Does the Law of Attraction Work to Grow Your Coaching Business?

Written By Dino Gomez

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Does the law of attraction work inside your coaching business? Let’s get into it, guys.

Now, this is a story all about how am I. Hey, you guys, Dino Gomez here and you are listening to the Secrets of Coaching podcast, where we break down the nuances of growing a seven figure online coaching business and we are about to get started in 3 2 1. Does the law of attraction work inside your coaching business? Let’s talk about this one guys. This is a cool one. I don’t know about you guys. I’m a huge law of attraction fan and have been for over a decade now. I remember this movie. ‘The Secret’ came out when I was 18. I remember watching it in our family room.

I think I was watching it with my mom. She was all pumped up about it and I got all pumped up about it and everybody was pumped up. And so I’ve been a huge fan of visualization meditation ever since.

I go through waves. It seems like a wave of implementation in terms of the meditation part. The visualization part I do consistently. And I have so many different things I do to make sure I’m surrounded by positive visuals in my office, in places where I spend a lot of time. My wife and I are big on that.

But does the law of attraction work in business?

Hear my thoughts on this and maybe this will help you out as well, because maybe you’re a fan of Law of attraction. You tried it before and didn’t work for you or you’re not getting the results you want in business or in life or whatever it might be. And you think it might be because it doesn’t work. It could be a bunch of different things. Here’s the way I like to look at it, guys. It’s quite interesting.

So let’s go backwards a second. OK, let’s first do this.

Let’s see if we can agree on one concept first.

Let’s see if we can agree on this. In the universe, in the world, as we know it, in this reality, there are opposites. All right. There’s men and women, there’s day and night, there’s up and down. You know, there’s this opposites everywhere you look, OK? And so if we can agree that the universe is built upon him, I guess what we’re getting deep here.

We’re talking to the universe. But if we can agree, right. That there’s opposites everywhere.

Right. In order for life as we know it to to exist, that’s kind of like the foundation, number one. So if we agree that there has to always be opposites, there’s good and bad. Right. There’s happy and then they’re sad. There’s opposites of emotions. All these different types of things is OK. If we can agree upon the fact that the world operates off of opposites, then in terms of the law of attraction, there also has to be opposites.

All right. And so when we look at a your business in particular, your coaching business, there’s two opposites here. There’s inner work and outer work that has to be done inside your coaching business. All right. And so what would fall into the category of inner work? Well, inner work would be like your mindset your thoughts, your emotions, your energy level, your health, your confidence those are all things that you need to work on as an online coach and you need to work on those also.

And you need to be familiar with all those to help your clients as well. And so if there’s inner work, right.

And that inner work would probably fall into the category of law of attraction type stuff. Right. That’s mindset based stuff. What you’re thinking about your emotions, your energy level, your positivity, your health, your confidence, all those things, that’s like what you get out of visualization and meditation and stuff like that, that falls into the law of attraction. If we agree upon that, the universe operates off of opposites, good and bad, night and day, up and down, all the things men and women.


If we agree that there has to be opposites, then what is the opposite of the inner work? We’re the opposite of inner work, which is kind of law of attraction. Work is outer work. So what is outer work? Outer work is taking action, right? It’s doing the work. It’s learning new things. It might be going to events. It might be joining masterminds, it might be serving clients. You know, it might be all those different things that are action oriented.

It might be developing new skill sets, reading books, listening to podcasts, doing all these things that are required to help grow your business, like you actually putting in the work, learning maybe different platforms or how to advertise your coaching business or all these different things. Right. How to sell better. Right. You’re learning technical skill sets and that’s the outer work. And so to say can you just grow your business solely based off the law of attraction?

I’d have to say no, because I think that falls just into the category of inner work. And again, because we’ve already agreed upon the fact that there’s the universe operates off of opposites.

If that’s the inner work, then you also need the outer work. Right? You can’t just sit at home in your basement or in your garage or in your room and stare at the ceiling and meditate all day and land clients and serve clients like that. There has to be work involved and that would be the outer work. And so my way of looking at it is like that. I think the inner work and outer work are both equally important.

I see when sometimes a business isn’t going the direction that is desired, it’s normally because one of those is not an equal balance between inner work and outer work. And to be honest, I think more inner work has to be done in the coaching space than outer work. It’s just the nature of this industry, which is why I love it so much. But they still have to both be done. You can’t just do all of one without the other.

There literally has to be both sides of the coin here. And so I think that’s so interesting because love attraction is a very popular concept. And so many people wonder why it’s working for them or why it’s not working for them. And ultimately, I think it comes down to that there’s really two sides to it and that the law of attraction falls into the first side of inner work but that the outer work is required and that you have to do the stuff afterwards.

You know, and what happens is once you do the inner work, I think the inner work is what you do first. And that inspires the action that inspires the outer work that needs to be done. And because the outer work requires doing things that make you uncomfortable. It requires you perhaps raising your prices if you want to grow your program, it requires you selling with confidence because you know, your program is going to transform lives.

It requires you perhaps speaking on stage or doing Facebook lives or doing all the things that you may not want to do or that are uncomfortable to you or all those different things, but if your inner work is done you’re going to have so much motivation and conviction and energy and confidence to go do all of the outer work that needs to be done.

So it actually works kind of backwards. If your problem is that the outer work is not being done, it’s most likely because you haven’t done enough of the inner work, because if you do that inner work stuff, you’re going to be so clear on the reasons to grow your business, like why your motivation is going to be so strong that it will overcome your fear of whatever needs to be done on the action based side.

All right. And so when you’re called upon to speak on stage or need to give a Facebook live or need to put yourself out there in advertisements or whatever it might be. Right, you’re not going to second guess yourself. There might still be nervous and stuff like that. Those are completely normal emotions and feelings.

But you will power through it because your inner work is so strong. You have enough reason to when you decide not to do the things that, you know, need to be done. Normally, that’s a lack of outer work. Normally that stems from the fact that you haven’t done enough inner work to convince yourself of doing the outer work otherwise and powering through. And so this is kind of a different episode than the other ones that we’ve had.

But I think it’s just so fascinating because, one, I’m a huge fan of it. Our mastermind is called seven figure visionary. Two, I’m a huge believer in visualization. And what happens is when you are crystal clear on your vision of what you want inside your business, inside your life, inside the experiences for your family, all the different things then you do the outer work that is required to achieve those accomplishments step out of your comfort zone, so to speak.

And so I love this concept. And again, it’s interesting when presented that way, because as a law of attraction fan I don’t think that’s all that’s required because I’m a huge law of attraction fan. And yet every Monday through Friday, I spend eight hours doing outer work, doing the actual work right in front of my computer, working with clients, doing content, doing marketing, doing sales, doing all the things.

So I can’t sit back and say, yeah, it’s all the law of attraction when I’m putting in all the hours for all the years doing outer work in addition to the inner work that I’ve done as well.

And so in case you’re a law of attraction fan or you are wondering how that works or if you’re having some mindset issues, you’re having some motivational issues, go back to your inner work. First gets crystal clear on what you want, why you want it, why you deserve it.

Right. And once you have that 100 percent confidence and conviction and peace and all that type of stuff and that mindset that you’re able to do anything and that you’re capable of doing it and why not you, then it becomes so much easier to do the outer work. And so that will push you forward to do all the things that you know will get you there. But but you haven’t done. And so that’s the way I think it can serve you guys and that’s the way to look at it.

And so if you ever feeling low on energy or motivation and things like that, then look at your inner work. All right. And it’s called inner work because inner work is involved. It is tough it requires you putting aside time to do inner work. It requires you making time to do it. It requires you being focused when you do it, doing it with intention. It requires you thinking in circles until you’ve convinced yourself of how to get past your limiting beliefs.

Right. And so it is work. So you need to do that. And the other thing I’ll add to this as well guys is, it’s important that you take time off, that will also help you with being able to do both inner work and outer work during the week. So make sure you take some time off during the weekends and stuff. I’m a big proponent of that. I literally force our clients to take time off because as entrepreneurs, we love we love what we do.

We love to work. We love pushing the limits and stuff like that.

But I found businesses grow faster when there’s a balance between taking time off completely to unwind, giving your brain a break. And what that also does is it makes it so that when Monday rolls back around that you’re so fired up, you just get after it and you have complete clarity.

And also, it’s really important that you step backwards from your business every now and then and look at the entire picture, because if you’re always just on the grind going super fast, you’re probably missing strategies and opportunities because you’re inside your business rather than just taking a step back and looking at it objectively, which is why it’s important to take time off. Normally when I’m on vacations is when crazy ideas come to me and I’m like, oh my gosh, I should totally do that.

That would be awesome. That’s when it normally comes to me, is on vacation because I’m completely removed from my normal environment where I know that there’s actually things I have to do in a certain order and the creativity comes out, but anyways, that was a little bit of a tangent off the law of attraction subject. But anyways, guys, I hope that’s helpful for you. I hope that if you’re stuck somewhere, you look at the combination of inner work and outer work and otherwise, if you’re trying to figure out how the law of attraction works, that’s the way I think it works.

I am no law of attraction guru. Let me make that clear. I probably should have made a statement about that at the beginning, but I’m a fan and that’s kind of the way I look at it. And so maybe that serves you. Hopefully it does. All right. And so that is it for this episode. Guys, as always, keep doing. You have an absolute blast with your online business. We’ve got a lot of other cool, amazing episodes to come up that are in the pipeline.

So be sure to subscribe. And otherwise, we will see you guys in the next episode. Hope you guys have a rocking day.

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We will see you in the next one. Bye bye.



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