur of sorts. So that’s step one. Does you have to optimize your Facebook profile.

All right, step two, guys, is there something that is called buyer and seller groups on Facebook? And they exist in almost every single city and every single neighborhood. So I’ll give you an example, guys. I’m going to type in Carlsbad, all right. In the search bar here and Facebook. And the reason I’m typing in Carlsbad is because Carlsbad is a neighborhood in San Diego. All right. So I’m just typing in Carlsbad here.

Facebook’s going to load this up. And the next thing I do is going to go over to this group’s tab and I’m going to click on groups. All right. Now, what pull pulling up right here is every single group that exists in Carlsbad. All right. And so we can see how much how active these groups are by how many posts there are per day. But in almost every single city and every single neighborhood. Right. There’s going to be these groups that are like mini Craigslist, all right there, like via their buy and sell.

Trade groups where people are posting things for sale is where small businesses are offering deals and discounts as well. Entrepreneurs are hanging out. There’s all these types of cool Facebook groups that are particular to local communities. All right. So you can join these Facebook groups, for example, the Carlsbad Exchange Facebook group. I’m going to click into this group. And what’s so amazing about these groups guys is that normally there’s like forty to one hundred thousand local residents and business owners inside these groups.

It’s absolutely insane. So for this group has forty six thousand members. All right. Which is just insane. Now, I want to show you something that I did inside this group. Right. I’m going to go ahead and type in my name so that I can find the post that I actually did. All right. And here’s a post I dropped off in this group recently. Again, guys, it’s only two sentences long and it generated hundreds and hundreds of leads for me.

So let’s take a look at how this works. I said, who else is a small business owner? And thought I would bring us all together. That’s all I said. Who else is a small business owner that lives in this neighborhood, that lives in the city? I want to go ahead and bring us all together. All right.

And so what happens is everybody starts going, I own a business, I own a gym. I’m an accountant. I’m an attorney. I’m a photographer. I’m I’m a florist. I’m a pet store owner. I do this. I do that. These comments go on and on and on. There’s one hundred and ninety three comments. There’s one hundred and ninety three business owners, their potential clients. Right. That I can then start a conversation with.

Right. But one of the things that happens right by posting this is everybody goes, who is this Dino Gomez guy that started this really cool thread? All right. And so what happens is they click on my name and they come over to my profile and they go, oh, my gosh, he’s a business coach. Right? And he can actually help me get to six and then seven figures. Right. And they start looking at my posts.

They click to my website, they learn about me and they go, oh, my gosh, I’ve been looking for this guy. He maybe lives locally and all these types of things happen. And then all of a sudden you start getting all these messages coming through to your inbox. Right. It’s absolutely insane. That’s the only thing you have to post. Right. And what I can do right. Let’s just say I’m a coach and I work with photographers.

I help photographers maybe grow their business strategically. Let’s just say that that’s what I would do. There was like seven or eight different photographers who commented on this thread that their wedding photographer or, you know, they do portraits or whatever it is. Right. I can go ahead and send them a friend request. All right. What is going to happen when I send a friend request to a photographer? Right. Well, they’re going to be like, well, who’s this guy?

And you’re going to click on over to my Facebook profile. And if I was a coach helping photographers grow their business, my cover image banner would say I help photographers grow to six figures, get a free consultation. Right. And these photographers are big. Oh, my gosh. I want to go to six figures. Let me get in touch with this guy and learn more about how he’s able to do that and see if he can help me and so forth.

I mean, there’s a million opportunities that open up guys just by asking an audience to self identify or other examples. Right. Is if you work with let’s just say you work with attorneys. Right. You can go into a group and say, hey, how many attorneys are in this group? I’m just curious. And all the attorneys are going to say, yeah, I’m attorney, I’m an attorney. These are all people that are potential leads that fit your target audience.

You can send them a friend request. Right. And they’ll accept your friend request. And then what happens is they become Facebook friends with you and right over time. As you drip out content on your Facebook profile, they get to know more about you and start to see what it is you do business wise. You start giving out free tips and free value on your Facebook posts in your page and stuff like that. And they go, wow, I really need to get in touch with this guy.

I’m interested in when you actually then drop a post on your Facebook page that says, Hey, who’s interested in my new program that helps attorneys write grow their law firm to seven figures? Right. They’re going to be like, oh, my gosh, I’m interested. I’ve been watching you and I’ve been stalking your posts on social media for months. And I was just waiting for the right time to get in touch with you, to work with you.

Right. And so, guys, this is this is the power of social media. Just another simple strategy, right? To pull in and to have your audience, your perfect target, fit clients self identify themselves so that you can connect with them. Right. And this works and this is powerful because business is personal. People like to work with people they know, like, trust and relate to. And so when you’re Facebook friends with somebody, they get to see photos of you.

They know you’re a normal person. If you do a good job dropping off case studies and testimonials and a bunch of other strategic social media posts, they start reaching out to you for help is absolutely crazy how it works. And it’s so simple, guys. And so I hope this training guys as mini training was helpful for you and gets you to understand the power of social media more if you’re not using it fully and completely. And if you like this training guys and you’ll love this other video I did on how to land yourself on a on a podcast with just two sentences.

All right. And you’ll also really love my new ebook that is coming out. A link is in the description. It gives you twenty one strategic social media posts that help attract your perfect big client to your business. All right. And all you have to do basically is copy and paste those posts. I can tweak it a little bit so it matches your style of writing and your personality and your business. But they’re all laid out for you. And if you thought some of this was strategic, this is the stuff that’s been given away for free on YouTube.

So if you want that, I want to prove to you how powerful social media be and how strategic a different client getting strategies are that are out there. All right. So, guys, go ahead check out that e-book, if you want to see training on a different type of subject or something like that, drop a comment below as well. Let me know what types of training you guys are looking for.

I’m happy to shoot a video on that. Hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss any more of this awesome content. I hope this was helpful, guys. Dino Gomez here. We will see you in the next video, my friend.


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