Facebook Ads for Online Coaches [Step by Step Training Video]

Written By Dino Gomez

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Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and in this video training today, we’re going to talk about how online coaches can use a simple Facebook ads funnel to generate new leads to their email list, as well as booked phone call appointments. Let’s get into it right now.

All right, guys, so how can you, as an online coach, use Facebook ads to generate both leads and phone call appointments for your business? That’s what we’re covering today. Let’s dive into it. I got a killer training lined up. All right. So, guys, we’re over here. I’m inside my Facebook account. I just want to show you guys running ads right now, like last seven days. You can see we spent a thousand three hundred dollars last seven days.

But I’m going to change this to lifetime. All right. And so lifetime we spent two hundred eighty three thousand dollars. All right. And so that’s just inside our personal ad account. And so we have a person I have a lot of experience with Facebook ads. And so I am able to teach this and have taught this to thousands of people. And so you can trust me with what I’m about to show you here. But what’s really important, guys, is spent two hundred eighty three thousand dollars.

Let’s see how many appointments we booked. Thirteen hundred. Just over thirteen hundred appointments. All right. So that’s using Facebook ads to generate phone calls where people have to fill out. And these aren’t just like people like scheduling a regular phone call. They have to fill out a 15 question application. So we’ve had over thirteen hundred people fill out a 15 question application to apply to work with our coaching program. And that’s all automated with Facebook ads. We’re going to show you the funnel set up and basically do a beginners tutorial.

As for online coaches like yourself to use Facebook ads to generate both leads, build your email list. My email list is over twenty five thousand large and then also had a book phone call appointment. So you can have people applying for your coaching program that want to work with you and enroll into your program. All right. So the first thing we’re to do, guys, is we’re going to hop on over to this super cool online whiteboard. And I’m going to show you guys basically just give you guys a ten thousand foot overview of the actual funnel that will be building out here.

So what we’re going to have here, guys, is your Facebook and all of our start here. This is going to be your Facebook app. What we can do is drive traffic to a landing page. All right. And so this is going to be a landing page is going to be a little button little thing right here, people to put in their email address. OK, and once they put in their email address, they’re going to go to the thank you page.

All right. So up here, I’m going to put. Thank you. And on this page right here, guys, there’s going to be a video. All right, so I’ll put it for video. There’s going to be a video and then underneath the video, there’s going to be a little button. All right. And that button is going to say it’s basically going to be scheduled a phone call with us. Right. And so that’s how you get people to schedule phone calls.

What happens here? Again, this is going to be the output loop here, the landing page. But people are going to come to this landing page, right? You’re going to have a little thing here and you’re going to be offering them a free training of sorts. OK. And so people will come to your landing page and they’ll have to enter their email to get your free training. All right. Once they enter their email, they’re going to go to your thank you page, where you actually have the video training that was promised to them.

Right. And they’re going to watch that video training. You’re going to give them a ton of value and teach them something really, really cool and maybe talk about some of your case studies, testimonials as well if you have them. And otherwise, people won’t be like, that was really awesome. I want to learn more. All right. And so what you’re going to do in that video is you’re going to say, hey, if you like this strategy and you want help growing your business, schedule a phone call with me below.

We can talk about how I can help you as an online coach. That’s the kind of that ten thousand foot overview of this funnel. All right. So the first thing we need to do, guys, in order on Facebook is we have to have an actual Facebook page. And I’m talking about like a professional business page that used to be called fanpage. This is not your personal profile. This is like a business page. So on the home page of Facebook, you’re just going to come up here and go to create and then you going to click on create page.

Right. And this is going to ask you a couple of different steps here. I always recommend going with public figure because you’re going to want to create a Facebook page in your name that makes you look like a celebrity, so to speak. All right. And so you would push get started. They’ll ask you a couple of simple questions. You’ll set up your Facebook page. Let me give you guys an example of my Facebook page.

All right, this right here. So this is like my professional branded celebrity Facebook page, so to speak, people are able to like this page, right? This isn’t my personal profile. So people are able to like this page and otherwise it looks like a brand. So this otherwise might have might have been say, like Nike or the gym across the street, but instead it’s in your name because you’re branding yourself as a celebrity because you are an online coach.

So here is my Facebook page. It is loading very slowly, so I’m not sure why that’s happening. But my Facebook pages want to have professional cover image. You have some content on there, have a link to your website and or for people to book a phone call with you and so forth. But you have to have a page set up to run Facebook ads from. All right. So that’s step one right now. Once you have your Facebook page set up now, we can actually do what we want to do is actually go ahead and build our funnel.

All right. And so what we always use, guys, and I’ve always recommended to our clients, our coaching clients, right, is that you use click funnels. It’s just the easiest to use. All right, if you guys don’t have a funnel account. But in this video, you can grab a two week free trial. There will be a link to that trial. So click funnels allows you to build, i’m sure you’ve heard of it, landing page software.

It allows you to build these cool funnels super easy with no tech skills required. When you’re in click funnels, you’re just going to click on add new. All right. And we’re going to just say classic funnel builder. We want to collect emails. That’s the main objective of this campaign, is to collect emails. I’m going to say a lot of. Attraction, maybe I’m a law of attraction coach in this example, the law of attraction for women.

All right, I’m going to click on Build Funnel. And basically, what we’re going to do here is begin building our funnel and you’ll see in a moment here how simple this is to do. It really is like drag and drop easy. There’s you can add in buttons, videos, widgets, all these types of cool things. But it is really, really, really quite easy. So on this page here, guys, this is why this is so cool.

There’s all these templates for us to use. All right. And so let’s see. We’ll go ahead. We can just grab any of them. I’ll use this one right here. So click on Select Template. All right. So now we have this actual template selected and now I can click on edit page and basically I’m going to get to edit this actual landing page. Right. So this is the first landing page. People are going to see our Facebook page.

They’re going to click on it. They’re going to come to this landing page. So again, guys, this is all drag and drop. Simple if i’m a law of attraction, coach, I might just say the number one strategy for women. To attract the perfect partner. So maybe I’m a law of attraction coach for women who want to attract their dream spouse. All right, so if you guys if you haven’t seen our other videos on Niching Down, go check out our video, leave a link in the description on how to choose a niche.

But it’s really important, guys, right, that you niche down that mix that is so important in the coaching industry. So and in this example, I would not just be a generic law of attraction coach. I would be a law of attraction coach for women who want to find their perfect partner. And so, in other words, I’m like a dating coach. But maybe my strategy is I use the law of attraction to attract our dream partner.

So this is what I have here. I might get rid of this or something like that. And then people, let’s see, are going to click to get the free report. I’ll change this to say free training, click the get the free training. When people click on this button, it’s going to open the pop up. Here’s the pop up. So sign up to get that free training. All right. Name an email. Yes, I’m ready.

All right. And so it’s as simple as that, guys. I can click up here and change my logo for the sake of time in this video. I’m not going to do that because you guys will see it’s pretty simple. You can click here and upload images. It’s very, very easy to do. I can change the background color. If I don’t want that blue, I can make it. Let’s see this green if I want or whatever.

OK, but anyway, that’s the opt in page, guys. I’ll push save because I’m done with that. All right. And then what I’m going to do is to push exit it’s going to go back. And the next step is that we need to actually edit the thank you page. All right. So here’s the thank you page. These are our final steps on the left. I’m just going to click on the thank you page now.

All right. And so now we have all these cool templates for the thank you page so we can go look at some of these and see which one is fitting. This is an application page we can click on preview to to see if we actually like the the landing page template. So let’s see here. This is good. This is perfect. All right, so we’ll use this we want to use this one right here. So I’m going to click on Select Template.

This will be our thank you page template that we’ll be using now in building out. And just like before, we’re going to click on edit page. All right. So now we’re in here. This is perfect. All right. And so we’re going to put up here step one, watch the free training below. I’m going to get rid of this text, I don’t need that. Maybe get rid of this text that we don’t need that either at the top again, I might have my upload my logo or something like that, otherwise I can just delete the section altogether.

All right. So step one wants to be treated below here. I’m going to click on this video icon and I can choose if I want to embed a video from YouTube or from Vimeo. In this example, guys, I will grab a. Video from Vimeo that I’ve already uploaded. This is how to outline an outline, of course, I can push, save and now if I click on preview, I can preview what this actual page looks like live.

All right. So what step one, watch the free training below. All right. And so I have this free training on how to outline as a as a new coach how to actually outline your program. All right. And so I have that cool video training below that. At the end of that video training, I would say something like, hey, if you really like this schedule, call with me so that I can help you grow your business further, yada, yada, yada.

All right. And so we go back into the editor right here. When people click on this, we want them to book a call with us. So we’ll say step two. Book a free call. All right. And as far as the action, we want to set the action to go to a website URL, the website URL that we’re going to use is our online booking calendar. All right. So you’ll need to set up an online booking calendar.

You can just Google that. There’s a lot of free ones out there like. We really like schedule ones. So this is a link for people to schedule a call with me. All right and so as far as the website URL here, I’m going to put in my booking calendar. All right. And then down below, we might get rid of this stuff just so that people really only have an option to click to book a column or push save.

Now, if we preview this thank you page. Right, here’s what happens. People got to land on this. Watch the video below. They’re going to watch that. Wow. That was amazing value. That was so cool. I really like this person. Maybe there’s some testimonials, other cool things in that training. And then after that, they’re going to like, cool, I want to book a call and work with this person. Right.

So then they would click the book, a call, and that will take them to my online booking calendar. Right. And so now all of a sudden from Facebook ads. Right. People are going to enter their email. They’re going to opt in. They’re going to see a free training. They’re going to really like that free training. And a portion of them are going to decide to book a call because they want to learn more about our coaching services.

And so then this takes them to the booking page so they can actually schedule a call according to my availability. All right. And so, again, this is we built the landing page, guys. We have the thank you page with our video and a button for people to schedule a call with us. All right. So now all this is set up. All right. What we actually need to do is this landing page. We’re not going to cover it in this video.

But you would connect this to your email provider. So that might be MailChimp. We always recommend active campaign. All right. But so that way you collect emails, it goes into your actual email autoresponder. Pretty, pretty easy to do. We’re not going to do it in this particular training. But you’d be collecting you’d be building your email list from everybody who Upson. And then also you’ll be getting some people to actually schedule call with you. I saw now that we have our funnel set up as the last thing we need to do is, is launch our Facebook ads.

And so what I’m going to do here on this page is a push save. I just want to make sure our funnel is saved. All right. And then this right here, guys. This is the URL to our landing page so I can open this up in a new window. And if I want what I always recommend you guys do, any time you’re working with funnels, as you always test the funnel before you start running Facebook ads to it.

Right. So we want to make sure that this works right. So here’s our optin page. It is pretty ugly because this super fast. But we’re going to click. Yes, I want to opt in. There’s more information going to opt in. All right, perfect. It takes us to the thank you page. Watch this for training people going to watch that training. That was awesome of the cool step to book a call. They’re going to do that.

Awesome. All right. So now our funnel is set up. We know it’s working correctly. Now it’s time to launch our Facebook. All right. So let’s dive into this. What you guys are going to want to do first is you’re going to want to type in this address. Into your navigation search, bar business, dot Facebook, dot com. All right, and Facebook is going to prompt you if you haven’t run Facebook guys before, they’re going to ask you questions about your business.

They’re going to have you put your credit card on file. There’s going to be just a couple of simple steps. Then you’ll get to this screen. And what you want to do is under ad accounts, you’re going to want to click on Add. So basically what we’re doing is we want to add we want to create a new ad account, so you’d click on create new ad account, you’d give it a name and you’d push next. All right.

And that’s going to actually create your Facebook ad account. All right. The next thing you want to do after that is you want to go over on the left hand side the pages. And you’re going to click on Add and you can click on Add a page, you can click on add a page. So I’m going to click on that. It’s going to ask you for your Facebook page, you URL. All right. And this would be the URL of your actual Facebook page.

So that professional pages that we created. Here’s my you are all of that at the top. All right. And so I would use that. You all know now plug that in right here. And it’s going to ask me, is this you? And you’d put at page and it would confirm that you’ve added the page. Now, I already have this done. Here’s my ad account here, Dino Gomez. And then what you click on is add people.

This is kind of silly that you have to do this, but you would add yourself, you check these these things and push aside and you’re basically giving yourself permission to run ads for yourself is really ridiculous. But you need to you need to do that step. I once this is all set, guys, you can just click open and ads manager. All right. And when you open an ads manager, you’re going to get to the official Facebook ads manager.

Now you’re ready to run Facebook ads. So what we want to do with this example, guys, is obviously you need to know who to target with your Facebook ads. In this example, we are a law of attraction coach for women who want to attract their dream partner. All right. And so what we can do, guys, is you can go on over to Google and you can type in Facebook audience insights. All right. And this is going to pop up audience insights via Facebook.

What Facebook Audience Insights is. It’s a free online tool by Facebook that is going to help you figure out your target audiences, who you should run your Facebook ads to. It’s going to click on this Facebook Arcus Audience Insights page. That’s a mouthful. All right. Go to audience insights. That’s what we want to do. And again, this tool is going to show us all those interesting demographics and information and data on potential audiences that we can reach with our Facebook ads.

So we do want to reach everybody on Facebook. And I’m primarily looking in the United States. But you can change your country or region here under interest because I’m a law of attraction. Coach for women who want to attract the dream spouse, I’m just going to type in for starters. Law of attraction and see if that is an interest that it is so the law of attraction. Now, what happens is Facebook is going to tell us all of this interesting demographics about people who like the law of attraction that are on there on their network.

We can see. Seventy nine percent of the people that like Law of Attraction are women. So I chose my niche wisely, niche, niche, whatever you say. I chose my niche wisely. But by going after women to attract their dream partner, because mostly women like the love attraction. That’s what Facebook is showing us. Seventy nine percent of people like it are women. We can even see the age ranges here. All right.

So twenty five to thirty four, thirty five point forty four is very popular. Forty five and fifty four is also popular. So I can kind of see and in these age ranges here, I think a woman that single that makes a law of attraction probably between the ages of twenty five and fifty four. All right. So now I know my age range. The next cool thing that we can do is click on page links. And what this is going to show us is people that like the law of attraction here are the other interests that they have.

All right. People that like the law of attraction, also like traditional medicinals, they like enlightened consciousness. That makes sense. They like energy therapy. That makes sense. They’re closely related interests, wild woman sisterhood. They like manifest in law of attraction, the secret daily. They like the positive attitude quotes. Here are some authors they like, of course. Dr Wayne Dyer begins with the Smart Schoolhouse, Deepak Chopra. But what I could actually do is if Deepak Chopra is an option, I can go I can start writing all this stuff down.

So you guys should have like a notepad and start writing down, OK, people like enlightened consciousness, energy therapy, they like daily vibes, higher perspective, positive attitude quotes Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra. Write down all of those related interests. Right. Click on See All and you’ll get a bunch more. But write all those down. Those are all potential targeting interests for you all. And so you can play around with this to really understand you.

People like people that like Law of Attraction are also like Deepak Chopra. We can try targeting these different authors and stuff like that and target the people who are following this because they’re going to be into the law of attraction. All right. So now we kind of have some ideas of interest to target. And I’ve written down maybe like 20 of them here in my notebook Pacific. And so we’re going to hop back in the Facebook ads and we’re going to first thing we have to do is install the Facebook pixel on our funnel.

All right. The Facebook pixel is a tracking pixel. It tells us you have to have it set up so that we know what Facebook ads are working and we get proper metrics. OK, so at the top, under this dropdown, you’re going to click on Events Events Manager and I will show you how tricky this is, is. I like the most technical part, but it’s really even not that technical. But I will show you guys how this how this plays out.

All right. So finally loaded. So I want to click on here is whatever the your Facebook account name is. If you named it like Law of Attraction coach, it’s going to say that you’re just going to click on that for me. I’m going to click on mine, which is it’s called Dino Gomez Pixel. And what you want to do when you’re in here, guys, is over on the right hand side under setup. Click on install pixel setup install pixel.

You’re going to click the middle option manually, add pixel code to website. And then you can just copy this, you’re going to click to copy this, this code, all right, and then all you’re going to do is going to head back into click funnels. And you going to click on settings and click funnels? This is inside your actual funnel that you built out. And I’m going to just paste this code. All rights are under settings right here, it says head tracking code.

We’re just going to paste the code in there. All right, then. This is really important. You’re going to scroll to the bottom and click on save and update settings. OK, perfect says Funnel was successfully updated. Now we have the Facebook pixel installed on our funnels to get proper tracking. Now we can actually run Facebook ads. All right. And so everything is set up. We’re going to back on our Facebook ads manager, which we’re going to continue, and then we can actually go exit out of this.

Now we can click on create add the green button up here because we’re ready to officially launch Facebook ads. All right. So the first step in launching our Facebook ads is we have to choose what our marketing objective is. I’m not going to cover what all these different objectives are and this particular training. But what I recommend you do is click on conversions. All right. Down here, you want to name your campaign name, so we’ll just put Law of Attraction Funnel.

All right. And we’re going to push continue. Now we’re at what’s called the ad that this is where we choose our target and this is why Facebook guys are so awesome and so much fun, is we literally get to choose who is going to see our Facebook at all. Right. And so at the top, let’s just say in this particular ad, this particular ad said we’re going to target people who like Deepak Deepak Chopra. So I’m going to put that at the top so that I know who we’re targeting in this particular example.

Now, you will have to choose what type of conversion you are going for. And this example, I might be going for leads. All right. This will be another training video on how to set up custom conversions and so forth. But basically, I’ll link you guys up in the description to a video on how to set up custom conversions, but you’ll be able to choose what you’re optimizing for. Basically, what Facebook is trying to do for you, we’ve told Facebook, you know, we want to optimize for leads, which means when people hit the thank you page that they’ve become a lead, they must have given us their email already.

All right. And so that’s what we’re choosing here. We’re going to leave this blank and down here. We’re going to choose our targeting. So, again, we probably know that our coaching clients are between the ages of maybe like twenty five and fifty four. We’re only targeting women that we want them to speak English. And then as far as detail targeting, here’s where we can choose, see Deepak Chopra. Is that an option might not be an option?

OK, let’s try a law of attraction. And that’s the thing, guys, is that every Facebook is kind of fidgety with the types of interests that are available to you to actually target. So you might have to play around with this. So here’s the law of attraction. We can see there six million people. So I click on that law of attraction. It’s going to tell us right up here. Here’s our audience size. So based on the fact that we’re targeting people in the United States between the ages of twenty five, fifty four that are women and speak English and that like the law of attraction, our audience sizes five million four hundred thousand.

All right. So that’s a big audience. All right. So we wouldn’t necessarily need to add in other interests here. All right. When I watch this again, we want to do a Facebook, as you always test different audiences to see which ones to invest the next time around. If I don’t do Law of Attraction, I might do. Let’s see. Wayne Dyer, let’s see if he’s interested, yeah. Wayne Dyer, so what I would do this whole process again, launch another campaign and this time I would target Wayne Dyer to see if Wayne Dyer does better or if a law of attraction does better.

Which interests are is my audience resonate with most? Wayne Dyer This has six hundred twenty thousand, a much smaller archer. We can see which one does better, the broad audience, the law of attraction, or the more specific audience of Wayne Dyer. But you don’t want to set up multiple campaigns and ad sets so that you can test the different interests against each other. All right. As we scroll down, we’re going to leave automatic placements. We can change your budget.

You can start with five dollars a day if you want. And we would push continue. All right. So let’s go ahead and design this first ad here at the top. We might just label this ad story number one. All right. We’re going to make sure our Facebook page is connected. We want to make sure our Instagram page is connected. So that will be an option as well, because we’re running ads to both Facebook and Instagram, which is awesome.

And so what we’re to do is to scroll down and we can choose whether we want to run a single image or a video ad. So that’s probably what you’re gonna want to do. So you going to leave that there? And as you scroll down, we’re actually going to set up our Facebook app. All right. And so what we want to do is we want to grab the actual URL to our landing page. This is where we’re sending traffic.

All right. So we’re to copy that. This is where we’re sending our traffic on a page set in as the website you URL where we want to send traffic to. All right. We’re going to pass that in here. And on the right, we’re getting a preview of the actual Facebook ad that we’re creating. All right. So the next thing that we’re going to want to do, guys, is we want to write our headline now. The headline.

We want to have matched the headline of our landing page. Right. This always increases conversions when you have it’s called congruence. Right. If somebody if in your Facebook ad you’re promising the number one strategy for women to attract the perfect partner, when people click on that ad, that means that’s what they’re interested in. So they also want to get to the landing page and see that the promise is still the same. All right. So we’re going to use this on a copy of this, which is our headline.

And we want to make this the actual headline of our ad space that in our end. So that’s the bold text in your actual ad. Now, if you want down here, you’re called action. You can have a button like learn more. All right. So we can have a learn more button. I’m sure you guys have seen those on on Facebook ads. All right. You have to learn more about here, but it’s cutting off our actual headline.

So in this case, I’m going to go with no button. All right. So that there’s no button there and we can read the entire headline. All right. Now, what we need to do is we actually need to choose media. Now, I highly recommend you use video. Video is performance best. It’s also an easy way to create kind of a bond in a relationship with your actual audience. So if you have a video of yourself, use that in your Facebook ad.

What recommend doing with your Facebook ad is telling a story right in this example. If I’m a law of attraction coach for women who want to find their dream partner, I would tell the story about how I struggled with dating and I never thought I was going to find the right person. And it was a disaster. And all these types of things, all these things, I tried networking events and online dating how this stuff worked. And then all of a sudden I figured out how to use the law of attraction to attract my dream partner.

And within a matter of weeks, we’ve had our first date. You might tell your story like that and then say, if you want to learn more about how if you can also attract your dream partner using the law of attraction, like I want to reveal a really cool strategy for you. You might have some type of story like that. If you’re lazy, you can just use an image. So I’m just for the sake of this, guys, I’m just going to upload let me see what images I have in here.

Quick image. I’ll just grab anyone. Let me grab an image here. Just image of me and my wife. All right, so you grab an image there, guys, I have an image of me and my wife right now. It makes sense if you’re an online dating coach using the law of attraction, you have private photos of you and your significant other. Otherwise you’d have a video. Maybe you and your significant other, otherwise just you are.

And then in your text, you’re right. This is where you write your ad copy. All right. So you probably would tell about some stories and then talk a little bit about your strategy of how you met your significant other or using a lot of attraction or vision boards or whatever it is and so forth. And then you say, if you want to learn our strategy, click to learn more. All right. So you’d have your actual ad here.

All right. And you’d write your ad copy up there. And you have your headline after the headline. You’re landing page and you’re basically ready to go. Your Facebook ad is ready. All right. And so what we would do is read scroll to the bottom, make sure our pixel is turned on. All right. So lighting up green. All right. And then we push, confirm, and at this point, your Facebook ad is going to go into review.

And so Facebook’s going to make sure that your ad is following compliance, that you’re not making any bold guarantees or claims of making money or anything like that. And also, what Facebook’s going to do is it’s going to look at your landing page. All right. So make sure at the bottom of your landing page you have a privacy policy that’s really important, that you have a privacy policy and that’s just for legality sake, but also for Facebook compliance.

You have to have a privacy policy to get that privacy policy in there. Facebook is going to check all that out. And then within a matter of hours, sometimes it takes 24 hours. Your Facebook ad will go live and all of a sudden it’s going live. Now, once your first Facebook guy goes live, what you want to do is you want to launch like five or six other Facebook ads. OK, this is called AB testing. Right.

And what you want to do in those ads is you’ll keep your headline the same, but you’re going to test different ad images or different photos of you and your significant other different videos to see which ones perform the best. And that’s why Facebook ads are so awesome and so much fun is because it’s not a guessing game. You just test and you look at the data and you go look at this. This ad with this image is producing the most leads at the cheapest cost.

It is the winner. And you go, these ads suck. I must have been horrible on camera that day or people don’t like that photo as much. And so it’s not doing as well. But that’s why Facebook guys are amazing guys. It’s not a guessing game and you will reach hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people, but you will reach thousands of people with your Facebook ads, you know, per day. It’s really, really amazing strategy.

And that’s why coaches have to use Facebook ads to scale. It’s just the coolest thing ever. All right. And so, guys, that is the simple funnel to step funnel to build your email list and nurture your audience. And then also right to get phone call appointments and bookings is really that simple. And so, guys, if this training was helpful for you, I’ll go ahead, smash the subscribe button. We have a lot of cool trainings.

Also, I want to go ahead and offer to you guys that you can go ahead and take a call with our team. If you’re interested in learning about one of our signature programs that will help online coaches scale a six in the seven figures using Facebook as building a team and building a killer online coaching program from scratch. So if you’re interested in that, guys, I’ll leave a link between this video and you can learn more about our program and our team and have a call with us.

Otherwise, guys, I hope this was helpful for you and go out there, take massive action. And again, we’ll have a bunch of resources in those for you in the description until next time, guys. Dino Gomez here, and we will see you guys.

Hope you guys have an awesome day.


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